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Statesman Journal mini-questionnaire for 2014 General Election

Thank you for responding to this questionnaire.

Why this matters: The Statesman Journal Editorial Board will use this questionnaire in deciding
whom to endorse for the Nov. 4 General Election. Your answers also will be shared with
reporters and probably will be published in the newspaper and/or on our website,
We also ask that you respond to every question, instead of simply attaching campaign materials,
resumes, etc. You are welcome to send us lists of supporters, a resume, etc., in addition to this
If you completed our questionnaire for the 2014 Primary Election, you will notice that some
questions are similar. (This questionnaire is shorter and several questions have been changed.)
Please complete this questionnaire instead of simply referring to past answers.
Please return the finished questionnaire to the Editorial Board as an email or an attached Word
document to (Handwritten or fax responses dont work.)
Important; Please submit the questionnaire by the deadline listed in our email to you.
Questions? Contact Editorial Page Editor Dick Hughes, 503-399-6727,, or
Editorial Assistant Nancy Harrington, 503-589-6944,
Your name as listed on the ballot:
Janet Carlson
60 (birthday - 11/01/53)
(If your age will change before Nov. 30, please indicate your birthday. We want to ensure we use
accurate ages in pre- and post-election editorials and news coverage.)
City/town of residence:
Political party(ies), if this is a partisan office:
Position you are seeking (name of position, district number, etc.):
Marion County Commissioner, Position No. 2
Are you currently a full-time resident of the district you seek you represent?
Number of current, consecutive years living in the district you seek to represent:
1988-present (26 yrs.)
Family (name of spouse/partner, number and ages of children if at home or number of grown
Dee Kevin Carlson (husband)
Erika Lynn McCauley (daughter, age 35) married to Keith McCauley, son Brock (age 6)
Justin Brock Carlson (son, age 32) married to Wisa Nantajak, son Brandon (age 6), daughter
Ava (age 3), daughter Emma June (born June 2014)
Christian David Carlson (son, age 28)
Your education (high school, trade, college, post-baccalaureate; indicate degrees you earned):
Ph.D., Special Education and Community Resources, University of Oregon, 1997
M.A., Political Science, Brigham Young University, 1977
B.A., Political Science, Willamette University, 1975 (summa cum laude)
Administrative and teaching certificate courses (Portland State University, Suffolk University
1978-90, 2009); other courses and seminars in education (Lewis & Clark College, Harvard
University, University of Oregon, 1978-84); French Studies (University at Nice, France, 1975
and 1987)
McNary High School graduate, 1971
If employed, current occupation, employer and job duties:
County Commissioner, Marion County
County Commissioner Job Duties
Oversees and governs the business of the county, including approval and oversight of $380
million annual budget, county policies, and county administration.
Approves county board and commission appointments, county contracts, and department head
Supervises chief administrative officer.
Sets the strategic direction and business priorities of the county !or"s on ma#or policy issues
and develops policy proposals.
$evelops and revie!s legislation, !rites letters of support, concern or prepares #ustification for
legislation, and mediates issues !ith state and federal agency representatives.
Attends various community meetings to gather citi%en opinions, respond to concerns and
presents information. &esponds to constituent needs and concerns, including fact finding,
negotiation'mediation, and problem solving.
(athers and analy%es data and public opinion relating to policy decisions affecting county
issues. )uilds coalitions to create support !ith fello! commissioners, !ith other county
commissioners, and !ith national, state, and regional organi%ations, agencies, and businesses on
national, state, county, and regional matters.
Serves in *uasi+#udicial role as land use appeals board of last resort for unincorporated ,arion
-ounty lands.
.ears appeals on disciplinary matters for unrepresented employees.
Serves on numerous boards and commissions.
Board and Commission Assignments:
Association of Oregon -ounties + /003+present. 0resident 1/0223, )oard of $irectors,
4egislative -ommittee, .uman Services Steering -ommittee, -hair and 5ice+-hair 1/006+/007,
/02/3 8arly 4earning 9as" :orce -hair 1/0223 ,ental .ealth 9as" :orce -hair 1/0203
(overnance -ommittee -hair 1/007+/0203.
;ob (ro!ers <nc. + /003+present, ;obs -ouncil 5ice+-hair.
=ei%er &apids 0ar" -ommunity )uild 9as" :orce > /023+present, -o+-hair, :undraising
-ommittee 1/023+present3.
4ocal (overnment Advisory -ommittee to Oregon .ealth Authority'Oregon $epartment of
.uman Services + /003+present, -hair 1/023+present3.
,arion -ounty )udget -ommittee > /003+present.
