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Bioethanol from Koli Three

When we talk about renewable energy bioethanol never absent in our ideas,
because bioethanol is one of the best renewable energy that have a lot of
benefits. Now, we gonna talk about Bioethanol from Palm Oil or in Maluku
called Koli Three. Energy sources are divided into two types, non-renewable
(oil, gas, coal, and nuclear) and renewable (geothermal, water, biofuels,
wiomass, wind, solar, and ocean energy). Indonesia has reserves of 3.74 billion
barrels of oil (which has been proven) and 3.76 billion barrels of oil (which is
still potential) thus totaling 7.40 billion barrels. If there is no saving in fuel
consumption, a dozen years indonesia has become a country that overall oil
needs are imported. Research on alternative energy in indonesia have been
developed and introduced. Therefore it necessary to replace petrolium
consumption is continuosly done by the Indonesia society. Availability of
energy from fossil fuels is depleting. Solution to overcome these problems one
of which is to develop alternative energy sources that can be updated as well
as bioethanol. One of the basic materials for bioethanol production, among
others, commonly called palm or palm tree. Aringa Pinata or called aren is
versatile plants that live in the humid tropics in line equator, such as Indonesia.
Broad field of palm in Indonesia in 2002 wa 27.730 ha, is widespead in stretch
of North Sumatra, Nangroe Aceh, West Sumatra, Bengkulu, West Java, Banten,
Central Java, South Kalimantan, South Sulawesi and ayothers. Where each tree
can produce 15 liters of Nira per day. When each tree produces 15 liters of
Nira per day and within 1 years of palm tree can be tapped 200 days, the
production of 3000 liters of sap in 1 year. So, each tree can produce 200 liters
of bioethanol within a year.The obstacles when producing bioethanol in
Indonesia is scarcity of raw materials because it has become such as a main
product purchases from pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries with high
price. Therefore, the government must help the development of bioethanol,
such as to give suffient subsidy for peoples of the farmers in order to
developed a palm tree in their respectyive areas so as to create Nira Aren
Materials and methods
We collect palm three from Maluku. Because, in Indonesia especially in
Maluku they ever try to make it. Why Palm, that because in Indonesia we have
a lot of this three and when we want to make it into a bioethanol we need an
acid palm. When we make it we use destilator and dehidrator technology. It
start by when we fermentation palm oil for 3 days. After that we disaggregated
inside the destilator that can produce etanol from 90% until 94%. And after that,
it can produce 100% with fuel grade quality bioethanol after we proses it on
dehidrator. In destilation, and in this time it can be a gas for car and motocycle.
Etanol from 70% can we use in our home. And its very healthty because there is
no smoke and polution.Not just can be an alternative way to save our gas, but
this palm oil can use for Bioethanol stove, distribution bioethanol unitary, and
ofcourse we can modification it into a new thing that have a lot of benefits.
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