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welcome words from the general manager, a
photo what we love, and a prominent
gentleman whom we have hosted.




Interview with attila Bencze, our hotel’s Royal
spa pool attendant on his duties and his
favorite hobbies.

plan your programs with us!
we have listed a number of events
for you to enjoy.

Corinthia hotel Budapest won the prestigious
‘europe award’ in the Cristal International
standards global awards for 2013.

> In the wake of an extremely wet september
we trust that we will all be able to enjoy an
Indian summer in october. however,
irrespective of the weather, our hotel has
plenty of great programs to offer.
our themed sunday Brunches are in full swing
again, with entertainment at the focal point.
In autumn, as the supply of fresh fruits
gradually begins to dwindle, honey is of
increasing significance in our nutrition,
therefore the topic of our first brunch is,
naturally enough, the showcasing of
specialities featuring honey, and how these
delicacies get to the table. after this you can
submerge yourselves in the atlantic ocean
where seafood takes center stage. and having
crossed to the other side of the ocean, it is
time to experience the colorful world of
mexico. after spicy mexican food, the final
brunch of the month is devoted to the
delicious hungarian sausage (kolbász). october
would not be october without a beer festival.
For two whole weeks, a wide variety of beers
will be the main attraction in le Bar lobby.
we take great pleasure in reporting that our
hotel won the prestigious europe prize at the
global awards ceremony of the Cristal
International standards Center. This is official
recognition that the hotel reached and
continuously maintained, to an outstanding level,
the highest standards of health and safety
provisions in europe, and that we invested
significant energy into ensuring that all our guests
enjoy a safe and pleasurable stay in our hotel.
This month’s edition provides another insight
into the life and work of one of our long serving
colleagues, attila Bencze, pool attendant at the
Royal spa. péter from the kitchen shares another
fine recipe and in order that this dish can be
accompanied by a dessert, attila, our pastry Chef,
reveals his very own chocolate and sea salt
caramel éclair recipe. The Royal spa takes care of
our spiritual and physical wellbeing this autumn.
Furthermore, we learn about the benefits of espa
Body Butter, something that would make the
perfect gift.
I trust that you will enjoy the october edition
of our journal and you will find within its
pages programs that meet your needs and
Thomas m. Fischer | geneRal manageR

> CONTEMPORARY LUXURY - your second home in our refurbished suite..

CoRInThIa hoTel BudapesT has Been
awaRded CRIsTal InTeRnaTIonal
sTandaRds’ pResTIgIous ‘euRope awaRd’
FoR The hIghesT level oF healTh and
saFeTy sTandaRds In euRope.

aBouT CoRInThIa hoTel
> Corinthia hotel Budapest is an

award-winning member of the
Corinthia hotels brand. The hotel
originally opened as the grand hotel
Royal in 1896 and was entirely
renovated and, in parts, rebuilt in 2003,
following its acquisition by Corinthia
hotels. among its many attributes, the
hotel features a majestic grand
Ballroom and the ‘Royal spa’- itself an
extensive renovation of an original
19th century spa which adjoined the
original hotel - that has once again
regained its rightful place as
Budapest’s most luxurious spa.

Corinthia hotel Budapest was
officially recognised as having
achieved and maintained the highest
levels of health and safety standards
in europe, excelling among all the
other establishments that
incorporate the Cristal program by winning the prestigious ‘europe award’ in the
Cristal International standards global awards for 2013.
e-Cristal is used by Corinthia hotel Budapest to collect and share real-time data
on food, safety, ecology, fire, water, pool and room checks. e-Cristal, developed in
accordance with the world health organisation, gives managers 24/7 control
across all properties. Collecting this information has helped Corinthia hotel
Budapest's management to maintain consistently high standards, which is upheld
by independent audits undertaken on a monthly basis.
steve Tate, chairman at Cristal International standards explains, “every year, we are
delighted to highlight a hotel that has consistently achieved outstanding levels of
health and safety. we have been extremely impressed with Corinthia hotel
Budapest’s hard work to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for guests.”
“since working with Cristal International standards, we have significantly raised our
health and safety standards. This award recognises all our efforts, and we are
extremely proud to receive such an accolade. safety is one of our highest priority
– both for our guests and our staff." said mr. Thomas m. Fischer, general manager
of Corinthia hotel Budapest.

