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About Barfani Dadaji

A sage of ancient age is the real gentleman in modern

BA!$ANI DADA"I is the %resident of a&hil bharti'a
chaturth sam%rda'. Dadaji is sage (ho generated his
bod' b' )*+, at mouth -ailash in !amgufa ./he
ca0e of !ama1. /here are a lot real incident2 (e (ant
to introduce them (ho are ha0ing real thirst of
&no(ledge about 'ogis2 s%iritualit'2 &ri'a'oga and
lots of %rach'a0id'as ./he ancient m'sterious art1.
3e (ant to 4uench their thirst (ith the grace of HH
Scholars are of the o%inion that no one should tr' to find out (here the origins of a ri0er and a
saint are e5actl'. /he curiosit' of human beings is such that the' li&e to &no( e0er'thing. Our
countr' India has (itnessed man' great saints2 siddhas and reali6ed souls. Our countr' is smitten
(ith the ashes of these great saints. One such
great saint is barfani dadaji. aurishan&ar #ahraj (as also famousl' &no(n as "amaat(ale
Baba. His league ."amaat1 com%rised of a%%ro5imatel' thousand ascetics also &no(n as
7saadhus8. /his "amaat used to tra0el around the !i0er Narmada situated India. aurishan&ar
#ahraj8s league or "amaat also consisted of ele%hants2 horses2 groceries and re4uired items and
#other Narmada also blessed them (ith an'thing the' re4uired through her blessings. Around
the 'ear )9*,2
aurishan&ar #ahraj and his "amaat settled do(n in Om&aresh(ar for :haumaasa. :haumaasa
is the time %eriod consisting of four months during monsoon season. According to Hindu
calender the months are Ashaad2 Shra0an2 Bhadra%ad and -un(ar. /here is an Indian allegor'
that a 'ogi or an ascetic is li&e flo(ing (ater meaning that the' ne0er sta' in one %lace but
during chaumaasa the' usuall' settle in one s%ot and continue after the fourth month gets o0er.
3hile the' (ere sta'ing in Om&aresh(ar2 !am Dutt Dube' a %ilgrim 0isited aurishan&ar
#ahraj and (ith all his heart did as much as he could to ser0e them. !am Dutt Dube' (as a
;amindar of Dondi&heda2 <nna0 District in <ttar =radesh and had set out for a %ilgrimage (here
he de0otedl' ser0ed aurishan&ar #ahraj. Seeing his heartfelt de0otion2 #ahraj (as contented
and granted him a (ish as&ing him to as& an'thing he (anted. !am Dutt>ji (as a rich man (ith
no heir therefore he e5%ressed his sadness to #ahraj (ho &ne( about this much earlier than that
moment. aurishan&ar #ahraj granted him his (ish and said he (ould be blessed (ith t(ins.
#ahraj then said that out of the t(ins !am Dutt>ji (ould ha0e to send one of the t(o children to
be a %art of the "amaat. !am Dutt> ji acce%ted this %ro%osition and decided to ta&e his lea0e. He
offered %ranam and at this moment aurishan&ar #ahraj stri&ed ;amindar8s (ife t(ice (ith his
(and?baton. ;amindar (as offended at such a gesture but aurishan&ar #ahraj smiled and
informed him that it (as his st'le of blessing.
/he 6amindar had three (i0es and one of them had t(ins after sometime. After fi0e @si5 'ears2
aurishan&ar #ahraj a%%eared in !am Dutt>ji8s dream and reminded him of the %ro%osal and
%ressed on the %oint that !am Dutt>ji must &ee% to his end of the %romise or else there could be a
re0ersal of the ha%%iness of %arenthood that he (as granted. Out of shame of forgetting the
%romise and fear of losing the boon of being a %arent !am Dutt>ji dro%%ed one of the t(o
children at #ahraj8s "amaat. /he child (as named as Lal Biharidas . At the ban&s of Narmada
ri0er at the same time there (as one more "amaat headed b' Shri Arjundas>ji from /era Bhai
=aanch A&hada 2Lal Biharidas (as offered a mantra @di&sha for chanting b' Shri Arjundas @ ji
Babaji Arjun das maharaj too& the child under his regime and left for a'odh'a (here he (as
taught (hat an ascetic should &no(@good thoughts2 (isdom2 moral 0alues then Lal bihari das
(as taught Aedas20edantas and astrolog' at &ashi. -ela bramhchari maharaj taught him ramal
shstra2 A'ur0eda etc
After a (hile Lal bihari das @ji returned to the jamat and sta'ed along (ith Dhuni (ale dadaji.
