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Eldar army Profile

Craftworld Eldar
Physiologically the Eldar as a race are elegant, tall figures compared to
a human. While similar in appearance, being fully humanoid is where
the resemblance ends, for an Eldars face is slim and pointed and his
muscles from the cheeks down to his stretched toes are sleek. His skin
is smooth and without blotch or blemish. His eyes are keen, narrow,
and his nose is sharply defined. His limbs are lean and picked thin
clean. All Eldar possess inhuman reflexes and senses far beyond the
average human. Their DNA is far more complex as is the depth of
their language and mind. Though most of their organs can be found
similar to that of humans, they operate ten times more efficiently.

An Eldar will live centuries, even millennia. Even the oldest of the
Eldar live tens of thousands of years. He can attune his mind and bend
psychic energies that flicker in his body. This is the source of the Eldar
technology and the secrets of their workings. The complex
psychotropic energy has given way to beginnings and inventions far
different from the Human race.

Aside from physical appearance, even their very movement is
beautiful. A wave of the arm, their walk, and most especially their
martial practices are a thing of inhuman naturegraceful yet
purposeful, swift yet efficient.

An Eldars very heartbeat is normally much faster than a humans and
his mind thinks faster and more efficiently. They even sleep more
efficiently and give less time to contemplation or problem solving.

He is nurtured on foods and diet that suites them in all perfect balance.
And this is the way the Eldar on the Craftworlds live. For the pitch and
tone of their lives exists in multiple spectrums. He rarely thinks
singularly of the present, instead expounding more on possibility and
depth. As all things an Eldar experiences is multiplied. Concepts are
not simply understood but axiomatic; art is not simply perceived but

Brief history
Several thousands of years before humans looked to the stars, the
Eldar spanned a mighty empire that stretched across the galaxy. Unlike
the fractured, void-filled Imperium of Humanity, the Eldar were
masters of the stars. They were explorers and seekers of truths and
mysteries. In the ancient times, the Eldar looked at all others as
nothing but petty, squabbling animals. Nothing could harm them and
nothing dared. The very stars themselves could be shaped, shifted, or
destroyed without care or thought for any race that might be affected.

It was their right. Even in the Warp, with its powerful and unnatural
energies, there was nothing to fear. Passed Eldar souls could sift
through and reincarnate once again. They were above it all. To
experience pleasure, the Eldar could theoretically live forever in some
cases. Their technology far surpassed anything as seen at the time or
even now. Bodies could be rebuilt, souls re-fused to the physical,
changed or altered at will. They could, and would, indulge in any
practice. Labor became completely unnecessary.

Connection, news and supplies for desire were made possible through
Webway Portals that once connected nearly every part of the galaxy.
Travelling from world to world with these were immense, living ships
made of Wraithbone. So it seemed that all was in harmony and the
Eldar as a race would simply last forever.

The Eldar only saw fit to pursue feelings as the individual wished. But
some would find satisfaction in manipulation, to see how far they
could harm others mentally. Some would resort to physical torment, on
themselves and fellow Eldar. Witchcraft producing surging energies
was explored to create and destroy in trying to outdo other Eldar.
Different cults were founded that followed various ideologies of
pleasure. And such was their nature that they warred with one another.
As the Eldar fell into anarchy, some came to realize the horror of what
their race had become. They fled the far reaches of the galaxy away
from the Eldar empire. These later became known as the Exodites, the
ones who partook in the exodus. Some remained in their secret lairs
within the Webway, practicing dark and evil things with enslavement
of lesser races and other Eldar. These were consumed into the Dark
Eldar. But there were a few who repented of their ways and fled on the
Wraithbone ships. It was these who became the Craftworld Eldar.

Perhaps the Eldar might have been able to eventually reorganize and
return from their state of degeneration were it not the rise of the thing
they birthed. For the sentient beings in the physical realm are very
much connected to the Warp, feeding it powers and giving rise to the
daemonic that reside within. Since the Warp is twisted and perverse,
not obeying the natural laws of the physical universe.

The Eldars psyche with pride and lusting thirst for desire pooled into
the Warp to create those ideals into a living thing, the powerful entity
known as Slannesh. The newborn Chaos god unleashed a psychic
scream that cracked reality and brought the Eldar empire to its knees.
The shockwave burst through at the point known as the Eye of Terror,
spilling unnaturally large amounts of Chaos energies into the galaxy.
Such is the immense power the Eldar psyche is capable of. It has
created the horrid gates and breaks in reality that ravages and molests
the galaxy bringing doom to thousands of worlds and the slaughter of
trillions. They who once held the key to the galaxy, also held the key
to its destruction.

The Warhost
The organized military of the Eldar is a preciously guided affair as the
Eldar are so few in number. The duty to martial intervention in the
world to prevent Craftworld destruction usually lies on the shoulders
of the Aspect Warriors. They are supported by Guardian citizen-
conscripts that pilot most military vehicles and man support weapons.
In desperate times, Guardians are grouped together in squads of
Guardian Defenders or more close combat-trained Storm Guardians.

Such is the bleak numbers of the Eldar that every loss in battle is felt.
There is a great mourning as the Eldar waystones that they wear about
their person are filled with their soul to become spirit stones. Such
spirit stones, in order to prevent being snatched by the demon Slannesh
within the Warp, are placed within the Infinity Circuits of the
Craftworld to act as the life blood and nervous system of the
Craftworld itself.

It is this same concept of technology that drives Eldar war vehicles and
in even more sorrowful times of desperate actions, the Eldar will
awaken their eternally dead brethren, capturing their souls from the
free-spirited Infinity Circuit and into the towering Wraithbone
construct warriors. Indeed, so few are their number the Eldar
regretfully bring their own dead, risking their souls on the fields of
battle to fight!

Path of the Warrior

A fine point must be made to the nature of the Eldar Priests of Khaine,
Exarches and what drives them to their personal experiences and
awesome capabilities. While the Human race has feelings such as
affection, hate, or sorrow, the Eldar have an unexplainable extra
dimension on top of the increased intensity of these. For they as
psychic beings possess this sense that appears to heighten and enhance
the feelings Humans know. It is not enough to be in sorrowful
mourning or battle rage, but to extend and explore every possible
outcome, thought, and meaning, dwelling on them till something else
shifts and causes them to exchange the mood for another.

Attached to this however lies a danger, for every basic feeling
becomes like a drug. It consumes the Eldar in fiery passion, bringing
him into a deadlock. Going too far makes it easily impossible to return.
And yet, it was in their past that the ancient Eldar thought they were
invincible. Such periods of existence in any one spectrum can last for
months, years, and for a few, the entirety of a lifetime. So it is that the
Eldar must force themselves and encourage each other to diverge to
different Paths to avoid a fate of self-made doom.

Those Eldar who tread the Path of the Warrior seek to fulfill their wild
anger and rage by planting it into a war mask. This allows the Eldar
to detach their minds, memories, and willful shedding of blood in a
trained exercise. It helps to contain their violent intentions to the
enemies of the Eldar in times of war rather than on each other.

While wearing their war mask at the given appropriate time, the Eldar
are fascinated with death and destruction, openly fanning the flame of
their hateful passions. They can kill without care or sense, men,
women, and children without thought except to please and excite their
nature. With the strong rituals that prepare them for battle as they put
on their armor, the helmet is last; placing it on the face literally puts on
their war mask demeanor. This technique was developed by the first
Phoenix Lord, Asurmen, and has been carried down to other, more
specific perspectives of war. As examples: specifically uncontrolled,
wild fervor can be tamed by the Howling Banshee, or the desire for
exerting vengeful, demoralizing slow death by the Swooping Hawk.
Without these aspects and this way of life, the Craftworld Eldar would
degenerate into raw destructive moods and commit ceaseless
bloodshed on each other for nothing more than pleasure.

Several Eldar have learned how to curb these violent natures capable
of surfacing in a battle without a war mask, taking care to limit their
personal bloodshed and not enjoy it. Others have learned the rituals
from a previous warrior path experience and can don their war mask
without issue, and more importantly, take them off. Such individuals
can kill as Guardians or Rangers.

But there are a rare select few, almost guaranteed every generation or so, who inevitably put
on their war mask, and cannot take it off. Their warlike spirits are eternal, their minds
purpose-bound to destroy, kill, and fight. Nothing but finding an opponent to at least spar
with can curb their appeal. Their hateful spirits are usually rejected by the Infinity Circuit,
(which allows the Eldar to mind-link with their Craftworld for communication and
navigation). They even begin to passively and unknowingly approach individuals with
violent intent, using the skills they learned from the path they have chosen.

They are forbidden and banished from Eldar society, and the Exarches themselves know it
and care not. While Eldar bodies are not eternal, Exarches in the firmest sense are. Their
spirits are encased within specialized armor, housing the experiences, lives, and even
mistakes that got them killed. They can relive and explore every memory with perfect
synchronization. Whenever their body grows old, tired, broken in battle or can no longer
keep up the rituals, they will leave the body behind, their shrine will fold shut, and their
students given to other Exarches.

Then the armor waits patiently, for what is an age to one eternal? A new body is as
inevitable as changing seasons, a troubled warrior spirit who will put on the armor and the
Exarch will live again. The original, first Exarchs personality usually rules in name and
spirit, but will intermingle and hold taste from the others, including the most recent. The
minds, possibly a dozen, speak, argue, confirm, and communicate with the latest body.

An Exarch with seven unwanted expended lives in battle will have seven memories of
failures, and will dwell on how to best avoid such a fate again. They focus whole-heartedly
on two things: personal perfection of their art of war, and training other Eldar students so
that they do not become more Exarches. They are wise beyond thousands and thousands of
years, and they do not even sleep! Such is their war spirit that they can only rest their body,
and think only on these duties. It means that despite their eternal experiences, they are so
single-mindedly focused they are not capable leaders beyond the squad they own and train.
Exarches will only associate with their own students and also on occasion, other Exarches
and the Autarchs (who are a form of past student, and rarely confided in). But for one with
so many other voices, personalities, and perfect memories, who needs the solemn embrace
of a lover, or the advice from a friend? For they only desire to mercilessly shed blood and
destroy with their single, favored weapon set.

Common Eldar Equipment


All Eldar weapons, be they for close combat or ranged warfare, have
the same general attributes: elegant lightweight efficiency. They are
constructed of Wraithbone, a psychically sensitive material that is
grown, organic in its own way. Wraithbone elements form the core of
all Eldar wargear; it is highly durable, flexible, and is crafted by
skilled Bonesingers using psychic talent to shift, shape, and form
Wraithbone into weapons, vehicles, and armor. The nature of it is that
it readily receives Eldar psyche, telepathically linking them to it.

In this manner, Eldar armor melds and twists with the body it encases,
weapons are fired by mere thought, and combat weapons charged and
harden at the willing bid of the user. Fused with spirit stones
containing dead Eldar, their psyche can even be guided, creating a
form of computing core accessible only by psychically tuned Eldar.

But should any sort of psychic disruption occur (such as during the
War of Seven Woes, when Demonic enemies were able to corrupt the
psych-link between warriors and their weapons and armor), triggers
and easily-accessed buttons can be utilized instead in the event the
emergency calls for the need. The downfall to such an advantage, any
race is capable of utilizing most Eldar weaponry, though the repair and
construction to an alien race would be impossible.

Shuriken Weapons
The most common of all Eldar weapons is of the shuriken type.
Crafted in sizes from pistol form up to a support cannon, the principle
behind the weapons are the same. A solid core of plasti-crystal
material is shaved off by means of high-energy pulses sifting through
the weapon from back to front. This produces a monomolecular edged
shuriken (i.e. so sharp the edges are microscopically thin) that is then
propelled at high singing speeds towards the enemy.
The result from the small
arms versions is that limbs
are severed, eye slits are
shattered, small cords in
armor are cut into, and even
armored walls are
penetrated from a hailstorm
of hundreds of shurikens.
Unlike clumsy projectile
weapons using bullets like
Orks or Humans, attacks
are not single-clipped
tumbling shots, but entire
dust clouds of spinning
razors. It is no wonder the
weapon is named tuelean,
in human tongue storm of
blades. So it is that victims
of shuriken fire are tattered,
sloppy pieces of ribbon gore no longer holding together. Each spinning
disc is shaped uniquely to the weapon by the skill of the Bonesinger,
launched at up to 1,500 rounds per minute.

Reloading and shooting is as easy as thinking, the realization for the
need transmitted to the weapon which automatically ejects the empty
ammunition core casing. Even a completely untrained, noncombatant
Eldar ranger has reacted as swiftly as drawing the weapon and hitting
his targets in a sudden burst of combat, killing his foes before he
realized what was happening.

Shuriken Catapults are rather short-ranged weapons, utilized mostly
by Guardians standing by a vital objective or area of ambush,
collectively unleashing tens of thousands of shurikens upon an enemy
at the rough range of a machine gun, though albeit with more precise
guidance and control. They are also commonly used on Eldar Jetbikes
and vehicles, duel-linked as a pair underneath the nose.

Shuriken Pistols are slightly shorter in effective range, used for more
pinpoint, close attack. Favorable as a sidearm for either last resort or
moving into the assault for a point-blank encounter, it is no less deadly
than the catapult, only disadvantaged in the much fewer shurikens
capable of being produced from the smaller ammunition core.

Shuriken Cannons are much larger versions of the weapon, with over
double the range of the Catapult and greater ammunition core, while
producing larger shurikens. They are found as common vehicular
secondary weapons, on some Jetbikes, and mobile weapon platforms
carried by Guardian Defenders. It is for all intents and purposes, an
anti-personnel weapon of great efficiency. Though lacking in the range
human-built comparable heavy machineguns might be capable of
(such as the Heavy Bolter), it is notably far stronger, mowing infantry
with greater efficiency. It also finds targeting scopes, ammunition
belts, and loose cables and wires in enemy vehicles with greater ease
thanks to the controlled rate of fire capable of disabling light vehicles.

Plasma grenades: The Eldars preferred grenade over the crude frag
grenades for infantry use. Though the explosive radius is not much
greater, the blast is far stronger, capable of disabling almost any
common vehicle and outright destroying the weakest ones when put
into place in the right weak point. Used more often for assaults, the
blast disorients and terrifies enemies, sending them leaping for cover
when on the attack or defense.

Melta Bombs: A circular hand-held device (rather than a hefty, head-
sized weighty thing used by the Imperium), this is the dedicated anti-
tank grenade easily clipped to the waist.
Eldar Melta Bombs utilize a searing beam of heat to blast holes
straight through vehicles, melting through the bodies of monstrous
enemies, or as a means of creating entries into fortifications and

Haywire Grenades: A highly sophisticated grenade more commonly
found among Autarchs and Swooping Hawks, they utilize a focused
and powerful electromagnetic pulse (EMP) to fry electronics, wiring,
and disrupt any systems keeping the vehicle running.

Missile Launchers
Eldar missile launchers are well-balanced weapon systems featuring a
rotating pod often loaded with more than one missile type. Such
missiles are thin and easily portable, rarely requiring a reload or
external holding compartment for the duration of a battle. All are long-
ranged weapons to beyond a mile, guided by sophisticated targeting
matrixes of the shooter for better accuracy.

Plasma Missile: Working on the same principles of the plasma
grenades, this produces a small, shocking blast of plasma energy,
ripping apart all but the best armored foes or the lucky ones in a sturdy

Flakk Missile: Quite simply an anti-aircraft seeker missile, losing the
blast of the plasma missile for strong direct, penetrative power. Since
the Eldar warhost is used to holding air power, this option is not very
common, though useful against other, small flying targets.
Starshot Missile: A dedicated anti-tank missile similar in power to the
krak missiles found in use of the Imperium or the Tau Seeker Missiles.

Swarmstar Missile: A weapon that releases a series of smaller
missiles to saturate an area of armor piercing hell. The multiple blasts
are often enough to send squads diving for cover from the shaking
number of explosions.

Eldar laser weapons use psychically grown crystals to refine their
already intense bursts to their optimum potency. Most laser weapons
of lighter caliber are geared for extremely intense rates of fire while
heavier versions often fine-tip the laser to beam straight through
virtually any armor.

Lasblaster: A common weapon found among Eldar pirate raiders and
the Swooping Hawks, it is a precision weapon that, like all laser
weapons, has no recoil. This allows a greater rate of fire above even
that of Shuriken weapons and the focusing crystals allow it to exceed
the strength of common Lasgun firing settings found in Imperial use.

Scatter Laser: A common heavy form of the Lasblaster, the Scatter
Laser is capable of even heavier rates of fire. Expending the beams
penetrative power (unlike the Bright Lance) for blinding, forceful
shots, the lasers emitted allow other weapons to follow suit, using the
constant shimmering as a targeting laser. Each shot is still capable of
easily searing a human being and disabling light vehicles.

Bright Lance: The infamously most powerful Eldar anti-tank weapon,
this is not unlike the Imperials mighty Lascannons. However, trading
extreme artillery range for a conservative snipers distance, the Bright
Lance uses the power of light itself to eat through the most durable,
physical armor. The result is a tight, arm-sized beam mocking of the
thickness of material used on the most durable vehicles or bunkers.
Only energy shields or mystical powers capable of reflecting such a
potent laser weapon are going to protect anyone against this shot.

Pulse Laser: A heavy-hitting laser cannon utilized only on the most
formidable vehicles such as heavy aircraft and the Falcon anti-grav
tank. The pinnacle laser weapon, with a good rate of semiautomatic
fire combined with incredible range well beyond a mile, only the
heaviest tanks and mightiest fortifications can withstand its power.

Monofilament Weapons
A sickly, twisted weapon system that covers an area with entangling
razor wire that constricts and severs as it gently coats over the targets.
Using monofilament wire to weave a light mesh, it is almost
impossible to escape and even tanks have no guarantee coming out
unscathed. As the netting floats over lightly armored foes, they often
fit and struggle, churning their own bodies into chucky, bloody pulps,
convulsing themselves into stringy meat in mere seconds.

Death Spinner: The short-ranged weapon used by Warp Spiders and
those Autarchs that might prefer it. This is the lightest of the
monofilament weapons, a hand-held rifle version and also the weakest.
Squads of Warp Spiders often work together to create large area-effect
attacks targeting mobs of weak infantry.

Shadow Weaver: An extremely long-ranged artillery version that
creates a slightly stronger-bound, constricting weave of monofilament
wire over two miles distance. Those trying to hide behind from such
terrifying death out of sight will find no mercy as the death rains from

Doomweaver: One of the most powerful versions of monofilament
weaponry, the Doomweaver can shoot in accordance to a Shadow
Weaver, covering a wide area to coat a whole squad of enemies. Or
alternatively at close range it can unleash an indiscriminate explosion
of wiring, flaying and cutting enemies from the face to the back while
netting them together in the attack. The fitful struggles of one target
help pin that of a nearby comrade while slicing limbs, heads, and weak
points in armor.

Harlequins Kiss: A rather dickish close combat weapon that
penetrates a finger-sized hole in the targetbefore unleashing a tight,
unraveling coil of monofilament wire inside the opponent acting like a
high-powered food processor. The result is that any thick durable
armor is a husk for entrails, blood, and organs spun into pasty soup.

Distortion Weapons
One of the most powerful and unique weapons systems of the Eldar
can be found in their D-weapons, or distortion weapons. These utilize
the utmost complicated forms of targeting and are extremely
dangerous to use for most wielders to the point of near impossibility
without going mad or upsetting life systems. Fairly short-ranged, they
open a small, temporary rift into the Immaterial Warp. Targets not
disappearing whole by means of violent teleportation are ripped and
shredded by conflicting forces. Even small, glancing blows by a
monsters head might see chunks of its brains suddenly gone, felling
the whole beast. Or a tank with stored explosives might find the area
unstable, causing it to explode. And such destruction is very common.

Wraithcannon: A heavy hand-held weapon utilized by the
Wraithguard, it is impossible for mortals to use. The dangers from the
fickle energies however, are of no concern or irritant to the
Wraithguard that use them. One Wraithguard is more than a match for
any sizable tank rumbling proudly towards ita whole squad or
wraith wall formation will weather all but the strongest anti-tank
weapons and in turn destroy almost everything and anything. Only its
short range to barely submachine gun distance keeps the weapon in

D-cannon: At the range of a rifle, this artillery weapon protects the
users by special energy fields that would otherwise twist their sanity.
Sitting on an anti-grav platform or mounted on a specialized vehicle,
the D-cannon erupts a whole area into a warped, churning hell.

Heavy Wraithcannon: An elongated heavy sniper version of the
Wraithcannon (Distortion weapon), this focusing on a small, fist-sized
point on a particular target at great range.

A plasma weapon of frightening proportions, this weapon proves the
power of Eldar technology above the lesser races. While the Imperium
would vamp up the power to risk a meltdown (and death on the user),
the Eldar have complicated means to keep their comparable cannon
from suffering the same. It actually maintains the destructive force of
the plasma core in psychic-based energy allowing it to remain cool to
the touch and fire semi-rapidly. At a snipers distance, it is the bane of
light tanks and heavy infantry.

Close Combat Weapons
Power Weapons: A common technology found in the arsenal of most
of the prevalent races in the galaxy. While powered down, the weapon
becomes an ordinary weapon of its own type, be it a mace, maul,
halberd, or the most common being in the form of a sword (and nearly
all Eldar power weapons are swords). Once turned on, the weapons
area of contact (such as the blade on a sword) is surrounded in an
energy field that more than triples destructive power. For a sword, the
weapon will ignore nearly all forms of physical armor except in the
most concentrated, thickest conditions (such as adamantium or the
thick armor of a tank).

There are some variants of power weapons, the most exotic and fine
crafted, that are so powerful that not even the most durable and
thickest of known armor is going to stop the blades passing. Other
times such as in the case of the Scorpions Claw, the added amount of
strength creates a vice-pincer grip that will allow the user to simply
snap apart what cannot be crushed.

Scorpion Chainsword: A weapon that utilizes a chained blade that
whirls to life at the mind-linked beckoning of the user. Its size and
monomolecular edge greatly increases damage capability over that of a
blade in equal length, lopping off even an Ork Nobs arm at the elbow
with a single, graceful slash. It is also able to chop straight into the
thickest of its skull and burrow deep into the brain without effort.

Laser Lance: Primarily a weapon utilized by the Shining Spear
Aspect Warriors, it is both a combat and short-ranged weapon. It emits
a high-intensity blast equal to a starcannons power, capable of
beaming a hole straight through even a Space Marine. The searing
energy will continue to do harm with a follow-up impact with the
weapon into a selected enemy.

Witchblades: Witchblades are arcane, graceful weapons used by
Eldar psykers. They are held in power through spirit stones, giving the
weapon a sense of mind and an actual willed purpose to spill blood.
When violent action is wished or required by the psychic user, the
Eldar wielding it will find the blade snapped into their hands. They do
not even need to draw the weapon from the sheath as it will draw itself
and appear in their hand, ready to be grasped, literally forming a union
between blade and user.

In function, the weapon utilizes the willpower of the user, channeling
their psychic potential into the wound inflicted, amplifying their
strength. In the right circumstances and focus, the amount of durability
or life force will be for naught, as even tanks and hulking monsters
many times the size of an Eldar will be vulnerable to wounding.
Through practice, the rune blades can harness and store psychic energy
of the user created from their raw willpower, and unleash it in an
otherworldly, fiery blast. The blade can also be coated with this energy
much like a power weapon, shredding across metal with molten cracks
wherever it touches.

Singing Spear: Another psychic weapon identical to that of the
Witchblade, this instead can be thrown and telekinetically linked back
to the user. Working like a javelin, the user can throw it; retrieve it as
it sings back to their hand.

Ghost Weapon: A weapon that contains a vengeful, angered Eldar
spirit guides the users attacks into the weak points and flows around
the weapon of the enemy. Coming in various forms from an axe,
glaive, or a sword, Ghost weapons almost completely ignore physical
armor, hacking and cleaving and destroying the essence of the target.

Mesh Armor: The armor used by all Guardian forces is a weaving of
tens of thousands of individual pieces of thermoplas, more akin to
scaly skin in texture rather than a bulky set of fitted plates as seen in
other armies of the galaxy. When struck by blunt force by bullet or
combat weapon, it hardens in the area of impact to prevent damage,
and the material absorbs and disperses the heat to most common, light
laser or heat-based weapons. While not exceptionally heavy or super-
durable, it wholly encloses the wearer and does not restrict the user in
any way. This allows the Eldar to bend, twist, and flip in combat,
using his physique to a sleek advantage.

Aspect Armor: Aspect armor used by most Eldar warriors is similar
in design to an exoskeleton. It is formed of thin, reactive plates of
psychosensetive Wraithbone, detecting the movements of the wearer
and rearranging to fit the body like a glove.

Heavy Aspect Armor: This uses extra layers of plating that somewhat
restricts the users overall mobility (but not the speed), and while still
seemingly lightweight the extra plating is heavier. But each warrior is
trained to move with it and keep their keen sense of physical ability. It
will ward off or absorb all but the most powerful or concentrated
blows from anti-personnel weaponry. It is considered one of the best
forms of armor known in the galaxy.