George Soros


The grand story
oF CoRInThIa hoTel BudapesT

Chapter 1


Attila Bencze,

> when visitors to Budapest are walking on

How long have you worked at the hotel?
I started working in the Royal spa as a pool attendant on october 16, 2010. It is my first and only
position in the hotel.

elizabeth Boulevard toward octogon square,
they pass a remarkably beautiful French
renaissance building, the legendary grand
hotel Royal – today Corinthia hotel Budapest.
upon seeing such an inviting sight, one may
not consider the great history behind the old
The route of the grand Boulevard (nagykörút)
was marked out during the 1870’s along with
andrássy street, Budapest’s most impressive
avenue. The road went through a thinly

populated part of suburban Budapest, so its
development was rather slow, and only a few
buildings were constructed in the 1870’s. The
real development of the grand Boulevard began
once andrássy avenue was completed in 1884.
The grand hotel Royal was originally opened
for visitors to the highly successful millennium
exhibition in 1896. a joint-stock company,
established by the most important hotel
owners, including the chairman Frigyes glück
and the planner architect Rezsô Ray, had
succeeded in purchasing the largest piece of
real estate on the newly developed grand

meeT The sTaFF

What are your duties?
my job is pretty varied. my most important tasks include keeping the spa area clean and tidy,
checking the temperature of the water in the pool and jacuzzis, coordinating the guests and making
sure they enjoy the most relaxing of environments. Furthermore, I am responsible for refilling
hygiene appliances, replenishing the textiles, disinfecting slippers used by guests, shifting stocks
that have been ordered and, last but by no means least, providing first aid and lifesaving in the case
of an accident. luckily, this has only ever been for very minor injuries.

Boulevard. By this time the grand Boulevard
had become the main artery of the capital city
and the hotel rooms enjoyed superb views of
this most attractive part of Budapest. The
official opening ceremony was may 1, 1896. The
hotel comprised 232 guest rooms, 20 individual
apartments in the adjacent building and attic
rooms for the staff. The architectural style was
French renaissance and the latest technology
of the era was used throughout.
The aim was to create a building equipped for
the highest levels of luxury, with high quality
services and professionally organised
operations. Besides the facilities (post office,
bank, hairdresser, and ticket office), guests and
the public had access to two restaurants, a
café, a gerbeaud confectionery and private
dinning rooms. In the cellar could be found not
only a grocery store but also a bar. In the
western cour d’honneur a palm garden made
the court more attractive.

What was your happiest experience in relation to the hotel?
since I have had very many good and memorable moments in the past four years, it is very difficult
to pick out just one. But perhaps I could mention my overall work experience. I am lucky enough
to work with an excellent group of people in the spa, so for me, it is a good experience how we
help each other in our work, making it easier by working together in a team, and how we are all
dedicated both to the guests and the spa. In my view this is precisely the sort of thing that makes
a person return home after a tiring day with a really good feeling.
What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
sport has been a part of my everyday life for a long time. I still spend a large proportion of my
leisure time playing sports. I swim, which goes well with my job, and at the same time it is perfect
for relaxing and it re-energizes my body.

To be continued…

Corinthia hotel lisbon
> with its heart and soul in the mediterranean
and its history linked to the atlantic, lisbon is
one of europe’s most intriguing cities enjoying a
dramatic, mythical setting on seven hills that
stretch along the banks of the River Tagus. The
city from where the great explorers set off to
discover new continents in the 15th century is as
visionary and as cosmopolitan today; its
monuments and stunning architecture are now
the backdrop to vibrant creativity, culture and
business. with stunning views over the 18th
Century aqueduct and the beautiful monsanto
nature park and a short distance to the historic
city center where 800 years of cultural influences
mingle with modern trends and life styles
creating spectacular contrasts, the Corinthia
lisbon is the ideal base for both leisure and
business travelers. The Corinthia lisbon indulges
in the spirit of discovery.

Red walk
loCaTIon: Brasserie &
atrium Restaurant
daTe: october 16, 18.00
> we are pleased to
introduce you to an
internationally acclaimed
figure of hungarian haute
couture, Barbara léber, who
will present her latest,
exquisite collection during a
delicious four-course dinner.
live music accompaniment
will make the fashion show
even more glamourous.


honey FesT BRunCh
loCaTIon | Brasserie & atrium Restaurant
daTe | october 5, 12:00-16:00
pRICe | 8,900 huF per adult, 50% discount for children between 6 and 14 years old,
complimentary for children under 6.
> nothing is as sweet as honey, and we’ve got our busy bees
preparing a beautiful brunch with specialty meals. guests will
be met at the ‘hive entrance’ by a costumed Queen Bee and
invited to sip on honey beer and partake of delicious honeymarinated meats and desserts. our band will be on hand with
music to get you buzzing, and the kids have their own bee
handicrafts corner.

aTlanTIC BRunCh
loCaTIon | Brasserie & atrium Restaurant
daTe | october 12, 12:00-16:00
pRICe | 8,900 huF per adult, 50% discount for children between 6 and 14 years old,
complimentary for children under 6.
> This fantastic brunch brings together some of the greatest delicacies from one
of the world’s greatest oceans. oysters are a luxury and when served with
champagne they make for a never-forgotten experience (not to mention their
reputed aphrodisiacal properties). we will be serving
shellfish in a multitude of ways: on the half shell, raw,
smoked, boiled, baked, fried, roasted, stewed, pickled,
steamed and broiled. executive chef péter Bolyki will hold
demonstrations on opening oysters and provide guests with
seafood cooking tips. of course, there is a medley of nonseafood choices for land lovers..

mexICan BRunCh

dessert ChoColate and sea salt
by the Caramel eClair
pastry Chef ChoColaTe CRemeux IngRedIenTs
The CheF

Cream 190 g | milk 190 g | yolk 90 g | sugar 38 g | Chocolate 175 g
gelatine 3 pcs
• Cook the milk, cream, sugar and the yolks as an anglaise and add the soaked
gelatine. poor it over the chocolate and blitz it. leave it in the fridge overnight.

