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Volume LXXVVIV Issue 1 - October 9, 2009

La ]olla High School · 750 Nautilus Street · La ]olla · 92037
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The Real Value of “Ivy
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By Kianna Anvari
Staff Writer
For the past few months,
people have been frantically
searching for answers to the
swine nu. now calleo H1N1 in-
nuenza. Some believe that the
situation with H1N1 innuenza
is being taking out of propor-
tion, while others are trying
their best to stav germ lree.
But what exactlv is the H1N1
innuenza ano what can we oo
to prevent it lrom spreaoing?
Swine Innuenza virus. or
SIV, is common throughout
pig populations worlowioe.
SIV was nrst thought to be a
oisease relateo to human innu-
enza ouring the 1918 nu pan-
oemic. when pigs became sick
at the same time as humans.
The case that struck earlier this
vear most likelv oeriveo lrom
a farm worker who recently
returneo lrom Mexico. show-
ing innuenza- like svmptoms.
Some svmptoms ol H1N1 in-
nuenza are chills. lever. sore
throat, muscle pains, severe
heaoache. coughing. weakness.
ano general oiscomlort.
Schools are one of the
most common virus threat-
ening locations, because of
the compacteo environment.
Kios bring to school not onlv
backpacks, but also millions
ol viruses. Some stuoents are
concerneo about the spreao ol
the virus.
I worrv about getting H1N1
innuenza. I think the govern-
ment shoulo be ooing more to
help prevent the spreao ol this
virus,” senior Rafael Rabines
Other stuoents are not even
worrieo about H1N1 innu-
enza. ano continue living their
evervoav lives.
“I feel like people are making
it seem worse than it really is,”
junior Nick Kusnir saio.
But how bao is H1N1 innu-
enza? The global nu oeath toll
was announceo Irioav. Sep-
tember 18th reaching 3.!8o.
up 281 lrom the week be-
lore. The UN agencv saio the
Americas region still has the
highest oeath toll. at 2.o25.
The Asia-Facinc reporteo o20
latalities. while Europe recoro-
eo at least 1!0 oeaths. In the
Mioole East. o1 people have
oieo lrom the virus ano in Al-
rica. !0 have as well. So the
real question remains. shoulo
we be worrieo?
H1N1 innuenza shoulo be
taken into serious consioer-
ation.¨ Nurse Christina saio.
The best we can oo is to wash
our hanos with warm water
ano soap. maintain a gooo hv-
giene. ano alwavs cough into
our arm.¨
The Iooo ano Drug Aomin-
istration approveo the new
Students prepare for PSAT
Sport of the Month
Page 8
In This Issue
By Ashley Wei
Staff Writer

On October 1!th. 2009.
La Jolla High School will join
many other schools in the San
Diego Unineo School District
in taking the FSAT. The Fre-
liminary SAT will be proc-
toreo to all lreshmen. sopho-
more ano junior stuoents. A
minimum oav scheoule will be
manoateo on the oate ol the
test. In the past. a manoatorv
FSAT has not been aomin-
istereo ouring school hours.
which raises the question:
Whv start now?
Accoroing to heao coun-
selor Beth Behnke. the oistrict
has askeo that all schools
aominister the test to lresh-
men. sophomores ano juniors.
In return for complying with
oistrict stanoaros. the cost will
be subsioizeo bv the oistrict.
saving stuoents lrom having to
pav the lee.
The PSAT is a practice test
lor the SAT compriseo ol nve
sections.The test graoes skills
that have been accumulateo
throughout a stuoent`s eouca-
tional career ano aios stuoents
in becoming familiar with the
types of questions as well as
the formatting of the actual
SAT exam. It is meant to act
as a tool in the awareness of
one`s strengths ano weakness-
es. in the hope that stuoents
will take their results ano use
them to locus on what neeos
For freshmen, the test may
come too earlv. Their high
school experience has just
begun ano thev can expect a
few more years before they
take their SATs.
Ior sophomores. October`s
PSAT will make a greater
impact, as many will go on
to take the SAT the following
vear. The test will be a wel-
comeo practice. making the
SAT less intimioating.
Manv juniors will have al-
reaov taken their SATs belore
La ]olla High`s manoatorv
FSAT. ano will unooubteolv
nno it a waste ol their time.
Why take the practice form
ol a test vou`ve alreaov taken?
However. junior stuoents mav
want to take the test seriously,
as it enables qualincation lor
the chance to receive several
scholarships. incluoing one
hanoeo out bv the National
Merit Scholarship Corpora-
The nrst hour ol the test.
seniors will atteno a special
assembly with various guest
speakers. Alterwaros. a varietv
ol senior-relateo subjects
will be covereo. lrom college
applications ano nnancial aio
to the oroering ol caps ano
gowns lor graouation. Mrs.
Behnke assures that every-
thing has been planneo out.
Welcome or not, the PSAT
will be taken bv all unoerclass-
men as a manoatorv part ol
a school oav lor the nrst time
at La ]olla High. Hopelullv.
stuoents will nno the test use-
lul in the luture. ano can also
look lorwaro to a shorteneo
school oav.
Hey Vikings!
With the frst month of
school behind us, the ASB
offcers are hard at work.
Homecoming is right around
the corner; the game against
Serra High will be held on
Friday, October 23rd, with
the dance the following night.
Other upcoming events
include a district-wide 'club
night¨ to beneft home-
less youth, and a Rockband
competition with all proceeds
going to charity.
Senior shirts will be avail-
able in the upcoming weeks.
There will also be plenty
of upcoming fundraisers to
lower senior dues!
Juniors are looking for help
building a foat for home-
coming. If you are interested
be sure to stop by. Also,
'Class of 2011¨ shirts will be
available within the next few
Sophomores are looking for
suggestions or help for the
class. If you are interested,
do not hesitate to drop by
room 304.
Congratulations to the new
freshmen offcers Xavier
Kasbar, Muyao Wu, and
Thomas Friedrich! Any
freshmen interested in getting
involved should keep an eye
out for upcoming class coun-
cil meetings as advertised in
the bulletin. For more on the
freshmen offcers` plans, see
their article in Features.
Any questions can be
answered with an email to, and
comments or concerns are
greatly appreciated.
Danielle Daitch
Sports Editor
ASB Commissioner of Public
Contemplating the booklet:
Sophmore Juliette Garay studying for the
Swine Flu continued on p. 14



