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On day 2 Tyler made me dance with one of the other students for 5 minutes on the
dance floor like we were gay.
Day 3 was the real comfort zone destroyer. It started with Todd telling me to run a
set without talking at all. SUPER hard to do. Surprisingly the girl was really into it. It
was ALL physical and no talking whatsoever. After doing a couple silent sets Julien
comes up to me and tells me to unbutton my shirt (I was wearing a button down
with nothing underneath it). I resisted at first but he reminded me that I HAD to do
whatever he said. So I unbutton my shirt and my bear chest is showing. Felt SUPER
UNCOMFORTABLE. He then shoved me into a set. At first I was lying saying "Oh
yeah I lost a bet" and the girls hated me. Then Julien comes behind me and tells me
to point at my stomach and say "Touch the baby". So I said "Touch the baby" and
he says "Scream it"! So I start screaming "Touch the baby" pointing at my
stomach and something happened, I hit MASSIVE MASSIVE state. Like never
before. I didn't care about anything. A couple of sets later I was grabbing girls and
making out with them without saying anything. They were approaching me because
they could tell I DID NOT GIVE A FUCK. At one point I made out with a girl, then
passed her to Julien and he made out with her, then he passed her back to me. She
was so in love with us because we were in such massive state.
The opening of the shirt really put me in God mode. I felt like a new man after doing
that. There was such resistance at first but once I owned the fact that I had an
open shirt and was completely unapologetic about it, the girls loved me. I think I
made out with like 12 girls that night. Fucking amazing.

Anything that pushed me out of my comfort zone (Read the last comment I
made). Other ones included sending me back into sets that were WAY over just to
do it. Putting me in "detention". This meant that I could not get phone numbers or
fuck any girls for the night. It forced me to focus on the process and focus on
myself. It's a great exercise. Julien made me do RIDICULOUS shit. If I was dancing
with a girl he would make me lick her face or dry hump her in front of everyone.
Anything that made me cringe with fear he would make me do. I am so happy that
he forced me to do all of that crazy shit because I grew as a result. I expanded
who I was and literally changed my identity. The feeling of breaking through these
comfort zones was so intense that I nearly cried at the end of it. I felt lighter and
more free than I ever have. I pulled on the third night. BUT I wasn't focused on
pulling. I wanted to be in the club with all of them because it was so much fun I
didn't want to leave. Sex was the last thing on my mind.

I'm in the midst of writing a review for it. I'm mostly doing it to keep the ideas fresh
in my head. Day 1 I had Julien. This would be the night where the instructors get an
idea for where you're at. I'd considered myself a solid intermediate at that point. I
was pretty stifled at the beginning of the night. He kept telling me I needed to have
more fun. He put me in "detention" meaning that I couldn't get any numbers or
fuck any girls that night. I needed to FOCUS ON MYSELF and forget about the girl.
After I realized there was nothing to gain I started to loosen up and just have fun
approaching. Throughout the night as I approached more girls I eventually got
looser and eventually made out with a cute russian girl.
At the night Julien told me I come from scarcity and needed to brain wash myself
into thinking that there is an unlimited amount of time and an unlimited amount of
girls a.k.a. ABUNDANCE
Day 2 is coming

Whenever a girl gives me a shit test I'll either say something commanding or
completely ignore it and change the subject.
The instructors taught me how to deal with myself instead of how to deal with the
girl. It's all about having massive amounts of fun. I thought I knew what a fun night
was before boot camp. You have to be having the most fun and be the most free
out of everyone in the venue. That is what attracts the girl. In order to do this you
need to learn how to have just as much fun by yourself as you would with a girl.
Become your own party.

As a celebration of my transformation over the last 5 months, I have started a new account
on RSD. I see my last account flooded with chodey posts and comments. It is time to move
beyond the past.

From Juliens insanely witty game, to Tylers fucking literal insanity, all the way to Todds low
key, logical demeanor, these three days of bootcamp marked the best three days Ive
experienced in a while. Talk about being yanked out of brain fog and into life it happened.

Thursday, 6/27, Night 1 Julien
We started the night by meeting our new wings. Richard was an icey motherfucking noob,
and Brad was an experienced, solid guy. Brad and I had a natural synergy in winging; neither
of us would overpower a set, and we had a way of contributing our own unique emotional
energy to the girls. It worked in a culminating fashion, and it was extremely subtle. If you
read this Brad, we definitely need to wing in the future.

The first night was all about building momentum for the rest of the weekend. Julien had me
reapproach set after set. At one point, these two girls started going to find their friends
every time I approached. After my 6th reapproach, I gained compliance from one of the
girls. She wanted to talk to me, but her friend started yelling at me to get away. Julien
sees what is happening, and he whispers in my ear, Grab her hand and pull her away from
her friend. I follow his advice albeit half assedly but she still starts to come until I let
her go like a chode. Julien yells at me to my face and tells me I have now fucked myself
over. Since I chickened out, now I am going to have to pick her up in front of her friend and
drag her outside. I follow his advice, and she LOVES it. Instant compliance. I start talking
to her outside. I tell her I have to go for a second, and I find Julien. He tells me I need to
stop the pussy talking, and I need to grab her hand and pull her into a cab. I listen to him,
but I dont do it with balls, so it does not work.

Julien taught me the powerful lesson of persistence. I would approach girls multiple times,
and they would end up responding positively. It was completely out of my reality. Mind

Friday 6/28, Night 2 Tyler INSANITY Pull/fuck close

Let me start off by saying Owen is literally insane. I do not know any other way to put it.
He is out of his fucking mind. The second you actually hang around him in person, you can
see he has a few screws missing. He reminds me of a cross between an evil squirrel
and a demon deer in the headlights. I could write a whole post just on my impression of
Tyler, but Id say he has the motivation of a motherfucker. He is refreshing, and an

Owen helped me unlock the keys to getting myself into state. This night was epic. I was
wary at first, because he seemed to be distant, but Ill assume he knew what he was doing
it worked.

He walked us through exercises, and we jumped from set to set of craziness. Before we left
the bar, I was grabbing 8s and 9s and making out with them. There was one point where I
went up to a two set of 8.5s and did not say a word, yet they literally fucking melted while I
stayed in set. I was radiating good old fashioned state energy. I was unstoppable, and I
felt like I could get away with anything at this point.

Next, we head out to do street game in the city. At this point, Im making out with sets, and
grabbing girls physically. They love it. One of the girls Im in set with, I pull a classic RSD. I
tell her shes a dog, and ask her to bark like a dog. The girl starts howling, and I see Tyler
behind her laughing hysterically. I felt like he was proud for a moment crazy ego boost - I
have to watch out for that.

