Theology III Period A Test 3 The Early Christians Short Answer Name____________________

1. What were some advantages of infant baptism? 2. Where were the earliest Masses celebrated?

Which two days of the week did the earliest Christians keep holy as days of fasting and penance? (Hint: Not Sunday) Why did Christians come to observe Sunday as the holiest day of the week? What does the term “Vicar of Christ” mean? 6. What is the value of the Episcopacy?



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From what word does the word “Priest” derive? How did Christianity, as a monotheistic religion, cause tension in Roman society? When was the canon of the New Testament declared in the west? Who is the authentic interpreter of sacred scripture? What did Popes Sts. Linus and Anacletus have in common? What was the Theban Legion? What is the just war theory? How was money held in the early christian community? What did the early Christians believe about abortion and infanticide?


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What kind of quality did Christianity initially introduce into the gender relations of the Greco-Roman world? What is so Special about the historical position of the apostolic fathers? What was the goal of the Apologists? 19. How has St Hyppolytus influenced the liturgical reform of the Second Vatican Council? A. “Teaching” (Greek) of the Apostles first century B. Where the word for Priest comes from (Greek) C. One who writes to defend the Catholic faith D. “The Instructed” seeking entrance to the Church E. “Love” early Christian religious meal F. Iesous Christos Theou Yios Soter G. Became Universal way of inducting into Christ H. “Thanksgiving” was, is THE act of Worship I. Being killed for ones faith. J. Gathering of ecclesiastics to discuss faith K. Vicar of Christ as instituted by Jesus with Peter L. The emblem of a Christian in the Trinity M. Belief there is only one true God N. First Sacrament of initiation, instituted by Christ O. A work not genuine yet similar to Scripture P. Special witnesses of faith Q. Passing of faith of Apostles Hyppolytus’ work




The word “Martyr” means “Witness.” To whom do martyrs bear witness? Matching 21. Agape _____ 22. Apocryphal _____ 23. Apologist _____ 24. Apostolic Father _____ 25. Apostolic Tradition _____ 26. Baptism _____ 27. Catechumens _____ 28. The Didache _____ 29. Eucharist _____ 30. Ichithys _____ 31. Infant Baptism _____

32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37.

Martyrdom _____ Monotheism _____ Papacy _____ Presbyter _____ Sign of the Cross _____ Synod _____

True or False 38. _____ The teaching of Christ on moral issues such as contraception, abortion, and Euthanasia has changed drastically in modern times. 39. _____ Women’s dignity has been proclaimed by Christ and his Church. 40. _____ Scripture is the only source of revealed truth and our faith.