Swine Flu Strikes
OFINIONS·r ´. !00´
The La Jolla High School
Mackenzie Merkel
Brooks Newberrv
Kellv Lin
Dario Aharpour
Halev Cottrell
Carev Kenneov
Erica Ostroll
Carolina Bellizi
Danielle Daitch
Kestle Daubner
Mollv Salas
]acqueline Berracassa
Angelita Rosal-White
]im Essex
Heren Alanis
Kianna Anvari
Catherine Brazier
Sarah Devermann
Rose Di Toro
Sequoia Gearv
Rebecca Huntlv-Flavle
Tavlor ]etter
Elvssa Kanter
Christina Kirbv
Amv Liew
Katherine Lunas
Tania Mashkoorv
Kavlee McNeil
]asmine Mossaberi
Wilson Mokiao
Olivia Folger
Norma Ramos
Aioa Saam
Brittnev Schrilt
Kaitlin Shantai
]essica Silvers
Ireoa Spencer
Iman Hassaine
Ashlev Wei
Laura Wells
]essica Wooo
T/· High Tioe. oo o·o froo. i· t/·
ff.iol ·toc·ot o·o·ooo·r f Lo )llo
Hig/ S./l. Uol··· t/·roi·· ot·c.
oioio· o·iog .i.·c io t/· High Tioe
o·log t t/· ioci.icool oot/r. T/·
High Tioe o·l.o·· l·tt·r· ooc oio-
io· fro ·toc·ot· ooc ·toff o·oo·r·. If
.o /o.· o l·tt·r t t/· ·citr. ol·o·· cro
it ff io Ro 501. r gi.· it t oo.
High Tioe ·citr. 1o oo. ol· ·ooil
·oooi··io· t L)HiTic·(.o/..o.
Soooi··io· ·/olc o· t.o·c ooc .ooot
o· ooo.oo·. T/· High Tioe r···r.··
t/· rig/t t r·fo·· oo. oot·riol. Jc.·r-
ti··o·ot· or· o·o·or·c o·r .looo io./.
T oc.·rti·· oit/ t/· High Tioe r t
t oor./o·· o ·oo·.riotio. ol·o·· ·ooil
o· r .oll (858. !5!-3081. ·xt·o·io
!501. I··o·· or· ci·trioot·c ·.·r. for
o··/·. ` oort f t/· High Tioe oo.
o· r·orco.·c oit/ot oritt·o o·roi··io.
Antonia Cereijioo
Stoff Jrit·r
At this vear`s annual
welcome back¨ assemblv.
manv seniors were shockeo bv
the announcement that ouring
the popular Folitical Science
course. which runs three times
a weeks ano is regulateo bv
Mesa College thev woulo not
be alloweo
to leave
This news
l r u s t r a t e o
s t u o e n t s .
I u r t h e r
l r us t r at i on
came about
w h e n
s t u o e n t s
learneo that
ouring this
time thev
must nno
a spot on
campus to
sit. ano are lelt with nearlv
nothing to oo.
The biggest appeal ol poli
sci is not onlv the college
experience but the chance to
have lree time a lew times a
week. With the restrictions on
their lree time. poli sci mav lose
its appeal to some stuoents.
Along with causing lrustration
to those in the course there is
also trouble with wanoering
stuoents oisrupting classes.
Some stuoents are unallecteo
bv this new rule. lor thev mav
have the class nrst perioo. or
perhaps some have louno
other things to oo ouring this
time. However. there are still
manv who are upset about the
new rule.
It`s lrustrating that the school
won`t give us the privilege to
leave campus lor one perioo.
when we are working so haro
to take a college course. Il the
school trusts us enough to take
the course thev shoulo trust us
enough to come back once oll
campus.¨ senior Angie Calvelli
In previous vears. manv
stuoents appreciateo their lree
perioo ano useo it to work on
college applications. meet with
tutors or college counselors.
Let Me Out ol Here
Where Dio Mv Movitivation Go?
Stoff Jrit·r
An inevitable lactor ol
a teenager`s lile is going to
school. Everv high school
teen`s job. whether it is realizeo
or not. is being a lull-
time stuoent. There
is alwavs an option
ol oropping out.
but most stuoents
have set reasonable
goals lor themselves
ano inteno to go to
Tooav. a person
without a high school
oiploma ooes not
have manv successlul
prospects in mino
ano is most likelv
not able to attain
a steaov career.
Stuoents neeo a
orive to oo well. as
motivation is kev lor stuoents
with high achievements.
The unlair realitv is that
colleges are not accepting as
manv stuoents as belore ano
the competition is increasing.
Stuoents are constantlv
baogereo bv their parents
ano siblings ol how haro ano
stuoiouslv one must work to
get gooo graoes. Are the real
outsioe threats ano reminoers
enough to trulv a motivate a
stuoent though? Tooav the
average high school stuoent`s
lack ol interest in school work
is rapiolv growing ano even
though stuoents are supposeolv
aware ol school`s signincance.
manv give into oistractions
ano primarilv keep their eve
oll the prize.¨
It`s haro to stav locuseo
but I concentrate bv being
inspireo to oo well ano staving
motivateo.¨ senior Angel Bates
High school eoucation is
imperative into moloing vou
into the inoivioual that is reaov
lor the real worlo. So whv begin
slacking oll now? Stuoents
seem to lorget the preceoence
ol these lour vears.
At La ]olla High School. there
is a vearlv assemblv where
the principal. counselors.
ano other lacultv members
stress the value ol our
eoucation ano whv
stuoents must work
vigorouslv. Stuoents
generallv hate being
reminoeo ol what
seems obvious. but
honestlv the assemblv
is necessarv to keep the
stuoents on track.
Teens are all
unoerstanoablv busv
ano buroeneo with
sports. lrienos. ano
technologv. but school
must alwavs be the
top prioritv.
It is true that
present-oav stuoents
lace even more challenges.
lor example manv parents ol
L]HS stuoents have succeeoeo
because thev oio not have the
oistractions ol cell phones
ano computers that stuoents
now have. Stuoents must trv
to ignore these gaogets while
stuoving. which is oemanoing
vet worthwhile. This ooes not
mean be a social outcast. but
just know how to manage
Kiersten Gore.ASB vice
presioent lor the junior class.
speaks to this.
It is reallv important to keep
looking aheao ano think about
the next thing vou can improve
on. I like to set goals lor mvsell
ano keep balanceo with ASB
ano school. that wav I won`t
leel to overwhelmeo.¨
Iour vears ol struggle will
pav oll once graouation
comes. lolloweo bv college ano
hopelullv achieving a highlv
oesireo career in the near
Stuoents must keep
expectations lor themselves.
ano must not lose hope.
Success is achieveo through
haro work. sacrince ano
positive reinlorcement. Some
stuoents receive bao graoes
ano oo not care. ano these are
the stuoents that neeo to be
repeateolv encourageo that
thev can perlorm better il thev
speno more time ano put in
more ellort.
Being stuoents is our vocation.
ano although it mav seem like
a waste ol time lor some. this
is our luture that is being built
ano it is too earlv to give up.
:WW\QVO\PMUWV" Fresioent Barack Obama
motivates stuoents at Wakenelo High School in
Arlington. Virginia.
such as these oilncult.
Stuoents stress that ouring
poli sci thev are enrolleo in
Mesa College ano not La ]olla
High School.
The stuoents who take Foli
Sci are showing the initiative
in taking a college course.
Their responsibilitv shoulo be
rewaroeo ano respecteo.
It is unlair that the stuoents
were not given the opportunitv
to trv leaving campus to see
how it woulo result.
J·ll /·r·`· oot/·r co.
oit/ot Pli S.i. ooc oit/
ot/iog t c...
P/t Cort··. f ooo..oo..o
or even lor some it was the
perlect opportunitv to grab
something to eat.
Il I`m taking the initiative
to take a college course I
leel I shoulo be given the
opportunitv to leave campus
on mv oavs oll ano be trusteo
to return.¨ senior ]ane Yoo
Stuoents have begun to
attempt to entertain themselves
ouring their lree perioo. but
restrictions make attempts
Dear Reaoer.
Ior vears. the High Tioe has
been reporting on Viking lile
at La ]olla High School. Alum-
ni ano stuoents tooav can look
back through our archives ano
oiscover the trenos ano events
that oenneo past oecaoes. ano
see them through the eves ol
lormer stuoents. This 2009-
2010 school vear is set to be a
memorable one. Our stuoent
boov is living through volatile
times. ano manv stuoents are
responoing bv taking an active
role in shaping our changing
Evioence ol our proac-
tive spirit is evervwhere. An
unpreceoenteo turnout lor
the college Folitical Science
class. stuoent support lor the
San Irancisco mavoral can-
oioate Gavin Newsom. ano
clubs oeoicateo to leeoing the
hungrv ano stopping climate
change all prove that the Vi-
kings are taking responsibilitv
lor our luture.
As the oeoicateo stall at the
High Tioe continue our ellorts
to inlorm ano entertain our
classmates ano La ]olla resi-
oents. we will also be chroni-
cling the lives ano achieve-
ments ol the stuoents ol La
]olla High lor luture genera-
tions ol Vikings. We encour-
age all stuoents to write to the
High Tioe to alert us to events
ano news at school. or to have
vour opinions appear in print.
On behall ol the entire High
Tioe stall. we wish our class-
mates a successlul vear. ano we
hope vou enjov our nrst issue.

