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FRDFurukawa reserves right to change specifications without prior notice.

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Drilling Performer, HCR1000-EDS
Hi h d ti it & D bilit
Advanced drifter system
HD709 Dual-Damper System
High-productivity & Durability
Dual-Damper SystemDDS
Compact valve design
Newlydesigned piston
The Ultimate Combination of Performance and Economy The Ultimate Combination of Performance and Economy
Drill faster and straight with the patented HD709 drifter Drill faster and straight with the patented HD709 drifter
The Furukawa HD700 series drifter
is designed to minimize drill noise
and vibration without sacrificing
performance. Incorporating a new
piston design, the HD709 drifter
maximizes energy transmission and
drills effectively in a variety of rock
FRD has developed the Dual-Damper System, a
first in the industry. For maximumenergy transfer,
active DDS minimizes returnof shock waves by
keepingthe bit firmlyagainst the rock at all times
during drilling. Active DDS minimizes percussion
energy loss and by optimizing the overall feedforce,
greatlyimproved the life of drilling accessories. An
additional benefit is greatly improvedlife of drilling
Active DDS (U.S. Patent No.5,896,937)minimizes.
C l d i Compact valve design
A compact shuttle valve minimizes loss of oil
pressure and maintains total power output of the
Reverse Percussion System
The Reverse Percussion System(RPS) makes it
easier to free a stuck rod. A substantial increase in
extractionforce allows the fieldproven RPS
(optional) to remove stuck rods quickly.
1 2
Easy handling rod changer
The all hydro-mechanical In-Line design is field
proven. Rod change speed is improvedover previous
design. J oystick operated rodchanger assures fast
High capacity compressor &
Dust collector
High-output compressor increases flushingair,
provides faster drilling and decreases bit wear.
Maximizes operator performance with Maximizes operator performance with
the ultimate in drilling technology the ultimate in drilling technology rodchanging.
p g
The upgraded dust collector has a suction capacity
higher than previous models. The dust collector
includes an effectivepre-cleaner to reduce the escape
of drilling dust. An optional dust suppression systemis
available for difficult drilling conditions.
the ultimate in drilling technology. the ultimate in drilling technology.
Dust collector

Lowemission engine
Powerful CAT

engine is fully compliant withTier

3/ Euro stage-3emission control.
Advanced hydraulic & Pneumatic
Thanks to advanced hydraulic and pneumatic
technology, output energy canbe transferredto each
t ith i i l Th t
J oystick rod changer
Extension boom
drilling pattern flexibility.
Hydraulic centralizer
Pre-cleaner (optional)
Sliding suctioncap can be raisedto allowa fast visual
check of operation

Caterpillar and Cat are registered trademarks of Caterpillar Inc.

Power saving selector
component with minimumpower loss. These systems
support high productivity.
Heavy duty undercarriage
Stable chassiscombininga lowcenter of gravity,
highground clearance and protectedundercarriage
enhances stabilityand confidence when tramming
anddrilling on rough terrain.
Heavy-duty undercarriage
check of operation.
Power-saving selector
Byusingpower-saving selector, fuel consumption
rate is reduced during light work condition.
Standard :2,200min
y y g
featuringa pentagonal
sectiondesign to reduce dirt
build-up and track wear
ensures strengthand
Meter panel Right side control box
J oystick drillingcontrol
Feel speedadjust dial
Feedpressure adjust dial
S i h

Combining performance and economy. Combining performance and economy.

Starter switch
Enginethrottle adjust dial
Enginediagnostic lights
Pressurecontrol adjust dials
Air conditioner control panel

Operators Seat
Hi-back operators seat with
f b i h l t d
The standardROPS/FOPS cabprovides large
i d t th f t d th i ht id i i
IMS monitor
Enginecoolant temperature
Compressor discharge air
Hydraulic temperature gauge
Enginehour meter
2dimensional electric angle
indicator (optional)
(Intelligent Monitoring
S t )
Left side control box
J oystick rod changer
Air flushing
Hoodandcentralizer switch

fabric upholstery and arm

rests holds the operator in an
optimumposition all day.
Joystick operation
A single muti-functionlever
controls all the drilling
windows at the front and on the right side maximize
operator visibility. Cab is air conditioned and
pressurized with filter air to keepout dust.
Control panel for air conditioner
IMS is always monitoring
machine conditions and
supports trouble shoots
for operator and
mechanics. IMS supports
to reduce daily
maintenance time and
down time.
Pillar mounted gauges
Mode selector switch
Compressor startingswitch
Hydraulic oil heatingswitch
Oscillatinglock switch
Safetylock lever
Cabdoor release lever

AM/FM radio Cabwindow
Pillar mounted gauges
Percussionpressure gauge
Feedforce pressure gauge
Rotationpressure gauge
Flushingair pressure gauge
Angle indicator
Tilt guide angle indicator Swingguide angle indicator

J oystick drillingcontrol
Boomslide lever
Oscillating/ guide slide lever
Guidetilt / guideswing lever
Boomlift / boomswing lever
Travel levers (with pedal)
Front, roof wiper andwasher switches
Front, rear floodlightswitches
ROPS:Roll-Over Protective Structures
FOPS:Falling-ObjectProtective Structures
5 6
g g gg g
Angle indicator for quick and easydrilling alignment.