Rune Armor: Rune Armor incorporates a Wraithbone breastplate that
by itself provides very light physical protection. But its power comes
from giving off an encompassing psychic energy of will and might
around the wearer that creates an unbreakable force field. This field of
psychic energy protects from psychic harm and even mental attacks. It
essentially activates when danger is perceived; a boulder that should
have surely crushed the wearer simply lands next to them for no
explained or foreseeable reason; blades that should slice through their
head miss or are deflected by mystical energies. Bullets seem to just
wiz and zip by them as if the attacker is a poor shot.

Wraithbone: A unique, interesting material that is crafted, borne and
grown of psychic willpower, shaped and crafted with by Bonesingers.
In different forms it makes up the construction of almost all solid
material used by Eldar, from armor, to weapons, tanks to warships.
Indeed, an entire Craftworld is entirely made up of Wraithbone!
Naturally already acting like psychic conduits, the armor provides its
own nervous system for craft and Wraithbone constructs like
Wraithguard and Wraithlords. This means there are no internal weak
structures or hollow points to exploit. With barely 15mm thickness on
a grav-tank like a Falcon, it can retain the full durability of an Imperial
tank. On a Wraithguard warrior, the whole thickness of the body is
solid Wraithbone, and it is not hard to imagine why Wraithlords are so
monstrously durable.


To many enemy commanders that would be aware, it would be shock
and despair to know that the Eldar employ one of the best-known
forms of reconnaissance: prophecy. The Eldar Farseers in the grand
scheme of strategy and victory utilize divination of the most
probableand often plannedevents to come. Using small handfuls
of runes, they cast them into the air, allowing them to float and orbit
the caster until their meanings formalize a coherent bonding. This is
most often used to stem the Craftworlds away from total destruction,
determining the best course of action to avoid the fate. The skill and
wisdom of the Farseer is dependent upon interpreting the meanings
brought to them, and Eldrad Ulthran has not been wrong on his most
dire of discoveries.

On a battlefield application, Farseers can predict enemy plans, troop
movements, and ambushes before they happen. A nightmare for the
greatest tactical geniuses and best-laid plans, Eldar can perceive the
intentions of enemy formations, and uncover layers of plots, traps, and
plans. Or at least the actions taken to best achieve victory or avoid
defeat. Indeed, Eldar Farseers may advise shooting at empty ruins just
before the enemy teleports into place, blow up bridges hours before
they would be used for advantageous positions, or altering the
landscape to prevent usage of natural resources to reinforcements not
due for several days. The flexibility and application of this
precognition is, as one can see, quite enormous.

So while even the most novice of Eldar on the Path of Command as an
Autarch may only have hundreds of years of experience with multiple
warrior aspects and study of victory, with an esteemed Eldar psychic
Farseer, he will be able to plan the perfect counter-attacks. However
and ironically, absurd, abrupt, unplanned, and random events can trick
this system (notably Orks) as most improbable events are overlooked.
Such as it is that most of the races the Eldar have encountered over
tens of thousands of years have grown to berather predictable.


Despite the advantages of
foresight, the Eldar are quite
aware their power of precognition
is not perfect, and not steeped in
as much detail any commander
might prefer. Therefore scouts
are sent into the field to assess,
even test, the strength of the
enemy. Once the Eldar have
known figures and positions of
the enemy, they can better
summon the runes to predict their
destruction and avoid their plans
to victory.

To this end the Eldar naturally
have the watchful eyes of the
Rangers. These make up Eldar
outcasts who have turned away
from the Path, willingly exiling
themselves from Craftworld
society. Such rogue elements
explore the galaxy to taste the
pleasures denied to them by the Craftworlds, and their adventures
often lead to uncovering common enemies. They feel it is their duty
(with the added benefit of daring motion) to help protect Eldar
interests by informing the Craftworld of the events and whereabouts of
enemy forces. It is true that not all Outcasts will feel the desire to
endanger themselves, but the prospect of dabbling in violence and
dangerous adventure is quite appealing, and so they would become

Bands of Rangers are strung from multiple Craftworlds and walks of
life, composed of any number of outcasts who willingly take up the
cloak and the rifle to engage in dangerous scouting or adventure.
Uniquely, groups of Rangers seek out the suggestions of the most
gifted and experienced of their number, and do not take orders from
anyone. Even new and inexperienced members can have a word in
suggesting alternate plans, voted upon by the group or they can move
on their own or in pairs. Survivability is the only rule where working
together produces the greatest chance of success.

Weapon Type: Laser / Poisonous Dart
Armor Type: Psych-organic mesh
Mobility: 5
Training: 4
Max Range: 1,000+ meters
Preferred Range: 800+ meters
Classification: Scouts/Snipers

Shuriken Pistol, Short Sword

Ranger Long Rifles: A complex laser weapon that propels a small,
poisonous dart at extreme speeds, holding enough poisons to kill a
human with a non-lethal strike within seconds, numbing whole limbs
where death is not immediately the case. The range on these weapons
is so great it often exceeds a kilometers range even for the new-
experienced marksmen.

DEFENSE: Mesh Armor
Chameleoline Cloak: The cloaks worn by Eldar Rangers paint the
wearers in shimmering imitations of their surroundings that by
standing still they can become virtually invisible with only a slight
amount of cover. From the distance of their rifles, they are completely
invisible to the naked eye. This is as they prefer in stark contrast to
more noble Aspect Warriors, hiding in the shadows and picking off
targets where they are difficult, or impossible, to be struck back.

Windrider Jetbike Squads

Weapon Type: Shuriken
Armor Type: Psych-organic mesh
Mobility: 9
Training: 4
Max Range: 500+ meters
Preferred Range: 500~ meters
Classification: Light Cavalry Scouts
Combatants: 3-10 per squad

Dual-Shuriken Catapults, occasionally a Shuriken Cannon

Mesh Armor, Wraithbone

Craftworld Jetbike riders are prized for their speed, years of intense
riding skills, and daring feats of maneuverability. They are found in
the skies harassing enemy troops below or intercepting flying attackers
in aerial battles. Most commonly they are used in scouting ahead of a
main force, ensuring that the information picked up by the Rangers
and the foresights of the Farseers are as true as predicted. Circling the
enemy from a great distance like a pack of wolves, the favored tactic is
to strike hard at battle formations from the rear or extreme flanks,
using their anti-gravitic technology and gut-wrenching skill to burst
from between buildings, trees, or lying close to hills. They dive at the
enemy, engaging troops unawares from behind before escaping as
quickly as they came to swing around and attack again.

Despite their extreme speeds, Eldar jetbike pilots are famed at using
their twin shuriken catapults with deadly precision, searing and tearing
targets apart with the shuriken blades emitted from their weapons.

The Wild Rider kindreds of Saim-Han are the most daring and vicious,
grouped together by blood relatives. Considered almost barbaric
compared to other Craftworlds, the Saim-Han riders will go to battle in
jetbikes by the thousands, traveling alongside swept-wing Falcons and
Wave Serpents carrying the bulk of Aspect Warriors with the bursting
cannons from aircraft and Fire Prisms.



Weapon Type: Shuriken
Armor Type: Psych-organic mesh
Mobility: 5
Training: 5
Max Range: 300~ meters
Preferred Range: 300~ meters / Away from thick combat
Classification: Conscripted Warriors
Combatants: 10-20 per squad

As the Eldar are a dying race, it often becomes necessary that a host of
the Craftworld be summoned for war. Every Eldar is trained in martial
combat so they can assist the warhost in supporting roles when the
aspect warriors are using more specialized skills elsewhere in battle.
To that end, the Guardian Defenders are similar to a militia or
conscript force. But compared to Humans of the Imperium, Guardians
have heightened senses, slim, toned bodies, and keen eyes for
marksmanship. In most cases, they are sent to hold key objectives and
locations, tearing apart any who dare come near, hence the name
Defender. This frees up other Eldar infantry to focus upon routing and
destroying the enemy.

Guardians in their midst, perhaps with previous warrior shrine
experience, can be entrusted to utilize rarer special weapons or operate
heavy weapons mounted on small anti-grav skiffs. Together, they can
perform a variety of forms of destruction, their light armour giving
them ease of movement and agility. But most often they use shuriken
catapults to lay down a devastating rainstorm of searing blades to ward
off the enemy from their objective. They are in practice told to avoid
the thickest combat whenever possible as their weapons and
equipment is usually inadequate for heavy engagements.

In rare cases Guardians are grouped together in Storm Guardian units,
drawing swords and pistols and devastating enemies in dedicated
combat. They leave behind the heavy weapon platforms for one or two
special weapons to amplify their devastating attacks, and some will
carry power weapons to increase their damage on more durable foes.

LOADOUT: Plasma Grenades, Shuriken Catapults
Plasma Grenades, Swords and Shuriken Pistols (Storm Guardians)

1 Weapon Platform Anti-grav Skiff with: Shuriken Cannon, Scatter
Laser, Missile Launcher, Star Cannon, or Bright Lance. [Occasional]

1-2 Special Weapons either: Flamer, Fusion Gun [Storm Guardians]
Occasionally, some Storm Guardians will have Power Swords

DEFENSE: Eldar Mesh Armor

Dire avengers

The most flexible of all Aspect Warriors and by a long way the most
common, Dire Avengers form the heart of almost all Craftworld
military forces and it is rare to find a warhost without them. Of all the
Aspect Warriors, the Dire Avengers are the oldest and most common.
Indeed, it is rare to find a warhost without them and many Eldar
commanders think

They are known to multiple skills in battle; bold and strong on the
attack, and equally prevalent on the defense. Dire Avengers form the
standard for other Aspect Warriors to follow, conducting battle with
the greatest grace and awe.

They are armed with Avenger Shuriken Catapults that grant greater
range and extra targeting matrixes that assure better accuracy. A
weapon excellent for offense or defense, laying down a hailstorm
before receiving or making an attack to swiftly deal a blow against
dazed survivors. While most attacks with the Avenger Shuriken
Catapult is conducted in short bursts of highly accurate attacks, there is
a technique called Bladestorm in which the Dire Avengers drown their
enemies in ranging storm cloud of shurikens. While the weapon shoots
about 1,500 rpm, this technique allows the squad to completely drain
their entire magazine in four seconds.

Weapon Type: Shuriken
Armor Type: Psych-organic mesh
Mobility: 5
Training: 5
Max Range: 450~ meters
Preferred Range: 350~ meters
Classification: Primary Infantry
Combatants: 5-10 per squad

Avenger Shuriken Catapults: These weapons are the mainstay utility
of death among the Dire Avengers. Dont let the similar sleek look to
Shuriken Catapults fool you, for these are capable of higher rates of
fire, and with shoulder-mounted targeting systems (again linked to the
users mind) allows for greater accuracy and range. While most attacks
with the Avenger Shuriken Catapult is conducted in short bursts of
highly accurate attacks, there is a technique called Bladestorm

With this attack, the Dire Avengers drown their enemies in ranging
storm cloud of shurikens. While the weapon shoots about 1,500 rpm,
this technique allows the squad to completely drain their entire
magazine in four seconds! In addition, a selective fire allows these
Catapults to drain the entire magazine in four seconds! This is a
technique of destruction employed by some Dire Avenger Exarches
called Bladestorm to overwhelm certain enemies of either
overlapping durability or heavy weight of numbers.

Plasma Grenades. Using plasma grenades, Dire Avengers retain their
flexibility as they can hamper tanks, finish off monsters that withstand
their Shuriken weaponry, or force a stubborn opponent from cover.

Aspect Armor, Heavy Aspect Armor (Exarch).

Exarches of Dire Avengers usually seem to focus on dueling and
enclosed combat, though they have the ability to apply their skills on a
broader plain. Some will train their squads to focus on united
firepower to waste enemy troops; others employ rapid counter-attack
tactics, overreacting to an enemy charge to meet them in a noble
confrontation face-to-face. Exarches can be seen carrying any variable
number of specialized weapons, from pistol-power sword combos,
dual-wielding a wrist-mounted version of the Avenger Catapult,
Diresword, or Shimmershield.

Diresword: A weapon that contains the spirit of an angered soul that,
upon damaging the target, is capable of attacking the mind of the
target, thereby separating the life force from the body.

Shimmershield: A sleeve-mounted shield generator that projects a
light, protective energy shield around the user and his followers.

howling Banshees

The Howling Banshee is a terrifying foe to face. She foregoes
attacking enemies at range for close combat, utilizing her skills in
speed and acrobatic war dance. She is equipped with an elegant power
sword that will slip through all the most durable heavy-plated armor,
severing limbs and heads with ease. In a combat, they specialize as
forward-going shock troops, seeking out heavy infantry and
slaughtering them to prevent their durability from slowing the warhost.
If this wasnt enough, she harnesses the dreaded Banshee Mask, which
releases psycho-sonic amplified screams. The shrieking horror is like a
mind-piercing, high-pitched wail that cannot physically blocked out. It
is a horrifying, sudden distraction that takes almost all foes in the
known universe by surprise. In this distraction, the Banshee uses her
graceful and swift movements to easily slice off limbs and heads with
her wicked power blade.
Howling Banshees, graceful as they may be, actually fight with wild
ambition and flailing attacks. For them, there is a screaming dread
within that is most often experienced by females.

Weapon Type: Energy / Shuriken
Armor Type: Psych-organic mesh
Mobility: 5
Training: 5
Max Range: 200~ meters
Preferred Range: 0 meters
Classification: Shock Troops
Combatants: 5-10 per squad

LOADOUT: Power Weapon, Shuriken Pistol
Banshee Mask: A helmet that amplifies the battle cry of the Eldar
warrior into a focused energy, terrorizing the foe with psycho-sonic
screams. For most, it induces temporary paralysis to those enemies
around them, but it only lasts long enough for the Banshees to fulfill
their first strikes.

Aspect Armor, Heavy Aspect Armor (Exarch).

Most Exarches of Howling Banshees specifically train their warriors in
extreme agility in reaching the foe quickly and avoiding their
defensive firepower for they are lightly armored, bold warriors. It can
be envisioned as high-energy free running, obstacles in their path
meaning little for their speed. Additionally, some Exarches carry a
more potent scream, inducing horrific paralysis as she charges.
Exarches can also be armed with exotic weapons like the human-sized
shuriken Triskele, a throwing weapon slicing through multiple foes as
it sings past, or the power-enhanced double-bladed Executioner. Both
use the same energy-field technology common to all power weapons.

Striking Scorpions

Weapon Type: Combat/Shuriken
Armor Type: Psych-organic mesh
Mobility: 5
Training: 5
Max Range: 450~ meters
Preferred Range: 0~ meters
Classification: Infiltrators, Shock Troops
Combatants: 5-10 per squad
Striking Scorpions are the warriors who idolize stalking the prey, keeping watch for the moment to
strike. They wear heavier armor plating than some of the other aspects, which makes mobility more
strenuous. They train relentlessly to stick close to the shadows, stalking in near total silence even to a
keen Eldar ear. But their attacks come from rage that must be unleashed potent, ferocious,
relentless, and blinding. When they hit, you can be sure that their Biting Blade chainswords and
stinging flash from their Mandiblasters will be the poisonous the enemy may never see coming.

Unlike the Howling Banshees, the Striking Scorpions are a little more flexible, focusing on either
very small groups of enemies to take an entire enemy army by surprise, or churning large mobs of
weak, slower foes in whipped blood. They can do this thanks to their heavy armor and the spinning,
circular patterns they employ with their chainswords. Able to take the brunt of many attacks, Striking
Scorpions will strike suddenly, unleash a terrifying number of attacks, and then in turn be capable of
taking anything short of very heavy anti-personnel weaponry.

LOADOUT: Chainsword, Shuriken Pistol, Plasma Grenades
Mandiblasters: Mounted on the side of their helmets the Striking Scorpions have long, thumb-sized
tubes appearing as a pair of mandibles. These are in fact one of their primary weapon systems,
spraying forth a psychic electrical charge linked to highly conductive metallic beads chained together
on monofilament wire. Activated by thought at the sight of a foe roughly a meter out, they will send a
shock to the foe, shorting out technological systems while frying their bodies. It is potent enough to
temporarily disable a fully armored Space Marine. Such is the skill of the Striking Scorpion that they
can take a split second to target an enemy before using their lighting force of multiple, whirling
strikes to hit multiple foes. Like the Banshee Masks their sisters wear however, they are only useful
in the initial attack.

DEFENSE: Heavy Aspect Armor

In addition to stealth and infiltration, Exarches tend to prefer specialization against hard targets. It is
not very common in Aspect Shrines (somewhat notable example in the Dire Avenger example), but
here it is a strong emphasis. While most Striking Scorpions are ill-equipped to fight a hulking,
sixteen-foot monster like a Tyranid Carnifex, or a champion veteran of the Space Marines, the
thousand-year experienced Exarches are. They use their experiences to wield the Scorpions Bite, a
power-field gauntlet that can crack open a Tau Battlesuit like a can opener. Chainsabres, a pair of
gauntlets with additional strength-enhanced thrusting potential, before churning the insides of the
target. The Biting Blade is a larger, two-handed chainsword of that will churn toughened, physical
armor to whipped butter before slicing into flesh and bone.

Dark reapers

Of all the aspect warriors, none are as repulsive or menacing as the
Dark Reapers. Wearing dreadful skull masks, they go into battle
determined to bring death from afar. They target large and heavy
armoured troops to bring down their pride. It is a foolish commander
to believe that his men can be safe from these warriors by simply
adding armour plates. Not for grace or speed, the Dark Reapers wear
plated aspect armour, giving them the ability to withstand the blows
from heavier weapons. In this way, they are excellent counters to
enemy heavy weapon teams.

Dark Reapers are notorious marksmen, spending a great deal of time in
their shrines hitting targets at great distances and through treacherous
and thick terrain. This is made possible by the link in their psyche to
any weapon in their armory. Wherever they point their weapon, their
mind follows, like an invisible laser shooting across the battlefield.
This mind-link allows the Dark Reapers the added ability to walk at a
steady pace; shooting their weapons with the strength-enhanced armor
they don for battle, aiming their cannons this way and that, hitting
enemies almost as soon as they see them.

Weapon Type: Missile
Armor Type: Psych-organic mesh
Mobility: 4
Training: 5
Max Range: 1,000+ meters
Preferred Range: 1,000+ meters
Classification: Anti-personnel Artillery
Combatants: 3-10 per squad

Reaper Missile Launcher: A handheld version of the Eldar Missile
Launcher, chambering Swarmstar Missiles intended to hammer heavy
infantry and monsters alike. The multiple blasts are also capable of
pinning and thinning massed infantry; it is not a particularly effective
weapon against armored vehicles though.

DEFENSE: Heavy Aspect Armor

All Exarches focus exclusively on the long-ranged shot. They can be
equipped and dedicated to have a keen eye in the dark, possessing a
type of night vision while directing their own squad to targets. They
can also be capable of reacting instantly to movement in cover while
finding weak points in them, such as an arm-sized hole in a wall where
he can direct one of his missiles. He can also be trained to shoot very
rapidly, chambering and hitting a target in rapid succession. The
Exarch is also occasionally seen armed with weapons for alternative
specialties: he can teach his squad anti-tank tactics with Starshot
Missiles or he himself carry a Shuriken Cannon to mow down infantry.

Fire Dragons

For raw, complete, total annihilating destruction, the Fire Dragons are
the most powerful and plentiful infantry Aspect Warrior type for the

Fire Dragons wont even leave charred remains or ash in their wake as
they bathe the battlefield in flashes of pulsing light from their fusion
guns. Such fearsome weaponry blasts the enemy with the heat of the
sun, incinerating all in their path. They are also armed with disc-
shaped melta bombs for creating powerful explosions that melt down
heavily armored targets like fortifications and tanks.

Only the mystically protected or hardest energy shielding can
withstand the goal of the Fire Dragons: complete annihilation. Thus,
primary targets of the Fire Dragons are the most protected of the
enemy, creating gaps for the rest of the warhost to exploit. They are
also the primary Aspect in use of attacking fortifications, focusing
their fusion weaponry on a single point so as to completely melt holes
for the Eldar forces to move into and attack. Tanks can be instantly
remolded on contact with the fusion gun blasts as plastic to an inferno,
and hardened infantry are warped to smoking vapor.

Since the Fire Dragons are always up against the most durable (and
potentially dangerous) foes to a warhost, they must train relentlessly to
curb their fears and harden their minds against the inhospitable and
horrifying. Thus each trains relentlessly with hazardous rituals and
trials allowing them to examine their targets, be they monsters or
vehicles, pinpoint a weak spot, and shoot without hesitancy in a split
second. They know how best to collapse any structure, and learn the
schematics of all vehicles of their potential foes.

When timing is crucial, the Fire Dragons in smaller unit sizes will
mount in Falcon grav-tanks, deploying at the precise moment in an
ambush or assault to hit the enemy hard when least expected.

Face it, no other unit in the tournament will be this badass.

Weapon Type: Fusion
Armor Type: Psych-organic mesh
Mobility: 5
Training: 5
Max Range: Assault Rifle
Preferred Range: Assault Rifle
Classification: Anti-personnel Troops, Tank Hunter Specialists
Combatants: 5-10 per squad

Melta bombs

Fusion Guns: The ritualistic weapons of the Fire Dragons are Fusion
Guns; mass-produced weapons that are of a more graceful kind though
still comparable to their Imperial Meltagun counterparts. The weapon
utilizes a highly pressurized, exotic gas used in force to create a sub-
molecular thermal blast that super heats the molecules of the target.
Objects touched by the searing beam vibrate so rapidly they heat up
into nothingness. Human-sized targets even in heavy armor will nearly
evaporate on the spot. Space Marines are melted apart, tanks reshape
into molten slag at points of contact, towering monsters find instant
holes through their bodies and energy shields buckle and fight to
remain active. At ranges beyond a common rifles distant, the intense
stream of heat dissipates to little use, making it a short-ranged weapon
but in less than a few hundred meters it is very devastating.

While Fusion weapons do not retain the same rate of fire, range, or
blast capable of hand-held plasma weapons, they are far more potent
and capable of near semi-automatic fire.

Aspect Armor, Heavy Aspect Armor (Exarch).

Exarches of the Fire Dragons are ruthlessly efficient and can focus on
doubling up on the squads destructive capability or take measures to
ensure the squad is not hindered in their mission. Some develop
personally enhanced strength to forcefully jam their melta bombs in
weak points on a tank (or monstrosity!). They can instill greater
resilience in mind about their particular enemies. Or like Dark
Reapers, they can focus exclusively on the perfect shot (or double
shot). They can sometimes be found armed with a heavy flamer call
the Dragons Breath designed to casually help clear weaker foes from
a specific target, such as garrison-duty troops from protecting a
defense position or tank, or the Firepike, a medium-ranged version of
the fusion gun.



While some Rangers eventually wear out their exhilarating and
rebellious lifestyle and return to the Craftworld, others become
permanent drifters among the stars. When they reach the point of no
return, they become Pathfinders. Pathfinders have double the skills of
a Ranger, living much of their lives off of pure wit and skill.

They have mastered the art of infiltration to the highest degree
possible any Eldar could obtain. They have traveled from one side of
the galaxy to the other, and speak many languages. Sometimes
Craftworlds will ask their help on missions of recovery of spirit stones,
stranded Eldar, or to bend the future with their skills in infiltration.

They have accumulated gear and skills over centuries. They are highly
cunning, and are best known for evasively and daringly tampering
with enemy militaries. They can fool an enemy encampment into
thinking the Eldar warhost is attacking early, sabotage
communications, kidnap individuals, or assassinate whole squads
while they sleep.

Covering their already excellent camouflaged Chameoline Cloaks with
natural blends of their surroundings, they become almost invisible and
impossible to hit. Their sharpshooting skills exceed that of regular
Rangers, and having spied on enemy vehicles and armor up close, they
know exactly where to aim their rifles to disable or silently kill them.
These individuals have such a wealth of knowledge and experience
they have traveled the path for centuries.

Weapon Type: Laser / Poisonous Dart
Armor Type: Psych-organic mesh
Mobility: 5
Training: 7
Max Range: 1,000+ meters
Preferred Range: 800+ meters
Classification: Saboteurs/Scouts/Snipers

LOADOUT: Short Sword, Shuriken Pistol, Ranger Long Rifle

DEFENSE: Eldar Mesh Armor, Chameleon Cloak.

Being so independent, Pathfinders have additional skills that allow
them to scavenge and live off their natural surroundings. They can
recognize and study all manner of wild and plant life, and use these to
their advantages. They are almost akin to dedicated Exarches of the
chosen Path of the Outcast.

Though rare compared to Rangers, they can group together in order to
coordinate other Rangers to sabotage the enemy. This usually includes
the pinning of whole platoons of infantry with their marksmanship,
delaying reinforcements with use of explosives or confusing traps, and
even led them to be dumped far off intended course. In the most
extreme cases, a unit called into battle or sent as reinforcements will
fall under sudden and total attack, find their munitions and supplies
missing, or their vehicles disabled. In the event the patrols of the
enemy can be avoided well enough, they can even capture individuals
or assassinate whole squads of the enemy before they can influence a
future battle.