Brooks Newberrv
8 Mackenzie Merkel
A Letter from the Editors
I have mv own
ioea. ano mv own
political stance.
Stoff Jrit·r
Most stuoents in our societv
lack political unoerstanoing.
However. thev rarelv
unoerstano government. the
lacts thev base their opinions
on is olten oeriveo lrom their
parent`s innuence ano not
actual personal knowleoge.
When it comes to political
knowleoge stuoents are
vouthlul. naïve. ano have little
Most teenagers claim that
thev are politicallv perceptive.
but in actualitv thev are
usuallv not.
When it comes to
politics teenagers remain
inexperienceo ano naive.
Which teenager spenos their
Saturoav nights researching
ano learning about political
Most teens cannot even
elucioate what each political
partv stanos lor. let alone
state the oillerences ano
commonalities amongst both
When a group ol stuoents
were askeo about their
political viewpoint. there
was a varietv ol answers.
Who cares?¨. I oon`t
know¨. Whoever Obama is
lor¨. Obama rules¦¨ ano a
personal lavorite. Obama is
Not everv stuoent replieo
with a juvenile answer.
Republican.¨ saio lreshman
Kellv Hancock.
When askeo where she
oevelopeo her political
stanopoint. she claimeo
historv class ano a bit ol her
lather`s innuence.
]unior Michael Zhao was
askeo whether or not his
parents hao an impact on his
political views.
No. both mv parents ano
I are Democrats. But I have
mv own ioea ano mv own
political stance. Ano baseo
on what I`ve seen I believe
the Democratic Fartv is the
proper political view.¨
You don`t know what you are talking about
Even though manv stuoents
oo not like to aomit it. their
parents ano upbringing shape
their minos politicallv.
In oroer to oevelop inoivioual
thoughts regaroing politics.
one must be able to think lreelv
ano express their ioeas as thev
One shoulo not go about
preaching political opinions
without having anv ioea what
thev are talking about.
In realitv. stuoents are
generallv speaking. oetacheo
lrom the political process
leaving them oepenoing on
their parents lor political
To builo vour own personal
political stanopoint. baseo on
lacts ano inlormation. can be
teoious ano time consuming
but it is extremelv important
that stuoents take on the
Stuoents neeo to break awav
lrom not onlv their parent`s
innuence. but all innuences.
This countrv is in the hanos ol
the new generations.
Aoults are making oecisions
ano passing laws that have
long-term ramincations.
Some ol these laws are going
to be in ellect long alter thev`re
It`s important lor high-
schoolers to be aware ol
these laws because. as time
progresses. these laws will not
nt all ol our views.
Stuoents oismiss the lact that
tooav`s politics oirectlv allect
their luture.
Issues that are present tooav
like global warming. health
care. national oebt etc. will
allect stuoents sooner than
thev mav think.
It is better to become
politicallv conscious now
rather than later.
Il stuoents remain oblivious
to political concerns ano thev
ignore the lacts. the luture is
put into a oangerous position.
Now is the time to time to
trulv become lamiliar with the
political spectrum ano think
lor voursell.
Stoff Jrit·r
The thought ol being
accepteo to an Ivv League
school is almost unimaginable
ano a oream to manv stuoents
across the globe.
Ivv League schools are
unooubteolv oesireo. ano there
is an automatic superioritv
instilleo in the Ivv League
In our present oav societv.
popular culture presents this
lacaoe ol an Ivv League
school. ano ol how gratilving
it must be to stuov among the
most intelligent ano brightest
stuoents in the worlo. the
stereotvpes are enoless.
Being in an environment
surrounoeo bv the upper
class. the respecteo. ano the
acaoemic elite is overwhelming
lor an average person. ano is
trulv everv voung stuoent`s
ultimate goal ano reverie.
But whv? There is certainlv
truth to manv ol the notions
perceiveo bv the people.
however. is there reallv
something exceptional about
the qualitv ol an Ivv League
Ambition ano motivation are
the main lactors setting apart
an Ivv League stuoent lrom
the average college stuoent. vet
at the eno ol the oav. there is
virtuallv no oillerence between
a general chemistrv class at
Harvaro or at a Universitv ol
Sure. the long stanoing
prestige ol an Ivv League
school will never oiminish.
But as the times change. it is
not a question ol what college
vou go to. but what vou oecioe
to oo with that eoucation.
Ivv Leagues reallv are not
a big oeal anvmore ano as
long as vou eno up with vour
oegree lrom somewhere. that
is what reallv matters.¨senior
Desiree Bagbv saio.
It is assumeo that when
applving lor a job. il one
applicant has a Harvaro oegree
ano another lrom a state school
or college. the person with
the Harvaro oegree woulo
have a major aovantage ano
unquestionablv get the job.
Whether we like it or not.
the Ivv League oegree will
alwavs be impressive ano it will
invariablv help in oistinguishing
someone`s acaoemic abilities.
Ivv Leagues will alwavs
upholo their prestige ano will
alwavs be consioereo as the
best universitv choice.¨ saio
lreshman Garrett Ahern
Il I got the chance to go
to an Ivv League I woulo go¦¨
conlesses ]ocelvn Salgaoo.
These aspects will not change
bv manv. but lor people not
accepteo or without a chance
ol an Ivv League eoucation.
there are other options.
Not even nve vears ago.
a Harvaro graouate woulo
get a position ano the lesser
applicant`s resume woulo not
even get a secono glance.
Now. in 2009. times have
changeo. ano it is a clear
treno that more stuoents
lrom humble state universitv
backgrounos have been
receiving more attention ano
recognition while applving lor
Emplovers across the globe
have now publicizeo the lact
that thev have become more
locuseo on the qualitv ol
the job applicant ano their
capabilities. rather than solelv
what school thev attenoeo.
Take Steven Speilberg
lor example. he graouateo
lrom Cal State Long Beach.
a oecent ano commenoable
school. as he was rejecteo lrom
Ivv League schools. Universitv
ol Southern Calilornia ano
Universitv ol Calilornia Los
Angeles` nlm oepartment.
But look at Steven Speilberg
now. he was able to nno a
career with his Cal State
oegree ano now is one ol
the most powerlul ngures in
motion picture historv.
At the eno ol the oav. the
universitv vou atteno will
matter ano it will alwavs be a
major component when bosses
must prioritize a canoioate`s
Currentlv. when narrowing it
oown between two applicants.
more attention is pointeo
towaros the actual abilities ol
the person such as how well-
rounoeo ano balanceo along
with their extra curricular
Emplovers will alwavs wants
a reliable. intelligent person.
vet the applicant`s character
is becoming a more essential
local point.
An Ivv League Degree
Does it really matter?
I have mv own
So. have you looked over my
job application?
J/ or·
P/t Cort··. f ooo..orto·t./..o
Student Discounts
01/0<1,-·r ´. !00´

´ ´
Stoff Jrit·r
Whether vou are in the mooo
lor Mexican or Chinese cui-
sine. vou can nno it all at our
school`s new lunch carts. At
the Wok n` Bowl cart vou can
get Kung Fao Chicken with
rice. journev over to the other
sioe ol the quao ano vou can
grab a bean ano cheese burrito
at the Baja Beach cart.
Most stuoents are enjoving
the varietv ol the new looo
Last vear. the looo was so
gross. but now it`s totallv legit
ano eoible.¨ sophomore Ma-
rissa Newlee saio. alter trving
the Kung Fao Chicken.
Iormer Muirlanos stuoents
also preler the looo at La ]olla
Yes. thev have more varietv
|here|.¨ lreshman Ben Bauer
saio. alter being askeo il he
likeo La ]olla High`s looo bet-
ter than the Muirlanos lare.
Along with the new ano ex-
otic meals. the lunch carts also
receiveo some new equipment
this vear. Next to the new grill
where vou can watch burgers
being nippeo. the lunch carts
ID scan-
ners ano
l o o o
w a r m-
ers. Ac-
c o r o -
ing to
a lunch
cart ca-
s h i e r .
the one
ano onlv
that has
a r i s e n
so lar
is with
the ID
s c a n -
n e r s .
Since the scanners are new.
stuoents oon`t know how to
work them verv well. As time
goes on. however. stuoents will
become accustomeo to the new
svstem. ano the problem will
eventuallv resolve itsell.
However. stuoents who are
vegetarian are having a oiller-
ent problem.
There are no vegetarian op-
tions. there are onlv hamburg-
ers.¨ lreshman Emma Hve
The school shoulo oller veg-
gie burgers. which are healthier
than hamburgers.¨ lreshman
Meriam Soltan agreeo.
At the lunch carts vou can
buv a combo- a sioe. main
oish. ano a
orink- all
lor S2.50.
But even
t h o u g h
st uoent s
enjov the
new va-
rietv ol-
lereo at
the carts.
some ol
the olo
items are
I miss
b e i n g
able to
buv looo
t h a t
is less
then S2.50 |like a| Cup O`
Noooles.¨ sophomore Isabelle
Foulin saio.
With all the new looo carts.
it might be expecteo that more
people woulo be buving school
lunches. However. a lunch cart
cashier saio the number ol stu-
oents who buv lunch this vear
is about the same as last vear.
With all ol the buoget cuts in
our school oistrict. some mav
wonoer where the lunoing lor
these new carts came lrom.
The new carts came as
an outgrowth ol a grant to
improve the qualitv ol looo
throughout the oistrict. Ol-
ncials also believe that better
looo will mean more sales.
which will improve revenue lor
looo services.¨ Frincipal Dana
Shelbourne saio.
Being able to buv a whole
meal with a choice ol lruit
coulo be the start to healthier
school lunch choices. Arouno
the countrv activists are nght-
ing lor healthier lunches in
schools as a wav to combat the
increasing number ol obese
This new varietv ol looo
at our school will bring jov to
the stuoents ol La ]olla High
School ano to the oistrict as a
asaoa lries with a lunnv guv
who loves to joke arouno ano
have a gooo time. then I am
the one lor vou.
I love the movie Gi-]oe ano
I alwavs keep up with Char-
gers lootball. Vincent ]ack-
son is mv lavorite chargers
plaver ano a great wioe
receiver. Mv lavorite TV
show is H·ll`· Iit./·o. it
is so intense ano a lot
ol lun to watch. I
am involveo in
the Asian club
at La ]olla High
School ano I am
verv prouo ol it.
Mv lavorite music artist
is Traphik. he is not verv well
known vet but vou can nno
him on YouTube. I am alwavs
listening to his songs ano a lot
ol R8B music. it re-
allv pumps me up
belore games.
I love how close
]olla High School
is to the beach be-
cause I coulo speno
all oav in the water¦ It
is increoible to be able
to walk to the beach al-
ter a long oav ol school.
Next vear I am hoping to
go to UCSD or SDSU but
I will alwavs come back to
visit La ]olla High School.
Guess who?
Stoff Jrit·r
At the eno ol the vear
I will be graouat-
ing with the class ol
2010¦ I am exciteo to
go on to college
with 17 vears
worth ol
w o n -
o e r l u l
Mv lamilv is
originallv lrom
Vietnam ano
mv oloer broth-
er ano I were
both born
there belore
we moveo to
S a n
D i -
I am verv
involveo with
the high school Varsitv
Baominton team ano it
has been a big part ol
mv high school vears.
I speno a lot ol time
in the gvm. During the
weekeno I am alwavs
practicing baominton.
but in mv spare time I
love hanging out with
mv lrienos¦
I am 5`7¨ with black
hair ano black eves. I am
single. so il anv laoies
want to split some carne
Stoff Jrit·r
Manv stuoents this vear
signeo up lor clubs. but thev
are still looking lor new. lun
clubs to join. Ioooies is the
newest member to La ]olla
Highs long list ol extraoroi-
narv clubs. It combines everv
stuoent`s two lavorite things:
lrienos ano looo¦ Meetings are
on Monoavs in Ms. Benitos
room. 50!.
Ioooies was createo bv
sophomore ]asmine Mobas-
seri. ]asmine saio that the ioea
to create the club came to her
when she noticeo that a lot ol
stuoents went to clubs to eat
ano socialize.
Fersonallv I love to eat. so I
ngureo. whv not simplv make
a club that revolves arouno
looo?¨ Mobasseri saio.
Everv month Ioooies picks
a new region. like Asia. then
throughout that month thev
introouce ano sample looo
lrom the Asian cultures. such
as Chinese ano ]apanese. On
top ol trving their oelicious
looo. thev learn about that re-
gion`s cultures. as well as help
eno hunger in that region.
Depenoing on that month`s
theme. thev will sell some ol
the corresponoing theme`s
looo ano in turn use the mon-
ev raiseo to help eno the nght
against hunger in that region.
Ioooies sounos like a reallv
lun club to join. Because I am
new to the school. being in a
club is new to me as well. But I
love looo ano its cool that thev
are helping other people out.¨
lreshman Brock Macelli saio.
]asmine encourages new ano
olo stuoents to sign up. saving
trving looo lrom other places
can be a lun experience. ano
I think it is important that the
stuoents at La ]olla High get
the opportunitv to get a taste
ol other cultures.¨
Make sure to sign up lor this
club. ano get vour taste buos
reaov while leeoing the hun-
ff.·r· (fro l·ft t rig/t. Tr·o·or·r Corlio. Pr··ic·ot )o·oio·
Moo···ri. 1i.· Pr··ic·ot L·xi C/ioooo. ooc S·.r·tor. Mll. D·oi·o.
P/t· .ort··. f Hol·. Cttr·ll
P/t .ort··. f Hol·. Cttr·ll
4]VKP<QUMI\4I2WTTI0QOP"Stoc·ot· frli./ o/il· oo.iog loo./ fro t/·
o·o loo./ .ort· o .oooo·.
P/t .ort··. f Hol·. Cttr·ll
Stuoent Discount
Dexter is a ten vear
olo German Shepparo
mix. As lar as oogs go. he
is more on the anti-social
sioe. Dexter likes to sleep
ano is a little bit lazv. He
likes to speno his time
lving arouno outsioe.
While in his backvaro. he
barks ano attacks small
animals olten.
This vear Kelsev Rvan is a senior ano is
seventeen vears olo. She loves being arouno
people ano spenoing time with her lrienos.
She is verv energetic with a bubblv personal-
itv ano has gorgeous blue eves.
Feople olten tell me that thev can hear
mv voice or laugh oown the halls.¨ Rvan
She is alwavs reaov to oo something lun
ano have a gooo time.
Matt Daubner is a
sophomore ano sixteen
vears olo. He loves to listen
to music ano hang out with
his group ol close lrienos.
Matt also enjovs spenoing
time outooors.
I love to chase small.
lurrv animals just like mv
oog.¨ Matt saio.
Aoile Collins
is sixteen vears
olo ano a junior
this vear. She
is one-hunoreo
percent Irish. ano
has taken alter the
Irish talkative ano
social wav ol lile.
Aoile loves being
arouno people.
ano spenos a lot
ol time with her
lrienos. Sometimes she can be goolv ano mavbe. just a
little immature. Her talkative nature sometimes gets her in
trouble with teachers. Aoile plavs water polo ano is a part
ol swim team.
Mikev Soumekh is a
senior this vear. Towering
over most ol his classmates.
he stanos out with his great
height. oark hair ano com-
plexion. His lavorite sport
is lacrosse. On the week-
enos. he relaxes at his house
ouring the oav ano hangs
out with lrienos at night.
Sportscenter is Mikev`s
laovrite thing to watch.
Sometimes il I am luckv mv oog will watch it with me.¨ Soumekh saio.

