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What is the Ideal Vacaville Water Heater Temperature Setting

Thr r diverse views n xtl wht i th finest temperature t whih t t n water heater.
T begin with, th default setting mt water heater makers hv thir tanks t t i 1! degrees. "f u
hv tull nvr inspe#ted thi alread$, tht m b wht it i t at. %ls&, it n b t&ugh t knw
fr ur xtl wht th temperature setting i bu l&ts f tim th temperature dial d nt hv
degrees printed n it, simpl$ warm, h&t, rll h&t ... mthing t tht effe#t. 'm pe&ple feel th
r pre(set t a high temperature level it feels remarkable t hv a great deal f h&t water ( t$pe f
lik tring t pr&du#e ex#ellent brand nm awareness in #ust&mers.
"n rgrd t energ$ #&st savings, b turning a water heater dwn frm 1! t 1)! degrees, it will save
in btwn * t 1! per#ent f t&tal energ$ used. Tht e+uates t btwn ,* t ,)! a $ear mt f th
-t. begin with th mt likl th mt wll knwn s&ur#e, th /.'. 0epartment f 1nerg$. Th
suggest a setting f 1)! degrees. Th link t thir website bv 2rvid l&ts f g&&d details n hw t
minimi3e n h&t water usage nd expenses. "t i dfinitl w&rth a read.
4w fr th health dangers f t lw f a temperature level setting. "t n b #&n#luded tht
-egi&nella ba#teria h th ideal gr&wth range in btwn *5 t 1)) degrees. "t i th&ught tht )6
per#ent f ll water heaters hv differing levels f -egi&nella ba#teria #&ntaminati&n.
-egi&nella ba#teria triggers a frm f pneum&nia nd i passed t humans whn n inhales water
#&ntaminated with th ba#teria ( uull in sh&wers, whirlp&&l baths r vn a7# s$stems. 8&nsuming
th water i uull &k. "t i n issue with hving th ba#teria enter n lungs.
Th 8enters fr 0isease 8&ntr&l nd 9reventi&n estimates 5,!!! t 15,!!! %meri#ans #&ntra#t th
#&nditi&n annuall$. :iv t ;! per#ent f th #ases r deadl$.
8ases t nt hv th water heater temperature level t t 1! degrees wuld b if thr r littl
#hildren in ur h&me r p&ssibl$ with elderl$ individuals t&&. Th risk f bing burnt if th fau#et w
#&mpletel$ n h&t water n b t great. 8learl$, n individual living in th h&use tht i t danger f
#&ntra#ting -egi&nella 0isease mut hv it t t 1!.
' #h&&se if thr r n #&n#erns f individuals burning thmlv if th water temperature level i
t h&t. %ls&, b mindful f n individual wh h #&n#erns f #&ntra#ting -egi&nella 0isease. <ivn
tht th $earl$ #&st savings f turning th temperature level dwn i =ut but ,)! a l&t f th tim
with th t$pi#al h&me.s h&t water use, it uld b a g&&d &pti&n t k2 th temperature bv 1)!
degrees simpl$ fr th health related advantages> nevertheless, we will lt u make th #all.
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