Modern-Day Shunning

1.) You are going to pick a modern-day person who has been shunned from society, just like Hester. You are going to pick a letter that represents the person’s actions that are being frowned upon. You must then create an elaborate picture of the letter the person would have to wear if they were in Puritan times. For example, as Hester had to wear the "A" to represent ADULTERY, Chris Brown may have to wear a "B" for BEATER, or Michael Vick may have to wear a “C” for ANIMAL CRUELTY. (worth 15 points) 2.) On the back side of your letter, you then have to write a fiveparagraph essay on your person. Each paragraph should be 5-7 sentences. We will be handwriting this in class. Here is what each paragraph should be about: 1st paragraph: Introduce why people still may "shun" people today. 2nd: Describe the person you chose and what they've done to be shunned. 3rd: Describe how the "shunning" (ie: tabloids, paparazzi, media, lost their job, etc...) has affected them (or how you believe it has affected them). 4th: Compare the person to Hester. Do they have anything in common? Do they react to their shunning in similar ways? Do they share feelings about being shunned? 5th: Wrap up by referring back to your introduction and make a statement about public "shunning". (worth 30 points) 3.) The third element of this “shunning” project will be an oral presentation. You will be reading and sharing your letter in front of the class. You will need to talk about the following: (worth 15 points) ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ Who you chose and why you chose them Why you chose your letter for them How the “shunning” has affected your person How your person compares to Hester

We will be working on these today, Wednesday 12/9, and we will start presenting to the class on Thursday and Friday. If you are unable to present to the class because you are not prepared, you will lose points!

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