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1. Tell me about yourself?
2. What is difference between grouping and distinct.
3. what is sub-query ? Can we used order by clause in subquery if not why?
4. what is corelated sub-query?
5. How you will display 5th rank holder student record ?
5. what is join, how many join you used in your project?
6. what is left outer join when it is usefull ?
7. when we will use self join explain briefly with example ?
8. If 2 table is there A and B, if A having 10 records and B having 5 records,if
in both table having
2 matching record then
a. perform left join and how many record you will get ?
b. perform right join and how many record you will get ?
9. what is DDL ?
10. how you will add new column in a table ?
11. how you will rename a column ?
12. Can we use alter with modify command ?
13. If a column has data type varchar(20), how you will change it varchar(30) ?
14. what is Rollback ? when we will use it ?
15. what is not null and uniq explain ?
15. how we will display all emp whose comm is null?
16. Do you know cluster ?
17. what is tuning ?
18. what is analytical function ? how many analytical functoin you know ?
->Rank and Dense_rank
19. what is index and how many you know ?
20. Can be create index during run time ?
-> yes using execute immediate(dynamic SQL)
21. what is cardinality ?
22. what is explain plan ?
23. what is union and union all ?
24. what is difference between union and union all ?
25. what is except ?
27. what is difference between delete and truncate ?
28. what is difference between drop and truncate ?
29. how you will convert column into row ?
-> Using CONCAT
1. what is DWH ?
2. what is difference between OLTP & DWH?
3. what is fact less fact table explain with example ?
4. what are star scheehma and snow flake scheema ?
5. where normalization will occur in star scheema or snow flak scheema ?
6. what is normalization n when it is usefull? how many normal form you know ?
7. what is denormalization ?
8. what is SCD3 Explain ? Can be create new column in SCD3 ?
9. what is different between SCD1 N SCD3 ?
10. how you will identify last updated record ?
11. what is etl n how it is working ?
12. what is your project n how you are working with your project using informati
ca tool explain ?
13. Are using ER-Diagram or Snow flake scheema both in your project ?
Database Testing
1. what is DB Testing explain?
2. Did you do performance testing ?
3. Explain Different type of database testing which you know ?
4. How you are doing DB Testing in your project explain ?
5. How you will test the data from source to target ?
6. what is data check ?
7. how you will ensure data which you are loading in target that is accurate ?
Manual Testing
1. what is STLC Explain ?
2. what is SDLC explain ?
1. How you will delete data from a given file ?
2. How you will search a pattern in file ?
3. Are you good in unix command ?
4. Do you know unix scripting ?
Do you have any question ?
Final round questions(10)
Written test questions
1. What is your openion as a person or profesional explain?
2. Explain about your family and how your family value saved your character?
3. Sometimes we are taking desion to back in life did you taken any decision re
cently to back explain?
4. Explain how you have work for your project under presure and what difficulty
you got?
5. How you will contribute for the growth for your company?
6. Are you happy with your present company or not? Explain Why?
7. Why you want to change your job?
Manager round
About Organization
1. Explain breifly about your Organization ?
2. This is US based company ?
3. Where exactly this company is located ?
4. How many people is sitting over there ?
5. Which kind of services is providing by your company ?
6. Who and all customer are for your company list there name.
7. This is service based or product based company ?

About Project & custombers
8. For which customer you are working currently in your project?
9. what is full form of CSV ?
10. what is application of CSV explain breifly?
11. when you are login your project what you will get?
12. After login your project how you will fetch information of all the customer?
13. How prescription is working exactly?
14. which kind of data you are checking explain?
15. what is test data how you are preparing test data give example for current p
16 what is UI screen explain some example of UI screen?
17. which kind of application you are testing in your project for front end upda
tes, list
all the important functionality for front end updates, how exactly it will w
18. IS this project is web based application or any other apllication?
19. you are working for US client can you tell me how many digit are using in US
for phone_num, pincode?
20. how exactly you are managing area code or how many digit it will occurs?
21. what is called pincode in US?
22. what is regresion testing?
23. what is smoke testing?
24. what is what is tracibility matrix?
25. what is join explain?
26. who is end users explain?
26. Based on given table write SQL query?
27. What is severity and priority and what is difference between both?
28. How you will identify measure or critical bug explain with suitable example?
DWH Questions
1. Tell me about yourself?
2. What is normalization and what is advantage of it, how many normal form you
know explain?
3. What is denormalization explain
4. What is difference between normalization and denrmalization?
5. Explain SCD1,SCD2,SCD3?
6. what is star scheema and snow flake scheema?
7. what is fact and dimension explain?
8. What is ETL explain?
9. what is your project explain?
10. what is staging area?
11. Which delemeter you are using in ETL tool?
12. what is your role and responsibility in current project?