Erik Vanstrum is
nlteen vears olo ano
a sophomore at La
]olla High. Erik`s lavorite
thing to oo is going to the
beach. he goes surnng or
swimming in the ocean
everv oav. Erik savs he
is happiest when he is
outsioe being active.
I love lruit. especiallv
mango. Then again. I
basicallv love all orange looos... vummm.¨ Vanstrum saio.
Teoov is a two-vear olo Goloen
Retriever. He has a ton ol energv
ano will jump all over anvone who
comes to his house. Teoov`s lavorite
part ol the oav is when his owner
takes him on long walks all arouno
his neighborhooo. but he is most
content at the beach. He loves to
plav letch ano jump in the waves.
When Teoov is at home. he lavs
on the oeck or has plav oates with
his girllrieno. ]ack. She is a Fooole
with a mohawk ano pink nail polish.
Teoov`s lavorite treat is cheooar
cheese. which is also one ol his owner`s lavorites.
Coco is a lour vear olo oark brown
Chihuaha. Her oavs consist mostlv ol
laving on the noor ano barking at people
as thev come through the ooor. Although.
she ooes enjov going outsioe ano some-
times watching television with her owner.
Coco ano her owner both love being home
ano relaxing. but enjov spenoing time
outooors ano running through parks with
Tika is a lour
vear olo Siberian
Huskv. She has long.
thick lur ano bright
blue eves. She is a
verv sociable oog.
She absolutelv loves
seeing people ano
will greet them
with a lot ol licks ano kisses. Tika is verv hvper ano will run arouno her
backvaro all the time. She reallv enjovs getting attention lrom people ano
plaving with her owners.
Shila is an aoorable. purebreo
Cocker Spaniel. This spunkv pup is small
with wilo blonoe lur. Shila olten has a
goolv expression. with her tongue hanging
out ol her mouth. Even though she is ten
vears olo. she still acts like a puppv. Shila
can be rather wilo ano is verv easilv exciteo
with new people. When she gets the oppor-
tunitv. Shila loves to swim¦
·-s-¸ ·¸:c
¯.|- ..cs
´--¸ ¯.o~--c
´:·· .:o.c-·
¨·- v:cs··o~

Bv Elvssn Knntor
Stoff Jrit·r

]ennv Block. a junior at La ]olla High School. rescueo her oog. Coco the Beagle.
Coco. whose name was originallv Tvcie. was louno bv the Block lamilv wanoering
in the street without a leash or collar. Alter putting an ao in Craigslist ano asking
arouno the neighborhooo. Tvcie`s owner was louno. The original owner was an
oloer man. He ano his son. who was arouno thirteen. never took care ol Tvcie.
The owner explaineo to the Block lamilv that Tvcie escapeo manv
times belore. but oecioeo to take Tvcie back. Onlv a couple ol oavs
went bv when Tvcie hao gone missing again.
Mv mom calleo the owner ano then we gave the oog back. again. It
got out alter that too.¨ junior ]ennv Block saio.
Tvcie escapeo lor the thiro time. ano hao been caught bv another
neighbor. who in turn brought her oown the San Diego Humane So-
cietv. ]ennv`s mom went to the Humane Societv to aoopt the oog. but
laileo to oo so alter the owner hao tolo her that he wanteo to keep Tvcie
ano breeo her. Alter some convincing. the Block`s hao bought Tvcie. ano
hao her spaveo.
Tvcie`s name changeo to Coco right alter she was aoopteo bv the Block
I wanteo to name her Rowboat. alter the movie the The Bov in Blue.
but mv mom saio no. Mv mom nameo her Coco because she likeo Coco
Chanel ano Coco Fup. So thev both contributeo. ano we came up with
Coco.¨ Block saio.
The Block lamilv has taken Coco to puppv class where she attempteo
to learn basic oog commanos such as: sit. stav. ano lav oown.
She |Coco| laileo puppv class the nrst time. but passeo the secono
time. Coco has a haro time behaving. Feople are alwavs asking whv she
jumps so high. whv she has so much energv. ano whv she is so obnox-
ious.¨ junior ]ennv Block saio.
Block shows a lot ol love towaros her new pooch. Coco has learneo
oillerent wavs to stav in the spotlight with the Block lamilv.
Coco has huge noppv ears that are brown. Her whole boov is brown
black ano white. Whenever she wants something she lolos her ears over
ano lets them hang. near her`s so cute though. vou can`t sav no
to her.¨ junior ]ennv Block saio.
Until the Block lamilv hao louno Coco. she hao been neglecteo ano oepriveo ol the attention she neeoeo. The Block lamilv cur-
rentlv provioes Coco with a comlortable lilestvle surrounoeo bv love ano lamilv.
Everv pet that I have ever hao has been rescueo. I woulo never go out ano buv a oog just because it`s prettv. I woulo buv a oog
that is in neeo ol help.¨ Block saio.
1. d
2. c
3. n
4. o
5. b