While the Eldar use their psychic
abilities for many purposes,
Warlocks are those on the Seer Path
who use theirs for war. They
typically focus or specialize on a
single type of power and utilize it to
enhance the destructive power
already available in an Eldar
warhost. Viewed more as a warrior
path, the helmets of Warlocks are
locked away in the warrior shrines.
In times of war, the Warlocks
accept their helmets as any other
warrior aspect would accept their
weapons in a warriors ritual.
They can also often serve a Farseer
as part of a Seer Council. In this
role, they are capable of combining
their powers and helping the
Farseer focus, extending his sphere
of influence. Whether it be
predicting enemy movements,
citing their doom, or entering a mental war with a distant figure,
Warlocks can be counted on to keep the Farseer safe physically and

A single Warlock is a potent foe, capable of harnessing his subtle
psychic energies in a witchblade which can be released in a target,
melting the insides. Some of these come in the form of a spear, which
can be thrown and psychically brought back by thought. Warlocks
usually accompany various units within the warhost, either on foot or
jetbike, directing the flow of battle and typically leading squads of
Guardians. They use their powers in order to help boost the fighting
effectiveness of their kin, or weaken that of the enemy.
Weapon Type: Psychic Ability
Armor Type: Psychic Warding
Mobility: 5
Training: 5
Max Range: 700+ meters
Preferred Range: 700+ meters
Classification: Tactical Support Warrior
Combatants: 3-10 per squad; 1 per Guardian unit

LOADOUT: Witchblade or Singing Spear, Shuriken Pistol

The primary purpose of the Warlocks on a battlefield is to tactically
aid the Eldar using their most potent weapons: their minds. Each
discipline of power they learn is typically adapted from a single power
with a variable application. These applications are typically seen in an
offensive and defensive, augmentation or hex.

Conceal/Reveal: Focusing their psychic energies towards illusion and
detection, the Warlock wraps a psychic mist that clouds the minds of
the enemy. It can also control the very shadows around him,
rearranging the view of his area or uplifting the hiding places of a
targeted enemy from a short distance.

Embolden/Horrify: Calling upon the splendor of battle, the caster can
fill his friends with the visions of victorious heroes of old in their great
victories, inspiring them to near fearlessness. Alternatively, he can sap
the courage from his selected nearby enemies.

Destructor/Renewal: With this power the Warlock is capable of
manifesting a portion of his psychic energy in raw energy for body
manipulation. It can be used to instantly heal a single companion, or be
unleashed a terrific, electrifying blast at the enemy, engulfing half a
dozen of their number undoing the bond of their bodies.

Enhance/Drain: Summoning power from the Eldar god of war
Khaine, the psyker empowers his fellow warriors with lightning speed
and skill, or strip it away from the Warlocks enemies. The reflexes
and combative skills, if not already formidable enough, drastically
increase, turning mere Eldar warriors into squads of Exarches in
comparable skill. Redirecting the energy against his foes, the enemy
can lose their combat skills and reflexes, striking clumsily and off
balance and never at their peak ability. However if the foe is already
akin to those traits, the effects probably wont be noticeable, the same
for extremely heroic combat skills beyond most comprehension.

Protect/Jinx: The Warlock is able to twist and bind fate of those
nearby to increase survivability or potential, physical danger. The
effect is roughly analogous to increased durability for a short time.
Against enemies, their armor is reduced in overall effectiveness. Those
completely unarmored will not have much effect.

Quicken/Restrain: Briefly controlling time around him, the Warlock
can quicken the step and pace of himself and his squad, or reduce it for
his enemies so they appear in moderate slow motion. As many other
powers for the extreme top limits, for those that are already moving at
a blur (i.e. on a speeding jetbike or a hulking, slow-moving machine),
the effect is probably not very noticeable.

Empower/Enervate: A power that physically increases the overall
strength of himself and allies. When comrades strike, their physical
strength is beyond normal, unnaturally hammering and breaking in
armor. Alternatively he can weaken the physical capabilities of nearby
enemies, reducing a man to all the strength of a child or a super soldier
to mere mortal status. However the percentage of increase/decrease
matters less if the creature in question is of such immense strength the
decrease wouldnt take as great an effect. (Reducing the strength of a
monsters punch by 15% might only upgrade your status from paste to
crumpled mess!)

Augment: An uncommon power that is seen within Eldar Farseer
councils, chosen Warlocks become psychic beacons to channel power
to improve the range of effects. Thus so, a Farseer can commit a Mind
War against an enemy beyond normal range or grant Fortune to an ally
nearly a kilometers distance.

DEFENSE: Rune Armor


Weapon Type: Psychic Ability
Armor Type: Psychic Warding
Mobility: 4
Training: 8+
Max Range: 1+ Kilometer
Preferred Range: 500+ meters
Combatants: Several dozen total

Farseers are extremely powerful
psykers, whose greatest power lies in
the predictionand manipulationof
the future. They can walk through a
hailstorm of gunfire and explosions
and not even tatter their elegant robes.
They can point their finger at an empty
location and tell their fellow warriors
to shoot. They obey without hesitation
as enemies appear right in the line of
fire the next moment.

They can telekinetically thrash a tank in place like a toy, and fry the brain of an individual just by looking at him. Farseers hold the fate of entire
worlds and alien empires in their fingers. They can direct an Eldar force to destroy a part of a fleet with little tactical significance, only for the debris
to end up hundreds of light years somewhere else that happens to hamper the direction of an Ork Waaagh! They can direct the Eldar warhost to cause
carnage, the breath from individuals causing a typhoon that wipes out an enemy stronghold preparing to attack an Exodite world. It is no thanks to
Farseers that the Eldar appear random and spontaneous in their attack. But the Farseers do not see or speak in the here and now. Their minds are
constantly flooded with thoughts of the future.

They can also foresee what each step and stride, even turn of the head can avoid getting hit. They can even react to weapons of the speed of light,
blocking laser attacks with their weapons. In a cruel set of fate, they may even totally abandon a squad of the warhost if it would save countless Eldar
lives or even the entire Craftworld. The lesser of two evils is always in the balancing, delicate hands of a Farseer. But these ancient Eldar can grow so
old and so accustomed to their psychic nature that they begin to disregard that which is physical or in the present. This often requires them to be
accompanied by a host of Warlocks that assist the Farseer.

They can help protect him physically and mentally as he does his work without worry. Their bodies begin to harden into crystal as they physically
pass away, and the oldest of Farseers can hardly move without telekinetically moving their limbs. A Farseer constantly using psychic powers directed
from Warp energies makes him a high target for daemonic predators that linger in the Warp. For this reason, they wear Ghosthelms to help protect
them from the Ruinous Powers. And having used psychic powers for such a long time, it is a rare thing for their powers to be thwarted or stopped by
any anti-psyker device or power.

Thirianna chanted the words, matching the pitch and cadence of the farseer. She dimly recognized them from her childhood, though they
seemed in a different order. As she spoke each syllable, she felt herself relaxing, in body and thought. She could no longer feel the node
between her fingers. She continued chanting, repeating the words, feeling them entering her subconscious, triggering reactions in her
thoughts that she could not feel but sensed in other ways. Her body dissolved away, as the crystals had melted in the reblender. Her limbs,
her torso, her fingers, her face, all had gone, leaving Thirianna as a floating core of thought.

Open your eyes, child.

Thirianna did so, though she had no eyes to open.

She found herself in a realm of light and movement. She could see the flicker of other eldar around her, like candles in twil ight. A tracery
of white, the infinity circuit, linked every other light together, stretching on without horizon into the impossible distance.
Energy flowed along the maze, back and forth, surging and ebbing, binding everything together with its movement, linking the eldar with
one another.

And beyond.

Beyond was something even more spectacular, defying rationalization. Beyond were the constantly shattering panes of existence; the
overlapping planes of destiny; the interwoven threads of fate. The present surrounded Thirianna, but just out of reach was the future, and
in the darkness behind was the past. Every life, every thought, every movement, every motive, every emotion, weaving together in a
dazzling tapestry of cause and effect. It branched out, splitting and dividing like cells, spawning entire new universes and possibilities
with every passing moment.
This was the skein, and it was beautiful.

And too much. Too much to see, to comprehend, to understand.

Thirianna passed out.
Path of the Seer, pages 58-59

LOADOUT: Witchblade or Singing Spear, Shuriken Pistol

Farseers can be trained to utilize a variety of powers at the moment of
time they are most required. The application of Eldar psychic powers
is immense, and to completely and totally classify all of them would
be impossible. All Farseers have extensively trained to view the world
through the skein. The skein is likened to viewing the events and the
world on a third-person view, separating their minds and conscious
thought and delve into the Immaterium in a way that allows them to
see all potential futures as linked to those things around them. With
this, they can pick details in a chaos of events, see the likeness of
others existences, and their fates.

Each motion through which all linked decisions and creatures creates
threads. These threads form the possibilities and the hardest to see are
those that are least possible, with the greatest flaring in great
obviousness as it links to other threads. With skill, a Farseer can see
events as they would actually occur, with greater clarity as they
approach. When a figure or person dies, their thread in the skein ends
abruptly, and there is no more influence or possibility from their death
as they no longer inhabit the skein. A Farseer can even delve into the
past threads and examine, from every angle of every involved persons
point-of-view (in totality from emotion to thought process) the same
events of the past, and where the threads end (with death).

Unlike a Jedi Knight which can only act upon an extension of
instinctive motion, even a new Farseer on the Path can see, from a
fourth-dimensional perspective the intention of an enemy throwing his
ax, the act, and the most likelihood of the swirling path the ax will
take. They can then decide from viewing that future what to do about
the incoming danger, and react as they wish. In this manner, Farseers
can even dodge laser attacks moving at the speed of light. Thus so, the
most planned, intentional, skilled attack is the brightest future in the
skein, and thus the easiest to predict and avoid.

As such, the Eldar Farseers work together to weave a mesh of plans,
counters, and directed battle down to specific individuals to find the
course to victory. After that, battle isnt a matter of victory or defeat,
but laughably, to prevent as many Eldar deaths as possible and to
quicken victory itself. Most of a Farseers ability on a battlefield is
geared towards the pleasantry of increasing the rate of Eldar success.

It is also through the skein that the Farseers can pit their very minds,
through sheer willpower, against that of their opponents. They can cut
into their memories and learn about their past, their whole being.
Indeed, an entire chapter of Space Marines and what they do to
prepare for war can be divined by their closeness of their presence in
the future and in battle. Through the skein a Farseer can learn the
capabilities of his opponents, how they trained, how they came to be,
why a certain leader is successful and capable of leading the
opposition. They know the essence of their mindset, what their goals
are and figure their innermost desires.

With this knowledge a Farseer can attack the mind of his chosen
targets, tempting them, distracting them, tugging at their fears locked
away underneath layers of protection. They can make them second-
guess their intentions that the Farseers, being able to see the futures
unfold, would know cause the leaders victory. By making them subtly
second-guess these ideas, they increase the chance of those victorious
decisions to never come to pass. They can invade the will of the
enemys very existing mind, forcing them to make decisions against
their normal will, even shooting friendly forces.

Farseers can also channel their willpower as they can meld and mold
the unreal skein into reality, utilizing their willpower to fend off
Daemons that are unseen and not physical, or channeling their powers
into destructive forms.

That is not all. Through the skein, the Farseers can communicate with
other Eldar, around a battlefield, and potentially a whole world if they
are strong enough. They can touch upon their very existence and
implant images of suggestion so that, completely bypassing all forms

of communication, they can will the Eldar around them to what needs
to be done, hours, minutes, even seconds before it needs to happen.

So while application is wide indeed, and Farseers can move from one
potential to another, there are a set of named specifics to these powers,
identified and categorized below. Take careful note, these are probably
not all-inclusive, nor necessarily as restrictive as their actions may

In a tactical sense, Farseers can focus their powers to emit attacks
through their weapons or fingers, channeling their willpower of their
spirits from the skein into forms of raw destructive energies in a
physical attack.

Eldritch Storm: At the range of about an assault rifle, this can harm
the caster if redirected or used too close. It can blow full-sized tanks
about, possibly capable of wrecking it (though not common), and good
at blowing opponents off course or into objects. Usually just upsets the
center of gravity in objects, but can do much harm to unarmored foes
and heavy objects, accompanied by several bolts of psychic lightning.

Executioner: The Farseer can summon an astral doppelganger and
unleash it upon his foe. It will strike and attack as if holding a
witchblade, each attack dissipating the energy, commonly holding for
three attacks.

Other forms of physical attacks are possible. Runes etched into the
word-shape of different creatures and powers can be cast at enemies.
For example, a rune of the flaming serpent cast towards the Orks and
telekinetically floating over them a flaming serpent emerged from the
sky, coiling around a group of Orks during a battle.

Mental Fortitude: The Farseer raises his personal outlook on safety
and will to fight by significant amounts to the point nothing fazes him,
and he will transmit this power to those Eldar around him.

Hallucination: This actually alters the foes perception of reality
around them, destroying their senses and is not actually an attack on
their mind. There are three main uses, each of which is equally
random. One is when the user thinks there is something crawling
around in his skin or armor, or that there is something stopping them
from moving without extreme discomfort. It sends them into a panic as
they attempt to stop or figure the cause. Second is when the target(s) in
question lose all sense of urgency and enter some state of euphoria,
described often as staring endlessly into space, allowing anything and
everything to strike and move them. Third has the target(s) attack
himself or each other in belief that something is working against them,
maybe their hand is trying to choke themselves or allies just start
turning on each other. The end-effect is a direct attack of the target
upon himself with his currently-used combat weapon or power.

Dominate: allows the Farseer to reach into his foes mind and
trammel the targets very soul and crush his willpower. Within a range
of a few hundred meters, he can use this and requires no sight to them,
and it will reduce the targets willpower by several points, causing
them to rethink each step and major action, doubting themselves at
every moment. If they break down, they will stop moving and
attacking, reacting only to a direct, physical confrontation.

Terrify: A more intense form of Dominate, the psyker ceaselessly
attacks his target with images of his worst nightmares and imagined
fears. When successful, it will lower the targets audacity and normal
levels of bravery to make them fearful of their surroundings and
especially to the user himself. Worse, if the target has a special
resistance or power that makes them immune to such nonsense, if the
psyker has the will to do it; with Terrify he will remove that

Puppet Master: Allows the psyker to momentarily take control of a
specific target. To those within a couple hundred meters, he can cause
the target to momentarily attack his own comrades!

A shockwave of psychic power burst from Thirianna and she stumbled
forwards as something crashed into her back. Her rune armor crackled
with energy as she spun around to face her attacker. She had been too
occupied by warning the others to foresee the blast of the orks pistol
into her back. Kelamiths sword parted its head from its neck with one
sweep, blood spattering across the Farseers gem-encrusted helm.
Kelamith said nothing as he turned away, directing the tip of his staff
towards more orks lumbering through a doorway to his left.

Psychic lightning crackled.

The closest ork exploded into a mist of vaporizing blood and bone
dust. The one behind it was engulfed in flames as its padded jacket
caught fire, fat bubbling away, muscle charring. A third juddered
uncontrollably, finger tightening on the trigger of its gun, sending a
hail of rounds into the back of another green-skinned brute.

Path of the Seer, pages 97-98

Mind War: A power that pits the endless, crushing willpower of the
Farseer against that of his foe. Any mere mortal would have his brain
explode. Those with a stronger will might suffer permanent brain
damage to render their use in battle ineffective. Though apparently,
multiple or very complex brains help in defense. This power can be
caste against any enemy almost within sight of the caster, at least a
snipers distance.

But at a shorter distance of roughly a hundred meters, a Farseer can
focus his power into a Psychic Shriek, a significantly powerful and
potent version of Mind War. By focusing a short-ranged blast of
psychic shrieks that overwhelms and melts the minds of those in front
of him, capable of overrunning and dissolving eighteen minds at once!

The strength of mind or character of the target in question seems to do
very little with the effectiveness of this literal mind-blowing attack.

Scriers Gaze gives the user a full, birds-eye-view of the battlefield
around him, allowing the psyker to foresee and get a good look into his
surroundings without even moving.

Precognition is extreme foresight, seemingly enhancing the psykers
ability to attack altogether while avoiding the attacks of others at the
same time. In a battle scenario, it doubles the chances of Eldar inclined
by him of hitting a foe at range, close combat, and ability to avoid
taking damage. It is used constantly and almost subconsciously as the
Farseers leave behind the dimmest amount of their essence to keep
their bodies moving while exploring possible futures with their mind,
and can determine pathways through a maze of hallways in a building
they had never been in, within heartbeats.

Sub-powers of this in a more focused ideal include Guide and
Fortune, powers that help direct the firepower of group of Eldar with
the Farseer, or prevent them from taking the brunt of attack

Doom: Using his ability to foresee the future, the Farseer can focus his
psychic energies to the immediate future. Doom allows him to
determine actions that best direct him to an event that destroys his foe.
This is best explained by using psychic influences on the surrounding
environment or even illusions, to alter the butterfly effect to best bring
about their demise when they are attacked.

Foreboding: A quick psychic power, the Farseer uses his foresight to
become hyper-sensitive to an oncoming charge, and thus allows
himself and those around him to draw ranged weapons to bear on them
as they move in before reacting. It turns a quick-draw into an
accurately-timed and well-placed shot at a short distance rather than
throw off his aim.

Perfect Timing: The psyker realizes the exact timing of when a foe
will be moving from around a piece of cover, literally placing a shot in
their pathway the moment they move. The effect essentially removes
the effectiveness of cover and difficult hiding places.

Death Mission: Sensing the approach of destiny, the Farseer imbues
himself with whatever fortune the future holds, preparing his own
mind for death even as he brings this fate to his foes. Knowing and
understanding his approaching doom, the Farseer more than doubles
his skill set, invoking an unstable rampage and becomes completely
fearless, essentially turning himself from a battle mage into the
supreme manifestation of warrior. His death becomes pretty likely
when he commits to this power, though as anything else scried in the
skein, is not guaranteed.

DEFENSE: Rune Armor (see Warlock)


There is a branch of the Path of the Warrior that is discovered and
tread by few. Travelling it brings the individual to briefly take part in
learning from the most astute of the warrior shrines upon the
Craftworld. Instead of learning the traits from the Exarch at the
exclusion of all else, when training is complete they are given a variety
of wargear to choose from. In this secret ritualistic meeting, if they
fancy any, the follower will select one and move to the next. When
several or most of the Shrines have been learned from, the warrior
becomes endowed with the knowledge of how all different specialties
in warfare function.

Autarchs follow the Path of Command, using their many and varied
talents in multiple warrior shrines. Most of them have tasted most, if
not all, of the most common aspect warriors. But none have stayed
long enough to be engulfed by the single-minded method of
destruction capable in each. Instead, they understand each element as a
conductor would an instrument in an orchestra.

Autarchs are the head of a warhost, generals with few equals. With
centuries of combat experience, they rarely see chaos on a battlefield.
With keen, experienced eyes they separate the different elements in
their warhost and the organization (or lack thereof) mustered amongst
the enemy. Then with uncanny precision, they carve a bloody wound
into it with the commanding wave of an arm.

This means he has swept down upon his foes on the wings of a
Swooping Hawk, smashed into enemy lines on a Jetbike, and stalked
the prey as a Striking Scorpion. He has taken long hours studying
battles and tactics of the past, learning and trading information with
others in the Path of Command, and practicing daily in his martial

Weapon Type: Variable
Armor Type: Psych-organic mesh
Mobility: 5+
Training: 9
Max Range: Variable
Preferred Range: Any!
Classification: Military Leader
Combatants: ~10-20 total

Haywire Grenades, Plasma Grenades, Shuriken Pistol.

The rest of the equipment load of the Autarch varies by personal taste,
previous experience, and general outlook on what they would consider
to be the most useful to them. While they have not been seen with
Exarch-specific tools and weaponry, they are adorned in a variety of
standard equipment used by different warrior shrines. For example, an
Autarch might be found with a Banshee Mask helmet, Jetbike from the
Shining Spears, a Reaper Missile Launcher, and a Scorpion

Heavy Aspect Armor

Forceshield: Similar in design to the Dire Avenger Exarchs
Shimmershield, it is also a lightweight sleeve-mounted piece. However
it projects a powerful energy field around the user only, even
occasionally protecting him from anti-tank weaponry.

Wraithguard / Wraithblades
Weapon Type: Distortion
Armor Type: Wraithbone
Mobility: 5
Training: 6+
Max Range: Assault Rifle
Preferred Range: Assault Rifle
Classification: Heavy Infantry
Combatants: Squad of 5-10

It is with faint heart and great regret that the Eldar force
their dead transfixed in paradise out from the Infinity
Circuit and into a Wraithbone constructed body to fight.
But as the Eldar are few and the battles many, it
becomes a necessity least they all become extinct. So it
is that the Wraithguard harbor the spirits of Eldar to
control bodies of Wraithbone. Already dead, they
willingly protect the living and keep them from their
same fate. They are fearless spirits absent of feelings or
grief, completely unyielding, and unable to be broken.

The Wraithguard constructs are tall, imposing figures,
exceptionally strong and impervious to pain, shrugging
off even dedicated small arms fire. Though these
warriors are slower than their kin, they can take a great
amount of punishment. They are walking, psychic
machines, fearless, and tireless; they dont even need to
breathe! However they are still spirits, lacking the usual
physical flesh and bone. This means they view their
surroundings very differently from other mortals with a
true connection to the world. They require the guidance
of Spiritseers or other psykers who are able to act as a
communication hub and give them a sense of direction.

Their limiting state is more than made up by allowing them to wield weapons that
would make ordinary mortals mad. The Wraithcannon opens a fist-sized hole in real
space, targets have pieces of their existence, organs, armour, and weapons are churned
and disorganized as if a miniature black hole were briefly created. Very few, if any,
armour or shielding can protect a tank or individual from such destructive power.
Alternatively, Ghostblade weapons contain sentient spirits that help guide the user
around opposing blades and into weak points, flickering with powerful energy.

LOADOUT: Wraithcannon or D-scythes or Ghost Swords or Ghost Ax and

Wraithguard and Wraithblades require the assistance of an Eldar psyker in their
presence somewhere on the battlefield to function well. The best connection comes
from Spiritseers that specialize in giving them direction. Without either a psyker,
Spiritseer, or Wraithknight, communication and understanding of the surroundings
becomes a confusing blur, and their battlefield effectiveness wanes.

Like their Wraithguard counterparts, Wraithlords are Wraithbone constructed bodies that
house the soul of an Eldar. However for Wraithlords, the specific Eldar is that of a warrior
spirit, usually a mighty warrior of the past. Standing nearly a dozen meters tall, Wraithlords
are some of the most revered and experienced figures in the Eldar warhost.

Their massive and dense Wraithbone bodies are capable of wading through small arms fire
like it were dust. Only the mightiest of anti-tank weapons can even make a Wraithlord
buckle. Such is their strength that a Wraithlord construct is capable of punching down the
wall of a fortress or peeling off the armour of a tank. But they do not simply go to battle
unarmed. Upon their shoulders or in their hands is at least one of the fiendish heavy
weapons in the Eldars advanced arsenal, aimed and used as if they were mere rifles. Their
arms are always fitted with smaller weapons such as Shuriken Catapults or Flamers to kill
smaller targets stupid enough to close the distance and keep them at bay.

With the body of an experienced warrior, Wraithlords can almost move and fight as if they
had their old bodies. Using battlefield experience of hundreds, even thousands of years old,
it seems as if they are more than willing to escape the Infinity Circuit just to destroy
enemies of the Eldar. In combat, their Wraithbone constructs are capable of all the grace
and speed of their former bodies, seen leaping, slicing, and even dodging enemy gunfire as
they kneel and twist before resuming the destruction on their foes. But even if they were
hit, it would take monstrous amounts of damage to bring them down. In their Wraithbone
bodies they can completely ignore all forms of small arms fire and heavy anti-personnel
weapons are like pinpricks to them.

Wraithlords are armed with a variety of heavy weaponry based upon their past experience
as warriors. Their wrists are equipped with Flamers or Shuriken Cannons. Their
shoulders or hands can carry a Shuriken Cannon, Bright Lance, Scatter Laser,
Starcannon, and/or Eldar Missile Launcher. Additionally, they can be equipped with a
massive scimitar-like blade called a Ghostglaive which increases the Wraithlords strength
even more significantly while cleaving through any physical armor in existence.

Wraithsight: See Wraithguard
Weapon Type: Various
Armor Type: Wraithbone
Mobility: 6
Training: 9
Max Range: 1+ Kilometers
Preferred Range: Any!
Classification: Heavy Infantry

Harlequins are the most mysterious faction of Eldar. They appear in rare occasions on
Craftworlds and sometimes the dark city of Commorragh itself. They are masters of
illusion, laughing at fate, and know all the secrets of the Webway passages. They
wear no spirit stones for they know that in the event of their death, their souls are
captured by the Eldar Laughing God.

They travel in small bands numbering at most several dozen, each headed and led by
a figure known as the Great Harlequin, the greatest and strongest of their number. A
Harlequin band only ever has one Great Harlequin so when one becomes sufficiently
skillful enough, he or she will leave and formalize a new band.

New members are taken from other Eldar groups, from the Craftworlds, stray places
in the Webway, Exodite kin, and even Dark Eldar. They are picked by Solitaries,
individuals who roam the galaxy separate from other Harlequins. To a Solitaire, they
have been specially touched by the Laughing God himself, though their soul is
already owed to Slannesh.