Duni (ale dada ji and Lal bihari das ji (ere friendl'2 sincere and caring. /hereafter2 Lal Bihari ji
(ent to #ansaro0ar and learnt tantra from anesh lama. Once an a0alanche fell on him and he
came out it b' melting the sno( through sadhna. Hence he (as &no(n as Barfani Dadaji. He
also learnt the secretes of meditation from the saint of 'anganj2 =aramhans =huleri Baba. In
)*+,2 he did &a'a&al% and reju0enated his %h'sical bod' once again. He continued to li0e in
#ansaro0ar till )*BC from (here he came to Harid(ar during the chienese in0asion . After that
he sta's in Amar&anta&. He chose it because2 it (as an im%ortant %ilgrimage center (here nearl'
D,, %ilgrims 0isit e0er' 'ear and (here Lord Shi0a ma&es his %resence felt in the form of the
Narmada !i0er.
The great Himalayan sage pratah smarniya yogiraj Shri Shri Barfani Dadaji is the
embodiment of Sat Chit Anand. Shri Shri Barfani Dada-ji is living proof that, with
yogi powers, an evolved man an defy and defeat the so-alled imm!table
biologial laws of nat!re li"e growing old and beoming derepit. The d!ly reorded
birthday is Diwali #$%&, whih means that he is now two h!ndred and twenty 've
years old. (hen )!estioned, the disiples of Barfani Dada-ji who are eighty years
old and ninety years old, abo!t Dada*s at!al age the answer is invariable, +,o one
"nows. All we an say is that the 'rst darshan of Dada-ji was when we were yo!ng
boys. He has not hanged. He loo"s now e-atly as he did at that time.. Some laim
that Baba is tho!sands of years old. /n fat, nobody "nows his real age.
His Holiness Brahmarishi Barfani Dadaji nestled in the midst of the beautiful #e&al mountains
and the Narmada2 is the Barfani Yogashram. It is here that Himala'an -a'a&al%i Saint EHis
HolinessE Brahmarishi Shri Yogaraj Barfani Dadaji resides.
Legend is that2 (hile meditating in the Himala'as2 his bod' (as co0ered (ith sno(2 hence his
name EBarfaniE. Yogi !aj Barfani Dada (as born in the Dodi -heda Aillage on the ban&s of the
anges in <ttar =radesh2 in a ro'al famil'.
His father2 ha0ing no issues2 had married thrice. $inall' he became a disci%le of Sant Dhuni
3aale Dada ji of Sai -heda. /he saint blessed t(o of his (i0es and told them that the' should
%ledge the 'oungest of their to>be>born sons to a saintl' sect. Both the (i0es had t(o sons each2
of (hich Barfani Dada (as the 'oungest. Hence at the age of F2 his father too& him to the
Ashram of Dhuni 3aale Dada ji and %ledged him to the Saint. In those da's 2 Saint Arjun Das
#aharaj of A'odh'a (as cam%ing there. Dhuni 3aale Dada ji %ut Barfani Dada under Arjun Das
#aharajEs tutelage. Shri Barfani Dadaji tra0elled all o0er India (ith the saint. He attained
&no(ledge of Sans&rit2 !eligion2 =hiloso%h'2 #athematics and A'ur0eda under the tutelage of
Shri -ela Brahmachari of Aaranasi. Shri Barfani Dadaji then left for the Himala'as to meditate.
In the Himala'as2 he 0isited Ne%al2 !ani&het2 =ithorgarh2 /ibet and #ansaro0ar tem%les and
engaged himself in rigorous meditation attaining rare %o(ers. He also learnt the secrets of
meditation from the saint of 'anganj2 =aramhans =huleri Baba. In )*+,2 the Dadaji
relin4uished his old bod' and attained a ne( one through -a'a&al% Aid'a. $ollo(ing the
:hinese in0asion of )*BC2 Dadaji left his Himala'an abode and settled do(n at Amar&anta&
He chose Amar&anta& tem%le because2 it (as an im%ortant %ilgrimage centre (here nearl' D
crore %ilgrims 0isited e0er' 'ear and (here Lord Shi0a himself ma&es his %resence felt in the
form of the Narmada !i0er.