Finally, Brad and I pull these two girls back to their house. We go up to their rooftop and
partake in evil activities. We decide we need to find a way to split ourselves up. While
were talking, we both figure out that our girls are fucking virgins. They may have been
bullshitting us, but they stuck to their story. Brad takes his girl to his hotel, I stay at my
girls house and we fuck like animals.

Saturday 6/29 Todd Pull Almost LR

I really like Todds energy. He comes off as an extremely caring, genuine guy, with a strong
work ethic. Hes an intense guy, and every word out of his mouth comes out in a grounded
energy. He plays the game authentically, without going over the top.

At the beginning of the night, I tried to continue off my momentum from Friday.
Unfortunately, I was not being congruent, so my physical game did not hook as strong. Todd
took note of this happening, and he said I am stuck in a situation where I either show too
much intent or not enough. Interesting insight. He wanted me to start focusing on
balancing the two.
We stayed at the bar until 2:00 in the morning. I stuck with an 8.6 for a good hour and
talked, I have a running d2 with her on Saturday. Before we left, I tried to stick in set with
this good looking Mexican girl. She was definitely attracted, and then she asked my age. Im
24 and shes 34, and she seemed to not mind, but her friends started cock blocking. I said
fuck it, and moved on to street game with Todd and Brad. By this point, our other wing
Richard had already pulled.

The first set on the street that I approached, I went straight to putting her on my shoulder
and walking her away. She started screaming, KIDNAPPING, KIDNAPPING. It was hilarious,
and Todd says I can go take it further. I started playing around with her, but decided she
was gross. The 2nd set I approach is two girls from Spain. I start making out with one of
the girls and fingering her outside her dress. She invites me to her rooftop, and so I start
walking with her. When I get to her home, she makes me a drink and tells me shell meet me
at the rooftop. Guess what? SHE DISAPPEARED. I went back down to her apartment, and
no one would answer. I go back to the rooftop, and decide that I cant give up my night
yet. There are two cute French girls up there and three French guys. I decide Im going to
see if I can make anything of it. This set was interesting, because every time I spoke, the
guys would quickly try and dismiss me. Since they were in a social circle, the girls would
follow their lead. I said I dont give a fuck, and I stayed around anyway. (In my head I
heard Tyler saying, Wait it out until the bitter fucking end. I also heard Julien say, Burn it
to the ground man.) The interaction was really awkward, and if it werent for what I had
learned on the bootcamp, I would not have stayed around. Finally, two of the guys leave,
so we have 2 guys to 2 girls. We start dancing, and I make out with one of the girls, grab
her hand and pull her to the adjacent rooftop. We get naked, I get a blow job, I finger
her, but she wont let me fuck her.


This weekend was incredible. I feel like it was a culmination of a lot of the hard work Ive put
in over the last few months. Ive been meditating, eating healthy, exercising, and
approaching. This week helped me find my potential. I understand that I will probably not
reach the state I reached during the bootcamp regularly yet, but if I put in the hard work, I
absolutely KNOW I can become that guy all the time. They motivated me to continue putting
in the work.
Boston was a fucking blast.


Id like to take some time and write about my experience spending almost two full weeks
living and travelling with Tyler and Julien in Hawaii.

One thing that I came away with after this trip is the MASSIVE amount of of passion and
dedication they put into their craft. It was unreal. Non stop thinking about work (RSD) and
how to better the content (videos) that they were shooting. These two weeks in Hawaii was
a vacation for Tyler and Julien but they never stopped making videos, discussing pick up
concepts, contemplating future plans and wondering how they could make better
videos/content. One time at the airport, the security were giving us hard time and Tyler said,
dude, I could care less about this. All I care about really is to do excellent work.

One day early in the trip, we all drove outside of the city (About half hour to fourty five
minute away) and Tyler and Julien shot some footage. I was helping Julien with his which
turend out to be a 2 minute and 30 some seconds video. It took him almost HALF HOUR to
shoot that two minutes because he kept on shooting and re shooting to get the best delivery
on the video. It was insane. And what made it more insanse was that he was actually
REALLY REALLY sick and coughing non stop the entire time but kept on gangstering through
the shoot to get the best possible video. The video I am talking about is where he is sitting
in front of the ocean and talking about calibrating AFTER and not BEFORE you talk to a girl.
Julien had the flu the entire trip but you couldnt tell this from his videos because he either
forced himself NOT to caugh during the shoot or would start ALL OVER again if he ever
coughed while shooting.

On the same day, Tyler shot his video and then we all went back. On the LAST day of our
trip, at 9 AM, I see Tyler is all dressed up, ready to head out. I ask whats up and he says he
needs to go to shoot a video. So I get dressed and we head out and it turns out he wants to
RE SHOOT the video he shot the day Julien shot his 2.30 min video. He said he wasnt happy
with it. He said he could make it better. The night before had been Juliens HotSeat that
ended at 11 and then we went to the movies and by the time we got back home, time was
around 1 or 2. We had a flight to catch that day but Tyler was adamant about re-shooting
this video. There were countless times during our camping trip and the hike where Tyler
would be shooting a video and walking on the foot and half trail AT THE SAME TIME. Folks,
on this trail, if you trip, you fall into the fucking ocean. I thought Tyler was insane. But kept
that opinion to myself. But he later said, well if I died, you could say he died doing what he
loved to do.

Long story shot, the passion and dedication and hard work that these guys put into RSD is
something I had never seen anyone put into their craft. Tylers Hot Seat ran two hours
longer than it should have because he just kept on talking and explaining concepts. He would
pause the video every ten seconds and explain exactly what we were seeing and why we
were seeing what we were seeing. After Tylers HotSeat, you feel like you have just
graduated from the Harvard of pick up. Concepts are explained in Tylers style which is, well,
in depth and mega details. Tyler LOVES to talk and HotSeat and Free Tour is where he just
talks and talks and talks and every word out of his mouth is a fuckin gem because you can
tell it took him 11 years of sweat to gather all this info that he is giving out for free or a
mere 300 dollars. Some people are POOR so they may not be able to afford the 300 for a hot
seat or the price for a bootcamp but IF there is a free tour coming into your town and you
Juliens HotSeat can be described in just one word WOW.
I got to hang out quite a bit with Julien during the trip and he is a badass cool dude that
comes across as a genuinely nice good hearted guy. But when it comes to pick up, he is a
fucking lion. I could not believe the Julien that I saw on HotSeat video is the same Julien that
I had breakfast with every day. he makes pick up seem SO effortless and FUN. The shit that
comes out of his mouth deserves a nobel prize in literature.