Despite their rarity and small numbers, a full complement of Harlequins can rival and
destroy an entire enemy army. They are the most feared and capable individuals of all
Eldar. Every single one is equipped with a mask that can project the facial image of
anything they will it to depending on those around them or the masque performance
they are due to a group of Eldar. In battle, the enemies will look upon the Harlequins
and see the projections of their innermost fearsthat is once the Harlequins have
inevitably closed the distance. Their flamboyant costumes and bright colors are ever
shifting thanks to their small holo-fields in their suits. Their shape and image is
pixilated around their surroundings, and when they move, their figure appears to
explode in a multi-spectrum of colors only for the wearer to suddenly appear
somewhere else.

This is aided by their anti-grav generated flip-belts. This allows them to dance more
than walk, with their feet barely grazing the ground as they move. They can perform
all manner of short-flight flips and spins, able to bound and leap several meters in the
air tripling all the grace and agility any Eldar is capable of. Each member of a troupe
must have performed the Ritual, a trial rite of passage to become a Harlequin.
Said ritual is said to free the Harlequin of the Great Enemy
Slannesh, and in so doing, gives them over to a sensation
of nearly complete fearlessness.

While most Harlequins work close together in a battlefield tactical
sense, most are individually capable, working in very loose battle
form, dotted throughout the battlefield while hitting their foes from
various angles and combining their attacks only to finalize the
destruction of a targeted enemy.

Specialists of the Harlequins
exist, all of whom speak in riddles
and confusing tongue. Among
them are the heavy weapon
specialists, known as the Death
Jesters. Wearing all manner of
skulls and wearing suits of
skeletal design, they are noted as
being quite morbid in nature,
talking casually of death and ill.
They will even decorate
themselves with the bones of their
former predecessors! In battle
they are highly esteemed
marksmen and carry a single
cannon of one design or another.
The most common is that of the
Shrieker Cannon, a lightweight
version of a Shuriken Cannon.
Instead of simply slicing into
targets with heavy shurikens, it
fires a single shot. This carries
virulent toxins that infect a
targets nervous system. The
result causes the victim in the
areas of contact to rupture and
explode on contact, showering
comrades with the blood and
bones of their now dead or
wounded friend. Alternatively, they can carry Missile Launchers or
Bright Lances for heavier supportive roles.
Shadowseers are psykers of the Harlequins, specializing in shaping
confusing and haunting imagery in the minds of the foe. Upon their
mask is usually the mirrored image of the one who is speaking to
them, in a macabre and dying fashion. With their powers, they can
project phantoms, twist the emotions of their enemies, and even
remove the presence of the Harlequins around them altogether! With
Misdirection, they can enter the enemys mind, baffling him with
psychic messages and confounding their thought process. Veil of
Tears is the most common power, and among those who could
normally see the Harlequins, their minds simply do not register them.
In battle, it makes the Harlequins impossible to even be seen altogether
at any great distance, and confusing up close.

The Master Mime and his Mimes take part in all matters of espionage,
infiltration, and politics, specializing mostly in assassination. They go
ahead of the Troupes and announce their coming arrival by mere
presence. Nobody is quite sure how they manage to arrive undetected
or predicted for that matter. And they use these same skills for their
militaristic duties, laying Harlequin calling cards in impossible
places such as a generals personal quarters as a warning they are not
immune to assassination. They only talk to each other with a language
of hand gestures, and speak very little, if at all, in everyday life.

Rare individuals specially touched by the Laughing God, Cegorach,
and in a sense they have absolutely no soul. Any and all attacks on
their mind will never work, and they are completely incapable of
variations of emotion. The Solitaire is a mysterious figure. They live
separate from the other Harlequins and each other. But despite being
lone figures on the battlefield, they are terrifying to behold, if you see
them at all. Even the Mind War attack of Eldar Farseers has no effect
on a Solitaire.

Solitaires are believed to be those Harlequins that are absent of a soul.
Nothing strikes fear into their hearts as if they had none at all. Probing
their mind for fears or trying to disillusion them is all but impossible.
They have tolerance to all kinds of pain and flinch not at any
adversary. They attack in a blurring, spinning fury of death, capable of
cutting down entire mobs of enemy infantry or blindly strike down a
Tyranid monstrosity before they even have a chance to realize that
they are bleeding to death.

The enemy has only to be relieved that these lone figures are rare
sights on the battlefield, but those who are struck down are the lucky
ones. For those that survive the relentless attacks from a Solitaire can
be haunted by their worst fears through most of the battle, and on the
weak-minded, perhaps for eternity of dread.

As mentioned earlier, the best and most capable of the Harlequins
leads the whole band. They play the part of the Laughing God in the
ritual plays that remind the Eldar race of their origins and place in the
galaxy. Different smaller groups of Harlequins are in turn led by
Troupe Masters. These individuals, alongside Shadowseers, are known
to be equipped with a variety of specialized other wargear.

Bio-explosive Ammo: Shurikens of some Shuriken Pistols can be
coated in toxins that cause the targets of enemies to have their blood
vessels overload and eventually explode. If killed by the fusillade of
fire from these, the durability and armor that previously protected the
user then becomes explosive shrapnel to those nearby!

D-field: The Domino Field (or D-field), a far more potent and
powerful version of the Harlequins usual Holo-suits. In addition to
breaking up the outline of the Harlequin, shattering the wearers image
in blinding, clouding shards multi-spectral light. It is so powerful that
even face-to-face in a close combat the Harlequin wearing it will be
even harder to hit than usual.

Dread Mask: A mask that contains a psychic pickup that detects the
worst fears of chosen opponents by he who wears it. It will then take
that fear and amplifies them ten-fold, sending then fleeing in terror as
the Harlequins bring about this horrid terror. In the worst case, whole
squads of enemies can be seen fleeing the battlefield away from the
one wearing it.

Rictus Mask: This mask feeds on the enemys fears and projects an
aura of impending doom and sheer mortality. The result in the worst
case conditions causes enemies to curl up in the fetal position, dreaded
to a stilled motionless.

Jetbike: Some Harlequins group together and ride Jetbikes,
expounding on their already incredible feats of skill and reaction to
that of Jetbike riding. Though while riding them they do not benefit
from their flip-belts, their jetbikes are still encased in miniature holo-
fields. Some among their number can be found armed with Shuriken
Cannons as Windriders of Eldar warhosts, or occasionally a fusion gun
for anti-armor support.

Phase Field: Using the Eldars most advanced warp technology, a
phase field allows the wearer to briefly travel in the Warp, shifting
between real space, phasing in and out of reality. Similar to bulky
Warp Jump Generators, the Harlequins need no added built protection
as their souls are already secured. This also means they do not have the
same danger of being plucked away from existence and can initiate the
field as often as they wish.

Hallucinogen Grenades: Often carried on the back-mounted launcher
by Shadowseers, other Harlequins can also use them. The
hallucinogens disorients enemies into a state of paranoia and delirium,
causing them to cower in fear, stare into open space, or rant and rave at
imaginary creatures only they can see. They are used primarily against
enemy infantry just before the Harlequins press in for an attack.
However, Tyranids seem to be pretty resistant (though not immune) to
the stuff, and those who are encased in heavy armor, are animated
machines, or are demonic in nature are immune to their effects.

Hallucinogen Grenades: Often carried on the back-mounted launcher
by Shadowseers, other Harlequins can also use them. The
hallucinogens disorients enemies into a state of paranoia and delirium,
causing them to cower in fear, stare into open space, or rant and rave at
imaginary creatures only they can see. They are used primarily against
enemy infantry just before the Harlequins press in for an attack.
However, Tyranids seem to be pretty resistant (though not immune) to
the stuff, and those who are encased in heavy armor, are animated
machines, or are demonic in nature are immune to their effects.

Tanglefoot Grenades: When a Tanglefoot Grenade detonates, it
distorts gravity around it, causing nearby enemies to tumble, fall over,
and stagger about. It is utilized just before the Harlequins attack a foe,
and if they need to flee combat for any reason, the enemy finds they
cannot pursue them as they are busy trying to find footing with upset
gravity. But if (more than likely) the enemy feels the need to flee, they
are tumbling, crawling, and losing the ability to move any great
distance while the Harlequins use their flip-belts to cut them down.

Neuro-disruptor: This uses intricate psycho-crystalline circuitry to
emit a wave of particles that disrupts the brains neural pathways,
turning a target into a drooling imbecile or killing them outright. It
projects this wave in a broad weave, covering whole groups of
enemies at a time, attacking their inner circuitry. Its effectiveness will
wane if the target has sufficient interfering shielding but it is capable
of harassing even a tanks crewmembers.

Powerblades: These work like common power weapons, fitted to the
forearms of the user, allowing them to use their hands freely.

Riverblades: Worn on the wrist or as a glove, Riverblades operate like
miniature power fists that do not restrict the users mobility or grace of
battle. The result when combined with the acrobatic and reactive skills
of a Harlequin (such as a Great Harlequin or Troupe Master), they can
chop off an enemys head with a single swipe or punch straight
through their targets, ripping out a vital organ (such as a monsters
brain or a machine matrixs computer) and kill their targets instantly.

Fusion Pistol: Handed out to individuals and seen in use around Eldar
culture in general, Fusion Pistols are not unlike the Fusion Guns seen
in the hands of the Fire Dragons. They emit the same powered wave
with similar intensity but it does not have the capability of range, and
is only really useful in close-up attack. But in range, it will still slag an
enemy vehicle or be capable of melting holes in any structure.

Venom: When the Harlequins need to make a rapid entrance through
very small portals in the Webway, they will utilize Venom transports.
Trading the Craftworld Vypers turret weapon mount for space and a
thin blade-shaped handle, up to seven Harlequins will cling to the
edges in the back. It can be equipped with a holo-field, and sports a
pair of Shuriken Catapults, but like any Jetbike can also harness a
fusion gun or Shuriken Cannon for support.

Light Cavalry

Shining Spears

Exarches of the Shining Spears focus almost exclusively on personal
combat skills. Some are experienced at taking down monstrous-sized
foes or excel in knowing when and where to hit the enemy without
being caught in a counter attack. They can sometimes be known to
have extra-powerful Laser Lances as personal weapons called Star
Lances. These carry an extra punch both in range and combat, to the
point they ignore most any physical armor not holding superb amounts
of thickness. He can take a power weapon to hit multiple, weaker foes
at once as he skims over their heads. They can also sometimes be
found armed with a Shuriken Cannon instead of the usual twin
Shuriken Catapults on their Jetbikes.
To strike hard and fast with agility and lightning speed; to commit
destruction with the right timing. These are the qualities depicting
spear of Kaela Mensha Khaine of Eldar lore, and they are what
Shining Spears live for. Upon their speeding hypersonic-capable
Jetbikes, they can weave between trees and alleys with suicidal
reaction time while taking turns. They must dart across a battlefield
without an ounce of hesitation and they must be precise and patient
when they do attack. The riders of this Aspect will take years to hone
in their skills, each knowing the full limits of their steed. They can be
seen corkscrewing spins and shooting into vertical climbs impossible
for a Human to handle or track.

Shining Spears are not always found leading the charge of the
speeding masters of the Eldar warhost. Instead, they can circle the
enemy waiting for a mistake or pressure to open a wound in the enemy
battle lines. Then these master riders exploit the opening as quickly as
possible, going after heavy infantry, monsters, or tanks alike, bending
a defense line to bursting point and following through with relentless
attacks. Once they finish one drive-by attack, they will almost
immediately try to disengage, circling back as they smash again into
their foes until there is nothing left but charred bone.

LOADOUT: Laser Lance
DEFENSE: Heavy Aspect Armor

Weapon Type: Distortion
Armor Type: Wraithbone
Mobility: 9
Training: 5
Max Range: Machinegun
Preferred Range: In your face
Classification: Anti-gravitic Cavalry
Combatants: Squad of 3-10

Swooping hawks

Swooping Hawks are masters of the sky, gently staying aloft on their
wings, before smashing down at the foe only to lift up once again.
They seek strong targets that endanger (or have destroyed a part of) the
warhost. With unending fury, they attack the thickest parts of an
enemy army, harassing them with fly-by bombardments from grenades
mounted on their legs, shooting them with quick precision before
leaping back to orbit the battlefield out of reach.

This is made possible from their wargear constructed from fine cellular
materials to be made extremely lightweight and small gravitic lifters
that aid their vibrating feather plates. The vibrations occur at such a
blurring intensity that they appear as hummingbirds.

Over the course of the battle they bide their time only to land when the
enemy is beaten, terrified, and low in strength or numbers. By that
time, the Swooping Hawks can hit the enemy in close range attack and
combat, their fury built up over the course of the battle, and their rage
knows no bounds. With this attack pattern, to kill a full complement of
Swooping Hawks one either has to be extremely lucky or under the
command of a witting foe. Their extra mobility also allows them to
snatch vehicular targets of opportunity, even skimming flyers, and
destroy them with well-placed Haywire Grenades at any angle.

Weapon Type: Laser
Armor Type: Psych-organic mesh
Mobility: 7
Training: 5
Max Range: Assault Rifle
Preferred Range: Assault Rifle
Classification: Flying Skirmishers
Combatants: Squad of 5-10

LOADOUT: Haywire Grenades, Lasblaster, Plasma Grenades
DEFENSE: Aspect Armor, Heavy Aspect Armor (Exarch)

Similar to Dire Avengers, the Exarches of the Swooping Hawks can
sometimes carry combat weapons, found equipped with a power
weapon. But most often they are dedicated to medium-ranged combat,
sometimes sporting exceptional night vision, or capable of incredible
feats of sniping even from the air. Some know that their warriors are
not meant to stick in a grueling combat and will train their warriors the
precise moment and opportune moment to suddenly break away from a
combat, taking to the skies before the enemy can mount an effective
counter-attack. More common weapons are the Hawks Talon,
combining rare power without the loss of range or high rate of fire by a
Lasblaster. Another is the Sunrifle, trading raw strength for sheer
armor piercing; the light emitted such that it can blind unshielded foes.

Warp Spiders

Weapon Type: Laser
Armor Type: Psych-organic mesh
Mobility: 8
Training: 5
Max Range: Assault Rifle
Preferred Range: Assault Rifle
Classification: Flying Skirmishers
Combatants: Squad of 5-10

None abuse the time lapses in the Warp so much as the Warp Spiders. These aspect
warriors harness warp generators that allow them to momentarily bypass moving through
time and space to react to enemy movements. In this way, they are masters at preventing
any aggressive motion the enemy attempts. The Warp Spiders take their name and affinity
after the arachnids that can be seen in the Dome of the Crystal Seers, but unseen in the
Infinity Circuit. When a foreign entity of psychic proportions enters, these gather in
swarms to the location and destroy the invader. For a Warp Spider aspect warrior, battle is
of little difference. They are counter-attack specialists in the extreme, filling gasps in the
Eldar battle lines, appearing almost instantly where they needed. This is no thanks to their
Warp Jump Generators.

While lesser races have to take very high risk travelling through the Warp, such risks are
almost all but naught to the Warp Spiders. Their heavy and specialized armour protects
them in a field of reality as they move through the dangerous perils. Warp entities and
daemons may try to attack them, but resistance only needs to be for a few seconds. Despite
this, on rare occasions it is possible for a Warp Spider to move into a portal created by his
armour and not return. Such is the danger that Warp Spider Exarches never live long
enough to invoke or become a Phoenix Lord, despite the age of their shrines.

Warp Spiders target an array of enemies with their Death Spinners, from disabling light
vehicles, slowly whittling down heavy infantry, or churning death for massed weaker
infantry. Except for heavy vehicles, they will meet the foe, pushing them back or
preventing them from performing a successful flanking maneuver. They keep the warhost
fighting smoothly and perfectly, rounding up the enemy like cattle and preventing their

LOADOUT: Death Spinner

Warp Jump Generator: The dangers of using this fiendish
teleportation device risks the Eldars very soul to potential danger in
the Warp, where they must resist the great demonic enemies for a brief
period of time. However, the generator allows Warp Spiders to move
several hundred meters in nearly an instant, allowing no spare warning
of their coming attack.

DEFENSE: Heavy Aspect Armor

Due to the large number of targets the Warp Spiders must go after, the
Exarches are capable of taking on a variety of targets. Including is a
dual-pair of Death Spinners, very commonly seen also with a pair of
Power Blades, allowing the Exarches to jab, block, and slice enemies
while independently shooting others. Another weapon seen is the
Spinneret Rifle, a stronger, more direct monofilament rifle, capable of
ripping and shredding the most durable infantry armor.

Shadow Spectres

Weapon Type: Prism Laser
Armor Type: Psych-organic mesh
Mobility: 7
Training: 5
Max Range: 1+ Kilometer
Preferred Range: Rifle
Classification: Tank Hunters
Combatants: Squad of 5-10

An extremely rare shrine founded by Phoenix Lord Irillyth, early in his
training under Asurmen he received a vision about the destruction of
his home Craftworld, Mymeara. Since that time he had been seeking it
out to forewarn them of their potential destruction and also prepare
them to prevent it. During his search he founded a few shrines on the
largest of Craftworlds but they have remained ghostly forgotten places.
As a Phoenix Lord, Irillyth is eternal as any other, his armor housing
the spirit stones of all those who have donned it, and in the cave of his
last battle he remained patiently waiting to be reawakened. During the
incursion on Betalis III, he found a new body, and accompanied by the
only known group of the Shadow Spectre Aspect Warriors from
Mymeara emerged once again.

Shadow Spectres emulate death and have forsworn that if they were to
die in battle they would be reanimated in the body of Wraith construct
to continue fighting. They are elegant, drifting seemingly in and out of
existence, the ribbon-like robes working in conjunction with their
armor to conceal their presence before they are ready for their final
shot. Working to get close to the enemy they glide upon jet packs,
trading sheer speed for extreme maneuverability.

With their unusual prism laser weapons, they often work in concert to
hit a single hard target with their weapons. They can also
independently to create explosive results on weaker targets or focus
the beams to take out heavy infantry. At range, they are the most

flexible Warrior Aspect. They briefly blink into view on the moment
they attack before fading out once again, to remain part of the horrors
for the enemys morale.

Prism Rifle: This is a handheld version of the weapon found on Fire
Prisms. On their own they can produce a diffused weak blast at the
range of any assault rifle, or focus the concentration into a single,
hard-hitting laser capable of goring any in heavy armor. But the
weapon excels at combining the strength of multiple rifles, linking up
to increase range and strength of either the blast or the focusing beam.
A full complement can wipe out a mob of enemies in heavy armor or
focused: heavy vehicles on even their strongest point.

DEFENSE: Aspect Armor; Heavy Aspect Armor (Exarch)

Unlike most Exarches of different Warrior Aspects, the Exarches of
Shadow Spectres gear their weapons and skills towards assisting the
overall core nature of the squad they lead. Skills include knowing
when and how to blink out of sight to jump out of a combat to
focusing on the perfect shot at which his charges can emit their beams
through his own Prism Rifle.

Indeed as is most the case, the experience and capabilities of the
Exarch means that the Shadow Spectres can rely on his unerring
accuracy and skill to direct the concentration of multiple beams to
their exact intended target. Their weapons can include the Haywire
Launcher, which while it does not link up with the other Prism Rifles,
is exception at placing a haywire grenade-like projectile on point,
perhaps after the Prism Rifles exploit or create a weakspot. They can
also be found equipped with the Prism Blaster, which shoots a
continuous, rapid beam that will eat through most any physical armor
types, which can then be amplified by his squads Prism Rifles

War Walkers

Guardians form the majority of pilots of vehicular craft in the Eldar warhost, and the War
Walker is no exception. Working to scout ahead of the warhost, the War Walker
negotiates dangerous terrain ahead of infantry and brings firepower to bear at the right
moment. War Walkers facing their choice targets excel at pure, unseen destruction.
War Walkers are light and very flexible unlike the clumsy and heavy walkers used by the
Imperium. Shimmering with their surroundings, they make their way towards the enemy and
flush them out. Typically they are sent ahead to destroy massed groups of infantry or
transports to soften up the enemy for the infantry. When the enemy finally realizes a squadron
of these walkers, they are often already taking fire.

Like many other forms of Eldar technology, the pilot forms a mind-link with his vehicle,
moving his vehicle as it were his own body. And with a smaller, lighter form of the energy
field, the pilot can focus on his task, knowing that he is not as exposed as it might seem. The
design of War Walkers and training the pilots endure allow them to carefully direct their
shooting rather than throwing a heavy salvo of ammunition at the enemy. Its lack of armor
makes it unsuitable for forward assaults in the thick of battle and thus rely on flaking attacks.

Weapon Type: Variable
Armor Type: Wraithbone
Mobility: 6
Training: 5
Max Range: 1+ Kilometer
Preferred Range: Variable
Classification: Bi-pedal Scout Walker, Infantry Support
Combatants: Squadron of 1-3
War Walkers are fitted with a variety of weapons to compliment the warhost or the pilots personal skill. They can be equipped with one or pair of
any two of the following: Shuriken Cannon, Bright Lance, Scatter Laser, Starcannon, Missile Launcher with Swarmstar and Plasma Missiles

Energy Field: While the Wraithbone is thin, just able to accommodate the pilot and weapons, War Walkers utilize a power field to protect the
otherwise open-exposed pilot. It is a fairly weak shield but capable of withstanding blows from small arms fire and glancing blows from heavy


The Vyper was originally created by the Saim-Hann Craftworld after their military
doctrine promoting high speed attack and mobility. The warriors needed a weapon support
platform that could keep up with the hypersonic Jetbikes. The vehicle known as the Vyper
is terrifyingly fast and agile; skimming above the battlefield often with a turret-mounted
weapon on its back. Often flying in squadrons, they swarm towards their intended targets
and destroy them with sweeping passes.

Stripped down of the armour most Eldar prefer to have when taking speed, it can burst
ahead of Falcons and Fire Prisms to hit high priority targets and disappear. Since its first
with Saim-Hann, it has been prevalent under several Craftworlds with different roles and
weapon configurations. The most commonly employed method is to keep the Vyper away
from the enemy, using speed to rapidly redeploy out of harms way.

The pilot and gunner are almost always bonded, often blood relatives, so that in mind link
they can better coordinate their efforts as they make their circling, high-speed passes,
withering down the enemy and weeding them out of cover.

Weapon Type: Variable
Armor Type: Wraithbone
Speed: Probably Hypersonic
Training: 5
Max Range: 1+ Kilometer
Preferred Range: Variable
Classification: High-speed support platform
Combatants: Squadron of 1-3

Vypers are traditionally armed with a pair of Shuriken Catapults under the nose, or a Shuriken Cannon, which is controlled by the pilot and capable
of a little motion. The primary weapon system however is a single heavy weapon controlled by a gunner. This weapon varies from a Shuriken
Cannon, Bright Lance, Scatter Laser, Starcannon, or a Missile Launcher with Swarmstar and Plasma Missiles.

armor and artillery
And the Engines of Vaul
Will smite them,
And bring fire upon them,
And in agony
They will depart this realm,
Their souls screaming
Into the black void
That awaits their pitiful race.
And with their banishment
There will be peace in this place,
And we will be one step further
Along the road we must tread
- Farseer Ulthos of Aliatoc,
Before the cleansing of Kyrayks Moon


Weapon Type: Laser/Shuriken/Variable
Armor Type: Wraithbone
Max Speed: 528 mph
Max Range: 1+ Kilometer
Preferred Range: 1+ Kilometer
Classification: Main Battle Tank

Not for a boxy, thick chunk of metal or a large bulbous front
do the Eldar stoop down for tank design as other races.
Instead, they utilize the same, sleek-winged chassis for most
of their ground support vehicles. With smooth, forward-
sweeping wings, the Falcon streaks across the battlefield
adorned in gems and the gleaming appearance of the bird of
prey for its namesake.

Shooting down from high atmosphere, the air-sealed vehicle
is capable of (and pilots often specialize in) darting from
cloud cover to punish the enemies of the Eldar wherever
needed. Using its heavy and long-ranged Pulse Laser (an
adaptive weapon for hitting virtually any target type), a second heavy weapon system and small arms support with the chin-mounted weapon, it will
unleash doom on whole formations of enemies. And if that does not work completely, the troops inside (sometimes equipped against similar targets
of the Falcon) will finish the job. Alternatively it can be used as rapid relief for a squad dwindling in effectiveness, picking them and redeploying
them to better or safer positions. Despite appearances, thanks to Wraithbones natural durability, the Falcon is a heavy tank when it comes to taking
damage, even without additional defensive systems, as well armored as any armored vehicle in the Imperial Guard or Space Marine vehicle.

Pulse Laser and twin Shuriken Catapults or Shuriken Cannon.

The second weapon system varies from a Shuriken Cannon, Bright Lance, Scatter Laser, Starcannon, or a Missile Launcher with Swarmstar
and Plasma Missiles.

The Falcon is capable of transporting a group of 6 warriors (though not Wraithguard/Wraithblades, who are much too large).

Fire Prisms
Weapon Type: Laser/Shuriken
Armor Type: Wraithbone
Max Speed: 528 mph
Max Range: 2+ Kilometers
Preferred Range: 2+ Kilometers
Classification: Support Tank

Sacrificing a secondary weapon
system and passenger
compartment of the Falcon, the
Fire Prisms entire turret
mounting and energy core is
dedicated to producing some of
the most powerful bursts of laser
energy in the Eldar arsenal.