> attila menyhárt’s goal is

paTe a Choux IngRedIenTs | meThod

to establish the best
confectionery in hungary.
he rethought several wellknown desserts and
converted them to a
modern style preserving
tradition. let us introduce
you one of his latest

loCaTIon | Brasserie & atrium Restaurant
daTe | october, 19, 12:00-16:00
pRICe | 8,900 huF per adult, 50% discount for children between 6 and 14 years old,
complimentary for children under 6.
> vivid and dramatic mexican culture is at the heart of our brunch this sunday,
served up by our chef and waiters donned in sombreros and
ponchos. naturally, the meal has to start with a shot of tequila.
Tacos, tortillas and burritos served with jalapenos feature high
on the menu, and mexican music accompanies a dance
production by a well-known hungarian performer. and to tame
that fiery food, we are also serving chilled Coronita beer and

sea salT CaRamel ChanTIlly IngRedIenTs
milk 138 g | Cream 550 g | Icing sugar 220 g | 2 gelatine sheets
milk chocolate 275 g | Cocoa paste 55 g | sea salt 5 g
• soak the gelatine sheets in iced water. make a dry caramel from the icing
sugar and in the meantime warm the milk, cream and salt. when the sugar is
properly caramelized, pour on the warm milk mixture. Take care that it does
not boil over! pour the milk mixture in slowly! when the sugar has
completely dissolved in the milk, remove from the heat and add the
squeezed gelatine sheets, then pour onto the chocolate and cocoa paste.
mix using a hand blender. place into the fridge and next day whisk into a
soft mousse.

sausage BRunCh
loCaTIon: Brasserie & atrium Restaurant
daTe: october 26, 12:00-16:00
pRICe: 8,900 huF per adult, 50% discount for children between 6 and 14 years old,
complimentary for children under 6.
> hungarian sausages (kolbász) are rightly famed for their tasty,
spicy nature and the delicious forms in which they are served.
sample grilled sausages, white and red pudding, famous stuffed
cabbage and pálinka marinated dishes and then wind up the
magyar extravaganza with hungarian ‘kürtôs kalács – chimney
cake’ from our Royal pastry. There is live Royal homemade
sausage-making in the restaurant show kitchen, an exhibition of
paprika and local sausages, and a demonstration of the internationally acclaimed
hungarian folk dance, the csárdás.

halloween BRunCh
loCaTIon: Brasserie & atrium Restaurant
daTe: november 2, 12:00-16:00
pRICe: 8,900 huF per adult, 50% discount for children between 6 and 14 years old,
complimentary for children under 6.
> Creepy times are ahead on all hallows’ eve as Count dracula
serves up a Blood punch (you can also slurp a pumpkin cocktail,
Black martini, Bloody Red Cosmo or Black widow). The buffet
and furniture are covered with spider webs and the kids will do
their best to scare everyone with frightening face painting
designs. naturally, we have booked a couple of witches, and
they’ve promised a pumpkin parade of all imaginable delights
from soup to chutney and ice cream...
For further information and bookings, please contact us on:
+36 1 479 4850 | CuIsIne.BudapesT@CoRInThIa.Com
CoRInThIa hoTel BudapesT, eRZséBeT kÖRÚT 43-49. 1073 BudapesT, hungaRy

milk 250g | water 250 g | sugar 10 g | salt 10 g | Butter 225 g | Flour 275 g
egg 350 g
• warm the milk, water, sugar, salt and butter. when it is warm add the flour
and cook till you get a crust on the bottom of the pan. pass the mix to the
mixer and with a paddle start to cool it and then add the eggs till you get a
smooth mixture. pipe on the tray using the petit four templates. Brush on
top with yolks and milk. sprinkle powder of crumble on top. Bake at 200 C
degrees top 7 minutes bottom 2 minutes. after 15 minutes with vent closed
turn down to 170 C degrees, add 10 more minutes. open vent and dry for 1015 more minutes.
• Cook till dry.