Towards the end of the trip, there was a bootcamp that Tyler and Julien ran. I got to
participate in it as one of their assistance. The first night I was with Tyler and the next two
nights I spent most of my time with Julien. To be with Tyler in the same club and have him
explain to you the dynamics of the interactions was just gold. He would explain to the
students what they were seeing and then do some demonstrations live. At times he would
open girls, bring them to students and walk away so the students could talk to the girl.
Whats so fascinating about Tyler is that if you didnt know his history (11 years full time pick
up) you would NOT even notice him in the club meaning he is not mega jacked or brad pit
looking or 10 feet tall. Just an average dude which underlines the fact that you do NOT need
to have any special physical features (massive good looks) to be successful at this.

And how was Julien at the bootcamp: well, Julien was sick as fuck during the whole trip but
youd never tell if you participated in his bootcamp. The bootcamp would run until 4 in the
morning and the entire youd see Julien either pushing guys into a set or trying to find guys
to push into sets. Non stop. If the club got quiet, he would drag his students out onto the
street. If the street started dying out, he would drag the students back into the club. If the
club was officially dead, he would take the students and walk over to a different club. So by
the second night of the bootcamp, if you havent been pushed into as many sets as possible,
then youve been hiding from Julien. I remember our first time when I was with Tyler, we only
left the second club when we all had approached EVERY SINGLE GIRL in that club.

Anyway, what I wrote here were my personal observations during my two weeks with Tyler
and Julien. These guys are incredible when it comes to pick up and even better when it
comes to teaching it and spreading their message to the rest of us. I got to see first hand
how much hard work goes into making their videos and completing their articles and that
truly makes me appreciate them much more and re watch/re read them over and over. The
gems are there in the content and theyre put out there for free. There is no excuse to take
them for granted.



I recently finished a Bootcamp with Julien and Max in Krakow. On a scale of 1-10 in terms of
helping me advance my game I would rate it 9.5. For those that are in an intermediate stage
(where I consider myself) I think the camp provides a lot of value.
Summary Points:
1) Not only do Julien and Max have very strong game, they have a good ability to convey
their techniques and teach it to others.this is not always the case with others in the PUA
community. They are effective teachers!
2) The camp consisted of three nights and by the end of the first night they had clearly
identified my key sticking points some of which I was aware of others which I had not
thought about.
Things I learned:
This is not meant to be a comprehensive list of things of things that were covered, but
rather some of the key takeaways for myself:
1) How to effectively calibrate Kino. Yes everyone says calibrate, calibrate But Max
clearly showed me how to calibrate my Kino escalation based on the womans reaction.
2) Julien is the master at merging sets and befriending the club as soon as he walks into a
venue. While I had always thought of merging sets as somewhat advanced area, I now see
it as a tool to accelerate state improvement as well. This is a particularly useful when going
out solo.
3) Inner game material. Julien provides some short but effective inner game material that
can be quickly implanted into your game. I plan on using particularly when I go out solo.
4) Night Street Game. I often approach on the streets during the day but had neglected the
post club night game. Julien provides some good tips in this area which was new for me.
5) Same night Pulls. This was HUGE for me. My game at night had previously consisted of
getting a Day 2; rather than pulling directly from the club. Julien spent a lot of time on the
things that need to be done, the importance of timing, and basically the micro steps to take
to be in a position to pull the same night. Best of all, I was able to actually implement their
teachings on the final night and pull a girl back to my hotel. No way would I have even
attempted that prior to the bootcamp! Thanks Julien!
Areas for improvement:
I dont have much here that I would improve. My only two suggestions would be:
1) There were some amazing verbal drills on the last night that I found very helpful. I wish
would have practiced them either on the first day or even in advance of the camp. I
understand that Julien wants to focus on the non verbal stuff first, but for me, I learn by
massive repetition and so more time with the verbal drills would have been helpful.
2) The first night (Thursday) the crowds were smaller and venues were small and I think
breaking the group into two groups would have been more productive, as I think we
overwhelmed the first venue on Thursday.
In summary I would strongly recommend the bootcamp for those at all levels of the game.
Julien and Max will quickly figure out what your sticking points are and will give you the tools
to improve your game! Now on to the 30 day challenge!


Right now, I am sitting with a big smile in front of my computer and feel deep inner
contentment while I am writing this because I once truly in my life feel that I am enough.

I got laid twice in the last 7 days, made out with random girls and went on a massively
arousing date and established a deep connection with her. For the first time in my life a girl in
a club told me she finds me stunningly sexy after 20 minutes of interaction and another one
told me she wants me to take her home instantly. I still cant comprehend what is happening,
because some time ago I was called a weirdo on a regular basis and was extremely socially

Before I write the review of the bootcamp with Alex, I want to lay down my story of my
personal journey because I think people with similar issues could be inspired by it. At the
same time I want to express my deep thankfulness to rsd because those guys literally
changed my life. If you just want the review, feel free to skip the first part. Sorry if my
english isnt that good.

World of Warcraft didnt get me laid

Im a 30 year old german guy who lives in Switzerland. I have had massive social anxiety in
the past, to the point that my heart started racing and I got panic attacks when in social
situations and even when I was just going to the grocery store. When I graduated from
university I decided to sit at home and play World of Warcraft instead of attending the
promotion party. I literally wasted the last 10 years of my life playing computer games in my
free time and I systematically avoided social situations, even with members of my own family.
People told me I'm weird at a regular basis.

Ive watched Pickup advice for 6 years and did nothing!

Six years ago I learned about the game from a famous guru whos a specialist in online
marketing (you know who). I got mesmerized by his ideas and tried to absorb as much theory
as possible. Since I was too scared to actually approach a real girl, I tried to tell myself that
SOMEDAY I will get this handled if I just keep on studying the theory. I actually got even
more socially awkward because I tried to be high status and alpha, which really pissed off
all of my friends. I was always trying to manipulate and change circumstances constantly so
people would like me. I was NEEDY AS FUCK. I was that weirdo guy.

How I stopped being a weird fuck by applying Tylers

Some day I learned about the blueprint from tyler. This concept literally blew my mind and
the inner game theory really resonated with me. Since I had such intense social anxiety, I
practiced the concepts in my social circle, at work and with my family. I still didnt do any
approaches on girls but I could finally let go of the stressful habits of trying to impress and
please people and rather be centered and express my own personality.

Since I wasted so much time and I was already almost 30 I made the decision one year ago
to talk to random people on my way to work. I just talked to people in a casual way (except
attractive girls). Over time, I got more and more confident and centered. I learned to love
myself in a healthy way and to let go of my ego. I started meditating.

However, I realised that I was still taking babysteps and even though I made progress, I got
frustrated because I still didnt get any results with girls at all. I knew I had to face my fears.

Racing heart, sweaty hands Ozzies concept of consistency
made me approach girls regularly

While soaking up almost every pickup advice I could get my hands on, I once stumbled upon
an article from Ozzie which gave me a major breakthrough. He talked about the concept of
consistency. The basic message was, that if you do things consistently, even if they are not
impressive for example just introducing yourself to random girls and to just talk, talk, talk
you would get resuslts eventually. This concept helped me so much because I realised that it
was just a game of patience and eventually I had to get results. Since I knew from playing
poker that not one particular game was important but the overall strategy and consistency.

