Theology III Period A Test 7 Name_________________________________ Short Answer 1.

Chapter 6: Conversion of the Barbarian Tribes

What is conversion? Name two effects of conversion in the human person:


From ____________ to ____________ 4. What does it mean to Evangelize?

3. From ____________ to ____________

5. What is one way which you can be an evangelizer to those around you? 6. What would you say to someone who says “you shouldn’t push your religion on others”? 7. What was the role of the bishop in the work of the conversion of europe? 8. Why is France known as the “eldest daughter of the Church”? 9. How did Irish monasteries protect and promote Western civilization? 10. How did the sacrament of confession in Ireland differ from the more harsh form in Rome? 11. Who is the “Father of English History” and What important contribution did he make with regard to the calendar? 12. The monastery in what city became the most important in all of Germany?

How did the conversion of the Slavs cause tension? 14. What do the martyr deaths of St Ludmilla and St Wenceslaus indicate about the role of martyrs? Match the great Saint and Evangelizer with the people to whom he was sent: 15. St. Patrick _____ A. Germany 16. Sts. Cyril & Methodius _____ B. England 17. St. Augustine of Canterburry _____ C. Ireland

18. St. Boniface _____ 19. St. Olaf _____ 20. St. Vladimir _____

D. Russia E. Norway F. Slavs