Recipe of
the month

The exeCuTIve CheF
> péter Bolyki joined the

hotel having already
established himself as a highly
skilled professional in a
number of countries. he had
been working for hapag lloyd
ms hanseatic, Regent seven
seas mariner, palais auersperg
and the adventure Catering
and schönbrunn orangerie.
we invite you to cook with
us and try péter's favorites


100 g unsalted butter | 100 g Thinly sliced shallots | 300 g Chanterelle
mushrooms | 25 g hungarian sweet paprika powder | 50 g Crème fraîche
0.2 liter vegetable fond | salt and white pepper to taste | 1 teaspoon Chopped
parsley | 1 teaspoon Chopped chives

melt the butter in a large pan. add the shallots and sauté until they soften,
being careful not to let them brown. add the mushrooms and continue
sautéing until the mushrooms are fully cooked, add the paprika powder. add
the vegetable fond and the crème fraîche. season to taste with salt and
white pepper. Bring to a light boil, letting the sauce reduce slightly. add the
parsley and chopped chives. serve with breaddumpling (semmelknödel).

TaBle ReseRvaTIon and FuRTheR InFoRmaTIon: +36 1 479-4800 or


pRogRams In oCToBeR

CoRInThIa hoTel BudapesT
Tamás ungár
Chief Concierge

For further information and reservations, please contact the Concierge.
The second month of autumn promises colorful festivals all around Budapest.

ouTdooR FesTIvals
CaFé BudapesT ConTempoRaRy aRTs FesTIval
> The festival celebrates the creative talent and achievements of contemporary art on october
3-9. during the festival Budapest’s cultural life comes alive with artists and works of contemporary
art ranging from classical and pop music to dance, film and fine arts to children’s programs. The
list of venues includes popular cafés and retro pubs such as a38, Café Jedermann and szatyor Bar,
contemporary art galleries like Trafó and many of the city's theaters.

okToBeRFesT BudapesT
> oktoberfest Budapest – held on october 9-12 - promises to be the city's biggest celebration of
the favorite malty beverage. The festival brings about 100 domestic and international beer types
to beer-lovers. well known breweries along with lesser-known microbreweries will showcase their
products in City park. There will be plenty of tasty fare to pair with the beer and several live
performances to keep everyone entertained. Just like 'the' oktoberfest in munich, germany,
oktoberfest Budapest will also feature an agricultural fair.
ChImney Cake FesTIval
> Budapest's new gastro festival, the Chimney Cake Festival, held on october 10-12 in the
vajdahunyad Castle is a fun and delicious event. visitors can learn everything about the sweet,
spiral-shaped 'kürtôskalács', a traditional pastry that is so popular in hungary. The festival offers a
wide variety of chimney cakes, prepared over charcoal or fried in oil. There will be drawing
contests for kids, magic shows, baking contests and lots of concerts.

> The woRld pRess phoTo 2014 exhIBITIon in Budapest is on show at the museum of
ethnography until october 26. The exhibition in Budapest is accompanied by a romantic photo
exhibition on paris by peter Turnley, entitled ‘French kiss,’

The Royal FloweR home & InTeRIoR
> ‘The Royal Flower’ outlet is located next to the main entrance. Just as

Treat yourself with one of our tempting offers and create lasting
memories with Corinthia hotel Budapest.
Your next adventure starts here…

see moRe aT: Inspire me

there are no two people alike, so no two flowers are the same. we are
pleased to meet your particular requirements and design concepts,
whether it’s for a simple bouquet of flowers, decorative elements for a
conference or banquet, or that very special wedding.
wedding consultancy | Flower delivery | event decoration
Corinthia hotel Budapest, erzsébet körút 43-49,
1073 Budapest, next to the main entrance
+36 20 923 1965 | +36 20 499 5353 • |

TaBle ReseRvaTIon and FuRTheR InFoRmaTIon: +36 1 479-4800 or

photos by

aRT maRkeT BudapesT
> art market is held on october 9-12 at millenáris and its programs are designed to bring the
public and the artists closer together. Round table discussions, artist interviews, art presentations
and book launches help highlight the uniqueness of art in Central and eastern europe. Featured
programs and presentations include such projects as a ’gypsy art program’ focusing on this
Central and eastern european social and artistic phenomenon and the ’krinzinger projekt’.

Dávid Harangozó (Cover), Corinthia Hotel Budapest, Goncharuk Maksim, dookfish, holbox and Elena Dijour,, Bálint Hirling, Zoltán Vanik

BudapesT desIgn week
> Budapest design week is held every fall citywide and is open to both the public and the design
industry, attracting over 60,000 people annually. This year’s event, the 10th in succession, will take
place october 3-12. The slogan of the 2014 program is 'Figurative sense', featuring design
interacting with technology. several exhibitions, conferences and fashion shows are on the
schedule by a wide range of hungarian and international designers. This year's guest country is the
netherlands. To present the many shades of contemporary dutch design, one of the world’s
leading designers, Jurgen Bey, will come to Budapest.