I decided to start with day game because I still had huge social anxiety when being in groups
of people, especially nightclubs. I had the feeling, in the open space of the street I could run
away if neccessary.

I was terrified before my first approach. Studying pickup for six years didnt help me a bit
when I did my first approach. My heart was racing, my hands were cold and sweaty, I could
barely breathe properly. I tried to approach from meters away and just say hi. Most of the
people just ignored me, some gave me a look as if I was the biggest weirdo in the world.
However, I had faith in the concept of consistency and continued to just doing it. After some
time I started asking for directions on the street and eventually I added to be honest I just
thought you were cute and I wanted to say hi. I went full risk expressing my personality. I
tried to talk as long as possible, but mostly got rejected. It was painful. But I did this
consistently: Every thursday, friday and saturday from 8 pm in the evening. I never skipped.
It was scary and intense. Eventually I got better and better reactions and finally I got two
numbers and one date. Unfotunately she was a really bad kisser and started being needy so I
decided on day three to not have sex with her and "just be friends".


My expectations before the Bootcamp with Alex

To be honest I was skeptical at first as I heard that the bootcamp is with Alex because I
was afraid we would not connect well, since he has a different story and it seemed as if he
didnt go through the pain and hardship that I did. However, it turned out to be the best
experience I had in my whole life.

My goals for the bootcamp were:
learning how night game is played and how the process of the night should look like from
start to finish
being pushed beyond my comfort zone and getting reference experience
Observe a highly shillful instructor and obtain a blueprint for the behavior of a successful
guy in pickup

1. Day Everything seems so awkward Thursday

After working all day and a two hour trip to geneva I felt quite exhausted. The train was late
and I didnt get to eat anything. I had to hurry to the hotel and forgot to change clothes
according to bootcamp instructions and forgot to get cash for spending in the night. I was
badly prepared and felt stressed.

Alex gave us a brief introduction to the bootcamp. The other student and I were asked to
tell a few words about ourselves. We were introduced to the bootcamp assistants and then
we went to lausanne to a nightclub. I felt awkward all the way to the club. We were sitting
in a small car with 5 people for about 45 minutes. I was hungry as fuck and needed food. We
got some McDonalds on the way and finally arrived at the club.

We met up with the other assistants and went into the club. Alex told me to relax and that
we have plenty of time. He told me that the goal for that night is to reapproach girls up to
four times and just take it easy. In the course of the night he told me which sets to
approach and occasionally gave me an opener. He reminded me again and again that I am
enough. He gave me feedback about my body language and my physical escalation. He even
did it in front of one girl (which was quite weird at first). I reframed it and escalated on her.
Too bad she had a boyfriend. Against my previous expectation Alex was very empathetic and
seemed to know exactly what hes doing and when to give me advice and when not.

I wont get into detail of every set but basically I approached 11 sets in the course of the
night and reapproached a few of the sets multiple times. Its good that I did daygame before
because I got used to approaching people. I established a good connection to some of the
girls but somehow most had boyfriends. It seemed as this was the theme of the night. So
shitty! Then I met a gorgeous brunette named melodie (gorgerous girl, gorgeous name) and
after a while I got her number. However, I ejected because I felt awkward after some time. I
let her go. Damn.

At the end of the night I tried to walk out of the club with a girl but she was approached by
different guys at the same time and in the end she told me she has a boyfriend. Fuck. Back
to geneva.

I tried not to think too much about the night and to stay present as much as possible.
However, I noticed that before I went out that night I had an image of nightclubs that was
really skewed. I viewed it as this scary place with evil people in it. I felt awkward at first but
after a time I got used to it.

Alexs method was so laid back that it took so much of the pressure away. I didnt have the
feeling that I have to impress people so much or do any crazy approaches. It all felt so
organic. Alexs coaching was somehow so smooth that I didnt even notice him doing that
much. I learned a lot that night.

2. Day FARTapproach Daygame! Friday, 28.06.2013

We agreed on doing some daygame instead of nightgame, which I really liked! We went to
geneva lake and Alex told me to approach a girl who was walking in front of us. It was weird
to approach her from behind but I did it and it actually went really great. She was gorgeous
and I got turned on! If I had seen her from the front first, maybe I would have been too
scared to approach. We talked about 5-10 minutes while walking near the lake and then I
tried to get her number. She didnt want to because I was a stranger. I tried to convince her
that its cool but no chance. I ejected. Alex advised be to be more persistent next time (and
to use the four times rule) and I also realised that I should have stayed in set longer before
asking for the number to build more comfort.

We went to starbucks and there were two asian girls sitting in front of the starbucks. Alex
suggested that I ask them if its ok to sit by them for 2 minutes because the feng shui is
great here (What an awesome opener!). What I did. The one girl started laughing so hard
she spilled her drink and ran to the toilet. hilarious. In the mean time I socialised with the
other girl. Eventually assistant Miles joined in and we had a two on two conversation. I had a
lot of fun and felt really relaxed. We stayed in set around 20 minutes, then I got the number
of one of the girls. She had the manga eyes. Good times. In the meanwhile Alex and the
others were gone and we wanted to meet up.

Miles and I were searching for the other guys when a blonde girl was standing at the tram
station. Miles suggested that I go up to her and ask for cool clubs in geneva. I approached
her and talked for five minutes. She reacted pretty well and later a friend of hers joined in. I
talked a little more but ejected then, Im not sure why I didnt go for the number.

We met up with the other guys at a bar. It was already in the afternoon and a few people
were having their after-work-drinks. I approached a two-set of girls as Alex suggested and
then I had to approach a girl who was sitting alone at the bar.

When I approached the girl I FARTED REALLY HARD! It smelled so bad it was obvious that it
was me. I ignored it and just talked to the girl. Actually she reacted really well as if nothing
happened (LOL!) and we had a good conversation for 10 minutes. When I asked for the
number she said she has a boyfriend. GAH.

On the way to another Starbucks the was a girl sitting on some stairs rolling a cigarette. She
looked quite cute. Alex told me Im satisfied with your approaches so far but feel free to
approach if you like. On the one hand I got tired from all those approaches and interactions
but on the other hand I wanted to push it more. I approached and talked for 10 minutes.
Guess what? She had a BOYFRIEND. RAAAAAAGE!

We concluded the daygame-session with a wrap-up feedback from Alex.

After I had gotten some sleep I went out with the assistants to do some nightgame.