Walk-around, ground-level maintenance provides fast, easy upkeep
or repair. Hinged service doors provide easy access to required areas.
Maintenance & Safety Maintenance & Safety
Access to the right side cover
Fully opened access cover makes access to
the radiator, the grease can and the drilling
control valves easier.
Access to the left side cover
Service for the engine, the electric control
panel can be made fromthe left side access
Hydraulic locklever Cabheadguard Synthetic hose reel &Wear plate for carriage
Access to the rear cover
Filters are within the reach.
The hydraulic lock lever is a
safetydevicewhich stops the
travelingfunction, andthe
functionof the rodchanger
control lever.
Roof is reinforcedand
overheadwindowis steel
Extends hose life, ensures
longer service life and
reduces service load.
Synthetic wear plates for
Fire extinguisher Fanguard Angle indicator Hose junctions
Access to the upper cover
Locatedat rear-right-sideof
the cab.
Fanguards andbelt guards
are standard.
Angleindicator is standard. Longhoses are junction
connectedfor lifeandservice.
7 8
Dimensions mm
Model HCR1000-EDS
HD709 standard
Dual-Damper system standard
Reverse percussion Optional
Guide shell
Hydraulic centralizer Standard
Slidingsuction cap Standard
Standard & Optional equipments Drilling coverage
Horizontal drilling coverage

Synthetic hose reel Standard
Synthetic wear plate for carriage Optional
Rod changer
Length of rod
10ft Select
12ft Select
32H, 38R (T38) Select
38H, 45R (T45) Select
MM/ MF rod Select
Rotator Standard
Extendable boom Standard
Tripleshoe Optional
Singleshoe Standard
Liftingeyes for transportation Optional
Operating weight with ROPS/FOPS cab 11,990 kg
Overall length 9,215 mm
Overall width 2,930 mm
Overall width (transportation) 2,400 mm
Overall height 3,086 mm
Overall height (transportation) 2,950 mm
Model HD709
Weight 185 kg
Number of percussion 2,250 - 2,500 min-1
Number of rotation 0- 250 min-1
Track length 2,825 mm
Ground contact length 2,175 mm
Widthof shoe 300 mm
Grand clearance 550 mm
Oscillatingangle 10
g y p p
Dust collector
Pre-cleaner Optional
Foldingbracket for pre-cleaner Optional
Exhaust shutter Optional
Sinter-lamellar filter Optional
ROPS/FOPS cab Standard
High-backedseat Standard
Suspensionseat Optional
AM/FMradio Standard
Intelligent Monitoring System Standard
Intellligent Monitoring System2 Optional
Sidedoor mirror Optional
Air conditioner Standard
RotatinglightYellow Optional
Vertical drilling coverage
Oscillatingangle 10
Travelingspeed 0- 3.8 km/h
Gradability 57.7%( 30)
Water-cooled, direct injection, 6-cylinders,
air to air after cooled, turbo-charged, diesel
Output / speed 168 kW/ 2,200 min-1
Fuel tank capacity 320 L
Hydraulic pump
Variable displacement piston pump 2
Gear pump 3
Hydraulic oil tank capacity 170 L
Model PDS265-S35A (AIRMAN)
Type Screw1-stage forced oil lubrication
Free air delivery 6.1 m3/min
Workingair pressure 1.03 Mpa
M d l J E326
Optional equipment
g g p
Leveler Standard
Seat belt Standard
Rear viewmonitoring cameraBlack / White) Optional
Rear viewmonitoring cameraColor) Optional
Additional lights70 W x 2 Optional
Catwalk Standard
Foldingcatwalk Optional
Fireextinguisher Standard
Evacuationhammer Optional
Boomcontrol Standard
J oystick control for percussion, feed and rotation Standard
Integrated DrillingSystemIDS-2 Optional
ActiveDual-Damper Standard
Anti-jammingsystemfor air flow Standard
Model J E326
Type Extension boom
Boomlift angle Up40 Down28
Boomswing angle Right35 Left10
Boomslide length 1,200 mm
Guide shell
Model GH831-31
Length 7,675 mm
Feed length with R/P 10ft. : Option 4,227 mm(4,052mm)
Feed length with R/P 12ft. : Standard 4,727 mm(4,552mm)
Guide slide length 1,500 mm
Guide swing Right30 Left90
Guide tilt angle 180
Max. rod pull force 24.5 kN
Feed type Hydraulically operated chain drive
Dust collector
Suction capacity 20 m3/min
ReversePercussion Foldingcatwalk
Anti-jammingsystemfor air pressure Standard
Anti-jammingsystemfor rotationpressure Standard
J oystick controlledrod changer Standard
Manual over-ride for rod changer Standard
Automatic oscillationlock Standard
Engine throttle dial Standard
Back-up buzzer Standard
Auto throttle control for percussion and air flow Standard
Tiltguide angle indicator Standard
Swingguide angle indicator Optional
2Dimensional electric angle indicator Optional
Water tank for water injectionsystem Optional
Emergency shut down system Optional
Hour meter for engine Standard
Dust collector
Number of filter 4
Type Rodchanger
Number of rod 5
Control lever 1
Bit &Rod
Recommended bit diameter 65 - 90 mm
Type of bit Cross, Button, Ballistic, Conical
Size of rod 32H,38R,45R,(38H)
Length of rod 3,050 mm(10 ft.) or 3,660 mm(12 ft.)
Starter rod (Max) 4,000 mm(14 ft.)
Caterpillar and Cat are registeredtrademarks of Caterpillar Inc. The contents of this specifications are subject to change without notice inthe
Additional lights70Wx2 Heavyduty under cover
Hour meter for drifter Optional
Tool box Optional
Heavyduty under cover Optional
Water separator for engine Standard
Auto air release valve for compressor Optional
Winter package Optional
Highcapacity battery Optional
Power saving mode selector Standard