His Holiness Barfani Dadaji (as &no(n as Hari Dutt Dube' during his childhood 'ears. His
father2 !am Dutt Dube' (as a landlord of Dandia&hera2 in the district of <nna0. He had
daughters but no son. So along (ith his e0er'da' %uja in the Shi0 #andir2 he also married thrice
to get a son.
On his %ilgrimage to La&e #ansaro0ar2 he met Sant Dhuni 3aale Dadaji of Sai -heda and did
se0a to him. =leased (ith his ser0ice2 the saint hit his t(o (i0es (ith the thin stic& that he
carried and ga0e them a boon of begetting t(o sons each. He ho(e0er2 told !am Dutt that
'oungest of the sons belonged to him and he (ould come and ta&e him.
Dadaji (as F 'ears old (hen Sant Dhuni 3aale Dadaji of Sai -heda too& him a(a'. He too&
di&sha from Saint Arjundas2 a 0aishna0a saint. He also studied Sans&rit in Aaranasi from -hela
Brahmachari and attained &no(ledge of Sans&rit2 !eligion2 =hiloso%h'2 #aths and A'ur0eda
under his tutelage then left for the Himala'as to meditate.
/hereafter2 he (ent to #ansaro0ar and learnt tantra from
anesh Lama. Once an a0alanche fell on him and he
came out of it b' melting the sno( through sadhana.
Hence2 he (as &no(n as Barfani Dadaji. He also learnt
the secrets of meditation from the saint of 'anganj2
=aramhans =huleri Baba.
In )*+,2 he did &a'a&al%a and reju0enated his %h'sical
bod' once again. He continued to li0e in #ansaro0ar till )*BC from (here he came to Harid(ar
during the :hinese in0asion. =resentl' he sta's in Amar&anta&2 (hich is the source of the
Narmada !i0er. He chose it because2 it (as an im%ortant %ilgrimage center (here nearl' D,,
million %ilgrims 0isit e0er' 'ear and (here Lord Shi0a Himself ma&es his %resence felt in the
form of the Narmada !i0er.
Netajis death in plane crash was a propaganda: Barfani Baba
G B' $=" Bureau2 $ebruar' CC2 C,)+ )CHI) am
Ujjain: It (as a mere %ro%aganda that 7 Netaji8 Subhash :handra Bose died in an aero%lane
crash in /ai(an . "a%an1 on August )F2 )*D9.
/he fact (as that Netaji (as ali0e and the go0ernment of India
&e%t this information secret as %er an agreement (ith the
British go0ernment (hich (anted to ca%ture Netaji li0e.
/his (as re0ealed b' a sant from Badrinath2 Digambar anga
Bharati2 commonl' &no(n as Barfani Baba. He (as here to
%artici%ate in a %rogramme organised b' the Aurbindo oga
Societ' at Aurbindo Ashram at San0er !oad2 near #eghdoot
Dhaba on /hursda' afternoon. During his brief sta' at the
0enue2 Barfani Baba also tal&ed to re%orters.
Barfani Baba2 (ho (as classmate of =t #otilal Nehru . father
of =t "a(aharlal Nehru1 at #!:/ :ollege2 Allahabad2
informed that he met Netaji thrice8 $irst time during the
freedom struggle at Harid(arJ second time after the Inde%endence at -an'a&umari . /amil
Nadu1 and lastl' at Badrinath. K Netaji changed his name and identit' after %ronouncement of his
death and (as residing at -alimuth on -edarnath !oad (hen he heard last about him2L the Baba
/he seer also said that he did not (ant to meet Sonia andhi or !ahul andhi as it (ould not
benefit him in an' (a'. K E5ce%t Indira andhi2 (ho became e5am%le in ruling the countr'2
nobod' can e0er %ro0ide an able and stable go0ernment2L he commented. /he Baba2 ho(e0er2
said that di%lomac' has no( ta&en the %lace of %olitics (hich is against the teachings of
!ama'an and Shrimad Bhag(at as our traditions al(a's taught us that %olitics should be
controlled b' religion.
Ashram director Aibhash <%adh'a'2 #ula'am Singh /ha&ur2 Dr Sheel :handra -ailashi2
Somesh(ar -her and others (elcomed Barfani Baba. /he' also %resented him a memento.
Eminent scholar Dr Sh'am Sunder Nigam (as among those %resent on the occasion. Barfani
Baba addressing a %rogramme of Aurbindo oga Societ' in <jjain on /hursda'. $= %hoto.