2. Day Nightgame Soft wet lips and best makeout ever!

I went to the club by tram alone, because the assistants were already there. On my way I
met a group of guys from cern institute. They wanted to go to the same club as I so I
tagged along and socialized. I tried to connect with the nerdy persish girl but she was
extremely logical and didnt turn me on that much. When I arrived at the club, the guys were
drinking beer in a bar on the other side of the street and were having a good time. I joined
in. I was impressed by the cool vibe of these guys. They werent the typical james bond but
rather goofy, fun,talkative guys who express their personality freely. I had such a great time
hanging out with them. After a few minutes Tom (one of the assistants) came in with four
cute girls and merged sets (It seemed so effortless, I was impressed). I socialized with a few
of the girls but one girl sat by my side and I was chatting with her a lot. She had dark, long
curly hair and had a cute smile. I talked nonstop and expressed myself. At that point, I didnt
think much about game, it all went fluidly. I got into the zone. However, I was FUCKING
TIRED from nonstop gaming and wanted to go home and sleep. Luke encouraged me into
staying (Thanks buddy!). We went to the club and talked some more.

I thought to myself: ok, at least make out with her and get her number, then you can go
home and meet up tomorrow. I went directly to her and while grabbing her hands and
putting them over my shoulders: I got to leave soon because I have to get up early, but I
want to kiss you! she said: stay. She said it so cute that I felt like melting away. Alright, I
told her Id stay. I went for the kiss. We made out and OH MY GOD she was such a good
kisser! After the other girl I hooked up with from daygame was so stiff and bad at kissing this
was an absolute pleasure. Everything went so smooth and I got turned on badly. I took her
by the hand and we went to the dancefloor where we made out more. I grabbed her ass and
got really physical with her. She told me "You are soooo sexy!". After some good time we
went back to the others and chilled a bit. We escalated pretty quickly and I didnt want to
overdo it. I was talking with her about logistics, but her home was far away. We were talking
about taking a taxi. I was sure I would get laid this night.


We went outside and joined with Luke and the other girl (girl friend of my girl). Luke was so
smooth in gaming her and was so funny and gave so much value into the conversation that I
got into my head. I started thinking that if I say something it will sound completely ridiculous
and I wouldnt be able to add value to the conversation. I wasn't feeling "I am enough" at all.
I am not sure where these doubts came from suddenly. Basically I stood there with my girl,
hugging her from behind in a really chody boyfriend style way. I didnt say a word. The girl
friend of my girl started to look me into the eyes. I didnt talk with her before. I felt so chode
and thought that I need to impress her or she will cockblock me and tell my girl I'm a weirdo.
This got me more into my head.

We four eventually moved onto a bench and we met up with the other assistants. I was so
tired, and realized that negative thoughts were creeping up. I asked Tom if he would take me
and my girl back to my hotel. When I told her we want to go she said I am not sure whether
I should come with you. I tried to convince her but didnt want to come accross as too
needy so I said to her wed meet up tomorrow, I got her number. When I left with the
assistants, Tom told me that she was asking her friend repeatedly all the time should I go
with him? in french (I didnt understand). Damn I thought I fucked up because I got so quiet
and in my head all of a sudden, but the real problem seemed to be the friend of her
cockblocking! (at least that's my interpretation of it at this point in time)

Luke said: ok my Job ist to get you laid, lets run and search for them!" (That was awesome,
I got so hyped up :P). We started running. Unfortunately it was too late, they had already
left the venue. We called it a night. I was tired and only wanted to go to bed.

Hotseat and 3. Day Nightgame should I rub your balls
later?! 29.06.2013

After I got some sleep I went to the Alex Hotseat. First I was unsure whether to attend the
hotseat, somehow I was unsure of the value of the program but it turned out to be in fact
massively valuable to me!

All I can say is: Marlin got me laid that night! (If you saw the hotseat you know what I mean
;-) ). I was able to apply the concepts presented that same night and got great results from

After Hotseat we directly went to the same club as the day before. I felt like I absorbed the
vibe of Alex and the instructors and became really relaxed and smooth. When we entered the
club, Alex suggested that I approach the two girls at the bar while ordering my drink. I did so
and talked for 5 minutes, then ejected because I though they werent that interested. After
talking with some of the assistants I saw the other student in set with four girls. Alex
suggested that I try to find out how they know each other, what they will do later that night
and where they live so I get an understanding for the logistics. I approached the set and
said Hi buddy, hows it going to the student, he then introduced me to the group. I
socialized with the whole group then focussed on the girl that was most attractive to me
(and wasnt gamed by the other student).

I cant even explain how the interaction exactly went because I was so much in the zone
and turned off my head almost completely. I basically mimicked the behaviours which I have
seen in the hotseat, of course with my own personality and experience. Basically I talked and
talked constantly, endured her shittests (which she gave me a lot!) and stayed really chilled.
I stated positives and negatives and kept the interaction interesting and arousing. At the
same time I felt REALLY RELAXED. I was leaning with my back against the bar while talking to
her. However, after some time of getting so many shit tests I felt like ejecting because I am
not used to this kind of behavior. I told her I want to go outside see my friends. She
wanted me to stay! After some more shittests and me physically touching her she suddenly
asks me if I want her to rub my balls later. WHAT THE FUCK? Im not sure if that was some
kind of test but I didnt want to fall into the frame of getting really sexual already so I said
maybe yes, maybe not and continued talking without paying too much attention to it.

I asked her if she knew what a german kiss is (there is no such thing). She said no and I
started kissing her on the neck (as Alex suggested doing in the hotseat). After some time
she wanted me to give her a french kiss. Is said to her Its going too quickly for me!. I
didnt want to make out with her in the club because I didnt want to reduce the chance of
pulling her that night. After some more chatting she said to me that she lives just a few
blocks away from the club and that we should go there. By the way she said I look like
george clooney (what the fuck!) I told her I want to stay longer in the club and come with
her later, because the night is young, when i suddenly looked at my watch and realised it
was already 2:30! Where did the whole time go???? She said to me: stop teasing me, I really
want to kiss you. I made out with her. After a while I took her by the hand and said: lets
go. I went home with her and on the way I got a huge amount of shittests while at the
same time we were having a great time. It was weird and new to me. But it really turned me
on. When we arrived at her home we drank some gin and went directly to her bed. After a
few minutes of making out I pulled down her pants and she said this is going too quickly for
you, huh? (with a smile) such great irony! When we finished she wanted me to stay at her
place but I wanted to return to the club. She was tired and stayed at home. I got her
number and told her to hang out tomorrow. When I was going out the door she gave me the
ultimate shit I bet youre too dumb to open the door (It was a door with several knobs and
mechanisms). In my head this was so hilarious because I was thinking of Marlin, the girl in
one of the sets of Alexs Hotseat who was a complete bitch. This was gold. Got that shitty
door opened, said goodbye and back to the club.