The weapon is called the Prism Cannon, and is designed to create an overabundance of firepower necessary for any task at hand. Focusing the crystal
to emit a delayed, flashing explosion it is capable of striking down mobs of infantry, acting as fast-moving, diving artillery unit from the skies.
Alternatively, it can concentrate the beam tightly to create a small explosion designed to annihilate a pocket of heavy infantry, disgorge a towering
monstrosity, hit a structure in a weak point, or most often the case, tear open an enemy tank using the control of light itself. The thinnest, heaviest
concentration of the Prism Cannons beam, potentially with the aid of other Prism Cannons linking up, can fell even a mighty Monolith in one shot.

Prism Cannon and twin Shuriken Catapults or Shuriken Cannon.

The Prism Cannons of other Fire Prisms are capable of linking up their concentrations. So long as one Fire Prism can draw a direct line-of-sight to
another, it can shoot its focusing beam at its friend, which then collects the strength of the laser and joins it in concert with its own. The result is that
provided there are enough Fire Prisms, a single Fire Prism can concentrate a beam to near infinite proportions, blasting a whole city block, spearing
straight through a heavy energy shield before disabling a titan, or blasting apart a whole squadron of heavy tanks with ease.

Night Spinners

Weapon Type: Monofilament
Armor Type: Wraithbone
Max Speed: 528 mph
Max Range: 1+ Kilometer
Preferred Range: 1+ Kilometer
Classification: Mobile Anti-personnel Artillery

Utilizing yet again the same chassis of the Falcon, the
Night Spinner is a slightly rarer vehicle to be seen on the
battlefield, but has its particular role defined. It gives up
the direct and supreme heavy firepower of the Falcon and
the Fire Prism for an elegant, grizzly weapon system.

The Night Spinner appears and works like a nightmarish
arachnid, a fast-moving artillery piece that launches a
netting of heavy monofilament wire in a high arc. These
are nicknamed the unbreakable Chains of Vaul for their
nature. Those caught underneath the wide-spreading
netting finds themselves being chopped, sliced, and
entangled as gravity does the work for the silent weapon
system. One moment, infantry are sitting there, trying to
hide in their defensive positions, the next they are twisting
and mangling themselves in death throes till they are
naught but stains on the ground. No artillery shell
whistling or darkening of the sky for warning.

Doomweaver and twin Shuriken Catapults or Shuriken
At close range, the Night Spinner is capable of defending itself (or launch a creative surprise attack) by throwing its mess of entangling death
webbing directly in front of it, bathing enemies in a streaking, interweaving mesh anywhere the cannons may face. It is in my opinion, one of the
most dickish, horrifying weapon systems in the Eldar arsenal. Only heavy armor plating all over the defender or energy shielding will stop it.

Warp hunters
Weapon Type: Distortion
Armor Type: Wraithbone
Max Speed: ~180 mph
Max Range: 1 Kilometer
Preferred Range: 1 Kilometer
Classification: High-speed
Assault Craft

A final and rarer known Falcon-
chassis vehicle, the Warp Hunter
is usually only seen on
occasional sightings (though on
Betalis III, whole squadrons of
them were found in combat,
most likely to their heavy use by
Corsair war bands and possibly
that of Craftworld Mymeara).

The Warp Hunter mounts a heavy version of the usual Wraithcannon found in the hands of Wraithguard troops, and is even larger than the D-
Cannon mounted on artillery support batteries used by Guardians with much-improved range and width of destruction. As a whole, the vehicle is
used for rapid strikes. Unlike other Falcon-equivalent vehicles the heavy mounting of the D-Flail is fixed and requires the vehicles agility as an anti-
grav platform to aim and strike targets. Due to the necessary extra protection for containment fields and carefully complex targeting matrixes, the
Warp Hunter foregoes the usual crew compliment the Falcon is capable of. Unlike other Distortion weapons, the D-flail creates a goblet of spherical
hole impressed in reality, equaling the destruction of three D-cannon support batteries. The lucky ones will be tossed in the explosion left by the
waking void. The unfortunate targets on site have their existence churned and twisted and dooming them to the Warp, swallowed whole and given to
demonic torment of some Warp entity. Even the soul is completely vanished from this existence and doomed in the next.

LOADOUT: D-Flail and twin Shuriken Catapults or Shuriken Cannon.

ther Rift: At close range, the Warp Hunter is capable of unleashing an ther rift. Instead of focusing a precise sphere of destruction on an
enemy, the vehicle blasts a massive, uncontrolled explosion of it directly in front of the vehicle in similar defensive fashion to the Night Spinner.

Support Battery

Weapon Type: Various
Armor Type: Wraithbone
Max Range: Rifle
Preferred Range: Rifle
Classification: Artillery
Combatants: 2 crew per gun

Guardian Defenders operate short-ranged Shuriken Catapults and an occasional
heavy weapon skiff, set up to defend specific positions or remain in the area of an
objective. But with this role in play, it sometimes becomes necessary or
advantageous that they mount a form of artillery battery to weed out particularly
hard targets or enemies in cover. The ideal thing is to prevent the Guardians from
needlessly exposing themselves which to some might be viewed as cowardice.

While most races would use artillery to weaken a foe at a great distance or cover a
wide area to support infantry, the Eldar use the Vauls Wrath Support Batteries
for complete area denial. This benefits the Guardian Defenders missions while
severely punishing those that dare to move within range.

So exotic are these weapon systems that their nature and exact workings remain
unknown. Often staying hidden behind a large obstruction or Eldar vehicle, these
platforms are grouped together to produce a powerful symphony of death. All of
the weapons, regardless of form, are exceedingly complex in use and direction.
Though they are mounted on anti-grav skiffs, they are so complex and large that
they must remain stationary to fire.

1-3 of one of the following: D-Cannons, Vibro Cannons, Shadow Weavers.

Vibro Cannon: The Eldar do employ a select few sonic weapons, and the Vibro
Cannon is one example. Mounted on the same large anti-grav skiff platform as
other Eldar heavy weapons, they project rising sonic waves that, as soon as they
hit the resonant frequency of the target, do immeasurable harm. Medium-grade
vehicles will have their internals violently shaken apart while infantry feel the
effects of rupturing earthquakes in their bodies, resulting in spasms of coughing
pulverized innards with restructured bones and organs inside their in-tact armor.
A trio of Vibro Cannons can rupture nearly any vehicle or durable infantry, or
collapse defensive structures and walls nearly a kilometers distance. In this way,
even long-ranged sniper fire is no guarantee to dislodge Guardians from their
posts! Breadth of destruction is simple: anything along the path of the
indiscriminate weapon is potentially shaken apart.

Weapon Type: Monofilament
Armor Type: Wraithbone
Max Speed: ~150 mph
Max Range: 1+ Kilometer
Preferred Range: 1+ Kilometer
Classification: Super-heavy Tank
An utterly rare super heavy vehicle classified as an Engine of Vaul, the
Lynx is usually equipped with a single Pulsar, an oversized and
powerful laser weapon. In rare cases it can be seen sporting a Sonic
Lance. It is an uncommon vehicle of an older design and not seen
except in more desperate situations. Mounting only a single weapon, it
is not as powerful as the Scorpion or Cobra super heavy tanks of similar
design. But for a vehicle of its immense size, it more than makes up for
in raw speed and maneuverability. A frightening heavy vehicle to
encounter, it can fly through the air in brief flares like an aircraft,
before placing itself on a slight-hidden point of advantage, weaving
through narrow canyons. It is designed to hit the foe from an expected
quarter with overbearing firepower.
Shuriken Cannon or Scatter Laser for anti-infantry point defense, or Starcannon or Bright Lance.

Pulsar: Almost purely an anti-vehicle weapon, a single Pulsar emits a powerful, explosive beam of energy on target over 2 kilometers distance in a
semi-rapid burst. It is the highest point of Eldar laser technology, perfecting the widespread destruction of a blast, the distant beaming power to
bubble away any due physical material, while also emitting explosions on contact. Its only weakness is that it is a forward hull-mounted weapon and
the vehicle must face its intended target.

Sonic Lance: A weapon that trades the pinpoint range of the above-mentioned Vibro Cannon for a searing, forward-mounted blast of earth-quaking
sonic waves. Though barely extending the range of any submachinegun, all in the spreading concussion is capable of instantly rupturing any infantry
and potentially churning the internals of any vehicle to uselessness and given time could internally rupture any superstructure vehicle. With enough
time, it is capable of destroying virtually anything. It is ideal for destroying soft supply lines and waves of infantry.

DEFENSE: The Lynx, like other Eldar super-heavy vehicles, is equipped with a Titan Holo-field, which helps to render it almost completely
invisible and throw off distorting images on targeting systems.

Scorpion / Cobra

Behind the shield of the Space Marines vehicles, human tanks advanced again, hundreds of soldiers following
behind. From left and right explosions and other sounds of war echoed across the dome. The Emperors
warriors pressed forwards on a broad front, starshells hanging in the air to illuminate their path, the roar of great
guns booming out above the splintering crash of falling trees and the crackle of flames.

Beside Morlaniath, the Cobra lifted effortlessly from the flattened grass, arcs of energy coruscating along its
distortion cannon, throwing dancing shadows across the clearing. The lead Space Marine tanks were almost
three-quarters of the way along the valley. Lascannon blasts stabbed from them into the darkness, setting fire to
trees, gouging furrows in the ground as the enemy sought the elusive eldar.

With a thrum that set the ground shaking, the Cobra opened fire. The air itself screamed as the distortion cannon
tore at its fabric, a rent appearing in the air above the closest Space Marine vehicle. The gap widened into a
whirling hole framed with purple and green lightning, its depths a swirl of colors and reeling stars. Even at this
distance, Morlaniath felt a slight nausea tremble through his body and a burning in his spirit stones. The warp
rift tugged at his spirit, immaterial fingers prying into parts of his mind locked away behind barriers learnt as a
child. Tempting whispers and distant laughter echoed in the Exarchs thoughts.

The Space Marine tank was dragged to a stop by the implosive energies of the warp hole, its tracks grinding
vainly through the soil, smoke belching from its exhausts as the driver gunned the engine in an effort to
maintain traction. With a drawn-out creak, the vehicle lifted from the ground, tipping backwards, stretching and
contorting as the breach into warp space opened wider. Rivets sprang free and disappeared into the ravening
hole, followed quickly by the tangled remains of the gun sponsons. An armoured figure was drawn out of the
top hatch and spun crazily into the maw of the warp a moment before the tank slammed upwards and was
sucked into the spiraling vortex. With a crack like thunder the vortex closed, sending out a Shockwave that sent
a nearby Space Marine transport slamming into a tree with a shower of wood splinters and leaves.

Path of the Warrior, page 182

Weapon Type: Laser
Armor Type: Wraithbone
Max Speed: ~175 mph
Max Range: 2+ Kilometers
Preferred Range: 2+ Kilometers
Classification: Super-heavy Tank
The monsters of Eldar anti-grav tank technology. Sharing the same
chassis, the main separation of both vehicle classifications is primary
armament and how they might be used. The Scorpion is the largest of
skimming Eldar war vehicles, and is the largest anti-grav vehicle on
record for the Imperium of Man. It is primarily a tank hunter in role
and function, equipped with a pair of Pulsars not unlike that seen on
the Lynx. Fearsome, turret-mounted weapons, it is many times the
strength of a Bright Lance, the strength of the beam so forcefully
strong it will slice an Imperial Leman Russ clean in half or destroy a
building in a single shot, not just beaming through their armor, but
hitting with explosive energy. This fearsome firepower is made worse
by the advanced targeting systems and link to the pilot and gunner
(and yes, only 2 are required compared to the usual 4-6 in Imperial
compared vehicles, as the mind-link is all thats necessary).

Accelerating at speeds above 37 mph, it is capable of darting between
buildings or through a clearing, and having already picked its primary
target, fire on the move before disappearing again, with only moments
in the opening to shoot. This allows a Scorpion (or paired squadron) to
pick apart a more ponderous heavy vehicle or a whole tank battalion
while keeping itself from being easily tracked and destroyed.

If that werent enough, the Scorpion is also protected by a Titan Holo-
field. Crews of Imperial tanks report that there is never guarantee of
where a shot may land. Even if a shot were to squarely be on target, it
could never hit the exact spot the skilled gunner intended. Indeed, even
all the sensors and targeters available to the Imperium in prime
condition cannot hope to always align the necessary information to
make a shot. Secondary armaments for the twin-Pulsar Scorpion is
often a chin-mounted Bright Lance for added anti-vehicular attack,
though it can be mounted with other armaments for additional support.
Weapon Type: Distortion
Armor Type: Wraithbone
Max Speed: ~175 kph
Max Range: 1+ Kilometer
Preferred Range: 1+ Kilometer
Classification: Super-heavy Tank

The Cobra is a different variant of the Scorpion, trading supremely
long range and bursts of fire for one of the largest-known mountings of
the Distortion Cannon. It is perhaps slightly more ponderous and has a
slower rate of fire, but still relies on speed and Holo-field technology
to keep it from taking damage.

The weapon is capable of sucking out a whole tank and the explosive
disaster from the implosion in reality itself will cause secondary after-
effects of damage, the pull strong enough to stop a Space Marine
tracked vehicle. It can be best imagined as a black-hole cannon. In
totality, no known energy shielding, repair protocol animation, barrier,
or thickness of armor stops this Distortion Cannon. If it hits, it simply
bypasses all known defenses and creates a gaping hole the size of a
tank on target. The only potential escape is not getting hit. As such, the
Cobra hunts the most durable, strongest foes that the Eldar might come
to meet.

Scorpion: Turret-mounted Twin-Pulsars
Cobra: Turret-mounted Distortion Cannon

Also Shuriken Cannon or Scatter Laser for anti-infantry point
defense, or Starcannon or Bright Lance.

DEFENSE: Both the Scorpion and Cobra, like other Eldar super-
heavy vehicles, are equipped with Titan Holo-fields, which helps to
render it almost completely invisible and throw off distorting images
on targeting systems.


Weapon Type: Various
Armor Type: Wraithbone
Max Speed: Unknown
Max Range: 2+ Kilometers
Preferred Range: Various
Classification: Massive Battle Walker
Standing just more than twice the height of a Wraithlord, the
Wraithknight is a fairly rare sight on a battlefield, often accompanying
a Ghost Warrior army in firm, major support. They are built on the
psychic link between a dead Eldar twin and his still living twin housed
within a spirit stone. Together, they pilot the Wraithknight and can act
as a communication hub between the living and the dead as the twins
can speak to one another. This bridges understanding and direction
to the other Wraithbone constructs around them.

In function a Wraithknight is capable of dexterous motion, able to
leap, bound, and run through a ruined city while shooting weapons on
shoulders and arms. A Wraithknight can be equipped with a variety of
weapons (again as per the ability of the half-living steersman and
possible twin) giving a commander some versatile options in regards
to their placement. Quite thankfully for the enemy, Wraithknights are
incredibly rare, seen only in the desperation a full Ghost Warrior army
can bring about.

Two of any Shuriken Cannons, Scatter Lasers, or Starcannons.

2 Heavy Wraithcannons or Ghostglaive/Suncannon and

Suncannon: Take the plasma-based Starcannon, capable of burning a
hole through the armor of a Space Marine in which his arm would fit.
Amplify the range to a missile launchers distance, and give it the
same blast-explosive potency of the Imperiums Plasma Cannon
counterpart. Now make it a rapid-fire weapon. This is the Suncannon.
It will eliminate anything except heavy vehicles in the thickest armor.

DEFENSE: Scattershield An unusual, sleeve-mounted shield
generator, it converts the energy of incoming attacks into scattered
rays of multicolored light which can blind those under its wake.


Weapon Type: Laser or Sonic
Armor Type: Wraithbone
Max Speed: Unknown (can jump a sniper rifles distance)
Max Range: 2+ Kilometers
Preferred Range: 2+ Kilometers
Classification: Scout Titan

Two Pulsars or two Sonic Lances
Shoulder-mounted Revenant Missile Launcher

Pulsars: Fearsome, arm-mounted weapons, it is many times
the strength of a Bright Lance, the strength of the beam so
forcefully strong it will slice an Imperial Leman Russ clean
in half or destroy a building in a single shot, not just
beaming through their armor, but hitting with explosive

Sonic Lances: Weapons that trades the pinpoint range of the
above-mentioned Vibro Cannon for a searing, forward-
mounted blast of earth-quaking sonic waves. Though barely
extending the range of any submachinegun, all in the
spreading concussion is capable of instantly rupturing any
infantry and potentially churning the internals of any vehicle
to uselessness and given time could internally rupture any
superstructure vehicle. With enough time, it is capable of
destroying virtually anything. It is ideal for destroying soft
supply lines and waves of infantry.

DEFENSE: Titan Holo-field, emitted by the spine-fins on
its back.

Eldar Titans employ the full prospect of the Eldars greatest grace in technology.
They are tall, slim, powerful, and equipped with bedazzling weapons and defenses.
The Revenant Titan is the smallest known, possessing a single spine of wing-like
fins along its back. These house the massive Titan holo-field that allows it to
shimmer under confusing distorting images to scanners and visual aids while
remaining nearly invisible to the naked eye. Extra-equipped with jump jets and
gravitic motors, a Revenant Titan is capable of bounding and hurdling through the
air with nearly the gait and flexible precision of Eldar acrobatics though it probably
cannot do flips, it can leap across mountain valleys and scale sheer cliff walls
impossible to Titans of other races. These jump jets are primarily used in scouting
attack roles for larger Phantom Titans.

The Revenants have almost no dedicated energy shielding for defense compared to
the layers of void shields used by other forces. Though their Wraithbone
construction makes them durable for their relatively thin physique, they are not
tasked with holding a battle line against the enemy. Instead, they rely on cunning
mockery of sight and targeting systems, using holo-fields to encase them in a
shimmering existence. Understanding some weak points in the holo-fields and the
application of flooding a battlefield with firepower caused severe damage to Eldar
titans fighting in the Incursion of Betalis III among the Imperials Titan Legion, but
not a single Eldar titan was destroyed.

As if these werent bad enough, Revenant Titans are often fielded in pairs! Working
together with a close blood relative or kin, the steersmen pilot their machines in hit-
and-run attacks against the most monstrous of enemy foes (i.e. other Titans or
similar superstructures of destruction) where other engines of destruction would
need to amass in too dangerous numbers or negotiate other targets of importance.
Equally it can also act in a support role as extra heavy firepower for Guardian

The Revenants primary weapon systems are a pair of Pulsar super heavy lasers in
similar design to the twin pair seen on Scorpion or Sonic Lances of the Lynx, except
mounted on both arms and able to fire separately. Upon its shoulders are a set of
short-ranged missile pods for close quarter battle to smaller targets, hammering light
or heavy infantry but nigh worthless against most tanks (which ought to be destroyed
by its wrist-mounted cannons!).

The Phantom Titan is the largest known titan seen among the Eldar
forces, though rather small compared to the largest among the Orks
and Imperium. Standing over 25 meters tall, it is still a terrifying and
monstrous enemy to combat. Projected from its dual fins on its back,
the titan-sized holo-field encases it in the same manner as other large
Eldar vehicles, nearly invisible to the naked eye, even up close, and it
is bristling with weaponry.

On its shoulders are anti-aircraft missile launchers, anti-tank weapons
in their own right, shredding all lightweight aircraft with ease, or an
even stronger variant, capable of destroying a squadron of enemy
vehicles on the ground of light or medium grade, or overwhelming a
heavy tank. Aided by long-dead spirits with eons of experience, it will
mark out the potential weak points and strike against them. Set just
underneath these are heavy plasma Starcannons with long-range, rapid
firing capacity, or the anti-tank Pulse Laser normally found on
Falcons. These weapons must be at least a couple meters away from
the enemy, for it cannot target anything around its legs (which it would
prefer to simply step on in that case). But these are just point-defense
The primary weapon systems are the two weapons mounted to the
wrists of the Phantom, the largest atmospheric variants of the Eldars
most destructive weapons. It can carry a massive combat weapon such
as a sword, allowing it to slice and dice other enemy titans up close,
using its superior speed and gait of stable grace (or destroy a building
without any shooting). More commonly are Phantom Pulsars, laser
weapons of the same design, but double in armor piercing and rate of
fire, stripping and slicing up an enemy titan without shielding at
several kilometers distant or with a pair of the weapons, using the
explosive potential of the laser to destroy half a dozen squads in one

If any enemy firepower is capable of stunning or temporarily hurting
the pilots abilities, the Wraithbone cores onboard spirit matrixes will
guide and steer the Phantom on course, to make sure it continues the
fight as necessary. Phantom Titans are utilized only in fairly dire
circumstances when the Eldar are forced to stand and fight. Instead of
allowing themselves to be hit when and where the enemy wishes in the
manner of head-on force preferred by more brutish foes, the Eldar
simply send Phantom Titans. In a pitched battle on wide open plains,
the Phantoms excel, needing no protection of cover thanks to holo-
fields, and it is massive and armored with enough Wraithbone as to
withstand bulky firepower many times in a battle (though they are not
fool-hardy to make last stands or keep fighting in a useless scenario).

Weapon Type: Laser or Distortion
Armor Type: Wraithbone
Mobility: 8 (can jump a sniper rifles distance)
Max Range: 5+ Kilometers
Preferred Range: Variable
Classification: Heavy Titan

Two of the following: Phantom Pulsar or one and a large combat
weapon; plus Shoulder-mounted Phantom Missile Launchers, and
Phantom Starcannon or Pulse Laser.

And yes, of course, the two primary wrist-mounted weapons may be the largest known battlefield use of Distortion Cannons. A Cobra super heavy
tank is capable of sucking up and banishing the existence of a single tank or squad, or leaving that big of a hole in the existence of any structure or
large enemy vehicle/monster that comes into its path.

Double the size of the warp rift blast and increase the range to a few kilometers. Give a Phantom Titan two, one for each arm, and send it to a pitched
battle, where troops might only spot it a few meters away (or possibly see a small portion of the ground it would be flattening), and targeting systems
are confounded to its precise location and will miss by dozens of meters, attacks crashing randomly and harmlessly around it.

Two Phantom D-Cannons.


Nightwing interceptor

Type of Aircraft: Anti-grav jet fighter
Weapon Type: Shuriken, Laser
Armor Type: Wraithbone
Max Speed: Mach 3 (swept wing) / Mach 1.8 (extended wing)
Classification: Interceptor
Combatants: 1 pilot

Nightwing Interceptors form the usual role of intercepting enemy aircraft,
primarily those harassing or bombing enemy troops but also enemy fighters.
This role is possible thanks to their wing design, able to arrow through the
air swept wing before engaging the enemy as they extend the wings for
extra lift and maneuverability. Their other usual role is to protect Eldar from
attacking aircraft and guide larger Phoenixes and Vampires.

They have powerful anti-gravitic thrusters that allow them to perform aerial
acrobatics that should rightly be considered quite impossible. As if this edge
were not enough, they also sport small holo-fields that make target locks
difficult to impossible, throwing out distorting images. Even resorting to
simple gun sights, their exact location is fickle and hard to tell to the naked
eye. Once this defense is managed to be bypassed, they also possess energy
fields that repel enemy fire from weak points which must be overloaded
with force of attack to destroy the nimble aircraft.

Nightwing pilots are skilled Eldar crewmembers who have driven Jetbikes, Vypers, and/or Falcons. Though they are almost always young compared
to Eldar standards who have not yet travelled on the Path of the Warrior. Despite their inexperience, they still possess all the physiological
advantages an Eldar can provide over the experienced pilots of other races. During the Lammas Campaign, in four days an Imperial fighter wing of
Thunderbolts took 75% casualties in four days in eight sorties (missions), with only 1 unconfirmed possible Eldar loss. It has been pointed out in the
report that such losses can be expected and are normal when fighting against Eldar Nightwings.

Two Long-barreled Shuriken Cannons and two Bright Lances
Shoulder-mounted Revenant Missile Launcher

DEFENSE: Holo-field, Energy Field

Crimson hunters

Type of Aircraft: Anti-grav jet fighter
Weapon Type: Shuriken, Laser
Armor Type: Wraithbone
Max Speed: Unknown, probably Mach 2
Classification: Air Superiority Fighter
Combatants: 1 pilot

Unlike most Eldar craft which are piloted by Eldar Guardians, Crimson Hunters are
piloted by Aspect Warrior pilots. Few in number, their Exarches are not the eternal usual
body armor as other Aspects for death of the Exarch almost always ends in the complete
destruction of his craft ensures his bodysuit and even spirit stone are lost. They are
nevertheless locked in the same eternal struggle, having donned their war mask and are
unable to take it off. It is said that the Exarches of the few Crimson Hunter shrines are
the most gifted pilots in the galaxy. It must be true, as the Exarches are capable of
picking out and sniping individuals on the ground!

Crimson Hunter craft practice in shrine atriums that would take days to walk, floating in
circling patterns around the Craftworld allowing the pilots to practice in aerial combat
against their master exarch and each other, honing and perfecting their skills as
Nightwing pilots couldnt. Daring to pass close to other objects in maneuvers to throw
each other off, they can pass into tunnels with only inches from the wings of their craft.
Thrilling, but understandably very dangerous. Thus so, like the Shining Spears that are
always constantly boarded upon their Jetbikes in the shrine at all times, so too are the
Crimson Hunters, learning to feel the very edges and depth of limit to their craft.

