Theology III Period A Test 3 Short Answer

The Early Christians Name____________________

1. Where in the Bible is Christianity referred to as “the Way”? 2. If it is true that Nero set the fire in Rome on July 19, what was his ultimate motivation? How did Christians prove to be expedient political tools? 3. What was one of the accusations against Christians during the persecutions? 4. Summarize Trajan’s Rescript. 5. What does St Ignatius have to say about the importance of the episcopacy? 6. How did Hadrian’s Rescript improve the situation for Christians? 7. How did the emperor Septimus Severus threaten both Judaism and Christianity? 8. What do the words “Ad Metalla” mean? 9. Who are probably the two most famous women victims of Septimus Severus’ persecution? 10. St. Irenaeus was an important leader in which region of the empire? 11. How did the emperor Decius’ decision systematic persecution of Christianity involve the bureaucracy of the state? 12. What was the name and the significance of the institution that Origen led in Alexandria? 13. Emperor Valerian was no friend to Christians. What was his fate at the hands of the Persians?

14. What was emperor Diocletian’s background and how did his Tetrarchy only lead to a weakened Roman state? 15. Give one of the Four Edicts of Diocletian. 16. What attempted violence against St. Agnes was the fate of many young women who refused to renounce their faith during Diocletian’s persecution? 17. What is the famous story about how Constantine won the Battle of Saxa Rubra? 18. Discuss the importance of the Edict of Milan (AD 313).

Matching: 19. Ad Metalla _____ A. “House of Gold” Built by Nero 20. Apostacy _____ B. “Voice of the People” -common people persecuting 21. Apostate _____ C. Literally means “To the Mines” – a punishment 22. Domus Aurea _____ D. A person who denies the faith altogether 23. Heretic _____ E. A person who denies 1 or more doctrines of faith 24. Insulae _____ F. willful renunciation of the Faith in its entirety 25. Tetrarchy _____ G. emperor’s policy: Death or Apostacy 26. Trajan’s Rescript _____ H. Diocletians division of the empire to 4 parts 27. Vox Populi _____ I. Wood or rubble housing for the poor of Rome Essay: modern-day martyrdom. 28. In Columbine, 17 year-old Cassie Bernall was shot because she said she believed in God. How will you witness your faith in today’s world? What are you willing to do to live for the one who died for you?

29. How do you witness to people of your age-group the teachings of Jesus regarding pre-marital sex, live-in boyfriend/girlfriend, or other things that offend Christian purity and holiness?

30. We have witnessed how modern-day human slavery is very real, and up to 2 million young people are sold into slaver a year. What will you do to help stop such things and to turn the tide of evil in the world?

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