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Statesman Journal mini-questionnaire for 2014 General Election

Thank you for responding to this questionnaire.

Why this matters: The Statesman Journal Editorial Board will use this questionnaire in deciding whom to endorse
for the Nov. 4 eneral Election. !our answers also will "e shared with reporters and pro"a"ly will "e pu"lished in
the newspaper and#or on our we"site$
%e also ask that you respond to every question$ instead of simply attaching campaign materials$ resumes$ etc. !ou
are welcome to send us lists of supporters$ a resume$ etc.$ in addition to this questionnaire.
&f you completed our questionnaire for the '()4 *rimary Election$ you will notice that some questions are similar.
+This questionnaire is shorter and several questions have "een changed., *lease complete this questionnaire instead
of simply referring to past answers.
*lease return the finished questionnaire to the Editorial Board as an email or an attached %ord document to +.andwritten or fa/ responses don0t work.,
&mportant1 *lease su"mit the questionnaire "y the deadline listed in our email to you.
2uestions3 4ontact Editorial *age Editor 5ick .ughes$ 6(787998:;';$$ or
Editorial <ssistant Nancy .arrington$ 6(786=98:944$
!our name as listed on the "allot> 5iana 5ickey
<ge> 4;
+&f your age will change "efore Nov. 7($ please indicate your "irthday. %e want to ensure we use accurate ages in
pre8 and post8election editorials and news coverage.,
4ity#town of residence> Salem
*olitical party+ies,$ if this is a partisan office> 5emocrat$ %orking ?amilies *arty
*osition you are seeking +name of position$ district num"er$ etc.,>@arion 4ounty 4ommissioner$ *osition )
<re you currently a full8time resident of the district you seek you represent3 !es
Num"er of current$ consecutive years living in the district you seek to represent> ':
?amily +name of spouse#partner$ num"er and ages of children if at home or num"er of grown children,> .us"and$
Steve1 ' grown sons
!our education +high school$ trade$ college$ post8"accalaureate1 indicate degrees you earned,>
South Ampqua .igh School
%estern Bregon Aniversity$ B< Education1 4urrent coursework toward @Ed
&f employed$ current occupation$ employer and Co" duties>
.ealth Educator$ @arion 4ounty To"acco *revention *rogram> 5uties include working on to"acco and health
policies throughout the county1 to"acco prevention and cessation education and outreach
*revious employers and when>
Salem DeiEer School 5istrict$ '((=8'()'
Self8Employed$ )99;8'((9
Silverton 4hristian School$ )9==8)997
@ilitary service and when>
Folunteer#civic#religious service and when>
5uring my residence in @arion 4ounty & have "een involved in a num"er of volunteer activities including church
leadership and service$ and community leadership such as neigh"orhood association and task force participation on
pu"lic safety issues.
*lease list all pu"lic offices to which you0ve "een elected$ and when>
Salem 4ity 4ouncil$ '((98present
*lease list any unsuccessful candidacies for pu"lic office$ and when> None
Bther prior political and government e/perience>
.ow the pu"lic can reach your campaign +remem"er that this information will "e made pu"lic,>
@ail address>*B Bo/ );9=7$ Salem$ BG 9;7(6
E8mail address>
%e" site AGH>
Please limit your response to each of the following questions to about 75 words.
). To an outsider$ how would you descri"e the region you wish to represent 88 geographically$ economically$
politically and socially3
@arion 4ounty is made up of many diverse communities$ including many rural agricultural areas such as .u""ard$
<urora$ and Jefferson$ to recreational and tim"er communities such as 5etroit and @ill 4ity$ to Salem the hu" of
state government. @any of the families in our communities are still struggling financially$ as evidenced "y the fact
that over half of our students qualify for free or reduced lunch. %e can do "etter than this.
'. %hat are the positives and negatives of this region +district$ county or state, that you wish to represent3 *ositives
are that we are the num"er one agriculture producing county in Bregon. Bur unique$ diverse communities provide
vi"rancy and culture to our county$ while offering opportunities for growth in tourism$ "usiness start ups$ and
increased traded sector Co"s such as manufacturing. Negatives are that we still deal with a high rate of poverty and
lack of living wage Co"s.
7. %hat specific skills and e/periences do you "ring to the position that would help turn those negatives into
positives3 5uring my time on the Salem 4ity 4ouncil & have worked to e/pand opportunities for "usinesses large
and small and remove unnecessary regulations that "urden "oth "usinesses and residents.
6. %hat separates you from your opponent+s,3 Be specific. ?or the past : years$ & have "een on the ground working
hard on policy efforts that directly affect local residents. & have lived in several areas of the county$ including
ur"an$ rural and small town and through my Co"$ have worked in nearly every community in the county.
:. *lease list five specific accomplishments that you have achieved in politics or civic affairs>
). The development of .oodview *ark
'. 4hanging Salem0s mo"ile food unit rules
7. Saving the Salem Neigh"orhood *artnership *rogram
4. Saving the Salem !outh 5evelopment *rogram
6. & have consistently voted to support efforts citywide to grow economic development from infrastructure
investment near industrial sites to ur"an renewal loan and grant programs.

;. .ow much will your eneral Election campaign cost +"e specific,3 To "e determined
=. .ave you ever "een convicted of a crime$ "een disciplined "y a professional licensing "oard#organiEation or had
an ethics violation filed against you3 &f so$ please give the details. No
9. .ave you ever filed for "ankruptcy$ "een delinquent on your ta/es or other maCor accounts$ or "een sued
personally or professionally3 &f so$ please give the details. No
)(. %hat are the three most important issues you would address if elected$ and how3 +;6 words for each issue,
<. & will work to address poverty and its effects in the 4ounty. *overty not only affects those living in it$ "ut the
entire community in many ways ranging from transportation to education to the a"ility to attract economic
development opportunities.
B. & will work to attract economic development that results in living wage Co"s$ and support opportunities to grow
small "usiness and emerging industries such as agritourism.
4. & will work to improve colla"oration and coordination efforts "etween @arion 4ounty and the many
Curisdictions within and around it.
)). %hat do you see as other important issues3 &t is very difficult for residents to attend 4ounty 4ommission
meetings$ let alone access information a"out them on the 4ounty0s we"site. 4itiEens e/pect government to "e open
and accessi"le$ and @arion 4ounty needs to radically improve in that area.
)'. <ny skeletons in your closet or other potentially em"arrassing information that you should disclose "efore it
comes up in the campaign3 <nything +including health issues, that would affect your a"ility to serve your full term3
<ny changes in your life situation that are contemplated or e/pected "efore the election or "efore you would take
office3 No
Thank you. Please return this questionnaire to the Editorial Board as an attached Word document to
alemed!tatesman" by the requested deadline.