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The story of one of India's favorite brands reads almost like a fairy tale. Once upon a time, in 1892 to be
precise, a biscuit company as started in a nondescript house in !alcutta "no #olkata$ ith an initial
investment of %s. 29&. The company e all kno as 'ritannia today.
The be(innin(s mi(ht have been humble)the dreams ere anythin( but. 'y 191*, ith the a
'ritannia strode initial investment has (ron by leaps and bounds to crores of rupees in ealth for 'ritannia's
shareholders. The company's offerin(s are spread across the spectrum ith products ran(in( from the healthy
and economical Ti(er biscuits to the more lifestyle)oriented +ilkman !heese. ,avin( succeeded in (arnerin(
the trust of almost one)third of India's one billion population and a stron( mana(ement at the helm means
'ritannia ill continue to dream bi( on its path of innovation and -uality.
Tiger Banana
NutriChoice SugarOut
Britannia 50-50 Pepper Chakkar
NutriChoice Digestive Biscuit
Treat Fruit Roll
Ne! Britannia "ilk Bikis
Generally all organizations have competitors in the market. A particular organization
always comprises with other same business and according to market share we clarify
the brand of product is giving more challenge to my product.
I found many products which can be compared with Britannia Biscuit. As a conclusion I
found that particularly in my provided area Britannia is really doing well and its
performance is on surprising level. During the field work and after intensive study it was
found that main competitor of PR$%&'O(D biscuits is BR$T&NN$& as the market leader.
In my provided area the share of the market is as follows.
BRIA!!IA "#$
%RI&AG'(D )*$
%AR(+,G -.$
%/R+ 0''D #$
'1+R2 #$
3hen we compared with other businesses then we follow the 4uality5 price5 distribution
system5 promotional strategy etc. of the competitors Britannia in this area is doing well.
2o this is the comparison with other biscuits brands. According to our findings we found
that BRIA!!IA is the market leader followed by BRIA!!IA biscuits. hese two
biscuits companies the lion6s share in the )5)** crore biscuits industry.
S)OT &N&(%S$S OF BR$T&NN$&

0ulfill one of our Basic
Re4uirement among Air 5
3ater 5 0ood5 2helter
3idely accepted in all
+asily available in various forms
%rovide good Instant Remedy
for hunger in the form of
readymade food
%reserves the non seasonal
food and makes it available all
throughout the year

Decreases nutritional value
Increases the cost of food
Industry and technology
re4uires high investment
Regular usage of processed
food can cause alteration in

Increase economy of India
Generate employment
Good 4uality of Goods
%rovide competition to foreign
Improve living standard
%rovide goods to nation at
cheaper rate
Inflow of foreign reserve and

7any companies are result
Increase in pollution
2ometimes provide poor 4uality
of product for more profit
(ack of technology
/nable to utilize all the
resources efficiently
funds for the govt.8ta9es: