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50 things I want to teach my daughter

1. Your hobbies aren’t weird. It’s admirable to be unique.
2. Your body is beautiful, gorgeous, and healthy.
3. Never stop reading.
4. Share your sense of humor — don’t stifle it.
5. You can tell me anything, anytime.
6. You don’t have to have the newest or priciest things.
7. I adore you.
8. Your virtue is precious. Save yourself for your husband.
9. Nothing beats a brownie-in-a-mug.
10. Take care of your clothes so you can donate them later on. Someone needier
than you will welcome them.
11. Wear sunscreen.
12. I love the sound of your laugh.
13. Don’t rip out any of the “why-did-I-write-that?” pages of your journal. You’ll be
fascinated by your words someday.
14. I cheer when I see you serving others. It’s been said that service is an antidote
against selfishness.
15. Always be gracious. Your level of gratitude reveals your character.
16. Take your worries to God. He cares.
17. Modest is hottest. You don’t need to show everything to look like a million
18. It’s ok to disappear sometimes to rest and recharge.
19. If you have an iffy feeling about something (an outing with friends, a particular
boy), trust your gut. Your instincts will keep you safe.
20. Smile and the world smiles with you. People are drawn to cheerful people.
21. Take lots of pictures to document your life and whereabouts.
22. White chocolate chips sprinkled into warm, buttered popcorn is heavenly.
23. A brutally hard workout pays off.
24. Make the goal to graduate from college with a degree you can use.
25. Appreciate your health. There is no greater blessing than a healthy body.
26. Don’t get caught up in comparing yourself to others.
27. Take the advice of Henry Eyring, a religious leader, “Trust in the Lord, get
some sleep, and wake up happy.”
28. Don’t be too hard on other people. Often there are hidden circumstances we
don’t understand.
29. It never hurts to think fast and talk slow.
30. Expect many ups and many downs in your life. Dr. Suess said, “Don’t cry
because it’s over; smile because it happened.”
31. Remember that your actions, not your belongings, define you.
32. I know that three pesky brothers can be frustrating, but remember that quiet
talk is the language of peace. One day, they’ll be your good friends.
33. When life gets dreary, pray. And shop, sometimes.
34. It’s ok to enjoy clothes — just don’t let them consume you.
35. You don’t need to wash your hair every day...
36. ...but if possible, you should bathe every day.
37. Some boys will break your heart, but I promise that you’ll get over them.
38. A few tiny bites of raw cookie dough won’t kill you. Eating a whole bowlful is
39. It’s ok to ask your friends not to swear.
40. Never stop practicing the piano.
41. Squeeze in a few more veggies and fruits each day.
42. Marry a guy who loves kids.
43. My job right now is to take care of you. Your job is to do your very best in
school. Study hard, get good grades, join clubs, play sports, and foster the
spirit of participation and hard work.
44. Did you know that money, doorknobs, public toilets, and phones carry millions
of disgusting bacteria? Wash your hands often.
45. Don’t be in a hurry to wear make up.
46. Be kind to children younger than you.
47. Respect adults and the elderly by using polite language and manners.
48. Count your blessings. You have so much more than so many.
49. There is something very genuine about a handwritten thank-you note.
50. Always remember how much your dad and I love you.

Nectar List:
1. I’ve watched the fireworks over the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City
2. I’ve spit out a piece of gum from the top of the Eiffel Tower
3. I’ve cheesily danced around in the ocean at sunset while listening to Lana Del
4. I’ve cried from happiness when I held hands with Taylor Swift when I was 13
5. I’ve bought something from Sak’s Fifth Avenue (just so I could say I did)
6. I went to a rock concert at 7 o’clock in the morning
7. I got drunk and danced with Alan Cumming at a Tony Awards party
8. I became instant friends with complete strangers at a music festival
9. I’ve been to the national championship with my college rugby team
10. I’ve high-fived Jimmy Fallon
11. I’ve been in the same room as Justin Timberlake
12. I waited in a back alley to get a picture with Sierra Boggess
13. I’ve seen a parade of naked men riding bicycles
14. I’ve taken a shower with baby wipes and a water bottle
15. I’ve very publicly taken a nap
16. I’ve sat in a titanium pyramid while a man with dreads played gongs all around
17. I’ve flobongo-ed in the forests of Michigan
18. I’ve seen (and have been disappointed by) the Mona Lisa in person
19. I’ve found the greatest Mac ‘n Cheese of my life
20. I’ve played with a Victoria’s Secret model’s dog
21. I’ve said exactly three words to Michael Kors
22. I carried a drunken stranger back to her apartment after she got lost
23. I’ve stood in the same spot for 9 hours to see my favorite band
24. I’ve kissed Michael Jackson’s star on the streets of Hollywood
25. I’ve shot-gunned beers in the shower of a hotel room with my teammates
26. I’ve danced on the bars at Coyote Ugly
27. I’ve watched the sunset over the ocean while riding a ferry boat
28. I’ve taken the perfect jumping on the beach photograph
29. I’ve eaten Turkish food while sitting on the floor
30. I’ve been to a stereotypical frat party
31. I’ve taken a selfie with a giraffe
32. I’ve boat raced
33. I’ve eaten from a chocolate fountain
34. I’ve gotten two black eyes in total succession of each other
35. I’ve been completely showered in beer
36. I’ve become the ultimate master of Black Friday
37. I’ve rallied in my pajamas
38. I’ve puked out the window of a moving vehicle. Not exactly proud of that, but
seems like an accomplishment
39. I’ve been stranded for three days with my best friend in a snowpocalypse
40. I’ve been in the same room as Meryl Streep
41. I’ve built the perfect indoor fort
42. I’ve jumped off the quarry from Breaking Away in Bloomington
43. I’ve gone kayaking in the lakes of northern Michigan
44. I’ve chased roosters around the streets of Key West in Florida
45. I’ve been puked on by my friend’s mom when we drank too much during our
excursion in Grand Turk
46. I’ve been picked up by a random, but hot, Dominican man named Tito
47. I’ve jumped in a pool with my clothes on during a deck party in the middle of
the Pacific
48. I’ve hugged a dolphin in Nassau
49. I’ve drank a cup of French coffee in France
50. I’ve knocked on the front gates of the Versailles Palace
51. I’ve swallowed so much salt water that I puked while surfing in Huntington
52. I’ve skipped school to go to an art museum
53. I’ve loved something so much that I cried when I had to say goodbye to it
54. I’ve cried while singing during sunset at the 9/11 memorial
55. I’ve paid my respects to Elvis at Graceland
56. I’ve been skiing in Flagstaff – and didn’t fall on my ass
57. I’ve stayed up all night to watch the sunrise over the mountains in Phoenix
58. I’ve gotten a tattoo in my living room
59. I’ve snuck into rehab
60. I’ve been skinny dipping at 3 a.m. because my leg hurt