SQL Questions
1. What is join? Explain different type of join?
2. Based on given table write SQL query using inner,outer or self join?
3. In a column 5 record is there, out of 5 records in 4 places some value is the
re and last record is null.
How you will calculate avg value for this column.
4. Write a query to display top 2 max sal in a table?
5. what is union & union all?
6. What is format of test case?
HR Round
1. Breifly explain about your family, education and work experience?
2. When you got last time increment?
3. Which all kind of work you will do for company if I will hire you?
4. What is your notice period and is it negotiable?
5. why you want to change your company?
6. what is current CTC and how much your expectation, is it negotiable?
Second Round
1. Tell me about yourself?
2. what is your role and responsibility in current project?
3. what is your total experience and from how long you are working for Database
4. what is test case format and how you are managing it using tool or excell sh
5. what is join explain all type of join which you know?
6. Write the syntax for left, right or full outer join?
7. what is self join explain with example?
8. using 2 table(given with record) use join and display the emp who are gettin
g max sal
and there all information?
9. what is STLC explain breifly all phases of STLC?
10. what is test plan did you write test plan?
11. Explain all phase of test plan?
12. What is retesting or regresion testing explain?
13. what is UAT-Testing have you worked on UAT-Testing?
14. What is severity and priority, who will desides severity and priority?
15. how you will identify severity as critical,major and minor take one example
and explain it?
16. what is database testing how you are doing explain?
1. How good u are in unix?
2. Do you know unix cammand and unix scripting properly?
3. How many method you know to execute shell scripting and which and all explain
4. How you will search a pattern in a file explain with proper syntax?
5. Befor executing a script which and all set up you will do?
6. I have multiple command to execute how exactly you will follow to execute all
the commands?
DWH Questions
1. Tell me about yourself?
2. What is your role and responsibility in current project?
3. what is DWH give exact definition?
4. What is Normalization and what is its advantage, how many normal form you kn
5. What is Denormalization when it is usefull explain?
6. What is difference between normalization and denormalization?
7. what is rules of Bill Imon and Rophal kingball explain?
8. what is subject oriented,non volatile,timely varient and integrated take exa
mple from your project
and explain each term using your project where exactly each will come?
9. what is star scheema and snow flake scheema explain?
10. what is reporting and analysis and how you are doing this explain?
11. what is key business decision?
SQL Question
1. what is join explain which you know?
2. what is grouping and distinct explain?
3. Explain all string function which you know?
4. write a query to display the emp name which name is having exactly 4 char?
5. Without using length function display the emp name which name is having exac
tly 4 char?
6. How many date function you know explain?
7. write a query to display first max sal?
8. write a query to display second max sal?
9. Follow the 2 tables, one table has record and other is truncated(there is kn
ow record) use join
and display results?
10. Can we convert unique column to NOTT NULL if yes how and if not why?
11. What is difference between delete,truncate and drop explain?
12. Based on given table write SQL query?(For different scenario's)
lots of question given to write inner and outer join.
13. How you will display last 10 days updated record in a table?
14. How you will display last 10 record in a table?
15. what is co-related subquery how you display 2nd max salary using co-related
16. what is union and union all?
Infomatic Question
1. Explain how informatica is usefull for testing?
2. Explain breifly about ETL process?
3. What is the major component of informatica explain?
4. what is difference between maplate desinger or mapping desinger explain?
5. what is mapping how you are doing it?
6. where you are writing test case for DB Testing and how you are executing it?
7. where you will see bugs after executing test case how you will manage it?
8. What is session log how it is useful explain properly?
9. what is workflow manager?
Project Question
1. For which project you are working currently explain and who is customer
for your project?
2. Do you interact with customer?
3. what difficulties you faced during ETL testing in your project how did you ov
4. Which and all bugs you recently got while perfoming ETL testing give some exa
5. Did you involved in report testing, how you are doing report teting explain?
6. what is DB Testing and how you are doing this explain?
. in one col some records will be null how will you replace this with unk?
2. one col is having char and no.s(eg.mamatha9) how to fetch only char. i.
e mamatha
3. how many fact table can a dimension have?
4. 100 rec in table A and 50 records in table B no of records for IJ,OJ,LO
5. olap is dabase or dataware house?
6. what is fact and dimention table?
7. there are 5 col table A and 3 col in table B how to fetch 2 col from A
and 1 col from table B?
8. what is the diff bet union and unionall?
9. what is the diff bet minus and minusall?
10. how to fetch duplicate records?
1. How to find employee start date and end date from employee table?
2. How to delete duplicate records from table?
3. What is top down and bottom up approach in DW housing?
4. How to test data size in DB Testing?
5. How to get last 10 days current updated data from a table?
6. what is difference between join and union?