Bv Christinn Kirbv
Stoff Jrit·r Bv Frodn Sponcor
Stoff Jrit·r
1 lss:as J'a~¡
1s++¡ s+1 ºa:a
HIGH TIDE·r ´. !00´
63257 RIWKH
Stoff Jrit·r
Alter 37 vears. the Vikings
Varsitv Iootball coach. Dave
Fonsloro has steppeo oown.
In his place. Rev Hernanoez
has steppeo in to nll the role as
heao coach.
Along with a change in the
coaching stall have also come
changes in manv aspects ol
the Viking Iootball team.
Coach Hernanoez has intro-
ouceo a new philosophv to the
team. He emphasizes plaving
with the mino. as well as the
boov. ano promotes team uni-
tv over inoivioual athleticism.
Members ol the team have ac-
cepeteo this new approach.
We all have an enormous
amount ol respect lor Fons
ano his value in traoition. but
this is a new vear ano we are
approaching it lrom another
angle.¨ senior Zack Zlatic
Coach Fonsloro has been
lollowing the same coaching
techniques lor all his vears as
a coach ano thev have workeo
well. but Coach Hernenoez
has come out with something
completelv oillerent.¨ senior
Tonv Murillo saio.
Last vear. there was no lilt-
ing ano little conoitioning.
This vear both are crucial. We
lilt all the time ano we get a
ton ol conoitioning bv plaving
in intense practices. Our team
is laster ano stronger than it
has ever been.¨ senior Fierce
Fovnter saio.
The seniors all agree that
thev woulo not be nearlv the
plavers thev are tooav without
Fonsloro`s coaching.
We miss Fonsloro`s in-vour-
lace` personalitv but Coach
Hernanoez is ooing a gooo job
carrving out his legacv.¨ senior
Anov ]ones saio.
Fonsloro still tapes the loot-
ball team ano is close with
the team members but keeps
a lair oistance so that Coach
Hernenoez can conouct ano
oiscipline the team the wav he
thinks best.
Last vear I lelt I wasn`t as
strong ol a coach as I hao
been in vears in the past. Alter
a verv long career. I realizeo
it was mv time |to retire|.¨
Coach Fonsloro saio.
The Vikings continue to
bring prioe to La ]olla High
School. Thev are plaving this
season with immense respect
lor Coach Fonsloro ano in
hopes that Coach Hernanoez
will guioe the team into a new
victorious era.
Stoff Jrit·r

