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Coat Per Lead for e-commerce

Coat per Lead marketing for e-commerce ofers, innovative products

Are you owner of ecommerce website?
Are you looking for prospective customers / buyers of various
products, ofers on your website?
e provide Cost per Lead !olution for e-commerce website
#ntroduction to CPL Plan for e-commerce
Any product, ofer on any e-commerce website in the world has its own potential
and prospective customers based on various factors like a) Age b) buying power c)
location d) gender e) time f) purpose/need. If we think of your products market
potential buyers are also can found in above audience, we can decide target
audience to generate prospective customers.
$ow we generate Prospective customer by using internet%-
very prospective customer is has his own method of !nding information about
products based on budget, location, age etc. "ery large no of people use internet to
!nd out information about product before they buy. #e use hundreds of tools $
sites like search engines, social media , portals, emails , videos to reach target
audience of your products on services.
&ene'ts of cost per lead advertising met(od%-
A) %et &uali!ed customer lead ') Improving sales results () )ore leads * 'etter
top line +) 'etter &uality leads * 'etter close ratio ) ,rospects opt in -Interested.
leads /)0eal-time measurable results %) Advertisers reduce risk and improve 01I
Process of cost per lead advertising%-
!tep )* 0eaching targeted audience with product description by 1nline marketing,
2argeted email marketing (ontent promotion, (ustom landing pages, 3earch
marketing, ,ay per click advertising, 1rganic search and hundreds of such tools .
0esult for e4ample5- we received 677777 readers/visitors
!tep +* 1ut of 677777 readers/visitors few 8 converts as respondents based on
what they understood about our product description and shares their name, email,
contact no, comments about buying / knowing more about product.
0esult for e4ample5- we receive 9777 respondents
!tep ,* 1nce we collect respondents name, email, mob no $ product from landing
page, we divert visitor to buying link of your ecommerce website of that product on
thank you page.
6. #e cannot predict behavior of online respondent like way of responding to
company sales representative, interest in buying the product etc.
9. :uality of leads cannot be ;udged on few no of in&uiries or speci!c in&uiry, it can
be ;udged on overall in&uiries $ closing rate.
<. If respondent shares his/her right name, contact no or email id $ comments
about ofer then we consider that we have generated &uality lead.
=. (pl activity will be for innovative product or ofer only. 1fer should be for
considerable long period.
-eo-targeting. - All over #ndia " Lead details. - /ame, mobile no / email
id , comments/product "
0inimum no of Lead &ooking 1 +222 leads
CPL 3ates- 3s"4+ or ,5 of product cost 6w(ic(ever is (ig(er*
Contract time 1 one year , 7a8es 98tra
Thanks & Regards
Prakash Bhosale
e&randing #ndia 7ec(nologies 1 CPL 0A3:97#/-
info>, ebrandingindia>, bhosale6?66> ,
3kype 5- ebrandingI@+IA
,hone5- 7A7BC79C<DD ,7B9997A?D?< , 799 E ?==?ADAC
+ate E =/67/976=