,arion -ounty -ommunity -orrections )oard 1formerly )oard of 4a! 8nforcement Services3
> /003+present.
,arion -ounty :air )oard + /00?+present. 9reasurer 1/00?+/0063 and )oard liaison.
,arion -ounty .ousing Authority )oard of $irectors + /003+present.
,arion -ounty 0ublic Safety -oordinating -ouncil > August /02?+present, -hair.
,arion -ounty &eentry <nitiative > /006+present. :acilitator and council member.
,arion -ounty Service $istricts 18ast Salem, 4abish 5illage, )roo"s, :argo, <llahe .ills
4ighting $istrict3 > /003+present.
,arion -ounty Solid @aste ,anagement Advisory -ouncil > August /02?+present, )oard
,id+5alley )ehavioral -are Aet!or" )oard of $irectors + /003+present, -hair and 5ice+-hair
1/00B+/020, /023+present3.
Aational Association of -ounties .uman Services and 8ducation Steering -ommittee + /00?+
present, 5ice -hair 1/0063.
Aorth!est Senior and $isability Services )udget -ommittee > /007+present.
@illamette 5alley -ommunity .ealth, 44- board of directors + /02/+present.
Previous employers and when:
Consultant, children and families programs, 1996-2014.
Adjunct instructor, Western Oregon University, Oregon State University, Willamette University,
1999, 2002, 2003.
Committee Administrator, Oregon House of Representatives, 1997, 1999 sessions.
Interim director/staff, Lane County Commission on Children and Families, January-July 1996.
Budget/Fiscal Manager and Regional Coordinator, Oregon Commission on Children and
Families, 1991-95.
Assistant Budget Analyst, Oregon Department of Administrative Services, 1989-91 (including
teen parent program business partnership coordinator)
Teacher: Sprague High School, Salem, OR (1988-89); Evergreen Jr. High School, Hillsboro, OR
(1981-87); Beaverton High School, Beaverton, OR (1981); Spanish Fork High School, Spanish
Fork, UT (1976-77); Central Linn High School, Brownsville, OR (1975).
Military service and when:
Volunteer/civic/religious service and when:
.o! Are the -hildrenC + /00D+present. 0roducer and host of public affairs television program.
-o+authored (overnment 0erformance &eforms and Aonprofit .uman ServicesE /0 Fears in
Oregon, published in the Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly + /020.
&eceived -ertificate of &egional 8Gcellence from the -ouncil of (overnments for =ei%er &apids
0ar" pro#ect 1/0203, Outstanding Service A!ard from Association of Oregon -ounties for state
budget pro#ect 1/0063, and $istinguished Service A!ard, -ity of Salem 5olunteer &ecognition
Aight 1/0003.
Salem+=ei%er School $istrict -ommunity <nvolvement Advisory -ommittee + /00/+0D,
-hair 1/003+0?3.
-ity of Salem Social Services Advisory )oard > 2778+/000.
,arion -ounty &epublican -entral -ommittee 9reasurer + 2778+/000.
0ringle @ard &elief Society 0resident > /02/+present.
Other church positionsE Sunday School teacher 1adults and high school students3 0rimary
teacher 120+year olds, 3+D year olds, nursery3 &elief Society teacher choir director chorister
pianist public affairs director HB6 )icentennial 0rogram director > 27B/+present.
Please list all public offices to which youve been elected, and when:
2003-Present - Marion County Commissioner (elected 2002, 2006, 2010)
2001-02 - State Representative (elected 2000)
1998-2010; 2012-Present - Precinct Committee Person, Marion County Republican Central
Committee (elected 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2012, 2014)
Please list any unsuccessful candidacies for public office, and when:
Other prior political and government experience:
Vice Chair, House Revenue Committee, 2001
Joint Ways & Means Human Services Subcommittee, 2001
House Commerce Committee, 2001
Chair, House Patient Choice in Health Care Committee, 2002
Governor's Task Force on the Future of Seniors and Persons with Disabilities, 2002
State Interagency Coordinating Council for Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special
Education, 2002
State Commission on Children and Families, 2001-02
Oregon Commission on Black Affairs, 2001-02
How the public can reach your campaign (remember that this information will be made public):
Mail address:
4560 Patriot Court SE, Salem, OR 97302

E-mail address:
Web site URL:
Please limit your response to each of the following questions to about 75 words.
To an outsider, how would you describe the region you wish to represent -- geographically,
economically, politically and socially?