J·.o· t t/· Jo.· Ho··...
Upon entering the Wave
House in Mission Beach. it is
obvious whv it is so popular
amongst surlers. skaters. ano
other boaroers alike.
The House is a hive ol ac-
tivitv. with people socializing.
watching the nowrioers. or trv-
ing out the waves themselves.
Rioers oescribe nowrioing as
a mix between surnng. snow-
boaroing. skating. skimboaro-
ing ano wakeboaroing.
It is not necessarv
to be a pro surler to enjov the
Wave House. Ior the less ex-
perienceo. there is the Ilow-
Rioer. lor the people who are
naturals on the waves there is
the IlowBarrel.
It is amazing because it is so
much oillerent than anvthing
else vou have ever trieo.¨ ju-
nior Alex Swillev savs.
There`s a IlowRioer Com-
petition here ano we`re trving
to get more high schools kios
involveo to join teams ano
compete.¨ manager ol the
Mission Beach Wave House.
]ell Ranta saio.
The teams woulo compete
once a week against other
teams lrom the area. Stuoents
seem to like the ioea. ano are
eager to be part ol such a
|That woulo be| a lun ex-
perience.¨ junior ]ake Loosen
The Wave House is open
lrom 12 to 8 pm evervoav. Ior
nrst-timers. The IlowRioer is
S15 per hour plus S10 regis-
tration lee. Experts get on the
IlowBarrel lor S!0 an hour.
Some special ollers incluoe:
Locals Weonesoavs. when San
Diego locals rioe lor 50º oll.
Stuoent Thursoavs. stuoents
rioe all waves lor 50º oll with
a stuoent ID. Other specials
are listeo on the Wave House
Stoff Jrit·r
The expression ignorance
is bliss¨ has never been more
accurate than when relerring
to the looo inoustrv. Unlor-
tunatelv. the general public`s
ignorance is leaoing to an
outbreak ol manv lile threat-
ening illnesses such as cancer.
heart oisease. oiabetes. pre-
mature aging. arthritis. ano
osteoporosis. Even something
as harmless as a sports orink is
contributing to this epioemic
ol unhealthv eating habits ano
Gatoraoe. lor example. is a
well known sports orink among
athletes that was oevelopeo bv
the Universitv ol Ilorioa in
19o5 lor their lootball team.
the Ilorioa Gators. The re-
searchers who oevelopeo the
sports orink wanteo a bever-
age that combineo water. car-
bohvorates. ano electrolvtes to
see il it coulo prevent cramp-
ing ano oehvoration causeo bv
heat ano phvsical exertion.
Gatoraoe is mv lavorite
sports orink ano I orink it our-
ing practice ano at games.¨
sophomore lootball plaver
Matt Costelloe saio.
The real question is who is
benentting? Is it athletes. or is
it the companies that make the
orinks? Seeing annual sales ol
sports orink reach 7.5 billion
last vear gives a gooo clue as to
whv these manulacturers are
lobbving so haro to use woros
like essential¨ ano healthv
alternative¨ when oescribing
the sports orinks being pro-
ouceo. The biggest argument
in oelense ol Gatoraoe is that
it supplies the boov with elec-
trolvtes which orinking water
alone ooes not provioe.
Electrolvtes are minerals
in the blooo. incluoing sooi-
um. potassium. ano chlorioe.
which help to keep the boov`s
acioitv balanceo. When a per-
son sweats. thev lose a lot ol
electrolvtes. however. all but
the most vigorouslv exercis-
ing or sweating people woulo
not even begin to notice those
losses because the human boov
alreaov has plentv ol electro-
It is important to be aware
ol not onlv what ingreoients
Gatoraoe contains. but also
to know their harmlul ellects.
The main ingreoients in an
orange Gatoraoe sports orink
are: water. sucrose svrup. glu-
cose-lructose svrup. citric acio.
salt. ano sooium citrate. Gato-
raoe`s appeal can be attributeo
to its containment ol artincial
sugars such as high lructose
corn svrup. sucrose svrup. ano
glucose-lructose svrup.
Iructose converts to
lat more reaoilv than anv other
sugar. which mav be one ol the
reasons Americans continue to
gain weight.
High lructose corn svrup
shoulo not lall unoer the guise
ol essential¨ along with the
rest ol the ingreoients in Ga-
toraoe. Rather. it is a oanger-
ous aooitive that makes sports
orinks lor voung athletes noth-
ing but marketing hvpe.
Iructose is not the onlv
chemical aooitive in Gato-
raoe. it also incluoes citric acio
as well as a varietv ol artincial
oves oepenoing on the navor
ol the orink.
When askeo il she woulo
ever orink sooa at practice or
belore´ouring a game. lresh-
man vollevball plaver. Kelsev
Webber replieo. No. it is not
gooo lor jumping arouno ano
it is too sugarv. When vou
orink sooa vou get an energv
boost then crash.¨
Yet. it has been scientincallv
proven that Gatoraoe ano
Foweraoe contains as much as
two-thiros the sugar ol sooas.
ano more than three times the
sooium. The label on a bottle
ol Gatoraoe reaos. What
exactlv ooes Gatoraoe oo lor
an athlete? Gooo Question.
It`s scientincallv lormulateo
to replace more ol what vou
lose when vou sweat...Noth-
ing rehvorates. replenishes.
ano reluels athletes better.¨
Gatoraoe mav replenish elec-
trolvtes such as sooium. po-
tassium. ano chlorioe more
quicklv than looo or water can
oo. but not bv vast levels.An 8
ounce bottle ol Gatoraoe onlv
contains 1º ol the oailv value
lor potassium.
There are manv healthier al-
ternatives lor sports orinks. Ior
example. water is the best lor
rehvoration because it works
better than anvthing to replace
lost nuios. Water is also crucial
lor keeping the average ath-
lete lunctioning. because 55º
to 78º ol the human boov is
Sophomore Tavlor Carpen-
ter was accurate when she saio.
In mv opinion water is the best
lor me. Sooa ano sports orinks
will make vou sick il vou have
them belore vou work out.¨
Glaceau. the companv that
proouces Vitamin Water.
also sells a proouct known as
Smart Water which is natural
water with aooeo Vitamin C
ano electrolvtes that ooes not
contain harmlul chemical ao-
oitives. artincial sugars. or ar-
tincial oves.
It is important to be eou-
cateo in matters ol health ano
wellbeing. Rather than buving
into marketing plovs. which
mav be leaoing to the increase
in manv oiseases. Americans
shoulo gain an unoerstanoing
ol what thev are eating ano
orinking in oroer to make in-
lormeo oecisions that benent
them lor their gooo.
o/t .ort··. f /·ci·lio·..o.olg.ioog··.!008.11.!!.gotroc·.¡og
SFORTS 9 HIGH TIDE·r ´. !00´
since we won last vear. but we
are not getting too upset about
it.¨ Drozoa saio.
The captains believe that
this vear the team is at an ao-
vantage because thev have a
signincant number ol return-
ing plavers ano seniors on the
We will also be gooo role
mooels lor vounger plavers.¨
Drozoa aoos.
Halev ano Gracie believe the
team`s oelense has improveo
consioerablv this vear. ano ex-
pects that. because the girls on
the team know each other so
well. thev will benent lrom this
One challenge that thev are
looking to conquer is beating
Catheoral. The team has not
been able to beat them in quite
some time. thev hope that thev
will nnallv be able to this sea-
son. Thev also are going to
Stoff Jrit·r
At the start ol the school
vear. the Women`s Varsitv Vol-
levball team proveo that thev
are a lorce to be reckoneo with
when thev took thiro place at
their annual tournament in
Ioaho. Leaoing this spectacu-
lar group ol girls are nrst time
captains. seniors Halev Cam-
eron ano Gracie Drozoa.
Throughout seventh ano
eighth graoe. the two girls
plaveo vollevball on local teams
ano bv the time their lreshman
vear came arouno. thev were
both able to make Varsitv.
Both Halev ano Gracie look
back to their nrst place success
in Ioaho last vear as their great-
est achievement ano though
thev onlv maoe thiro place this
vear. thev are staving positive.
It was kino ol a bummer
Stoff Jrit·r
A normal high school coach
will encourage their athletes to
trv their best when plaving a
tough game. but Tom Atwell
is not a normal high school
coach. As heao coach ol La
]olla`s Varsitv Bov`s Water Folo
team. Atwell has promiseo the
bovs that il thev win the Oc-
tober 13th game against their
rival. The Bishops School. he
will not shave until the next
polo season¦
The Vikings have not been
able to oeleat the Bishops`
Knights in quite some time
ano the team is hoping that
this game is theirs lor the tak-
Atwell oio not come up with
the ioea himsell. Team mem-
ber Dvlan Hallman. a junior.
ollereo it up ano Atwell ac-
cepteo the challenge.
During Hell Week this sum-
mer. we were running to the
Cove when I noticeo that At-
well hao some stubble because
he haont shaveo that oav. so
we pokeo some lun at him.
Then. later in the summer.
a lew ol the bovs. incluoing
mvsell. were helping clean his
varo when we saw some olo
photos ol him where he hao
a lot ol lacial hair¦ So I askeo
Coach. Il we win. will vou not
shave until next season?` Sur-
prisinglv. he saio ves.¨ Hall-
man saio.
However. a rewaro ol this
caliber is not the norm. In lact.
this is actuallv the nrst time At-
well has promiseo to rewaro
the bovs lor a win. let alone
ooing something this crazv¦
I usuallv never oo anvthing
this insane. I woulo normallv
just tell them to go out ano beat
the team.¨ Atwell saio. Ano he
is not alraio to aomit that he is
scareo. I am absolutelv terri-
neo that I mav have to come
through with this promise.¨
Atwell saio.
The other members ol the
team are just as exciteo as Hall-
man is to potentiallv see Atwell
in a wav thev have never seen
him belore.
Atwell will look twice as
gnarlv with a bearo.¨ junior
Matt Schug saio.
Stuoents can show their sup-
port lor the team at the Bish-
ops game on October 13th.
Not onlv will it be a great
game. but stuoents will get to
see Atwell`s reaction when he
nnos out whether or not he
will have to put oown the razor
lor a whole vear¦
Stoff Jrit·r
Foint. game. match. This is
the oroer ol penalties given to
tennis plavers who oo not lol-
low proper
One ol
the nrst
things anv
tive tennis
plaver is
taught is
how to act
atelv on the
throwing ol
the racquet.
ano unsportsmanlike manner-
isms are not permitteo. ano
il such cooes ol conouct are
broken. the result is a loss ol
earneo points- lrom there. it`s
three strikes ano vou`re out.
Usuallv. the most that is
hearo lrom prolessional tennis
plavers are their grunts ano
moans as thev smack the ball
as haro as thev can. Latelv
though. some ol the most
respecteo tennis plavers ol
our generation have shown
that even thev lose their cool
at times.
At the U.S. Open. millions
ol people watcheo on TV as
Serena threateneo to. shove
this ball oown |the olncial`s|
l------ throat.¨ resulting in
a point penaltv on a match
point. It turneo out that the
loot lault the linesperson
calleo on Serena was incor-
rect. but the real controversv
sprung lrom the wav in which
Serena conoucteo hersell.
Manv plavers on La ]olla
High`s team oisagree with Ser-
ena`s conouct. I unoerstano
Serena getting upset over a call
she thought was wrong. espe-
ciallv on such a crucial point.
but I think she crosseo the line.
She maoe a lool out ol hersell
in lront ol some ol her biggest
lans ano lor that I lost a lot ol
respect lor her.¨ senior Nathalv
Moungvong saio.
As a tennis plaver I am re-
allv oisappointeo that a plaver
ol her stature woulo let oown
her lans bv being so inconsio-
erate ano ruoe on the court.¨
senior Tali Gires saio.
Anv Ten-
nis plaver.
or athlete
lor that
m a t t e r .
woulo know
that what
Serena oio
was out ol
line. Espe-
ciallv with
the amount
ol monev
she is being
paio. ano
the amount
ol experience that she has. I
think she shoulo have known
when to stop ano when too lar
is just too lar.¨ junior Allie Ru-
bens saio.
As most tennis plavers woulo
agree. Serena unooubteolv
crosseo the line. Il voung ten-
nis lans continue to look to
plavers like Serena Williams
as role mooels. the nne line ol
what is acceptable behavior on
the tennis court mav change
o/t .ort··. f Clo· Sort·
trv their haroest to make it to
|Mv main goals are| to leao
the team through the State
Champs ano let evervone have
a gooo time.¨ Cameron saio.
Their aovice to aspiring vol-
levball plavers?
Alwavs practice ano have a
passion lor the game. You have
to love the game to get better.¨
Cameron saio.
Ior college. Halev will be at-
tenoing the Universitv ol Tex-
as on a vollevball scholarship
ano Gracie is looking to plav
vollevball at a private school
on the East Coast.
Be sure to catch Halev. Gra-
cie. ano the rest ol the Wom-
en`s Varsitv Vollevball team in
action on their October 1!th
home game versus their ri-
val. Catheoral Catholic High
School. Make sure to be there
ano support the Laov Vikes¦
o/t· .ort··. f: Io.l··
P/t· Cort··. f : Io.l··
)VOMZUIVIOMUMV\'" S·r·oo ci·olo.· oo·ort·ooo-li/· .oco.t o t/· .ort.
October 9, 2009
Swine Flu Cont. from pg. 1
Murder at Yale
Texting in Term Papers
H1N1 innuenza vaccine on
September 15th. The approv-
al ol the vaccine signines the
completion ol a long antici-
pateo step in the nght against
this nu. The government is set
to start mass vaccinations next
month. Some mav not trust
the new vaccine because thev
are not lamiliar with it. but all
will have to wait until the vac-
cine unoergoes lurther review
belore making anv accurate
It is no secret that H1N1
innuenza has become a hot
topic ol conversation ouring
2009. The new H1N1 innu-
enza seems no more oeaolv
than regular winter nu. which
everv vear kills 3o.000 Ameri-
cans ano hospitalizes 200.000.
But there`s an important oil-
lerence: H1NI innuenza sick-
ens vounger people more lre-
quentlv than the people over
o5 who are the main victims
ol seasonal nu. Ior now. stu-
oents must trv their best to stav
healthv ano eventuallv get vac-
By Ashley Wei
Staff Writer
Habits pickeo up through
texting ano instant messaging
seemeo to have maoe their
wav lrom stuoents` electronic
screens into their schoolwork.
In a recent treno. some stu-
oents have been incorporating
shortcuts. popularlv utilizeo in
texts ano IMs to provioe quick
ano expressive communica-
tion. into homework assign-
ments. Olten times. a stuoent
ooes not realize their inclusion
ol text slang or inlormal writ-
ing until alterwaros.
Writing. Technologv. ano
Teens¨. a 2008 stuov con-
oucteo bv the Few Internet
ano American Lile Froject in
association with the College
Boaro`s National Commission
on Writing louno
that o!º ol sur-
veveo teens incluoeo
various lorms ol
lingo in their writing
lor school. Most ol
these teens were
online bloggers.
social network users.
ano owners ol cell
In tooav`s worlo.
technologv has
become increasinglv
accessible to stu-
oents. Texting ano
checking email or
Iacebook is part ol
the oailv routine ol
an average teen. Schools such
as La ]olla High School have
also implementeo meoia ano
technologv into the classroom.
encouraging stuoents to check
class websites lor assignments.
It shoulo not be shocking that
manv teenagers have aoapteo
to the use ol mooern slang.
oue to more lrequent expo-
sure to the internet ano the
neeo to communicate with
cell phones.
Iok. ioc.¨ senior Angel
Bates saio when askeo to com-
Also known as. I oon`t
know. I oon`t care¨. Bates
pokes lun at teens` increasing
habit ol using text slang in
verbal speech.
Yet manv stuoents are
surpriseo. claiming thev rarelv
bleno the writing thev use
online or over texting with
the lormal writing requireo in
school. At least. not in notice-
able quantities. Thev seem to
be just as conluseo as to how
one coulo easilv let slip an
OMG¨ or : ¨ into aca-
oemic work.
Whv woulo anvone be
writing LOL` in a prolession-
al paper?¨ sophomore Melissa
Ferrine saio.
Other stuoents remark that
thev have incluoeo text ano
IM slang purposelullv to aoo
a touch ol humor to their as-
Some stuoents avoio slang
all together.
Mv lrienos ano I like to
spell evervthing out when
we text each other. it`s less
conlusing. Sometimes I`ll
write something like LOL`
in homework on purpose to
make a point.¨ sophomore
Megan Bailev saio.
Teachers at La ]olla High
also report that the use ol
such texting language has
been uncommon. Stuoents
usuallv onlv venture as lar as a
b´c¨ in place ol because¨.
English teacher Mrs. Weien ol
room 803 is thanklul that she
barelv nnos cases ol inlormal
language. or else she woulo
have to quit teaching.
Though the insertion ol
IM lingo or text abbrevia-
tions mav not be as large ol a
problem as expecteo. it is hap-
pening- a sign ol the rise ol
technologv in tooav`s worlo.
ano its impact on teens.
By Laura Wells and Su-
quoia Geary
Staff Writers
Davs belore she was set to
weo. Yale graoe stuoent Annie
Le was reporteo missing. She
was last seen visiting the lab in
which she workeo on Septem-
ber 8th. On September 12th.
2009. a bloooieo cloth was
louno in the lab. The lollow-
ing oav. remains were louno
insioe the wall ouct ol a Yale
lab. The remains were later
ioentineo as brioe-to-be Annie
Alter police oiscovereo Le`s
boov ano nameo the cause ol
oeath a homicioe. the inves-
tigation began. One suspect
was Ravmono Clark III. a
lellow lab tech ol Le`s at Yale
Universitv. Alter the question-
ing ol Clark. a large investiga-
tion was put into place with
nearlv 250 articles ol evioence
louno in both Clark`s home
ano the lab in which both
Clark ano Le workeo. Clark
was later arresteo lor the mur-
oer charges ol Annie Le.
This is the nrst muroer in
Yale historv since December
1998 ano manv stuoents were
surpriseo to learn the news.
It`s alwavs such a trageov
when people`s lives are taken
lrom them belore thev get a
chance to lullv live it out.¨
senior Kelsev Rvan saio.
Usuallv the onlv time Yale
is in the news. is when it is
about something acaoemic.
ano nothing like this.¨ senior
Tess Rearoon saio.
This past month we`ve wit-
nesseo Yale`s policv towaros a
tvpe ol situation such as this
one. but what about La ]olla
High School`s policv? Il the
school were to lace such a
situation what woulo we oo to
hanole it?
When askeo this ques-
tion. school principal Mr.
Shelburne. contemplateo the
situation lor barelv a secono
belore replving. The issue I`o
be most concerneo with is the
saletv ol the stuoent boov. I
believe that Yale hanoleo the
situation well. Thev calleo
the police ano took care ol
evervthing as last as possible.
The kev to hanoling an issue
like this is ellective communi-
cation. At our school we have
a mass voicemail svstem to
inlorm parents il something
were to happen at L]HS. We
also have a crisis plan ano
team to take care ol things
in case a violent situation like
muroer occurs.¨
Ano as lor the ensuing pub-
licitv that woulo lollow such a
The school woulo get lacts
quicklv. communicate what
thev know to the stuoent boov
ano oispel anv rumors going
arouno the school.¨ Mr. Shel-
burne saio.
While anv situation like the
one at Yale woulo be simplv
oevastating to unoergo. it is
comlorting to know that the
stall at La ]olla High School
have a plan.
By Kathy Lunas
Staff Writer
The start ol a school vear can be an exciting time. There are
new stuoents. new teachers ano as alwavs. new issues that are
burning to be aooresseo. Here at La ]olla High Tioe. we are
oeoicateo to answering those burning questions. Right here.
Right now. This is Burning Questions.
1) Why was the annual Blast Off pep rally cancelled?
This was one ol the biggest questions that manv stuoents were
wonoering about ano no one reallv hao a concrete ioea whv.
until now. ASB member. Yasamin Elahi was able to provioe an
Since Blast Oll was so earlv this vear. we oion`t have time to
plan a pep rallv that woulo have been enjovable lor the stu-
oents.¨ junior Elahi saio.
2) Why is there a fourth senior bench?
The three benches near the
gvm have alwavs been known
as senior benches.¨ Seniors
are alloweo to come onto
campus ano sprav paint all
three benches lor a birthoav
or to promote oillerent events
either locallv or globallv. It
has been a long traoition at
La ]olla High so whv now. all
ol a suooen. is there a lourth
senior bench? The bench sits oll to the sioe looking ooo ano a
bit out ol place compareo to the original three.
The seniors oon`t even sit on that bench. Where oio we get
the monev lor a new bench?¨ sophomore Stephen Wilkinson
As seniors rule the school. or so thev believe. as soon as the
sprav paint went on. the bench
belongeo to them.
3) What are the messages
painted in the girl’s bath-
The girls louno interesting
messages painteo in the 800
ano 500 builoing bathrooms.
Thev reao things such as.
Whv can`t we all just get
along? ano Hope.¨ No one
knows lor sure who wrote on
the walls but some people nno it
prettv increoible.
It`s reallv cool. Usuallv the stull in there is bao ano just
uninspiring. It`s nice to have something that isn`t so negative.¨
senior Alex ]oroan saio.
Whoever the mvsterious person is. thev will hopelullv con-
tinue to inspire people in other wavs.
Got a burning question?
Send it in to
Photo Courtesy: Kathy Lunas
Photo Courtesy: Kathy Lunas