When I arrived, some of the guys were already gone. Alex congratulated me and was
laughing about my relaxed vibe and messy hair. I chilled a bit, drank some beer and then
most of the guys left except for Miles and another guy. I decided to go into the club
downstairs. It was already late and not many people remained in the club. There were about
6 girls left, I felt confident and approached the hottest one.

She was over 30 but a gorgeous brunette. I talked to her for a while and physically escalated
quickly. She was sweaty from dancing all night but that turned me on somehow. As I was
kissing her neck she tasted salty. Her top was completely wet. I took her hand and moved
her to the bar, where I gave her more kisses on the neck. She then told me that she didnt
know what a french kiss is! (what the fuck?) I wanted to show her but thought it wouldnt
be wise to escalate with her so quickly as I was only about 5-10 minutes in set. I talked
some more. At that moment I was already really tired and exhausted because of the lack of
sleep, the alcohol and the intense experiences. I got lazy to check for the logistics again. I
told her That I want to go outside for a while to check on my friends and come back

I went out, chatted with Miles and with the bouncer and after some time I called the other
student. I told him what happened and that Im lazy to pull the other girl. He said to me:
come on, do it for me!. I agreed and went down to get the girl but she wasnt there
anymore. DAMN! who hesitates, masturbates.

I decided to call it a night and return to the hotel.

Bootcamp debrief and Hotseat part 2 tired as fuck, couldn't
concentrate 30.06.2013

After sleeping a few hours I had to leave the hotel room. DAMN, I'm tired as fuck. I got some
food and took a walk at the geneva lake. I felt so relaxed and content about what happened
the last few days.

In the afternoon we had a bootcamp debrief with Alex. He gave us feedback about the
bootcamp and what to focus on in the future. He told me that my main focus should be on
the concept of "there's no reason why I am not enough". Usually he gives his students 5
points of advice. After giving the other students 5 solid things to work on I was surprised
that he didn't really know which feedback to give me, he said I got to bootcamp "like a blank
slate" and that I should just continue what I'm doing and keep things simple the way they
are. He then added that I should learn some "belligerance", get into peoples faces more, be
challenging etc. He also added that I should work on controlling my mood by physicality by
tapping my feet, move shoulders etc.

Later, the hotseat part 2 started. I was so tired and exhausted that I couldnt concentrate.
However, it was very impressive to see some more of Alex infield. I love the simpleness and
relaxedness of the method! He pulled this gorgeous blonde stunner on the bathroom of the
club in one of his vids. After the session I talked with a few of the students and said bye to
Alex and the assistants.

I met a guy whos in the same city as me and we decided to do some winging in the future,
which is great because I had a hard time finding a wingman that really goes out regularly and
actually does stuff. Awesome!

Back on the train on the way home...

Got laid again after bootcamp

I had a date on monday with a girl I met on daygame before the bootcamp and it went
GREAT. Before the date she texted me: how do I know youre not a psycho? but I was able
to turn it around smoothly and had a follow-up date yesterday and got laid again. I really
embraced the concept of I am enough and felt such a strong connection to the girl as I
have never experienced towards any other girl before.


On the first day of bootcamp everything seemed a little weird. Going out at night in this
fashion was new to me and to be honest I was a bit sceptical if Alex would be able to
connect to me and to understand where Im at. However, this turned out to be completely
wrong: he seemed to know exactly what my sticking points are and what I advice I need at
which moment in time. The coaching went so smoothly that I barely perceived it. I felt pretty
much in control of my experience and never had the feeling of being forced into something,
although he gave me clear and precise advice.

I got so much value from just hanging out with Alex and his assistants because I could
observe their behavior and get a feeling of their vibe in real life. It is such a huge difference
from just seeing the videos! What blew my mind the most was however, that although all
these guys were so successful they were just normal regular dudes without super powers. I
realised I can do this too!

Because I had severe self-acceptance issues in the past I really embraced Alexs method as
it focuses on the the concept of being enough including the four times rule, enduring
shittests and being emotionally polarizing at the same time. I really identify with the method
on a deep level as I love the simple and easygoing yet massively effective approach.

I got so much value from the hotseat and the bootcamp that I would definitely do it again
and recommend it to anybody who wants to make a significant transformation in his life.

THANKS so much to Alex, his assistants and the whole RSD crew!


Tung fightclub style


Heres my review of the Alex and Julien bootcamp in Auckland 7-9 Nov.

Ill put out a caveats first.

Firstly, I signed up in March, I think when it was first announced, I knew at that point that
the biggest challenge would be not getting a girlfriend between then and Nov. Needless to
say I got a girlfriend in that time, whilst we are in an open relationship and shes openly bi,
(as yet unrealised threesome opportunity!) the pickup fire in my belly is well and truly
quenched by an awesome sex life. Shes knows Im attending and is totally cool with it (great
find eh?). However, finding that fire/leverage to push yourself in field at the bootcamp would
be a big challenge. Going into it Im feeling like, remind me again why I am doing this? my
brain is already looking for excuses to not get out of my comfort zone.

Secondly, Im not an anti-social weirdo, I have a good job in marketing leadership, a big circle
of friends, am in good shape, pull some attractive girls and am happy, healthy, funny and well
educated. I just need to get out of my comfort zone and prove what I am actually capable
of not what I can do.

Finally, I signed up on a Julien bootcamp, Alexs stuff has never really struck a cord with me,
and some negative reviews on here compounded that, so I go in with a negative impression
of him. I hope to be proven wrong.

Goals / sticking points
Crumbler. Same as most guys involved in this stuff, Im okay with average girls. Terrible with
hotties, Im a bit of a crumbler and panic at thought of stepping to a hottie. So consequently
I dont. Need to get over that stupid ass fear.

Drinking. Whilst I am in NZ, I am a British lad at heart and I like to booze and I can drink
heaps. Usually to fuel my confidence, however thats not sustainable and def doesnt deliver
results. Need to learn that I can game whilst sober. That is what scares me most.

Club game. Im awesome on dates, and Im epic online with follow up dates. In the club, Im
not great on a cold approach at all, much better on a warm intro via social circle. Need to
change that. Most my club results have been luck rather than strategy.

Congruence tests. I tend to believe them, a chick will say, youre too old for me. And Ill
wander back to my friends, thinking well that was worth a try. I usually dont realise until
the next day that it was a shit test and shouldve been treated as one.

Im 37 and I like younger chicks. I am hoping this will give me more of an edge on those
20-somethings that I like so much.

Actually really nervous. More nervous than I thought I would be, way, way worse than a big
job interview. My brain has been coming up with excuses not to go all day (you already have
a girlfriend etc) and reasons to have a drink to lubricate the social skills. Ive been at work
today (thurs), but will skip the gym so I am not totally depleted of energy, eat some good
food (steak, avocado and greens) and stock up on plenty of natural energy (dark chocolate,
coffee, maca root).