Marion County encompasses an urban centerSalem and Keizerwith eighteen other cities
interspersed among farm and forestlands. Government is the largest employer, with agricultural
production the leading industry (estimated gross sales of $639 million in 2012). Marion
Countys per capita income was $35,156 (June 2013). Politically, the county is conservative in
rural areas, swing in outer suburbs, and more liberal in the urban core. Socially, the county
has a growing Latino population and a strong faith tradition.
2. What are the positives and negatives of this region (district, county or state) that you wish to
Incomparable beauty of vast farm and forestlands.
Leaders who collaborate to solve problems.
County government located in the hub of state government and the countys largest
Generations of families connected with state institutions living in poverty with significant
social service needs.
Significant illicit drug use particularly within certain Salem and Woodburn
Federal forest policies (or lack of) decimating Santiam Canyons economy.
3. What specific skills and experiences do you bring to the position that would help turn those
negatives into positives?
I bring skills as a facilitator, state and county policymaker, and grant writer, and expertise in
family strengthening programs through doctoral work at University of Oregon, employment
experience as a regional coordinator and analyst with the State Commission on Children and
Families, plus consultant experience with nonprofits and local commissions across Oregon.
Combining evidence-based practices, traditional and nontraditional stakeholders, and funding,
the Marion County Reentry Initiative has helped turned negatives into positives.
5. What separates you from your opponent(s)? Be specific.
I am a high-energy leader who works tirelessly on behalf of Marion County constituents. I have
significant experience as an elected official and policy analyst that provides a foundation for me
to understand complex issues and navigate rules and processes to attain results. I have built
extensive relationships in community, county, state, and national arenas. I can apply my skills as
a facilitator and project manager to break down large goals into achievable tasks.
6. Please list five specific accomplishments that you have achieved in politics or civic affairs:
Reentry Initiative Recognized as a national model, MCRI reduced recidivism from 33%
in 2009 to 14% in 2014.
County Fair Increased attendance 50% in 2005; fair gets better each year!
Keizer Rapids Park Helped create regional park including county conservation and
recreation easements.
Budget Helped create Council of Economic Advisors that guides county revenue
Training Teens for Tomorrow Preserved Boys & Girls Club T3 program until other
funding obtained.
7. How much will your General Election campaign cost (be specific)?
$8,500 (estimate)
8. Have you ever been convicted of a crime, been disciplined by a professional licensing
board/organization or had an ethics violation filed against you? If so, please give the details.
9. Have you ever filed for bankruptcy, been delinquent on your taxes or other major accounts, or
been sued personally or professionally? If so, please give the details.
10. What are the three most important issues you would address if elected, and how? (75 words
for each issue)
A. County budget > ,arion -ounty has sustained core services through this economic
recession, but continues to face challenges. 9here are roads that need attention and a
closed pod in the county #ail. ;ob creation and economic gro!th !ill positively impact
the countyHs ability to provide services. .o!ever, since a large portion of county
revenues comes from state and federal sources, !e !ill also need to !or" !ith the
legislature and -ongress on solutions.
). Solid waste system > After 30 years of managing our nationally+recogni%ed solid !aste
system, the countyHs contract !ith -ovanta for the @aste+to+8nergy facility in )roo"s
eGpired. ,arion -ounty recently negotiated a short+term contract, !hich buys us some
time to !or" on !hat the long+term future loo"s li"e, given a decrease in mar"et rates for
the electricity generated by the )roo"s facility, ne! technology, and changing federal
environmental regulations.
-. Health and mental health care > 9he landscape is changing nationally and at the state
level for health and mental health care. ,arion -ounty has delivered eGcellent services
for people !ith mental illness. 9he challenge is ho! services !ill continue to be
delivered as people are added to the Oregon .ealth 0lan, ,edicaid dollars become
tighter, and state and federal eGpectations increase. @e need to !or" on mental health
integration, !hile sustaining critical safety net services.
11. What do you see as other important issues?
Sustaining our nationally+recogni%ed prisoner reentry initiative.
@or"ing !ith counties on changes to !or"force, economic development, youth development,
public health, and other systems.
8Gploring resolutions to unmet needs and service delivery in unincorporated 8ast Salem.
&esolving state and county roles in delivering #uvenile #ustice services.
&esponding to potential state legislation and initiatives, such as legali%ing recreational
@or"ing on solutions for timber+dependent communities.
,a"ing the Oregon State fairgrounds 18Gpo3 fiscally viable.
12. Any skeletons in your closet or other potentially embarrassing information that you should
disclose before it comes up in the campaign? Anything (including health issues) that would
affect your ability to serve your full term? Any changes in your life situation that are
contemplated or expected before the election or before you would take office?
Thank you. Please return this questionnaire to the Editorial Board as an attached Word document to by the requested deadline.