11·r ´. !00´
Passion for Fashion
La J o l l a Si ngi ng
t o a Ne w Tun e
Stoff Jrit·r
Inoepenoent nlms give people a break lrom the oroinarv motion picture. Thev oo
not alwavs consist ol a lairv-tale enoing or a preoictable plot. Thev are absolutelv
awesome ano are lull ol surprises.
Stoff Jrit·r
La ]olla High is a
host to a varietv ol
oillerent stvles
ano lashion. One
stuoent known
lor her exquisite
lashion sense
is Mellissa

bv her
t r avel s
t o
p l a c e s
such as
S p a i n
ano ]apan.
Mel l i s s a
h a s
oevel opeo
a personal
s t v l e
that she
oescri beo
a s
but universal.¨
When I
travel ano see
o i l l e r e n t
stvles with
lun color.
patterns. or textures in
clothing. it inspires me.¨ saio
junior Mellissa Fouk.
Bearing items such as high
wasteo skirts. boots. ano belts.
Mellissa alwavs looks up to
par. Olten times she can be
seen wearing scarves. which
are popular in Europe. ano
lavering various items.
which is a look that is
lavoreo in ]apan.
However. her lavorite
location lor lashion
inspiration is none other
than the lashion capital
ol the worlo. Faris.
I love the
sophistication ol their
stvles.¨ saio Mellissa.
Some ol her lavorite
oesigners incluoe icons
such as Louis Vuitton
ano Chanel. ano she
reallv appreciates
their beautilul clothes.
Mellissa loves to shop
when she is abroao.
ano particularlv likes a
European store. Zara.
Locallv. the LI boutique
in oowntown La ]olla is her
lavoreo place to go when
looking lor new clothes.
So what is the new
treno lor the upcoming
winter season? Mellissa is
exciteo to wear a varietv ol
oillerent tights. accesorizeo
with a cute pair ol boots.
However. it is not onlv new
trenos that catch Mellissa`s
eve. Sometimes it`s lun
to take olo stvles lrom past
oecaoes such as the !0s ano
wear them in a new wav.¨
Be sure to check out Mellissa`s
cute clothes at school.
In theaters October 23
Rateo R lor bao language ano nuoe images
Bucket kicking. squeaking pleather skirts.
stulleo roao kill. ano blank walls: art? It
appears so in oirector ]onathan Farker`s
amusing take on tooav`s mooern art scene.
Aoam Goloberg plavs the role ol an aspiring
musician whose sounotrack consists ol the
misuse ol instruments. oll-pitch vocals. ano
bubble wrap. A romance brews between his
character ano a trenov gallerv owner. plaveo
bv Marlev Shelton. whose latest leatureo artist
creates masterpieces that are composeo ol
taxioermv. miscellaneous. ano unusual. items.
This bizarre nlm`s subtle humor ano biting wit
will have anvone that watches it leaving the
theater with a smile across their lace.
In theaters October 9
Rateo R
Love is complicateo. Those who lall in love olten
have no ioea how it happeneo or anv ioea about
how their once ooe-eveo romance turneo cvnical.
twisteo. ano problematic. Feter ]ason Ritter ano
Vanov ]ess Weixler are the perlect example ol
a couple that have simplv lost their wav. Director
]av Dipletro takes watchers on an empirical stuov
ol love.What makes this nlm unique is the wav the
storv is presenteo. Small moments that the couple
shares with one another are tolo in a nonsequential
wav. These moments begin to connect more ano
more as the storv progresses. revealing the answer
to their lingering question. Whv are we together?
Feter ano Vanov mav be unsure ol whv thev are the
wav thev are. but the viewer gets some extra insight
into the mvsterv that is love.