Thursday night
Arrive at hotel for the intros, Alex is shorter than you expect. Julien is taller than you expect.
We do the round table and decide that due to the dreary Auckland weather, that Friday day
game would be better than Thursday night. Im cool with this. Limited day game experience,
so happy to go into that. However, the teachers and the local help take us out for a drink
and Julien demonstrates outside a couple of bars, we are sent into set on what there is.
Julien is good without question. We shoot the shit a bit and connect as a group. We drag a
couple of groups of girls into our bar, but nine guys asking them the same questions is a bit
overwhelming I think! They bail after a little while.

I mention that drinking is a sticking point. I am told no drink for the duration of the bootcamp
no questioning.

Friday afternoon
We meet at starbucks, it is totally pissing with rain which makes finding sets very hard. Im in
a group with Alex. He gives solid advice and sends us out to hit some moving girls on the
road. I try a south American girl, walk with her for five, we chat and its pretty easy. I try for
the number. No go, possible excuse, I dont know. Super cute though, and just my type. Glad
I stepped up to a girl I actually fancied! The debrief is good, get in front of her, slow down
your rate of speech. Smile more, dont take it too seriously. The critique makes my state
drop, Im a very competitive student and like to be top of the class, I cant handle not being
number one. Making me increasingly nervous too hard on myself.

Couple of bad approaches due to nerves and I spiral down a bit. Im also close to my work
office which is in the back of my mind.

Sort of wander around. Theres not much happening, no more sets really. A few moving ones
but not much more than a hi and a pleasantry. We hit the train station. We try a few other
sets, doesnt go to well. Nerves are pumping really hard now. Fully out of comfort zone, not
freak out zone, but the reserved Englishman in me is holding me back big time. Another
student and I speak to two Japanese girls for a good while, but language barrier and the fact
that they are 17 holds us back. Not great.

We rejoin with Julien and the other group that are doing well with two German students. A
few more circuits, Alex and I try another area, and in a moment of absolute surrealness, an
angry Maori girl starts shouting faggots at us and are you going to suck each others dick
we can only conclude its the result of a crystal meth habit. Alex suggests he has never seen
anything like it before. None of us have even opened her. Haere Mai Aotearoa (welcome to
New Zealand).

Julien sees my nerves and tension and puts me through several very public confidence
exercises, gaming the wall at full volume in rush hour central Auckland, screaming at the top
of my lungs. The whole kit and caboodle. It unstifled me very well, he sends me to follow a
girl crossing the road. I open we chat, we walk to the shop, I chat chat the whole way,
teasing and being myself and feeling pretty cool. Help her buy a top in a clothes shop. Get a
kiss and the number. We have been texting since and I quote her reply pretty smooth way
to pick up the ladies, rather impressed lol! Day game could work well for me.
Head home try to nap, fail brain is flying. Eat very healthy food and plenty of natural
energy again.

Pointers for me for day game
Just fucking relax, enjoy it
Shoulders down
Hands out of pockets
Dominant but fun
Dont hide behind something in your hands

Friday night
Arrive about 20 mins early at the venue. So wait in my car, breath and meditate a little.
Psych myself up. But after the close of the day game on a high note for me, I am in good
state and good spirits. Enter the venue see the crew and a chick I had previously gamed up,
so I entered their group. Nice easy start to the night. Shes super keen and couldve ended
up in her bed no probs. Julien enters the set with the view to make it tricky for me I think.
But to also show how he has a good grasp on getting a girl to behave how he chooses. Nice
and dominant. They do call him creepy though. He did sniff her head lol! I hang with their
group for a while to build my social vibe, perfect easy start to the evening. Chatting with the
group getting illogical and enjoying it and sober. Channel my inner Russell brand. She wants
to meet later.

We brief for the night and what they want to see and the RSD structure for club game My
sales/marketing brain connects with the approach. Open everything, seek leads, nurture your
leads through the night, select hot leads and close at end of night. Its marketing-sales
funnel management essentially. Like my job.

First bar is kinda quiet, but my state is up. I open the good looking tall blonde with a big rack
(wow, Im sober, I would never hit something nice like that!) and she is just super into me,
Im talking with the group and her friends and she is looking for my attention. In the end her
friends literally drag her off while she holds eye contact. Im the daddy.

Get to the club. It fills up very nicely. We start opening immediately, and I get blazing state
very quickly. Fully on fire. Not a care in the world, social, illogical, having fun. The advice and
feedback from both Alex and Julien is solid, esp on the cadence of my speech, my body
language. I am suddenly opening and gaming in a totally different way, but it feels good, and
feels natural. Julien has a moment of hilarity and creates a persona for me that is Big Daddy
and makes me play it most of the night. Open by saying They call me big daddy its
hilarious. We get girsl to say 'Hi Big Daddy' - too much fun. I have some awesome sets,
hotter and younger girls than I ever would, many laughs, flirting, great times. I talk absolute
self amusing nonsense. Girl takes my shirt off and paints on my chest. He makes me say
some harsh things in set, but I follow his lead. Whilst I feel that it spoiled the set, young
chick was into me, I think he is making me work on a harder situation. I look forward to
asking why in the end of bootcamp debrief.

However, I definitely peak too early. At about 1am, fatigue kicks in. I lose state, start to
drop and feel very tired. Gets very hard to open. Interesting to see the difference that being
in state makes for an open. Go back to pumping my state, dancing and creating motion.

Drop back in and out of a few opened sets from earlier. But the fatigue is punishing me and
my state is low. Still having fun though. Girls are thrown my way by the instructors.

Witness plenty of Julien in action with some hot girls and cute girls. Definitely keeps it
dominant and playful good to see it in action. And good to see that my verbal game, is
actually great when I am in state, as good as anyone esle inc the teachers. The
father-daughter vibe he asks me to project is good, I like it,

Hit up more girls, stay in with a 21 year old through every shit test she can throw at me.
Were both sober too, I take the challenge and keep my state. Whilst she eventually ejects, I
am stoked with my performance. Yuss big ups to the old man!

Alex is pushing for me to find my hottest lead to walk out with her. If I still had the state of
earlier in the night, no probs. But its harder now. Working, working, working. At 3am I decide
I am spent. Fatigue has broken me. Four hours of day game and four and a half hours of club
game. Im broken. Fully blown out including the nice to meet you and arm tap. Ha!

At this point, I feel like I have won. Won the night, won the game, and most importantly,
won over myself. I didnt drink a single drop and I spoke to more and hotter girls than I have
ever done in one night. Had better responses than ever and I loved it. Solid advice all night
changed the total nature of my game in a few hours. Good work RSD. Massive personal

Alex debriefs another student and I outside. The rest are in set, and committed to the pull
with their hottest leads. Teaches us the float. We drop in and get a cool little session with a
couple of nice blondes. Goes nowhere but they are responsive.

