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Grameen Phones Distribution Strategy:

Grameen Phone Limited is one of the leading telecom operators in Bangladesh. Today
its current subscriber is 46.042 million as per Bangladesh Telecommunication
Regulatory Commission. Grameen Phone provides their service to the general people by
maintaining a distribution channel. This distribution channel is being created by
Grameen Phone as per their analysis to provide service to their target customer. The
distribution channel includes the following parties;
Distribution is set from the organization. Firstly Grameen Phone needs some
distributors who will distribute their product in the market. That is why often they offer
distributorship or sometimes distributors who are interested come to Grameen Phone to
get the distributorship. This is being controlled by the sales department of Grameen
Distributors are very important factors for the distribution of products such as flexi-
load; sim card or data service sell of Grameen Phone. Sometimes distributers come to
Grameen Phone to get its distributorship. Once a distributor gets the distributorship,
then he is responsible to distribute the product of Grameen Phone in a particular
Often distributors appoint some retailers or direct sales representative under his
authority to expand the product in the market. These retailers are being appointed and
monitored by the distributors by whom they are appointed.
Own Exclusive Channel:
Under this strategy Grameen Phone distributes their products where the ownership
remains under Grameen Phone. For example the Grameen Phone Centers (GPCs) are
this type of distribution. Grameen Phone centers not only helps the customers there but
also they sell sim cards, provide flexi-loads and data service there.
Banglalinks Distribution Strategy:
Banglalink is in the second position in the telecom sector in Bangladesh. As per
Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) Banglalinks subscriber
is 28.101 million. Banglalink has developed their own strategy for their distribution
channel. There distribution channel is described below;
Main Distributors/ Dealers:
Banglalink appoints some main dealers to expand their service in the market. The main
dealers are basically area based. This divisional area dealers are responsible to distribute
the products of Banglalink into that particular area and also responsible to maintain the
workforce of that particular area as per the need for a proper distribution.
Authorized Dealer:
Authorized dealers dealers are being appointed by the main dealers. The allocation of
distribution for these authorized dealers is being set by the main dealers. Under
authorized dealer there are some sub-authorized dealers. The monthly target and route
plan of their distribution is being monitored by the authorized dealers. After that if
needed there may be some area based authorized dealer. All these dealers are under the
authorized dealers and are responsible to distribute the product of Banglalink.
Wholesalers are an important part of Banglalinks distribution channel. Wholesalers are
the links between the retailers and authorized dealers.
Retailers are the end part of the distribution channel of Banglalink. Retailers collect
products from the wholesalers and then stay in the market to make available the
recharge, sim card and data service available to the customers. So retailers are the
distribution channel ends by the activity of retailers.
Robis Distribution Strategy:
Robi Axiata Limited is one of the renowned telecommunication operators in
Bangladesh today. Currently Robi has 24.829 million active subscribers as per
Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC). Robi has developed
their own distribution strategy which leads them to step forward to cope up with the
telecom industry. Their distribution strategy is given here;
Distributors are the first hand of the distribution channel of Robi Axiata Limited.
Distributors apply for distributorship to Robi Axiata Limited and then Robi verifies the
application of the applicant. Robi verifies that weather that applicant has every
preparation to distribute the products of Robi and is that party eligible to get
distributorship of Robi. Once someone gets the distributorship then he is responsible to
distribute the products of Robi and expanding the market share of Robi. A distributor
must abide by the rules and regulations of Robi. Distributors control the retailers and
direct sales representatives.
Retailers are under the distributors. Distributors appoint retailers after analyzing the
based need for service and situation. Distributor also set a monthly target for the
retailers. For a distributor it is not possible to monitor the retailers all the time. That is
why sometime in some area especially in the big areas the distributors appoint some
supervisors to monitor the performance of the retailers.
Robi Sheba Point (RSP):
Robi Sheba Point (RSP) is another tool of Robi for their distribution. Robi Sheba Points
are basically outlets of Robi. Robi Sheba Points are not owned by Robi. It is operated by
third party but strongly monitored by Robi to assure their standard of the performance.
Walk-in-Centers (WIC):
Walk-in-centers are also part of distribution of Robi Axiata Limited. Walk-in-Centers
are generally outlets of Robi. These Walk-in-Centers are being owned by Robi Axiata
Limited. It is operated by Robi and everything is controlled by Robi. Even the salary of
the employees of the Walk-in-Centers are given by Robi Axiata Limited.