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Program from
Our objective is to prepare the right people with the right
skills for the right jobs in order to shape a better MENA.
Right the Learning to right the people. Right the people and
we will lead the world.
The mission of the CICCE is to meet the lifelong learning
and training needs of learners in the local community
and the region. Harnessing CIC resources in various felds
of knowledge, CIC-CE ofers a variety of standard and
customized certifcate programs, diploma programs,
and courses. These programs are designed to enhance
professional and technical skills, as well as addressing the
needs for personal development and cultural enrichment
for learners of all ages.
CICCE is a Canadian afliated continuing education center
that introduces a new concept and understanding of what
training is all about. Coming from the heart of the Canadian
International College, CICCE is capitalizing on more than
10 years of undergraduate learning experience that truly
enriches the understanding and defnition of the needs
required to build tomorrows leaders. We are working
closely with our Canadian partners to ensure that all the
programs ofered by CICCE are updated in order to meet
the global market needs with a futuristic vision. Being an
international brand, we work through our various ofces in
the Middle East as one cohesive unit implementing tailored
training techniques that ft the regions profle and training
needs. This approach makes the CICCE team extremely
aware of the cultural impact on training efectiveness,
and the importance of constantly updating and improving
our approach to become a truly distinguished Canadian
Learning v
Who are we?
At CICCE we ofer many diferent programs that are quite unique in structure, content, learning objectives
and delivery methods. We are well aware of the current forces created by todays knowledge based
industry that has uplifted the ceiling of expectations. This digital age we are living in, makes it essential
for individuals to restructure their knowledge maps and dramatically change the way they see their
learning pace. CICCE ofers both innovative and trendy courses in seven areas of expertise that have been
proven to afect the global economy and are becoming fundamental requirements to have an adequate
understanding of todays workplace.Our programs can be classifed under fve main umbrellas:
Business, Quality & Management
Engineering Technology
Information & Communication Technology (ICT)
Health Management
Languages & Education
Why BETA ofers CICCE program
Business, Quality
& Management
Based on the latest trends in the business environment, business programs and courses ofered by CICCE
provide learners with the highest exposure to todays practices and challenges. Our courses are focusing
on building the knowledge capacity; skills set and practice ability to ensure a successful career in an ever
increasing competition. Participants in one of CICCEs programs and courses will allow you to earn a
recognized certifcate from our partner universities, companies and associations. You will get a chance to
learn from some of the best professors and professionals in the feld. You will be part of a truly practical
learning experience including case studies, team based projects, on site assignments and seminars. Just
pick the program or course that suits you that will set your career of like no one else.
Business & Management
Courses In

Financial Planning
General Business
Human Resources
Quality Management
Project Management
Marketing Sales and Account Management
Financial Planning
Financial Marketing
Human Resources
Interactive Digital Marketing
Leadership Coaching
Franchise Management
Organizational Consulting and Change
Budget and Finance
Business Ethics
Corporate Finance
Calculus for Business
Social Media for Government
Negotiation skills
Strategy and Performance Management
Total Quality Management
Management of Small Business
Business Ethics
Business Law
International Business
Strategic Management
Organizational Behavior
Global Business Environment
International Marketing
International Trade Finance
Global Supply Chain Management
International Market Entry Strategies
International Trade Research
Legal Aspects of International Trade
International Trade Management
Entrepreneurship Program for Small
Business (EPFSB)
Training and Development
Occupational Health and Safety
Project Estimating and Financial Planning
Project Planning and Scheduling
Project Management Essentials
Project Risk & Quality Management
Logistics Management
Supply chain management
Global Supply Chain
E-Supply Chain Management
Customers Relationship Management
Total Quality Management
Management of Small Business
Management Accounting
Business Statistics
Promotion & Personal Selling
Strategic Reward Systems
Consumer Behavior
Intermediate Finance
Introduction to Public Communication
Working Capital Management
Business Writing and Presentation Skills
Marketing Research
Web-based Human Resources System
Recruitment and Selection
Labour Management Relations
& Communication
Have you ever wondered how these small computers, tablets and mobiles with their buttons and pins
act as if they have a mind of their own? Were you ever curious what does it take to create an impressive
mobile application like the one you are using in your daily life? How cool it is to create your own game with
its very own branded characters!?
Information Technology is in every aspect of our lives nowadays and became essential to the business
environment thus creating an ever increasing demand on its unique specialists. We ofer you an array of
an up to date programs and courses to choose from to become the number one choice for any employer.
Courses In
Web Design and Interactive Media
Web Application Development
Mobile Application Development
3D Animation, Art and Design
Game Programmer
Computer Programming
Business Information System
Oracle Database Administrator
Programmable Logic Controller
PLC (Basic Course)
Introduction to MATLAB
Introduction to Microprocessor
and Applications
Introduction to microcontroller
and application
Programming with Visual Basic
Programming with C++
Programming with JAVA
Computer Interfacing
Microsoft .Net
Network Security
Oracle Database
WebApplication Development
and Programming
Mobile application Development
and testing
Microsoft SharePoint
Data Base Management (Level I)
Data base management (Level II)
Interface Primitives
Rich Internet Applications
Development 2
Interactive Production 2
Motion Graphics 2
Web Programming 3
Life Drawing for Animation 1
Production Art 1
3D Art 1
2D Art 1
College Reading and Writing Skills
Animation Art 2
Life Drawing for Animation 2
Production Art 2
3D Art 2
2D Art 2
Film Art
Workplace Writing Skills
Animation Art 3
Life Drawing for Animation 3
Production Art 3
3D Art 3
Post-Production Art 1
Acting for Animation
Workplace Writing Skills
An Introduction to Arts and
Digital Design 2
Web Programming 2
Video for the Web 1
Rich Internet Applications
Development 1
Technical Workplace Writing Skills
Game Design
Game Dynamics 1
Online Gaming 2
Game Programming 2
Game Programming 3
An Introduction to Arts and Sciences
GSM (Global System for Mobile
Data Structures and Design Patterns
Mobile Programming
Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
Game Dynamics 3
Game Computing 2
Game Engine Design 1
Computer Applications for Business
Introduction to SPSS
Computers in Business
Game Development 1
Modelling for Games
Game Computing 1
Game Programming 5
Game Programming 4
Mobile Programming 2
Introduction to Health and Family Life
Life Skills Education
Self and Interpersonal Relationship
Sexuality and Sexual Health
Eating and Fitness
Managing the Environment
Infection Prevention and Control
Introduction to Medical Esthetics for
Pharmacy technician bridging
Health Information Management
RN Critical Care Nursing
Medical Laboratory Assistant
Pharmacy Technician
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A Superior Education for a Brighter Future
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Mrs. Dalia: 0542104499
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Location: North Obhor, Behind Batterjee College