Flying upon Nightshade Interceptors (the name of the chosen aircraft), the Aspect
follows the likeness of Khaines bloody blades. The war god fashioned his dripping
blood into a pair of blades which he threw at a serpent that was so massive it eclipsed the
sun whenever it poised to strike. The daggers penetrated the serpents eye sockets, and it
is from these blades that the Crimson Hunters take from Khaine, focusing on his ability
to leave a more powerful foe reeling and ready for the slaughter.

Two Bright Lances and Pulse Laser


Type of Aircraft: Anti-grav jet bomber
Weapon Type: Various
Armor Type: Wraithbone
Max Speed: Unknown, probably Mach 2
Classification: Attack Craft
Combatants: (2), Pilot and Gunner

When the Eldar warhost enters battle, it is not
uncommon for the head of it to send in a Phoenix for
close air support. The agile vehicle swings and darts
around anti-aircraft fire like a dance. Despite being a
heavy bomber craft, utilizing his heightened reflexes
and senses, the pilot can evade enemy aircraft and
incoming missiles while the co-pilot gunner punishes
ground forces for standing in the way of the Eldar
warhost. The nose-mounted Shuriken Cannons might
not be good against hard ground targets, but its
primary purpose is to hit other aircraft when
Nightwings and Crimson Hunters are not able to
support it.

The Phoenix clears the trenches and strafe enemy
infantry. The reduction in numbers helps the rest of
the warhost to cut down the rest of the enemy with swift ease. Sweeping out of the skies directly from Webway portals, it is also extremely silent.
The first sign that the enemy has of an incoming Phoenix attack is when the guns begin going off. And once the attack is on, it is difficult to pin a
lock or hit it from the holo-fields masking its exact presence. Unlike other high altitude support vehicles, the Phoenix does not use bombs or dropped
ordinance. Instead, its preferred among the Eldar to use weapons that are direct and steady, making it an attack craft.

The size and

Twin Shuriken Cannons, Pulse Laser, two Missile Launchers (with Starswarm Missiles)

DEFENSE: Thick Wraithbone core, Holo-field

hemlock Wraithfighters

Type of Aircraft: Bomber
Weapon Type: Various
Armor Type: Wraithbone
Max Speed: Unknown, probably Mach 2
Classification: Bomber
Combatants: 1 pilot

Mindshock Prod, Two Heavy D-scythes

This is not a weapon of war. It is a weapon of terror. It is so horrifying a thing to be seen
on the battlefield that the Eldar argue over its very existence and use. Only in dire
circumstances (though against any foe) is it ever unleashed, often working in
conjunction with or just before Wraithbone construct warriors are released upon the foe.

Its controls and inner systems operate like a Craftworlds Infinity Circuit, thrumming
with the spirits of dead Eldar that keep it aloft and aid the pilot with whispers. The only
ones able to be sane enough to use it are Spiritseers, for they alone can communicate
with the dead and come back to their bodies. Though on rare occasion, just as they delve
into the Infinity Circuit they too can be lured out of body into the systems of the
aircraftdangerous since theyre needed to keep it aloft!

When used, At first, it will utilize its Mindshock Prod to amplify the psychic intensity of
the Spiritseer pilot. Using empathetic powers, it will instill a heightened fear within the
enemy below as it passes, and even large mobs of Orks are immune. The waves of
negative emotion cause the air itself to shudder and the targets gibber and wail in panic.
It is described best as a cold projection of the dead itself. The psyker is also capable of
projecting the telepathic power Terrify (as re-described below).

But what brings the highest of special attention to this aircraft are the Heavy D-scythes.
Emitted by the vengeful spirits within the Hemlock Wraithfighter, this weapon emits no
blast or beam. The only note of its use is a high wailing scream and the targets below
appearing as puppets with their strings cut, tumbling to the ground for no scientific
reason. Their souls (or animated processes if it is a machine) are separated from their
bodies. Heavy tanks and psychic monsters are all equally vulnerable. Only sometimes
with enough heavy amounts of shielding (like an underground bunker maybe) and
quickness of movement (it is not an accurately ideal weapon for aerial combat) will
shield and stop someone from having their very inner essence totally removed, no
regeneration allowed. It was intended when used by Iyanden to even completely sever
Tyranid Hive Mind creatures from emitting control to the swarm around them.

Terrify: (See Farseer, page 35).


Type of Aircraft: Anti-grav dropship /
Heavy Attack Craft
Weapon Type: Various
Armor Type: Wraithbone
Max Speed: Mach 2.6
Combatants: (2), Pilot and Navigator

- 2 Wing-mounted Pulse Lasers
(or) Missile Launchers (with Starswarm Missiles),
(or) a single center-lined Pulsar (see Lynx).
- Nose-mounted Scatter Laser

- Twin Wing-mounted Pulsars (see Lynx)
- Twin Missile Launchers (with Starswarm Missiles)
- Nose-mounted Scatter Laser

A flying super heavy vehicle, and the largest atmospheric jet aircraft as seen among the Eldar, the Vampire comes in two variants. The Raider is
primarily used by Eldar corsair pirates and favored for use when Webway portals are not accessible or a more immediate attack is needed with
supporting firepower. It has a transport capacity for 30 Eldar, though heavier-armed versions can carry 20. The second more primarily seen among
the Eldar forces in general is the Vampire Hunter, a heavy attack craft designed to hammer ground targets. Forgoing any troop transport capacity, the
Vampire Hunter instead serves as an anchor platform for heavy weaponry, making it a supersonic flying nightmare, combining the Phoenixs ability
to dodge and hit enemy aircraft in dogfighting, with the punishing firepower of a Scorpion or Titan. However for its size and dedicated role for
hitting heavy ground targets, the Vampires are given Nightwing Interceptors for supporting air cover to break off and engage squadrons of enemy
interceptors or fighters that may threaten the Vampire as it sweeps in for a punishing salvo.

A semi-rare vehicle, the Vampire Hunters are only seen in large-scale Eldar battlefield operations, specialized at hitting hard targets from a high
angle, used when the other ground-based vehicles (such as a Lynx or Scorpion/Cobra) are occupied, having other pressing targets, or the target in
question (an enemy super titan or defensive structure) is just too big to handle otherwise.

DEFENSE: Titan Holo-field

Wave Serpents
Weapon Type: Various
Armor Type: Wraithbone
Max Speed: 528 mph
Max Range: 1+ Kilometer
Preferred Range: Any
Classification: Main APC
Combatants: (1), Pilot

While the use of heavy vehicles and Guardians (even for
piloting duties) is kept to a bare minimum, the Wave Serpent
is the strongest of exceptions. Utilized to carry any Eldar
squad to their targets while offering 360-degree protection
and support, the Wave Serpent is more like an excuse to add
additional tank-like firepower than an actual APC. As its
primary purpose is to carry Eldar to the field in numbers, they
are one of the few vehicles equipped with an actual energy
shield over a distorting holo-field. Capable of bullying
through the most inhospitable anti-tank fire from the front or side, it will muscle its way to a position if stealth is not an option, and fire upon the
enemy while unloading its payload. It can be equipped with a variety of twin-set heavy weapons, allowing it to double-up on the destruction of the
targets from those inside, or to alternatively hit a different target type. Overall, it is considered one of the best troop carriers in the galaxy.

- Turret-mounted Twin Shuriken Cannons, Scatter Lasers, Bright Lances, Missile Launchers, (or) Starcannons.
- Nose-mounted Twin-Shuriken Catapults (or) Shuriken Cannon

DEFENSE: Serpent Energy Shield This device is strong enough to repel Earthshaker bombardments (which can flatten a building). Overloading
the shields with a barrage of lighter attacks will only then be absorbed or bounce off the thick layer of Wraithbone armor forming the hull. Against
those up against the vehicle (within the shields projection range) or able to attack from the rear (where passengers must dismount, can shoot from,
and the engines must be capable of moving the vehicle), an attacker may bypass the shielding. A pilot can opt to forgo using the shield by
temporarily draining the energy into a searing beam of energy. While not excellent at hitting armored foes, the blast can clear the way by severely
wounding any monstrosity or infantry, the blinding energy causing others to duck for cover as the Eldar warriors inside dismount.


Weapon Type: Psychic, Distortion
Armor Type: Wraithbone
Mobility: 6
Training: 9
Max Range: 1+ Kilometers
Preferred Range: Any!
Classification: Psychic Support
Combatants: Rare
+ D-weapon
+ Farseer
= Wraithseer

Perhaps the most dangerous and capable of any heavy infantry unit to encounter among the
Eldar forces, the Wraithseer is a specialized Wraithlord construct that houses the soul of an
esteemed and powerful Farseer or potently powerful Spiritseer. Such individuals have usually
become fully crystallized and did not die so much as simply phase out of physical existence
and merged with the Craftworld itself. They are extremely potent, powerful beings,
possessing all the gait and wonder of any Eldar warrior. Yet this is combined with not only
their wondrous psychic potential, but also a shoulder-mounted Distortion Cannon, energy
shield, and massive Wraithspear.

Such is their diving power that they can figure out the exact pieces of an enemy formation
beyond the physical sight, aiding any commander who can hear them by seeing reports
written about the battle in the future with extreme clarity. In addition, they still possess many
of their old psychic abilities.

Their only and perhaps greatest limitation is that they are still Wraithbone construct warriors.
While their ability as psykers allows them to direct other Wraithbone warriors around them
and helps to keep their Wraithsight in check, they are ultimately unable to communicate on
any wider plain without the guidance of a living Spiritseer. Secondly, their Wraithbone body
constructs are preciously few in number, and Spiritseers have seemed to have all but lost the
knowledge on how to build and construct more.

- Shoulder-mounted D-Cannon
(or, rarely) Bright Lance, Scatter Laser, Missile Launcher, Starcannon
- Wraithspear: See Ghost Weapons, page 11

= SPECIAL: See Farseer

DEFENSE: Energy Shield


Weapon Type: Psychic Ability
Armor Type: Psychic Warding
Mobility: 5
Training: 6+
Max Range: Assault Rifle
Preferred Range: Any
Combatants: Several dozen total

Wraithguard, Wraithlords, Wraithfighters, and the use and most of the
merging of any and all spirit stones (as well as most of their retrieval)
is a burden set upon the Spiritseers. Without their powers of
necromancy over the Eldar, the race would not survive. Spiritseers are
those following the Witch Path who are called to commune with the
dead. For most Eldar, it can be a fiery passion of desired obsession to
linger too long within the Infinity Circuit, and the feeling can only be
sated and performed by highly trained Spiritseers. Once exceedingly
rare, Spiritseers and their abilities are growing ever more common, and
at a seemingly frightening pace.

While any Eldar seer can animate a Wraithbone warrior construct, or
in close proximity guide a selection of spirits, a single Spiritseer can
act as a communication hub to an entire army of ghost warriors. On the
battlefield, Spiritseers serve only to guide the living dead of the Eldar
in battle, while also acting in psychic support to the warhost. Departed
souls can only formalize thoughts and feelings as reality; Spiritseers
with their unique abilities can perceive both the mortal and immortal
realms through the skein and provide a sense of clarity.

LOADOUT: Shuriken Pistol
Witchstaff: The usual weapon of Spiritseers (though they can also
wield Witchblades), these will set the very soul on fire, even if they do
not inflict any mortal or physical wounds.

Spiritseers are psykers, though not usually quite as powerful as
Farseers. They can know potentially any Warlock power (See page 29-
30) and forms of Telepathic powers (see Farseer, page 35)

DEFENSE: Rune Armor


Weapon Type: None
Armor Type: Psychic Warding
Mobility: 5
Training: 6+
Classification: Engineers / Technicians
Combatants: Relatively few

Almost all weapons, munitions, armor, scannerseven the runes used by Farseersare all
crafted of Wraithbone. And within each Wraithbone-built technology is a core acting as a
psychic conduit for Eldar energies guided and held in place by the dead spirits contained in
spirit stones. Without Bonesingers, these otherworldly technologies would not be possible.
Without Bonesingers, there would be no Craftworlds, no Wraithbone, no connection with
the dead, no Wraithbone construct warriors, no weapons, and no Eldar.

In the presence of a human, their songs are quite horrifying and nightmarish, probably
thanks to the psychic nature of their performance. The origins to Wraithbone are not known,
but it is known that around each Wraithbone core is the Wraithbone material that can grow
naturally. Much like any living thing, it can be cut off and killed; the destruction of a
Wraithbone core to a Craftworld will essentially kill the whole system. Bonesingers use
talents in psychomorphism to accelerate the growth of psychotropic crystals that form
around Wraithbone. These shapes, bent and twisted to the will of the Bonesinger, then make
up fibrous bulkheads, supporting walls, floors, and conduits based on what is needed in the
example of a structure or ship. Individual systems can either be created out of the shape
(either damaged or being constructed) or sung into being elsewhere and installed

LOADOUT: Shuriken Pistol

DEFENSE: Rune Armor



Weapon Type: Laser / Shuriken
Armor Type: Wraithbone
Max Speed: 528 mph
Max Range: 2.5+ Kilometers
Preferred Range: 2.5+ Kilometer
Classification: Anti-aircraft Mobile

In the rare instance in which the Eldar
cannot achieve air superiority, they will
employ the helped use of Firestorms. This
is useful in cases such as the Baran War in
which only vehicles of Falcon size or
smaller could fit through the Wraithgates

Working in concert to create a web of area
denial to aircraft, Firestorms operate on the
same familiar Falcon chassis.

While a Scatter Laser is already of very
formidable rates of fire, the Firestorm
Scatter Lasers are triple-linked, shooting at
the speed of light with continued, un-breaking sustained fire while over doubling the range. Like the Falcon, it still retains its 6-man transport
capacity, able to temporarily deploy Aspect Warriors to the battlefield before returning to its main role as an anti-aircraft platform. For close point
defense, it typically carries a pair of Shuriken Catapults but can also use a Shuriken Cannon against potential, harder foes.

- Firestorm Scatter Lasers
- Twin-Shuriken Catapults or Shuriken Cannon for anti-infantry point defense.

Soulshriek Barricade: Only the utmost fearless and hardy of troops would dare pass through this negative barrier. Set around an obstacle or
structure, Spirit Stones that house the souls of passed Eldar that are too tainted by madness to be of any use (i.e. they cannot be placed in a weapon or
vehicle to guide the user, even the Infinity Circuit rejects them). The air around the obstacle echoes with psychic screams that set nearby souls on
edge. Those who try will often struggle and at worst will become momentarily paralyzed with fear.

Wraithcoil: Crude races might utilize a form of razor wire or technological laser beam projected from posts to slow down an enemy or entangle them
on their advance. The Eldar utilize a series of almost impossibly fine Wraithbone thread that contains a rudimentary sentience. Upon contact with a
living creature it will constrict on contact, winding tighter and tighter until the victim has ceased its struggles. Wraithbone constructs are not affected
as the rudimentary sentience and the ghost warriors can probably detect each others presence. Vehicles (not bikes) seem to be strong enough to pass
through unhindered and uncoiled. Likely it will remain dormant having not detected movement from anything considered sentient or alive.

Distortion Mines: Eldar do not rely on improvised explosives to deny strategic locations to the enemy. Instead, they employ sensor-triggered
distortion mines that not only prove lethal to the ones who triggered them, but also severely damage the structural integrity of a building they
mightve been placed in or around. Instead of limbs, body parts, or foes being hit by an anti-personnel explosion (which some forms of heavy
infantry can ignore), why not just suck those things right into the Warp?

Wraithgate: Wraithgates are very common Eldar-used structures
or pathways that lead from the Webway. They can be large
enough to fit an entire Craftworld (though albeit very rare) to
those that can only allow the passing of one individual at a time.
The most commonly used allow for the passing of a few vehicles
at a time, which will exit at full speed and begin attacking almost
immediately after entering the area in real space.

And their use is complex and difficult at best, meaning other races
attempting to use them will most likely find themselves lost in the
Webway, if they can even get it to activate in the first place.
Mobile, dormant forms exist that can be deployed on the
battlefield, enough for an Avatar to emerge through. They can be
hidden within structures or other key battlefield locations and put
into place by Rangers or Pathfinders.

The Eldar can also use Wraithgates to lure enemy forces into an
area using a small special force. Once the enemy moves in for the
attack, the Eldar forces can slip away into the Wraithgate, leaving
them unable to be pursued while the Eldar commence their trap.

Destabilization Node: These shining black crystals are harmless in themselves, but they amplify the eldritch energies of all distortion weapons
unleashed upon nearby targets. Though not helpful to a great range (barely a pistols shot), the opening in the Warp rift becomes more potent. If
placed into a structure (say a fine-looking building or bunker the enemy thinks is a great place for cover or forward base of operations), the potency
of the distortion weapons magnifies as usual, causing greater deals of damage to the point of imminent collapse.

Holo-emitters: Eldar vanguard units can be deployed with advanced holo-emitters, allowing them to fade into the shadows of ruins and play havoc
with enemy scanners and detection devices. The result is that a unit might be in one place only to fade out of existence totally (or they were never
there in the first place?), or project themselves as a completely different unit altogether. The chaotic result then becomes of conflicting reports as
units seem to dance around the enemy, teleporting and re-teleporting between each others existence.

Holo-bastion: The Eldar can deploy a whole holographic duplicate of one of their fortifications (or structure theyve set up to act like one). Sensor-
arrays make it impossible to detect at long rangethe illusion will only fade from their eyes (probably at the Eldars discretion) when they close the
distance to investigate. Even Eldar forces or occupied persons within this structure will also be projected as illusions.

== The Craftworlds ==
= Ulthw =
The Eldar are altogether known for possessing an excess of skilled
psykers. But the Craftworld known for having some of the most
powerful and numbered psykers is Ulthw. While those on the Warrior
Path are relatively few compared to other Craftworlds, Ulthw is not a
force to be reckoned with. Always attacking in small numbers, the
Aspect Warriors and Guardians enjoy a healthy amount of support
from their leaders and an abnormal supply of Warlock psyker-

The leadership of Ulthw is led primarily by a council of seers, made
up of Warlocks that attend to a select few Farseers. The Seer Council
constantly seeks out the strands of fate that interweave Ulthw,
attempting to steer away from future destruction as other Craftworlds
have. Indeed it is because of this that Ulthw is the most pronounced
Eldar group that interacts with Mankind. The head of the council is
Eldrad Ulthran. Try as he might, he constantly attempts to warn other
Craftworlds, even other races of their fate if he sees it fit to do. He
looks beyond the simple fate of Ulthw and directly at the fate of the
entire galaxy. The actions he suggests to the Council is never forsaken
or forgotten. Having led the Eldar to countless victories (and even in
defeats creating the path needed to secure their future), the warhosts of
Ulthw go where the Farseers point without hesitation.

The seers direct the strikes of the warhost to inflict far greater damage
than would be normal. They can also avoid taking a punishing amount
of damage from the enemy, multiplying their effectiveness. The supply
of willing members of the Seer Path is never lacking, and it is rumored
by the other Eldar that this comes from a bit of taint from Chaos.
Having resided over the Eye of Terror for so long, their extreme sense
of psychic potential is compromised. For while flares of psychic
intuition is not a feeling per se, it is a form of indulgence that Ulthw
readily accepts, but possibly at a damning price.
Because there is so much time and caution spent while on the Path of
the Seer, the Ulthw Craftworld has few in the way of aspect warriors.
But since the races of the galaxy are mostly made up of stubborn and
ignorant souls, someone must be sent to fix the strands of fate by war.
So most of the military force of Ulthw is made up of Guardians.
When the Craftworld needs, it divides the Guardians into small and
highly effective strike teams, often led by battle-psykers like Warlocks
and Spiritseers that do the secret wars aspect warriors are expected to
do. The extreme number of battle-hardened Guardians often leads to
an unnaturally high number of Black Guardians. These veterans merge
their skills learned from their unceasing fights with the psychic
potential of their leaders to form a devastating force.

= Biel-tan =
The Eldar of Biel-Tan believe in a reborn future for their race. Their
goal is to see the Eldar empire rise once again, and it will be done by
the blood on their swords. So it is that Biel-Tan is the most warlike
and genocidal of the Craftworlds. The Path of the Warrior is the most
pressing on Biel-Tan, as war is the only way possible for the Eldar to
forge the vision of a new empire. And for them, the future will start
with the Exodites. Biel-Tan is therefore strong protectors of the pure
survivors of the Fall, quickly and bolding attacking anything and
everything that would dare come close to an Exodite world. Not the
Tyranids, not the Imperium, not the Tau or Orks can touch an Exodite
colony without Biel-Tan being filled with the wrath of Khaine.

Biel-Tan will gladly use more tolerable races (i.e. those that can
negotiate) as a hammer to defend or crush an invader. Once the two
forces have beaten on each other, the warriors of Biel-Tan swiftly
takes out the blooded and weak victor. The Craftworld is most
responsible for the distrust that the Imperium holds for the Eldar even
when an alliance is made with another Craftworld. The Avatar of
Khaine that sits in the center of Biel-Tan is constantly waked. Each
time a bloody sacrifice made as his likeness takes over the essence of
an Exarch and joins the military council called the court of the young
king. As the Craftworld has the largest number of Exarches and
warrior shrines, this is never a problem.

In battle, the Craftworld strikes hard and fast, often utilizing as much
martial force as possible. Swooping Hawks and Warp Spiders harry
the enemy at short distances, making way for the ground attack
groups. Dark Reapers and Dire Avengers give support at range for
Howling Banshees and Striking Scorpions to move in close and wipe
out scores of the enemy. And the Shining Spears make sure nothing
escapes. The assembled warhost of Biel-Tan is often called the
Swordwind, as they are a swift blade that cuts through the enemy in
record time. And nothing is more satisfying to the Swordwind as
eliminating a colony of the lesser races on a world in which the
Exodites live. For it is seen as an invasion that stands up against the
inevitable rise of the Eldar empire.

If Biel-Tan had the strength and the blessing of the Seer Council, they
would descend upon Holy Terra itself and kill the god-corpse called
the Emperor that binds the Imperium together. Some of the most
intolerable enemies of Biel-Tan are the ever-expanding Orks. Even
more warlike Orks spread like a consuming, cancerous disease as they
reproduce by spores. When they invade an Exodite world, it takes
centuries to purge the infestation.

= SAIM-HaNn =
While every Craftworld is different, it is Saim-Hann
(pronounced Sam-Hine) that is culturally closest to the
Exodites and furthest from the others. They are fiercely loyal
and also fiercely warlike. They hold a very competitive
nature and exceed at high-speed kills. When the Fall was first
evident and the Exodites began their journey to leave the
empire, Saim-Hann was one of the first few Craftworlds that
escape with them.

Unlike more unified Craftworlds, Saim-Hann is divided up
into different kindred clans led by families. These clans
reside on the Craftworld in a rough unity and the shrines
dedicated to the warriors are divided between them. Even the
seers exist separated from each other. The strife that erupts
between the Saim-Hann Eldar and other races is often a thing
for honour or testing to lead the clan to greater glory.
Competition exists in many forms, but most are bloodless.
The most popular are those of high speed and daring
maneuverability, testing the strength of will and skill. Atop
blood red jetbikes and the clan emblem, the riders engage in
jousting and races.

And the most famous and skilled of all Saim-Hann residents
are Jetbike and Vyper riders. When going to battle, most of the clan is racing across the battlefield, proud and mighty and almost always in a
spearhead strike. The seers of the clan direct them in the most thrilling attack patterns, and the rest gladly follow. As most Craftworlds have Autarchs
to lead the warhosts and the Princes over them, Saim-Hann instead has chieftains. Theses chiefs direct the clan in all ways, in how they should do
battle, compete, and deal with the other clans. They go to battle surrounded by their loyal kinsmen.

Saim-Hann is the originators of the Vyper. A stronger, larger modified version of the jetbike, it was built to give the wave of jetbikes going into
battle a supportive heavy platform that could keep up. With these, the clans could strike swift and hard at their opponents who blindly attempt to stop
the swirling darts killing off the army. But when the ill-need arises, the whole of the Craftworld can unite, for the fate of the Craftworld is the fate of
them all. Competition and rivalry are all in good nature as iron sharpens iron. The Eldar of Saim-Hann know that as they improve on each others
skills in the kill, they can develop better warriors. But the best fighting clan Saim-Hann can produce are that of the Wild Riders. Often joined by the
insane Nuadhu Fireheart, they are best known as their name implies, wild, frenzied attacks. For them, battle is as much a sport to show off as it is an
honour to attend.


Perhaps once the largest and greatest of the Craftworlds, Iyanden is
known for its unusual number and willingness to field mass of hulking
Wraithbone constructed warriors. Lumbering into battle unopposed
like a wall of impenetrable tanks, the ghost warriors ensure the
destruction of the enemy while preserving the few living survivors of
the Craftworlds most recent, costly wars.

There was a time when Iyanden was one of the most influential and
powerful Craftworlds, holding the largest, flourishing population of
Eldar. For a brief time, the High Lords of Terra wondered why Chaos
had never gotten any foothold in the Eastern Fringe. Further
investigation would have shown they had an unlikely ally drifting in
that region of the galaxy. The Iyanden Craftworld spearheaded many
efforts to utterly destroy all Chaos taint around them, and later, the
Tyranid Hive Fleets.

