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Descendants of WILLIAM SKINNER

of Nansemond County, Virginia

William Skinner1 | William Skinner Jr2 | Benjamin Skinner3 | Edward Skinner4 | Asa Skinner5 | Ariss
Skinner6 | Asa Hunter Skinner7

General Bibliography & Abbreviations

Compiled by Bob Skinner

There are 3 books especially relevant to this family. First was A History of Reddoch Springs (Liberty)
Butler County, Alabama from 1817, self-published in 1975 (revised? edition, 19xx) by Martha P.
Cheatham. (Benjamin Skinner's descendents began settling in Alabama in the 1830's.)

The most comprehensive compilation is Howard G. Skinner's The Skinner's: Benjamin Skinner and his
descendents of South Carolina, Mississippi, Kentucky, Arkansas, Alabama, Texas. It was self-published in
1986 as a Xerox although some of its original pages date from decades earlier.

In 1992, Josie Belle Walker Bowden self-published A Research and History of the Skinner Family. While
largely based on Howard Skinner's and Martha Cheatham's work, she includes some additional information
and her book is easier to use.

In addition to these, a number of articles in the Skinner Family Association (SKU) periodical have dealt
with this family, including volumes 6(1):6, 11(3):47, 11(3):48, 56, 12(4):78, 89, 14(2):32, 38. The most
careful researcher I think is Cynthia Rummel. She lists some of her resources in SKU 14(4) 118-119.

Other resources cited:

"Chronological study of "Old" Benjamin Skinner's Sons." Copied by John Andrews.

Howard G. Skinner typed notes to Bob Skinner from 1970's

Abbreviations within the Sources sections:

[C] Census records

[D] Deeds, land records

[L] Legal records (usually court cases] except wills and probate proceedings

[M] Miscellaneous

[V] Vital records (e.g., birth, death, marriage)

[W] Wills and related probate

[X] Church records

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