101 Things I Will Teach My

1. The most beautiful thing you can do is smile.
2. Embrace whatever genre of music you enjoy listening to. Don't let anyone tell you it's
"not music."
3. But just know there will never be a better song than "In the Air Tonight" by Phil
4. It's OK to think another woman is beautiful.
5. Don't be catty to other women. You'll need them when we all overthrow the world
6. Don't let any man convince you that he is powerful enough to change you.
7. Even if he bought you dinner, you owe him nothing.
8. The amount of pride you feel when you look good in your bikini for 20 minutes is far
less than the happiness Taco Bell can bring you. I promise.
9. Develop a lust to see the world around you.
10. It's OK if you don't want to play princess or put on makeup.
11. But it's OK if you do, too.
12. But at least try rugby once for me.
13. Make sure your life is actually as fun as your Instagram profile makes it out to be.
14. Don't smile if you don't mean it.
15. You really don't need another girl to go to the bathroom with you.
16. Be blind to gender, race, sexuality and religious beliefs.
17. People are people.
18. There are few things in life that candles and Fleetwood Mac can't fix.
19. Don't let any man whistle at you on the street and get away with it.
20. If you can't wear sweatpants and be beer bloated around them, they aren't really
your friends.
21. Find friends who are OK with holding your hair back.
22. Be there to hold theirs, too.
23. Never let a location be your excuse.
24. You can be the best from wherever you are.
25. Develop a voice, and make it loud.
26. Your success is not my success. It's yours and yours alone.
27. Even if you're tall, wear the damn heels.
28. I would really like it if you read Jane Eyre.
29. But if you end up liking Twilight, that's cool too.
30. No 50 Shades of Grey, though.
31. That sh*t is terrible.
32. Please, watch Friends.
33. At least consider joining the Peace Corps.
34. Go antique shopping.
35. Keep the ticket stubs.
36. Always wash your face before you go to bed.
37. You don't need to bathe yourself in perfume.
38. Go swimming with your clothes on.
39. Go swimming with no clothes on.
40. A juice cleanse is never, and never will be, a good idea.
41. You're obligated to watch The Lion King with me at least five times in your life.
42. Believe in guardian angels.
43. Make wishes on fallen eyelashes.
44. Be passionate.
45. Be overly passionate.
46. Be so passionate that people think you might be a little insane.
47. Feminists aren't scary.
48. Learn to play the game Spoons.
49. And Euchre.
50. Don't stretch yourself too thin.
51. Never shrink yourself.
52. Don't let anyone tell you it's a phase if you don't think it is.
53. Your sexuality does not define your morality.
54. Go to a music festival at least once.
55. Don't dress the way fashion editors tell you to dress, dress the way they dress.
56. If your job or your success emasculates him, he isn't worth it.
57. Find a man who has more balls than you do.
58. Or woman.
59. And that's OK.
60. If a guy talks to you in clichés, run.
61. Your value does not come from your appearance, age or size.
62. It never will.
63. High school is not the best time of your life.
64. College is.
65. The question "What are you thinking?" will work wonders.
66. Dance like a maniac in your room with your headphones in.
67. I won't laugh.
68. Meet someone who makes you laugh so hard you pee.
69. Hold onto them forever.
70. Go barefoot.
71. Don't be naïve.
72. Sometimes being classy is overrated.
73. Keep your head up.
74. Believe in magic.
75. Don't regret the times you feel sad. How else will you appreciate the times you feel
76. Everything in moderation.
77. Even moderation.
78. Coffee is good for your soul.
79. Be unapologetically honest.
80. Connect to music on a level deeper than even you understand.
81. Wake up early.
82. Find a good gay best friend.
83. He'll let you sleep in his bed and borrow his eyeliner.
84. Don't let anyone push you around.
85. Surround yourself with colorful, beautiful people.
86. Remember that not everyone will think like you.
87. Never pass up an experience in favor of sleep.
88. The painful truth is always easier than a messy lie.
89. Drink champagne and dance on the table.
90. Make a Bucket List.
91. Make a Nectar List.
92. Always say "I love you" before you leave.
93. Never ignore what's in front of you in favor of taking a photograph.
94. Learn how to successfully get to the front row of concerts.
95. Go camping without worrying about how dirty your hair will get.
96. Learn to love the way you laugh.
97. Laugh often.
98. Be cheesy.
99. When you feel a good moment, absorb it.
100. Find beauty in everything.
101. Don't let fear hold you back from anything.

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