Stoff Jrit·r
Hear the trumpets souno¦ La
]olla High has a new bano
teacher¦ His name? Teo Ioster.
Ioster was born ano raiseo
at Cape Mav Court House
in New ]ersev ano recentlv
graouateo lrom George
Mason Universitv in
Iairlax. Virginia.
As a bano
teacher. he
knows how
to plav each
ol the bano
He is also
skilleo with
the guitar
ano enjovs
Mr. Ioster was
a stuoent teacher
ouring his last semester
at Mason ano is thrilleo to
nnallv be working with his own
Here I am the teacher. ano
evervthing is what I make ol
it- just how I want it to be¨
Ioster saio.
Mr. Ioster was enrolleo as a
math major while at George
Mason Universitv. but switcheo
to a music major belore the
semester began.
P/t· .ort··. f ooo.ioco..o
Incoming Indies
I coulon`t give up music.
ano I was just as gooo helping
lellow bano kios unoerstano
the music. so I switcheo majors
ano never lookeo back.¨ Ioster
Stor Jor· is Mr. Ioster`s
lavorite book ano movie series.
To make things verv simple.
the onlv movies he ooes not
like are teen comeoies.
I reallv oespise
teen comeoies.
ano have lor
quite some
time. but that`s
about the onlv
tvpe ol
m o v i e
I oon`t
l i k e . ¨
Io s t e r
He enjovs
a lot ol ska
music. ano his
lavorite bano is none
other than Streetlight
Manilesto. When he is
not reaoing Stor Jor·
or plaving guitar. Mr.
Ioster is oown at the
beach or longboaroing
arouno town. He also
plans on learning how
to surl.
He also oescribeo
himsell as eccentric.
oeoicateo. ano
enthusiastic.¨ He is oennitelv
oeoicateo to his work. ano is
no ooubt enthusiastic about
it as well. Let`s hope to see his
eccentric sioe in luture bano
Mr. Ioster is looking lorwaro
to the vears to come. He is
thrilleo to be part ol the school.
ano exciteo to be starting his
nrst real job as a music teacher.
He has a lot ol ioeas that he
is waiting to unleash. ano what
better place to oo so. than here
at La ]olla High?
Stuoent Discounts Available
A&E 12 HIGH TIDE October 9, 2009
photo courtesy of
photo cousrtesy of
The Next Generation?
A Different Life: Finding our Future in San Diego
San Diego Historical Society
This exhibit presents the struggles, hopes and dreams of a
teenage group of refugees from Somalia. The teens who
co-created this exhibit share personal stories and how they
adapted to life in San Diego. Playing until November 28.
The Lion King
San Diego Civic Center
Raved as one of the best musicals today, The Lion King
takes you back to the time you were a little child. See the
amazing acting, costumes and music in the Lion King, live.
Playing until November 8.
Where the Wild Things Are
You may remember reading this book as a child, wishing you
could discover the magical island with mysterious creatures
on it. Now you can get lost in the movie adaptation of the
timeless book, “Where the Wild Things Are,” directed by
Spike Jonze.
Rated PG, Shown at all major movie theatres.
Michael Jackson’s This Is It
of the farewell tour, you will see exclusive behind the scenes
rehearsals and interviews that have never been viewed
Unrated, Shown at all major movie theatres
Tech N9ne w/ Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Calhoun, Big
Scoob, Slaughterhouse, Stevie Stone
House of Blues
$22.50- in advance
Although Tech N9ne is headlining, all of the performers as a
whole have been said to be amazing together. One highlight
inparticular is said to be Supernatural’s freestyle rapping.
Happy Homecoming!
Big Gym, $10
By Molly Salas
A&E Editor
La Jolla High School is full
of talented individuals who
express themselves in different
ways. Whether it be through
sports, art, or clubs, each
student brings something to the
table. Three of our very own
seniors take
their unique
dancing talent
to a different
level, as part of
a dance team
called Kruciaal
Element. The
High Tide got
a chance to
talk to Lilly Sedaghat, William
Zhang, and Itto Kabbage
about what makes them tick.
High Tide: How did you all get
started with dancing? How long
have you been dancing?
William Zhang: First started
learning how to c-walk a few
years ago and gradually went
into freestyling and cleaner
popping. I’ve been learning
bboying and choreo for the last
half year or so.
Lilly Sedaghat: It all
started with my fascination
of breakdancing and my
obsession with ABDC. Now I
go see college crews instead.
Itto Kabbage: I was dancing
in the womb. I did ballet when
I was little and started hip-hop
about 3 or 4 years ago.
HT: How did you discover your
dancing talent?
WZ: Youtube? Haha.

HT: Favorite kind of dancing?
WZ: Popping and Bboying.
IK: Hip Hop for sure.
HT: So you guys are part of a team?
and what’s the best part about it?
El ement
t hrough
I t t o .
She was
on the
team in
s es s i ons
and told
the rest of us about it. Best
part is probably learning the
choreo and performing it.
LS: William and I are on the
foundation team and Itto is
way more legit on the amateur
HT: Why do you do what you do?
LS: I also dance because it is
my creative outlet and helps
me relieve stress. It is a freedom
of expression, something that
my people back in Iran do not
have. By speaking for them,
in forming body movements
that scream Democracy and
Freedom and Equality, I dance
and rep’ my peeps.
IK: Super cheesy, but I dance
because when I am not
dancing I literally feel sickly
and dperessed; like there
is a necessary activity
missing in my life.
HT: If you could be any dance crew
on ABDC from the last few seasons,
who would you be and why?
WZ: Kaba Modern; they’re
by far the cleanest crew that’s
been on the show.
LS: Beat Freakz, please.

HT: What’s the beastliest trick or
to do?
WZ: An elbow pike freeze. I’m
trying to learn how to do coin
drops but they hurt.
LS: A one-handed Nike.
HT: How often do you practice?
LS: Recently, I have been
going to UCSD almost every
day to dance by myself. I plug
in the speakers, look at myself
in the mirror, and move.
HT: Where can we see you
LS: On Halloween the
foundation team will be
performing with the amateur
team in downtown
San Diego on
Halloween night
to a Thriller

HT: If you’re
not dancing,
what is your
favorite thing
to be doing?
WZ: Playing
tennis and
being Asian.
IK: Traveling.
Five hundred thousand people
Yasgur’s dairy farm looking on
towards a gigantic mega stage
built by hundreds of drug-
fueled hippies.
They were attending one of
the single greatest moments in
music history, the Woodstock
Music and Arts Fair.
This year was the 40th
anniversary of the historical
festival, and with it came a
reminder of the importance
of music.
“Music is a part of the
poetry that makes life worth
living. If we connect our lives
with the ideas in music, we can
really appreciate the beauty
around us.” junior Max
McMillan said.
The concertgoers were
500,000 strong and not one
of peace was unexpected
compared to what was
happening in the world.
The two years leading up
to Woodstock were full of
frustration toward America’s
government. Amidst the
turmoil of the Vietnam War,
the under-30 population of
the country was echoing anti-
war sentiments.
Some 40 years later, our
country is in the middle of
the Iraq and Afghanistan war,
a war that was started by a
by our parents. In the years
that followed September 11,
2001, our generation has
been able to sort through the
lies and political bias from all
the candidates, parents, and
zealots, and form an opinion
of our own.
Today’s music has changed
a great deal since those three
colorful days in 1969. The
headliners of our generation’s
music scene are vastly
different. We are the next
Woodstock Generation not
because we want to imitate the
originals, but because we have
something to say. Our parents
may guide our ideas, but we
are individuals, not made in
their image, so why should we
have their beliefs?
The clairvoyant visionaries
of the 60’s are not here
today. George W. Bush,
our Lyndon Johnson or
Richard Nixon of the new
millennium, has started a
in the treasury.
“Mr. Obama has done a huge
amount to help our progress
foreword, but we still have a
long way to come,” freshman
Benjamin Gehleter said.
The message behind
Woodstock was one of love
and peace towards our fellow
man. With tensions at their
highest between the U.S. and
North Korea, not to mention
a war, it would be a great time
for some brotherly love.
By Wilson Mokaio
Staff Writer