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Rosana Agudo 2014


“Developing the capacity to “See More”
is the great adventure of our time”

Rosana Agudo. Autumn 2014

We find ourselves facing an unprecedented paradigm shift;
never before have human beings had to face such a global

There is much talk of this “Paradigm Shift”, as well as of an
“Era Of Change”, and even of a “Change of Era”..., but we begin
to quake when we are told that this change means
“detaching”, and not only from the need to own material
things, it is not only a matter of measures such as “tightening
one’s belt” or of “cuts”, that in the end always have to be taken
by the most vulnerable social classes. This frightens us
because our intuition tells us this change concerns each and
every one of us, and that it is so deep at a personal interior
level that it is going to break structures of social models (this
is already happening) and implies renouncing beliefs that up
to now have been felt to be immovable and have been the
foundation of our confidence, of our control and even of our
identity. And this involves all social strata, all areas and all
societies. It is a change of mental model, and brings a
widening of vision, of thought, where opposites begin to be
seen as complementary and that is good news.

Rosana Agudo 2014
A dominant social paradigm is a mental image of social reality
that guides a society’s expectations. The dominant mental
model in our current social paradigm has, in general terms,
the following features:

a. It makes the subjective invisible and tries to reduce it to
the objective, to be able to measure and handle it, thus
impoverishing the variety and wealth of existence and
its manifestations.

b. It needs to break the universe down into pieces to
understand it, while believing the division to be real, and
provoking the disconnection of each human being with
him- or herself, with all other human beings and with
nature, with the dramatic consequences this holds for

c. It assumes there is nothing beyond what one sees,
making it impossible for human beings, men or women,
to seek in their interior the key factors that will allow
them access to a vision of the world that is deeper, richer
and more diverse, as well being simultaneously more
unifying and true.

The mental level, the mental space, the thought that drives us,
that we act on, that we create reality with at this time, is not
appropriate to the most advanced being evolving right now
on this planet. Human beings evolve through the mind, and
the more evolved this is the more subtle, richer and more
diverse is the reality it contemplates; and in consequence, the
more material and ideas it can use to construct the world it
needs to continue on its evolutionary path towards an ever
greater perfection of the physical body, the emotions, the
mind and the spirit that feeds it. Human beings are finding
that they are being pushed to take on the difficult, definitive
and pending task of transforming themselves in order to
make the transformation possible.
Rosana Agudo 2014
We human beings, in spite of our constant talk of
“transformation”, of our need to “transform”, do not
understand that “transformation” is something that happens
in spite of us, in fact the transformation is taking place right
now, before our very eyes, even though we cannot see it
because of the expectations and assumptions that are an
integral part of our mental model, our social and personal

We human beings can only bring about changes. These
successive changes in our way of acting bring about small
transformations in our surroundings. However, the profound,
voluntary changes in our way of thinking; interior changes
that open us up to new logic, bring about transformations that
are so important as to give rise to that sought-after, significant
social paradigm shift, and even to a change of era.

Thought is malleable, but what we have created around it, in
the very structure -so perfect and extraordinary- of the mind,
what reinforces and strengthens the mental model, is difficult
to understand, to detect and finally to demolish. Changing a
thought can change reality. That is true; but are we willing to
change reality? Or at least are we willing to change a thought?
No, if it is trapped in the web of the mental model and we do
not know the latter, it is invisible.

The mental model reinforces and strengthens itself through
the assumptions and the expectations about how things,
people and so on should be, and how the outcomes,
consequences, relations and so on should be; thus our actions,
our being in the world spring from assumptions that give rise
to expectations as to how things, relations, business will and
should be.

Rosana Agudo 2014

We never see the world, reality as it is, but as how we assume
it has to or should be, without realizing that in this way we are
also “mortgaging” our future, adapting it to the same
assumptions. This way things go well or not for me, my life is
happy or not, my relationship is satisfactory or not,
...depending on whether or not my expectations are met, or
even beyond that, the social expectations about it, what is or
is not socially accepted in the model.

If we reflect on this fact, we realize we only live in the past,
the present is hidden from us by the veil of the assumptions
about what is or should be, and we prepare our future so that
the same expectations are met, either improved or following
the same rules that we already know and are “approved” by
the model.

Thus, we can define the mental model as: the set of
assumptions, beliefs and thoughts with which we interpret
reality. They make up a filter that translates what we perceive
and gives rise to personal experience and, of course, also
social experience, as we have already seen.

When applied to any area, they are the beliefs, thoughts,
assumptions that shape cultures and guide strategies, policies,
laws, actions and decisions, while at the same time
conditioning and restricting these to strengthening the
existing model itself, as mentioned earlier.

Rosana Agudo 2014
Now we can begin to understand why it is so difficult for us to
be receptive to new fields of thought. We believe it means
renouncing so many assumptions, beliefs, truths.... And that it
is something that is ours, where our identity lies. However, it
is extremely liberating. Once you have lost your fear of
abandoning an assumption created by a thought trapped in a
certain mental model, once you have stopped being afraid to
rid yourself of a belief, the limits disappear and, following
that, freedom appears, along with a smile.

To teach the mind to free itself, to educate the mind to the
logic of interior reflection, to meditation, is pleasant. To get to
know the mental model, become aware of it and its workings,
is the fastest, most effective and necessary way to bring about
real and effective transformations in any field of operation,
that can take us beyond where we are and make us capable of
seeing it.

New neuronal connections are made in the brain of those
people who have decided to see more. And it is the most
extraordinary of adventures; it is the Great Adventure of Our
Time, to develop the capacity to See More.

Bilbao, Autumn 2014

Rosana Agudo