But after one of their major encounters with a monstrous Chaos traitor
pirate fleet, Iyanden was struck a devastating blow; Yriels foolhardy
arrogance allowed the slimmest, smallest attack against the Craftworld
itself. As they made repairs and Yriel banished himself, the Craftworld
tried to continue without him. Eldrad had shown up with Bonesingers
to help, warning Iyanden of the Tyranids coming to destroy their

They, in their arrogance, ignored him.

Just a years time after Eldrads warning, the Farseers of Iyanden
realized that the Tyranids were coming, and had enveloped and
surrounded the Craftworld. The High Admiral that took Yriels place
took what fleet there was on the outer rim of the Craftworld as it
turned westward. Performing a series of hit-and-run attacks, he was
able to harass Hive Fleet Krakens vanguard, but they were but
pinpricks. Eventually, he destroyed a whole freakin star, detonating
and setting nuclear fire to a whole entire system, destroying tens of
thousands of Tyranid vessels.

But even the destruction of a whole star did not slow down the Kraken,
did not even consume the majority of the Tyranids, and several were
able to endure the explosion. In the absence of their greatest military
hero Yriel, the Great Devourer of Hive Fleet Kraken descended on
Iyanden. Pouring wave upon wave of Tyranids and desecrating
Iyanden, the Craftworld mustered all capable of fighting.

Since then, Iyanden has been reduced to a shadow of its former glory,
bitterly struggling to regain what was lost, and utilizing all manner of
horrifying terror weapons such as the Hemlock Wraithfighter and
continued overuse of Wraithbone constructs that have refused to sleep
in the Infinity Circuit.

Ironically, while Alaitoc is most rigid and unyielding to the paths to
avoid another disastrous fate such as the Fall, they are the most
lacking; for it is their strong dedication to the paths that drives off the
young and energetic. For this reason, Alaitoc features the strongest
number of allies; the starstriders, Rangers and followers of the
Wandering Path. The highest count of corsairs and rangers that come
from Alaitoc cannot fully be accounted for as there are so many and
they spread across the galaxy so wide. It is about this Craftworld that
the Imperium is most familiar with as they have captured many of their
stray flock.

These Outcasts experience an almost harsh return to friends and family
that do not take their choice of path lightly. It is a thing detested, but
by their nature these wanderers among the stars are very valuable.
Being highly isolated in the furthest regions of the galaxyattempting
to stay as far away from all other civilizationAlaitoc knows little of
current events.

The enemies of Alaitoc are many, and the Imperium constantly chases
them down as the captured betray some light of information,
intentional or not, as to the Craftworlds whereabouts. It has even
suffered a major attack by the Imperium itself when the Dark Eldar
betrayed its location after receiving their own double-dealing from one
such wanderer. It is therefore very important as the Seers try and
figure the path Alaitoc can take to avoid a fate of destruction, the
Rangers that return bring information of impending, physical doom.

And these messengers are always welcome back into the fold when
they realize their young and impulsive desire to chance their own
destiny was an act of immature foolishness. Either when they have
finally fulfilled their impulse and long to come back to Alaitoc or can
no longer stand their lifestyle. They are grafted back into the path and
leave their old life behind.

It is possible that these returning members then wish to prevent the
same fate and the cycle begins again as they impose Alaitocs strict
code for loyalty on the path. But Alaitoc, in all of its beautiful luster,
art, and domes that contain all manner of terrain and worlds of their
own, do not always contain all those who leave. Many outcasts grow
into their life all the way into dooming themselves as Pathfinders.
Even when knowing that their soul is often at the mercy of the galaxy,
relying on the bonding friendship of other Rangers and Pathfinders to
take their spirit stone to Alaitocs infinity circuit.

But this is nothing short of a luxury, as the wild and impulsive lives of
these starstriders is dangerous, no matter how cautious and elusive
they may be. But it is this nature of them that allows them to scout
ahead of the enemy so well and disrupt enemy battle plans. So it is that
Alaitocs warriors, though few in number and concentrated in will, can
cut through a confused enemy. The Rangers and Pathfinders of Alaitoc
like eyes of a hawk constantly watch the galaxy and know all, finding
ways into enemy camps and confusing the enemy. It is mostly for
sport and old times sake, as the Pathfinders that undertake these duties
will get a very thankless return on their efforts.

== heroes ==
avatar of Khaine
When the Eldar are stirred to war, the energies and collective feelings
of destruction are pooled through the psyche of the living Craftworld.
A shift occurs in all daily activity and every Exarch can feel it. It is in
these times the heart of the Craftworld stirs. Up to that time is a heavy,
unnatural iron statue of Khaine within the Chambers of the Bloody
Handed God waiting in slumber. But with war looming, the statue
bellows with smoke as the psychic receptors in the chamber boil to life
with the battle lust. The Eldar strength of will towards war pools into
the statue itself, giving it the semblance of life.

In a ritual, an Eldar Aspect Warrior or Exarch body is selected to be
the Young King, stripped, painted in blood, and guided to the throne
room. When the doors open, light as bright as a star shines through.
His presence detected, the doors shut behind him on their own accord.
The volcanic furnaces within the room bellow with noise. What of the
Young King is really unknown, except that he is lost forever. What
walks forth from the room is the statue of Khaine, moving with solid
purpose and breathing smoke. His fingers drip with the blood of
molten magma in one, the other holding the Wailing Doom encased in
fire. The apex of Eldar war fever is reached, and the Avatar is released
upon the battlefield.

Standing three times the size of an Eldar, the Avatar pulses with
energy of war and titanic might. The encased psychic energies of
bloodlust feeds the battle-hardened determination to the Eldar warriors
around him, encouraging them onward and into daring feats. Nothing
matters to an Eldar warrior stirred up in this fashion except the
complete destruction of his foes to reach the goals of the Craftworld.

The Avatar himself is a horrific thing indeed, with the master skills of
the war god himself. In personal combat, he is one of the most skilled
and hardest to defeat, and every wound releases molten lava upon the

Thats how I like my Space Marineswell done, crispy fried.

This embodiment of walking hell on earth can release flames to bring
whole mobs of unarmored foes to ash. He can also unleash a molten,
vaporizing energy from his Wailing Doom with the energy of a dying
star. He can punch a tank and grab the screaming crewmembers,
crushing their whole body in an easy snap. A few sweeps of his
weapon can kill or incapacitate a trio of Tyranid Carnifexes.

The essence of the Avatar is immortal; should the body be slain, the
fragment of the Eldars very war god will return to its statue essence in
the center of the Craftworld, waiting again to be reborn. And to the
horror of many armies, the Avatar is unleashed multiple times for war,
not just as a desperate last-act of terrible consequence and risk, unlike
a Wraithbone construct like a Wraithlord.

But alas, I must be honest. Since the Avatar of Khaine is not any true
hero, only the once-apparition of a living god sustained by the sacrifice
of an Eldar warrior, he has become the punching bag upon which
other, alien heroes are built. You could say he is the punching bag for
the Hero of the Week in Warhammer 40,000. A crude, yet sad and
accurate detail the well define the limits of an Avatar.

A good example: against Marenus Calgar, Chapter Master of the
Ultramarines, the Avatar was able to slay multiple Space Marines, but
against the worn and tired mortal, protected by his Terminator Armor,
shielding, and ancient gauntlets, he just barely was able to withstand
not just the Avatar in combat, but his molten lava of blood was able to
cool around his power fists.

Weapon Type: Molten, Flaming Close Combat Sword/Spear
Armor Type: Ethereal runes
Mobility: 7
Training: 10 (this is the living embodiment of the god of war)
Max Range: Pistol
Preferred Range: Beneath his foot
Classification: Inspirational, Tactical Hero
Combatants: 5, One per Craftworld

Wailing Doom: In the form of a spear or sword, it is a massive and
destructive weapon, not only encased in ethereal energies, but burning
hot, summoned into existence in a battle ritual with true origins and
construction being unknown.

DEFENSE: The Avatar is a monster, and is considered in many ways
a demonic entity; the soul-housed spirit barely contained in a physical
embodiment to be used on the battlefield. Only the most dedicated
anti-tank destructive weapons touch him.

As the Avatar bleeds lava and breaths smoke, he is completely
immune to all manner of attacks that utilize forms of heat as a primary
attack (including psychic fireballs, flamers, and fusion weapons).

Prince Dick of iyanden

In Eldar folklore, Eldanesh was the greatest mortal Eldar hero of time,
was once friends to the mighty Ulthanash, both warriors who fought
side by side in many battles. However, deeds of Ulthanash brought
much woe upon the race of the Eldar and he and Eldanesh became
split in bitter rivalry. Though the two heroes fought as brothers until
the end, Craftworlds who can trace their lineage to one or the other
often breed mistrust.

Yriel however is an out-casted half-blood; his mother hails from the
noblest of lineages but his father is untraceable, very likely from
Ulthanash, meaning he would have blood from both lineages, and
possibly even from the Dark Eldar. Whatever the case, were he born of
Ulthanash and Eldanesh, it would explain his monstrous pride.

This does not excuse the dickery of his actions. The Prince of Dicks
started his career when he took command of Iyandens fleet battling
Hive Fleet Naga. He discovered that the loss of the larger bioships
controlling the smaller ones would sow discord in the Tyranids. But it
wasnt until he sent boarding parties, including hundreds of ghost
warriors (in a war that didnt concern nor threaten Iyanden) to be
sacrificed to do so. And yes, this was before Iyandens disastrous fall.

But it did not stop there: after countless successes over the course of
120 years, the Eldar encountered the Space Marine pirate Argan
Kallorax. Hailing from the Raven Guard Chapter, Kallorax turned to
Chaos and amassed a fleet larger than the whole of Iyandens own,
harrying and destroying the Imperium in the Eastern Fringe while
remaining out of their reach for justice. Iyanden had no need to
interfere except to fulfill glorious intervention and arrogant pride.
Yriel voiced out the most support for the action of course.

And what, oh dick of dicks, would the prince do to find Kallorax?
Trailing behind common trade fleets and vessels, Yriel would monitor
their passing until an attack was underway. And no, he did not
intervene as soon as he found the enemys signature. He waited until
the pirates were wholly engaged with their prey; fully intent and ready
to seize victory before the Dicks fleet would bother begin any sort of
attack. While the traders acted unknowingly as bait, in the seldom
times they survived they looked to the Eldar as their saviors.
Sometimes he would just have his ships monitor the area for distress
calls, and cared nothing for the victims. To him, better by far it was
that the dull-witted humans could make themselves useful by their
deaths than live on to pollute the galaxy.

He would find Kalloraxs shipyards and installations, his slave pens
and would attack sending waves of sleek Vampire Raiders carrying
Wraithguard and Wraithblades, killing everything and destroying all.
Yes, even the slaves. Slowly but surely, Kalloraxs supplies thinned.

While attacking an orbital station that Kallorax was in personal
command, Yriel found it difficult to dislodge the defenders with
Aspect Warriors. So to protect his own losses, he sent in waves after
wave of ghost warriors, including Wraithlords, to destroy the station.

Kallorax sorcerers were unable to divine the location of the
Craftworld, despite his hot anger wanting so desperately to strike back
at the foes hunting him down. Slaying all of his sorcerers for their
failure (for the Farseers on Iyanden were able to draw a webbing cloud
of distortion about the reality of the Craftworld, preventing the
divination of its location), he turned to demons. After sacrificing an
ungodly amount of lives, he finally drew the attention of a Slaaneshi
Demon whose own monstrous pride was able to detect that of
Iyandens, even through their psychic shielding.

Offering spirit stones (a petty and unusual request by Kalloraxs
standards, who didnt know what they were for), he set about to attack
the Craftworld. It was in this attack that Yriel met his downfall; for so
confident was he at winning he drew every single aircraft and vessel
away from Iyanden to battle Kalloraxs fleet. This meant there was no
rearguard, no Craftworld outward defenses, and no reserves.

In the final attack, the duel between the Flame of Asuryan and Riot
Hunger the flagships of the two fleets, Yriel attacked using his finest
warriors, Wraithblades and even multiple Wraithknights. The latter
were much too large to fit in Vampire Raiders (which can only hold 30
Eldar, and fewer Wraithblades), and strapping large jump jets, they
flew through the void of space directly onto the Riot Hungers hull.
Just before he could destroy the Riot Hunger, Yriel heard that three
Chaos cruisers had breached the fighting and were headed towards the
Craftworld. Knowing that there were no back-up vessels to intercept
from the Craftworld itself (every single possible ship, even every
fighter was in the battle), Yriel sent the Flame of Asuryan itself.
Abandoning his attack and laughably destroying the first and disabling
the second, the third he figured would be so easily overcome.

Three dozen torpedo launches later, and Yriel realized each was a
cyclonic warhead fit for planetary Exterminatusthey were designed
to slaughter a whole world. If there was at least one squadron of
fighters to move to attack the torpedoes, the event wouldnt have
mattered, but Iyanden was naked.

Fate paled as the Craftworlds batteries hit all but one of the torpedoes,
which vaporized a chunk of Iyanden. Tens of thousands of Eldar died
in the moment, and their Spirit Stones were destroyed in the same
instance, dooming their souls beyond to Slaanesh.

And the Prince Dick thought he was going to be hailed as a hero when
he returned to the Craftworld.

Yriel willingly chose self-exile, becoming an outcast and pirate prince
of great success rather than answer to the Seer Council and its trial for
him. And perhaps not surprisingly, a sizeable number of the fleet left
to follow him. During his life away from the Craftworld, Yriel
founded the Eldritch Raiders and became one of the most successful
and terrifying pirates to do combat with.

It was during the peril Iyanden faced under the attack from Hive Fleet
Kraken, and that they were barely able to send a telepathic message to
him through the Shadow in the Warp.

Despite living as a pirate, and having utterly defeated another pirate
fleet and merging it with his own, not a single one of his number
refused to follow him to Craftworld Iyandens call. When Yriels
Eldritch Raiders arrived, the Craftworld was completely surrounded
and the defenses all but stripped. Yriel was not only angry with the
less competent commander failing to protect Iyanden, but also with
himself for not having been here for the attack.

Wasting no time, the pirate force hammered the Hive Fleet in space.
With Yriels unprecedented skill, while still being monstrously
outnumbered, the whole fleet around the Craftworld, indeed to the
furthest reaches of their scanners, was destroyed. Not a single Tyranid
hive ship existed. Secure in knowing that the Craftworld would not be
receiving any more assault waves, he and the Raiders descended

Knowing the best chance for the Craftworlds survival lay in the
slaying of the Tyranid leader-beast, Yriel willingly cursed himself by
taking up the Spear of Twilight, once a weapon of his mighty ancestor,
Ulthanash. With it, he was able to kill the before untouched Tyrant
with a single attack, and the threat to Iyandens existence was
temporarily relieved.

Since then, Yriel had been somewhat humbled, though the fires of his
personage still burned. After the ordeal, Yriel was restored to his
position as a Price of Iyanden, commander over the warhost and
Iyandens (much deteriorated) fleet.

Weapon Type: Power Weapon
Armor Type: Wraithbone
Mobility: 5
Training: 9
Max Range: Pistol
Preferred Range: Close Combat
Classification: Tactical Leader

Plasma Grenades.

Spear of Twilight: It is said that this accursed spear contains the
baleful energies of a dying sun. Ever since he begun wielded it, he has
never slept nor eaten, and to abandon the weapon is to surely kill him.
It is a power weapon of sorts that has similar strength and capability to
that of a Witchblade or Singing Spear, except it can pierce a Space
Marine like a can opener. It was potent enough that in a single stab, it
killed the whole Hive Tyrant leading the attack on Iyanden, striking
right through its mouth and out the thick skull on the back of the head.
Eye of Wrath: A small, monomolecular device mounted over Yriels
left eye that can unleash a blast of tempest lightning against those
under his gaze. It is a highly indiscriminate weapon (and a dickish one
when used in combat with any allies), and only able to be unleashed
approximately once per battle. But this single blast is capable of
purging all manner of heavy infantry and bringing harm to any
monster not protected with the strongest or most durable materials.

DEFENSE: Forceshield (see Autarchs)

iyanna arienal

Weapon Type: Witchblade
Armor Type: Wraithbone
Mobility: 5
Training: 9
Max Range: Assault Rifle
Preferred Range: Any
Classification: Tactical Leader

In Yriels absence, Iyannas gift with the dead became a dire need when Hive Fleet Kraken struck Craftworld
Iyanden. As the Tyranids conducted their relentless attacks, sending wave upon wave against the Craftworld,
the spirit stones began to grow in frightful numbers. It was Iyanna who made it possible to turn the numerous
spirit stones into a host of Wraithbone warriors to stand off against the Tyranids, holding back the scuttling
waves and dueling with the monstrosities for the living to regroup. She was ever standing (and once deemed
dead) with the Seers, leading the battle as best she could. It was her idea to send the Avatar of Khaine to make
strides and duel with the Tyrant that was giving cohesion to the swarm. But as Tyranids have no sense of
honor (or dishonor for that matter) accepted the challenge by sending a team of no less than a dozen
Carnifexes his way.

It was to her surprise that the prodigal sonPrince Yrielreturned. So as Iyanna led the warriors of the dead,
Prince Yriel led the living warriors and together they crushed the Tyranid invaders into final destruction. After
the dreaded battle, the two characters shifted into two completely different political perspectives. Yriel
believed that the Craftworld should continue its conquest against Chaos, destroying it wherever it could be
found and opposed. Iyanna held the notion that Iyanden and Eldar could rise again in totality. She determined
with the prediction of Ynnead, a future Eldar god yet to be born, the Eldar could direct this entitys existence.

Under the new Farseer head of council, Taec Silvereye, he was able to spare what warriors Iyanden could to
Yriel to continue his conquest while splitting resources for Iyannas efforts. Neither liked having only partial
control, but it kept them going. When Rekkfists Waaagh! threatened the Iyanden Craftworld, it was the only
force able to bring both parties together in unity of purpose.

In the Battle for Antellas, a planet in the path of Iyandens movement, Yriel destroyed the orbiting forces so
Iyanna could unleash a war of terror upon the Orks. Backed largely by a force of Wraithbone constructs
(which had no need to speak or raise noise) and silent warriors such as Warp Spiders, Striking Scorpions,
Rangers, and Crimson Hunters, she began killing Ork patrols and assassinating Warbosses. All Orks loved to
fight, but knowing this, no Ork on the planet had seen an Eldar and lived to speak of it. Playing on their
senses, the Orks believed they were being harassed by the supernatural.

Yriel had largely destroyed the Ork fleet in space around the planet when at a super-random of mere slightest
chances occurredan entire Ork space hulk had dumped out of the Warp nearly right on top of Iyanden itself.

Luckily learning from his mistakes, Yriel left a full half of his fleet
back on Iyanden, but it was little screen for such a vast conglomerate
of warships and asteroids fused together. Iyanna was left to do battle
alone. Assembling the might of her full army, the Orks charged in.
Using no less than eighty Wraithfighters which before were sowing
terror in their enemies, she completely decimated the whole of the
charging Orks and their vehicles. Using a series of tellyportas, Ork
reinforcements arrived and Iyanna knew she would be doomed if Yriel
did not come to aid with his fleet.

With unexpected help from the Dark Eldar pouring in through the
Webway, Iyanden held off the Ork invasion. Yriel was able to blast
key areas around the hulk which eventually spun uselessly into space.
When he arrived on the Craftworld itself, not an Ork lived. The
combined Eldar and Dark Eldar force raced back to Antellas to find
that Iyanna had broken up the Ork attack and kept it from merging

In a reckless move, Yriel had issued a challenge at Rekkfist himself
but he wouldve been dead due to a Stompa stepping on him were it
not for Iyanna. With foresight of the event, she ordered two
Wraithknights to ensure the admirals safety, and together they
destroyed the Stompa with their Heavy Wraithcannons.

Exploiting the fortune of the chaos sown in the Orks, the Eldar forces
swept through the planet and were totally victorious. The Dark Eldar
took hundreds of caged Orks with them as payment for services

After many years of respite, Kraken threatened Iyanden again, this
time disgorged out of a warp storm made to swallow the Tyranids. It
was in the path of the new hive fleet, Leviathan, and the two could not
be allowed to merge. With Biel-Tan, the Dark Eldar, and Iyanden
combined, they were able to set a doomsday device that would destroy
the planet where the Tyranids would combine. But most of the
Farseers, including Tace Silvereye, were lost in the battle. Iyanna
Arienal is now the foremost influential authority on Iyanden.

<Iyanna turned Goth,
probably no thanks to
her chilling, frequent

Shuriken Pistol.

Spear of Teuthlas: An
ancient spear dating
back to the founding of
Iyanden. It was used by
Adrallanar of the House
of Teuthlas, who was a
mentor to many,
including Spiritseer
Iyanna. His spear was an
heirloom of his house.
He and his house
perished under Kraken
and is now carried by
Iyanna or an emissary as
a sign of her will. It is a
more potent, powerful
Singing Spear that can be thrown beyond the range of even a Shuriken

Armor of Vaul: Instead of Rune Armor, Iyanna wears the Armor of
Vaul. A strange and truly ancient artifact, it uses the wearers mental
powers to throw up a screen of impenetrable psychic energy.
Essentially, it turns her strength of willpower into a defense against all

Nuadu Fireheart Chief of the Wildriders

Come brothers, follow me, we hunt across the skies! Come, chosen of Khaine, and see how our prey, the
gangly humans flee! There is no place for them to hide under the pale face of Lileath the moon, nor under the
sun, the face of Asuryan.

Feel the rush of the wind against your skin and hear her keening cry in your ears. Listen to her call well, for
are we not the Wild Riders, the children of the storm? Enjoy the hunt brothers, let sword swing and blood
spill. Feel the beat of your heart in your chest and know that you yet live. Fear not the death brothers, for she
is old and slow, and will never catch the Windrider host. It is our enemies who are afraid, for each kiss of
our weapons brings the sweet oblivion that they crave by opposing us.

Follow me brothers, battle awaits!
Nuadhu Fireheart
Weapon Type: Power Weapon
Armor Type: Wraithbone
Mobility: 8
Training: 9
Max Range:
Preferred Range: Dead and behind him
Classification: Tactical Leader

Shuriken Cannon.

Alean: A modified, stripped down version of a Vyper that serves as a mobile platform from which Nuadu
recklessly fights from. It is likely he is likened to a Dark Eldar hover-boarding Hellion on something that is
beyond Mach-capable. He wields a power weapon in the form of a large spear

Those insane enough to follow Nuadu into battle would be those among his Kinsmen. As chief over his family feudal kindred, he can be surrounded
by his ruling elite as a form of honor guard, going into battle on Jetbikes and Vypers.

illic Nightspear

Following the Path of the Outcast for many thousands of years, Illic Nightspear is an
avid and skilled Necron fighter. Having once been captured by the deranged Necron
warlord Nemesor Zahndrekh for many long weeks (or longer). He escaped only with
the help of White Scar Space Marine Korsarro Khan, both the only survivors of the

He knows many secrets of the hidden Webway, guiding Craftworlds to attack with
whole armies from an unexpected quarter. He prefers fighting alone, appearing on the
battlefield from nowhere at his choosing. His field craft is beyond incredible, and with
his knowledge can make even an unlearned Eldar warrior almost invisible to the naked
eye anywhere but up close.

Aside from assisting his home Craftworld of Alaitoc and their allies with guidance,
scouting, and Webway attack, his best battlefield use is as a sniper assassin. From
Chaos Champions to Necron Overlords, hundreds of enemy commanders have met
their demise by his skilled sniping skills.

Weapon Type: Distortion
Armor Type: Wraithbone
Mobility: 5
Training: 7
Max Range: 2+ Kilometers
Preferred Range: 2+ Kilometers
Classification: Tactical Leader

Voidbringer: A special distortion Eldar sniper rifle, when coupled with Illics supremacy of accuracy can instantly desecrate all manner of enemies,
from commanders to vehicles. Tearing a small hole in the Warp as any distortion weapon, he can do so with extreme precision, banishing weak
points, heads, or whole figures into the Warp.

Illic Nightspear is usually accompanied by a band of Eldar Pathfinders who would follow him anywhere. They have learned to train with him in the
arts of marksmanship, the secrets of the Webway, and field craft. He also has very particular skilled knowledge about fighting Necrons, and probably
where to strike best to prevent their reanimation.

Phoenix Lords

== army Faction leader ==
= Eldrad Ulthran =

Eldrad is the most powerful among us. He is the sun which eclipses the light
of our stars. He is Ulthw and the fate of our kind rests in his hands. His eyes
are the keenest, no detail goes unnoticed. Four thousand runes can he cast,
guiding our path through torment and war, death and salvation. He is the
pathfinder, the seeker, the true guide. Even your race has trembled before
his might, though you may not have known it. It was he who guided us to the
Ork known as Ghazghkull, and commanded us to steer his path to your world
of Armageddon. Ten thousand Eldar lives would have been lost if he had not
done so. What sacrifice is a million humans for such a cause?

He knows your affairs better than you do yourself. He warned that weakling
seer you call Emperor of the treachery of Horus and the strife which would
engulf us, just as it engulfed the rest of the galaxy. But your arrogance
deafened you to his words. Your stupidity almost destroyed the galaxy, yet
you never knew how close the forces of light were to our ultimate defeat. He
saw the Great Devourer and warned our kin on Iyanden even before they
had neared our galaxy.

To him all futures are laid out, just as your crude implements of torture are
laid out on the cold metal of that shelf. You say we are random and
capricious, we say you are vulgar and idiotic. Some of you call us enemies.
All races are our enemy in time. Some of you call us allies. You are not allies,
any more than a butchers knife is his ally. You are tools, nothing more. To
be used and expended to protect our race, that is your fate.

Your kind think you are so magnificent, yet even now, at the nadir of our
power, we can manipulate you, turn you to our ends, as easily as you might
pull a trigger and fire a gun. Our time will come again, Eldrad has promised
us. Once more you upstart mon-keigh shall kneel before our power! This time
we will not be so lenient! We will exterminate you, every world, every vessel,
every one of you! Eldrad has seen the stars stained red with your blood and
it pleases him!

You think us weak, but we will be your doom, children of Earth.

Interrogation of captured Eldar Ranger

Leman Russ tanks being tossed like toys by Eldrads Eldritch Storm

Height: ~6 feet
Weight: Unknown
Age: 10,000+ years
Training: 10
Hero Bonus: Almost everything imaginable
Preferred Range: Anywhere needed
Role: Overall military guide

The most powerful and well-known Farseer is by far Eldrad Ulthran,
head of the Ulthw seer council. In his lifetime over eons of
experience, Farseer Ulthran has guided not just Ulthw, but the
entirety of the Eldar raceand the whole galaxyaway from certain
destruction. He is incredibly ancient, if not the absolute oldest of any
and all Eldar, being well over ten thousand years old.

Regardless of his age, out of the mouth from this master comes
nothing but wisdom, fortune, or doom. Either by predicting minor
battlefield movements or occurrence centuries ahead from the time he
sees it, he bends the fingers of fate to make things happen as he would
see fit. It is said that Eldrad holds the galaxys future on a string. He
was there when the Emperor of Mankind stretched his empire to the
edges of the galaxy. And it was he who warned him of the Horus
Heresy, giving the god of Man a chance to prevent the greatest
catastrophe in Human history.

Eldrad has also been able to predict the warp rift tearing open on
Haran. He led the forces of Ulthw, pointing to weaknesses and
possibilities that always came to pass, rarely speaking in the present.
Walking through warp storms, stopping the chants of the Chaos forces
for power, he could direct it all like a symphony, only limited by the
time-space continuum running in the present.

The great Farseer has also foreseen the movements of the Tyranids and
the Hrud, urging the remnants of his still proud Eldar brethren to step
cautiously. Sometimes he is heeded, and those who listen are rewarded
with avoiding fate worse than death. Those who ignore him are
punished by destruction. But Eldrad will usually have his way, and
will do all in his power to change the paths of others. That is, if such
actions would save the race of Eldar.

Under his direction, the Eldar have become allies to nearly every other
sentient race in some form or another. In the Tau, he saw a valuable
future ally and stopped Hive Fleet Naga from erasing them from
history. For humanity, Eldrad personally saw to it that the Horus
Heresy be stopped with the aid where the Eldar could. Eldrad saw the
coming of the rising Necrons and has worked tirelessly to abstain their
complete awakening of their dynasties.

Eldrad Ulthran is even the reason the Ork Warlord Ghazghkull Thraka
is in power over the Orks in this very tournament, directing Eldar
forces to attack specific targets in an Ork encampment to ensure
Thraka became ultimately the most powerful Warboss. It was through
this that Thraka directed attacks against the Imperium and forged the
rivalry with Commissar Yarrick as opposed to another warlord who
would have attack patterns that would endanger thousands of Eldar

Such is the power and influence a Farseer can have on the fate of the
galaxy. And yet, few if any know that it is the Farseer who directs
these occurrences.

On the battlefield, Eldrad is so powerful a Farseer he can cast four
thousand runes (compared to a handful by others), eclipsing and
foreseeing nearly every potential possibility of the fates around him
and about the Eldar.

Adaptive Creativity: 77/100 It is very hard to take Eldrad by
surprise and make him change his pace of thought or overall plans
(instead he changes based on his opponents future decisions), but it
has happened, forcing him into lesser options.

Intuition: 92/100 Duh.

Strategy: 89/100 Eldrad is a near-perfect Farseer, as his direct
divinations have never been wrong. He can foresee the feats of whole
worlds and many individuals, and why their fates come to pass. With
this, he can plot and plan the absolute best way to move Eldar forces
towards total victory, and further, to have an outcome with the fewest
friendly casualties. If there is a means to the preferred end, Eldrad will
most likely see it. The limitation comes in that the feats in the skein
change constantly as each bullet passes; each explosion and facial
expression changes the warriors original intentions. And as always,
the least-possible, most random occurrence is likely to avoid his gaze.
And if he can foresee impossibility, its likely he wont even urge
others to try. But all of his strategic victory is only possible thanks to
foretelling the exact and specific events and actions of individuals,
even centuries before they happen.

Tactics: 92/100 See Strategy. While long-term strategic feats can be
easily changed over time as other opportunities and decisions by others
are made, a specific battlefield situation is actually capable of greater
clarity. Figuring the things here and now and at hand is much easier
than in the distant future. Farseers, Eldrad no different, constantly
make slight adjustments to battle plans, even as they are on their way
to the battlefield and as soon as they begin to deploy!

Audacity: 68/100 Eldrad could be considered pretty daring, trusting
in the skein and the most likely probabilities to continue the press of
an attack. As he sees success gaining probability in the threads of the
future, he would as any Farseer encourage it, but as they wane, he
must either find ways to bring it to greater clarity or call for a retreat
before disastrous events occur. Eldar Farseers have been known to do
this, calling forces back suddenly minutes before total tactical victory
could be achieved.

Psychological Warfare: 61/100 Most of Eldrads victories come
from manipulation of the environment and killing the enemys
willingness to fight (or their potential existence to beat him at a later
time) rather than waste Eldar lives in a brutal struggle of attrition. But
he still utilizes Force and battle as a means to that end.

Intelligence: 78/100 Living as long as he has and knowing as much
as he does, Eldrad is going to have a very fine Intelligence factor. It
takes extreme wisdom to divine the threads through the skein, judge
what to do in those situations, and interpret the meanings of runes that
are cast.

Experience: 90/100 Having fought nearly every race in the galaxy
for ten thousand years as they existed in his time, Eldrad has nearly
seen it all, including the feats and people of importance of every
influential race in the galaxy. As such, he does not need direct
experience to know the extent of who they are and how they operate.

Leadership: 79/100 Eldrad is capable of uniting age-old foes and
mend bitter rivalries or misunderstandings to fight against greater evils
and common enemies. He is both a strategic and tactical genius as his
experience on the battlefield runs deep, though actual military
command often lies elsewhere, nobody in the Eldar society look away
his judgment or suggestion, and for those others that do their doom
often awaits them. Within his own Craftworld brethren, he is not even
always successful, as Iyanden has shown, though the lessons of this
past are probably now avoided as plain to see.

Corruption: 40/100 Eldrad is considered a dick in how he is
perfectly willing to destroy whole civilizations to save a few thousand
Eldar lives. But this would be the case for most Eldar. At his core, he
is not actually evil or corrupt in any sense.

Discipline: 88/100 It takes a great amount of discipline to study the
runes, known their secret meanings as they form together, and interpret
the skein. All the while, resisting the temptation within the Dome of
the Crystal Seers to become fully one with the Craftworld.

Witchblade, Shuriken Pistol

Staff of Ulthamar: The Staff of Ulthamar allows Eldrad to channel
more psychic energies than normally possible by other Farseers, with
it acting as a conduit. In combat, he focuses the energies at destroying
those around him. Upon striking an opponent, it is easily capable of
destroying a portion of the very physical essence of the target through
raw psychic might. Such a weapon ignores physical armor of all kinds.

Armor of the Last Runes: In addition to the normal potency of
circling Runes to protect Farseers, the scripts upon Eldrads breastplate
are incredibly powerful wards against harm of any and all kinds. One
schooled in deciphering Eldar runes would see they speak of enduring
until the final dying of the light. This field of psychic energy even
protects him from psychic harm and attacks on his mind (as if his mind
isnt powerful enough as it is!). It essentially activates when danger is
perceived coming towards Eldrad. A boulder that should have surely
crushed him simply lands next to him for no explained or foreseeable
reason; blades that should slice through his head miss or are deflected
by mystical energies. Bullets seem to just wiz and zip by him as if the
attacker is a poor shot or impact against an unseen energy.

If this were not enough, Eldrad is able to further reduce damage
imposed on him by being able to walk and move in such a way that
missing is inevitable, bending, twisting, or utilizing the butterfly effect
to throw off his attackers aim; maybe a gust of wind or spat of dirt
lands in their eye at the precise moment, or he happens to walk behind
ample enough cover when the shot is fired.

The more dedicated and stronger the attack is, the harder it misses as
Eldrad predicts the most possible futures and scenarios, planning
accurately for multiple failures. At best, only an unrelenting, heedless
barrage of attacks can scratch him. When coupled with Precognition, it
prevents roughly 89% of successful attacks from touching Eldrad.

Another weakness is that psychic powers are specifically channeled
through the will of the user, and can, with a stroke of luck and mindful
will, be warded off. Should the ailing affects of a psychic power be
targeted on a defender, they have a 1 in 6 chance of warding off the
effect. By the same token however, Eldrad as a powerful psyker is able
to ward off mentally and willpower-based attacks on his own at greater
ease. This represents him channeling such willpower into a dominating
force itself with the Warp.

army X-factors
MORALE: 88/100 For the most part, the Eldar have little to hope
for in the future, and their very reason for fighting in any conflict is
mere survival. This gives them over to a sense of desperation that,
while they wont attack in mindless droves, will show their intense
bravery in any situation. With warriors in their battle masks, they
desire death and destruction on their hands at any cost, and it matters
not whose blood is shed, warrior, civilian, animalistic foe, so long as
the ending of some form of life can be wrought. Farseers themselves
know the full extent of the greatest possibilities and will only
withdraw when the possibility of victory turns into absolute, great

LOGISTICS: 80/100 The Eldars Wraithbone is grown out of near
nothingness, crafted and shaped by Bonesingers, with any damaged
parts simply needing grafts or accelerated growth for repair. All of
their equipment, weapons, and supplies are warped directly into the
necessary location, making interference impossible. However the
Eldar warriors need to eat great amounts of food to keep themselves
fueled once they put on their war mask. And while Wraith constructs
need absolutely nothing to sustain them, they still require some form
of guidance. Many Eldar weapons utilize very small amounts of
resources but they are not wholly infinite as power cores and
munitions can eventually run dry. Also in death (as seen in Additional
Factors) can serve, their souls recycled into potential use.

DISCIPLINE: 88/100 The Craftworld Eldar are an extremely
cohesive, pinpoint, graceful force. With their war masks, they fear
little and will only want to shed blood and cause destruction. Wraith
constructs are entirely fearless, while Farseers have seen so many
potential grim deaths of their own that they are tiresomely aware that
death comes to all and exhibit a state of calm in nearly any battle.

ESPIONAGE: 67/100 The Eldar are quite certainly capable of
grand feats of espionage. From the ability to attack from the skies,
shield their existence through psychic mind rape, directly attacking
through Webway portals even at breakneck speeds, and even
teleporting right on sight. However, most of the time such attacks
arent deemed necessary or considered too dangerous to enact. Instead,
subtler versions of it are employed through futuristic divination on a
strategic scale. For example, specific individuals may be aimed at for
battlefield assassination to prevent their future success against the
Eldar. There is also the manipulation and destruction of neutral
resources as seen fit to cause future problems and demoralization to
the enemy.

ARMY INTIMIDATION: 60/100 The Eldar will usually seek to
resolve things peacefully, without even interacting with other races if
possible. They can pluck at the strings of fate through their Farseers
guidance to influence and drive events as they need. But since their
survival is almost wholly dependent upon war, the usual sad case is
that the Eldar must destroy the lives of hundreds of thousands, even
millions, to preserve a handful of Eldar. Once they go into battle, the
Eldar will bring about an air of destruction, dread, and despair upon
their foes, utilizing and playing on their very innermost fears as a

REASON FOR BATTLE: The Eldar have a two-fold reason to do
battle. One is to reclaim their old empire they once had in the galaxy,
and to be given a second chance would be most glorifying. The second
is to curb their eventual, some say imminent, demise. Their race is
dying, and they are in desperate times just to hold on to their very

REINFORCEMENT RATE: Low This is perhaps the absolute
greatest weakness of the Eldar. They are skimming the edge of
existence with barely even a billion (if that) in their total existence,
though some might put the figures lower than a hundred million. With
all five major Craftworlds working together in support of this
expeditionary force, they will each have specialized powerful units.
They could not afford to dedicate very many troops to battle.

== additional factors ==

Trio of Wraithlords spearhead the Eldar advance, each armed with a shoulder-mounted Starcannon and Shuriken Cannon, also each using a Bright
Lance as a rifle; supported by a super-heavy Scorpion tank as War Walkers trail behind

QUALITY vs QUANTITY: Quality The Eldar in the strictest sense will send as many warriors as they can for each specific mission, to ensure
success while minimizing their own casualties on the broader strategic scale. That said, they are highly given over to quality in every fine detail, from
weapon to warrior. Guardian support and even ghost warriors are used only in dire circumstances when the whole of the Aspect Warriors are not
enough to fulfill the needs of each campaign or battle.

= Specific advantages =
When Eldar warriors die, their spirit stones must be retrieved and brought back to the Infinity Circuit less they fall into the wrong hands, or worse,
risk having their souls evaporate into the void for Slannesh to pick them up. These warriors however can in turn be secured into Wraithbone
constructs such as Wraithguard and Wraithblades, or utilized in the circuitry of weapons and vehicles, guiding and assisting future users. In this way,
the Eldars very death can be recycled and utilized in some form or another.

Between the Exarches and the oldest, wisest Farseers, and the race as a whole, even a young Eldar is an ancient being compared to Humans, living a
potential many thousands of years. And even in death, the most skilled and discerned leaders can be resurfaced from death by the Infinity Circuit.
Their council and leadership can be drawn upon for guidance. The Exarches themselves are all highly skilled in their specialty, having killed many
thousands of enemies in countless battles, matched in the galaxy only by the Imperiums Space Marines, and not even they are usually so old. Each
Exarch can draw their experiences all the way back to when they were taught by the Phoenix Lords who founded their shrines, and even relive their
dozen or so deaths and improve upon those failures.

On top of the Exarches are the Wraithbone constructs. Certain individuals, such as a Wrathseer housing the soul of a very powerful Farseer or a
Wraithlord with that of an overly successful Autarch. These can be added to the war council to further guide and help aid the living, often lesser-
experienced Eldar.

Eldar technology is psych-linked to the Eldar who use them. This allows for their extremely fast reflexes to be paired with weapons that obey on the
instance of command. They dont even need to speak commands. Fingers do not need as many buttons, dials, or controls as other races, and triggers
are operated at thought-speed. Uniquely, this can only ever be accessed and utilized by the Eldar who can merge their psychic-specialized minds with
the weapons and equipment in question, and only the crudest, ramshackle forms of construction and armor can be brought about by using damaged
Wraithbone. And if you are a race with psykers, dont try; the attempt has driven others insane or complete death. It also makes their communication
and stored information incapable of being hacked.

With a non-physical awareness of their existence, the Eldar have, from a very young age, learned to block the whispers and intentions of temptations
from others. While it is not 100% full proof, it is the first, automated response of an Eldar to resist being converted to any force, up to and including
Chaos. Such telepathic barriers were raised for the intention of forcing Eldar minds to remain contained and not attract the attention of demonic
forces of the Warp. As this goes straight to their spirit forms, it will also convert to influencing their physical bodies and the medium of mind
between the two.

= Specific Disadvantages =
This is the most glaring of the Eldars weaknesses. They all focus on
very high quality troops, technology, and weapon sets, and live on a
dire existence. These are desperate times for the Craftworld Eldar, and
they would much rather sit tightening up and not be touched or
affected by any other race or galactic influence. But such cannot be
done in a time of endless, growing war. Most of the battles the
Craftworld Eldar enact are either to attempt gaining their old empire
but more often than not, to hold fast their very existence. They will
probably have the lowest number of reinforcements in the tournament.

If the Eldar are forced into a pitched battle, where giving ground is
against their needs or becomes impossible, the Eldar look to the
Wraithbone constructs and Phantom Titans supported by Revenants.
Aside from this, the Eldar are very much unwilling to stand up to an
enemy bombardment, preferring to skillfully avoid the prospect,
weaving around their enemies with guile tactics, using holo-fields and
cunning use of cover, as well as the nature of exotic weapons to keep
from marching in solid formation against the enemy.

The Eldars specific units and their vehicles are all armed in a very
particular way. Each warrior and pilot has their own specific
preference and equipment line-up. While the Tau Battlesuits and tanks
actively refit individual units to specifically target and battle the
enemies they face (for example, they can mount large numbers of
fusion, plasma, and ionic weapons when fighting Space Marines en
mass. Then they can return to base and all the same warriors and
vehicles can exchange their weapons to field a mass of pulse, burst,
and explosive weapons against a numerical front of Imperial Guard
infantry), the Eldar do not carry the luxury nor desire. A squad of Dire
Avengers cannot pick up Fusion Guns and follow a Fire Dragon
Exarch because the enemy sports an unusual amount of heavy infantry
or tanks. By the same token, a Scorpion heavy tank equipped with dual
Pulsars and a Scatter Laser would not exchange them for a Distortion
Cannon and Bright Lance, becoming a Cobra. All Eldar vehicles and
weapons are works of art, carefully crafted as fit by the Bonesingers,
and the chosen role of each Aspect Warrior is particular to the
individual warriors specific and preferred methodology of destruction.
Even the equipment of an Autarch, though his options wide, chooses
each piece of gear in a highly ritualized and rare occasion, carefully
selecting each piece from each Aspect Shrine. Once chosen, there is no
turning back.

As such, an Eldar force is usually made up of varying degrees of
different units and aspects of Khaine to cover all potential threats and
ground. There is some room for a little flexibility based upon the
specializations of each Craftworld.

Suffice to say, gains is not going to favor the Eldar in any sense of the intended concept. The Eldar have shown extreme distaste (to gagging,
vomiting proportions) in eating human cooked food. And in the specific incident, it was food of [human] delicacy! They find it often low in quality
and over-seasoned and will most likely not even touch anything but the purest, best quality food. So theyre not even going to be taking the gruel
rations of their enemies, much less obtain any sort of biological gains.

The Eldar are also not inept at using other forms of technology as pirate raiders have demonstrated, but they have little desire or need to. Their core
technology is activated at thought-speed, and forms a familiar base of linking to their psychic mindset. Even if some weapons are found to be of
similar or superior quality, the Eldars familiarity with their own Wraithbone cores and preference to guidance from spirit stones makes such
advantages worthless. Perhaps the only technology they might be interested in would be a superior, safer form of teleportation (as every race in the
galaxy currently teleports through the Warp).

= Past Opponents =

Many might be instantly tempted to place the races in Warhammer
40,000 and their factions in a specific ascending and descending order
of superiority. In some cases this would be true but as the Eldar show,
it is a far more complicated game of rock-paper-scissors when whole
factions are contained to hand-picked engagements.

ORKS: Orks have been around for a very long time and even the
Eldar have difficulties eradicating them entirely. Now that the Eldar
are so fractured and skimming the edge of existence, they have to be
very selective of whom they fight. Unfortunately, while Chaos would
be their preferred focus, the nature of Orks wont see it that way. In
actual battle, the Eldar would do extremely well against the Orks, and
unleashing everything they can to stop their destructive nature they do.

But the confrontation and planning around Orks, the Eldar do run into
serious problems. In directing their path against other races, like when
Eldrad Ulthran mustered the Eldar to specifically raise Ghazghkull
Thraka, the overall problem can be contained (or redirected). But in
predicting their nature entirely on a tactical scale can be messy. The
Orks thrive on random acts of barbarianism, being extremely
unpredictable and collectively pooling their willpower into the great
Waaagh! As such, they remain a hard and difficult opponent to
completely overcome, but the Orks can rarely get any strong foothold
against the Eldars tactical abilities, such as that from the genius of
Autarchs and the reliance on extreme quality over quantity.

From the Orks, the Eldar have learned to curb their pride and
frustration, and understand very deeply what underestimating a foe can
do in the long-term strategy.

IMPERIUM OF MAN: The Eldar seem to quite loathe fighting
humans because they are ignorant and do not know what they do.
While there isnt a great deal of sympathy for them besides, the Eldar
have and do work alongside them for greater purposes (normally as
meat shields). It can be like a single adult trying to work with a mob of
rebellious teenagers. Against the Imperium, on such a huge front, the
Eldar have suffered a few losses, some of which the Eldar couldnt
afford and probably shouldnt have been fighting with in the first

Against the Imperium, the Eldar thoroughly know the nature of men,
and will have a difficult time having any other outlook on humans in
other factions. It would be up to the divining Farseers to look into
skein about the humans they encounter to determine their action. And
last-resort weapons are used with terrible regret against them.

DARK ELDAR: The Craftworld Eldar have had interesting and
bizarre relationships with their dark kin. On a one-to-one tactical level,
they are the only ones capable of equally matching each other, and can
fight in a battle for weeks without any noticeable end-victor. The
nature of each Eldar faction means the can compete with the extreme
skill and deceptive technology. In a duel of combat, both sides would
be hard-pressed to overcome the other though Dark Eldar frequently
fight each other as much as anyone else, giving them some edge.

The age of experience and numerical supremacy is another winning
factor for the Dark Kin of Commorragh. But the Craftworlds have
psychic input, the Farseers for strategic guide, and for the most part,
greater durability. In battles, they can seek to punish each other or
complement each other, usually dependant on the Dark Eldars

TYRANIDS: No thanks to Iyandens exploits and greatest losses to
the Tyranids, they have some of the most excellent experience against
the Tyranids. Other Craftworlds have also dealt with them and know
their nature is so horrifying that the most extreme measures must be
taken to stop them. Against such a massive horde of enemies that eats
nearly everything in their path, the Eldar know how to best tend to
their resources for maximum effectiveness. All manner of doomsday
and last resort weapons are unleashed as soon as possible on their
number and great preparation can be made (such as the complete
eradication of all life on planets in their path) to weaken them.

SPACE MARINES: The Eldar have had their fair share of fighting
against the Space Marines. And everywhere the Space Marines appear
in strength, the Eldar have had some failures and struggling sacrifices.
Against typical Imperial forces, a single squad of five Striking
Scorpions can kill dozens or more with coordination with other Aspect
Warriors. Eldar of relatively little combat experience can kill a score
themselves and dueling with them is beyond so very easy. But against
the Space Marines, it takes monstrous effort and many predicted
losses. The same force of Striking Scorpions it would take to bring
down an up-and-coming Warboss and his fellow Nobz would barely
hold out against a mere Sergeant and his battle brothers.

That said, the Eldar do know and understand at times they can be
bargained with, manipulated, and negotiated with. And it can also only
take the overzealous nature of Space Marines, and letting them seize
victory can the secret true mission be accomplished.

TAU EMPIRE: Due to the youth of the race, Eldrads feeling of
promise towards them, and their rare, non-evil nature, there is little
experience between the Tau and Eldar. They are aware of each others
presence, and they have done ill battle, against the wishes of both
sides. Much like against the Dark Eldar, the Tau and Craftworld Eldar
have their matches against each other. In most respects the Eldar have
superior forces, soldiers, and widespread use of specialist weapons, but
the Taus numerical strength, determination, and technology do allow
them to keep up. Without extreme or disastrous war between these two
races, it is hard to tell how any long-term action would be in effect.

NECRONS: This is one race that, in lore, the
Eldar have had the most difficulty. Even
predicting their nature and knowing their intent,
the Necrons have been a sleeping dread that the
Eldar have only recently needed to encounter.

The Necrons do not have the farsight or psychic
abilities of the Eldar, but from fighting the Old
Ones (and once fighting each other thousands
of years before Humans existed), the Necrons
know the psychic weakness and have sought to
exploit it. Once when the Eldar had their
mighty empire stretch across the stars, they
were able to defeat the Necrons. But today in
their fractured state, the many phalanxes of the
Necrons means they are extremely durable foes
that are very hard to break for common Eldar
weaponry like shurikens and lasers.

This is made worse by the fact the Necrons
have, in their own way, superior technology to
the Eldar in purely technical terms, which is a
very rare advantage.

FORCES OF CHAOS: The Eldar do well against the servants of Chaos in most regards. Eldrad Ulthran was able to predict the nature of Chaos
Space Marines, and they know all too well how devastating Chaos can be. They have little qualm (annoyance mostly for having to spend lives on it)
to battle and slaughter innocents to prevent their future taint. Though these battles might not prevent the inevitable, they do prevent the most likely.
But once Chaos has gotten its foothold, and can tempt the weakened nature of any Eldar, whole Craftworlds can be consumed. Slaanesh, the Prince
of Pleasure himself, has seen his creation through the manipulation of the wiles of lusting Eldar. If it were up to the Craftworlds, they would throw all
of their available resources at just destroying Chaos and stopping their bleeding diseased nature from spilling anymore into the galaxy. But even the
Farseers, as they had trouble totally depicting the full scale of Tyranids, have had a hard time grasping the full spread of Chaos. But the Eldar have
successfully spent tiresome resources to prevent Chaos from gaining any strong foothold in the Eastern Fringe.