We start to walk back. Theres a cute blond from the club behind us. Julien sends me in, a
very pretty green eyed blonde Russian girl. Boom, opens great, she loves me, I float with her,
chatting and taking Alexs advice on nice guy game at this part of the night, goes perfectly.
Walk her back to her CBD apartment laughter and good times the whole way we have a
mutual friend, perfect. The ten mins we had spent together was not enough to get through
her door, but I get the kiss and the number. We are already texting today.

Again, both sessions finished on a high note, kissing and number closing a blonde though I
prefer dark haired girls!

Pointers from my club game
cadence of speech slower
be father daughter frame
body language be like big daddy
obnoxious self-amusing
Keep fucking still
Open hard and loud
Be expressive
Screen logistics
Keep early interactions much shorter, I burnt out by making them too long
Increase length of sets as the night passes
Reengage your warm leads
The float
Manage your state. DO NOT PEAK EARLY.
Julien says be chodey early to save your state for later when it matters.

Final night review to follow - it starts in about 3 hours.

Saturday night
Meet and catch the end of the hot seat. I just couldnt justify the expense for both
programmes in the end.
ts time for a debrief on the night before. It was good to catch up on the crazy adventures
of the guys, who were all solid dudes. Being cockblocked by a Chihuahua was the best story
of the night for sure.
Julien and Alex give us the briefing for the night what we should be doing as a crew and
some individual work. We head to the same club and its pretty banging. Busier than the
previous night. And theres a lot more elbows flying.

Immediately sent into sets, I endeavour to have fun and enjoy myself without taking them
too long. I hit the hottest girl int he bar. stoked.

Sent into one girl, shes just my sort. Tall, tattoos, piercings and a bit alternative. And closer
to my age, shes out with a group and a disabled friend. I engage them all and pay plenty of
attention to the disabled friend. Then start shooting nonsense, the bootcamp has helped me
connect with my verbal game very well. Its not for everyone but when I lock it in, its great.
Its a combination of the surreal and the intellectual. I use lots of long words and blend it
with stupidity. In bag of big daddy frame. I get her laughing and smiling, shes loving me. I
manage to drop Jean Baudrillard and then on to the ridiculousness of taking about
contemporary French philosophy in a bar. Awesome.
Drop out and then open a few others, but nothing catches. We are reminded to just mingle
at this point of the night. Open, nothing too hard. Just chill and meet some people.

See the girl sat down with her group and theres a seat next to her. Julien says go. A guys
sits down. Damn it. Then he immediately leaves. Boom I am in. She loves it, immediately
laughing and genuinely pleased to see me. She has to go and help her disabled friend home. I
say youre a cool girl, would really like to hang out again. Get a solid number and a kiss.
Were texting already. Win. Julien reminds me to text early, make sure she can get back in
touch if she wants to.

One of the other students and I hit a two set of blondes that fluctuates wildly from into us,
to not into us. And back again. We manage to get as far as the taxi with them. They were
good looking chicks, glad to have got that far and to wing well with him.

Feel a bit lost for a while and open every little. A few half conversations and intros here and
there. A lot of wandering. Nothing sticking. Lots of young club girls, and aggressive drunken
guys the Friday night vibe was a bit better at the club. Get to watch Julien at work, he is
really great. The real deal. Captivates any girl he opens strong/cheeky/sexual eye contact,
and is total proof that you dont need to say anything at all as long as you make it SOUND
interesting. He opens with Are you from Auckland? Do you like the hobbit? Okay so he has
a small accent advantage here, but I have an Englsih accent too.

Open a few sets with the instructors. Whilst Julien is able to get the undivided attention of
90% of opens. We are lucky to get around 5%. Its still good. Fatigue starts to set in and Im
struggling a bit.

Alex intros me into a two set, Im fully out of state. Boom, back onto it in 5 secs, state up.
Making jokes and entertaining two girls, both are laughing and giggling for like 20 mins my
verbal game is so good when I am sober. Alex helps move the set on for food. I take the two
girls for pizza and a chat. Fully keep them entertained, whilst they are two conservative
Asian girls, I take the opp to tell my stories and to make them entertaining adopting all I
had been taught. They absolutely love it. Alex helps me out to lock in the bounce for food -
pretty neat little line. I took Alexs advice here and considered to be host for them both,
helps you keep that masculine 'i'm the don here' frame - I kept the stories flowing and fun
was had. Practiced my range of expression by telling deliberately crappy stories in an
awesome way, worked a charm. Joined by a wingman and we drive them home. No dice. But
great to practice the bounce and keep it flowing. Again sober.

Final debrief
I crash my car on the way to the debrief. So lame. Kinda spoils it for me, not able to
concentrate as much as I wanted.

We recount our learnings from the weekend and they drill into each of them with personalised
feedback everyones feedback is useful.

For me
- Range of expressiveness, use the full range. From bottom to top. Manage the rhythm
and cadence of my verbal game.
- Adopt a persona to experiment. Be big daddy lol!
- Keep up the word association games
- Play all the way to the pull
- Host the girls and assume the pull

The advice is solid, and I feel like we finish the weekend as friends, even with the
instructors. They are mates by the end. My next engagement might be Vegas, Im planning a
trip to the US.

The boot camp is a high pressure environment. No matter what you do, you cant help but
feel the pressure of not wanting to look like a dick in front of the teachers and students.
Harder to perform there than it is on your own. It was tough

Three very solid numbers that I am engaged with. Can convert any of them easily enough.

Masses of confidence taken from this weekend. I cant stress how much gaming whilst sober
has increased my confidence and opened my mind. I think I am at a stage where gaming
nights will be drink free and partying with my friends will be drinking time. I prefer being out
and sober.

I have to now impart some of this with my girlfriend and take the opportunity to seek
threesomes. I could be living the dream (well my dream) sometime soon, and RSD will have
played a big part in my success.

Julien The guy has got game to burn and you can see hes living the life. Hes very high
energy all the time. Always on, always opening and bouncing. Be aware that this might not
be for everyone think about which instructors you connect with. Hes a great teacher and
clearly his cheeky sense of humour flows into his game. Genuinely nice guy too always had
time for everyone, even when people were pick-up nerding out on him!

Alex I came with a negative impression, thankfully it was overcome. Alex is very affable
and a likeable guy. His advice was more macro, which is useful, in terms of how have you
structured your night, whats the plan, whats the plan, whats the f**king plan? Pretty
funny dude and easy to hang out with. Whilst he didnt demo as much as Julien, the sets he
opened were solid. And Asian girls appear to have the hots for him he clearly prefers

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