Karen Dave Filipino BSE41 Figure 4.

Personal and Work Values for “Learning to Do” We can see in the Figure 4. that towards a culture of peace and for a sustainable quality of life for all, we need human dignity: self-worth and dignity labor. Along with the Human Dignity are Global Spirituality, Health and Harmony with Nature, Truth and Wisdom, Love and Comparison, Creativity, Peace and Justice, Sustainable Development, National Unity and Global Solidarity. we will achieve the culture of peace by doing it. Figure 6. learning to Live Together: The Asia-Pacific Perspective Schematic Diagram of Core and Related Values Needed to Live Together in Peace and Harmony To live together in peace in harmony we will need a good quality of relationship that is with accordance to peace, democracy, sustainable development and human rights. To attain peace, we need to show some care, sharing, compassion, empathy gratitude, etc. To attain sustainable Development we need creativity, efficiency, environmental concern, etc. Figure 7. The Core, Values, Learning To Be Fully Human In this figure we can see that the Human Person as an Individual/ as a member of Society, he/she is under the Family, and the Family is under the Nation, and the Nation is under the Region and the Region is under the World. But what is needed by the human person? these are the following: Global Spirituality, National Unity and Global Solidarity, Sustainable Human Development, Peace and Justice, Creative and Appreciation of Beauty, Love and Compassion, Truth and Wisdom, and a Healthy and Harmony with nature.

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