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Britain:The country and people

Explain and examine the following terms:
Insular- ostrovn, Great Britain is insular, it means that Britain is
lying on Island
Conservatism- Konzervativn a unionistic! strana (anglicky
Conservative and Unionist Party), kter je spe !nm jako
Konzervativn strana (Conservative Party)" #de o pravicovou
politickou stranu ve $elk% Britnii" &odern 'orma strany se
vytv(ela v prvn polovin) *+" stolet" ,eader is -avid Cameron"
&argaret .hatcher- &argaret /ilda .hatcher, Baroness .hatcher,
the British politician, 0resident o' the British government and
the Conservative 0arty" .hanks to its intransigence and
determination gained the nickname Iron ,ady"
-1ilt- a skirt 2ith tartan pattern 2orn 3y man is a very 2ell-
kno2n sym3ol o' 4cottishness"
ethnic diversity- 0eople 'rom various ethnic groups reside in the
"nited 1ingdom" .he 677* 81 Census classi'ied ethnicity into
several groups9 :hite, Black, ;sian, &i<ed, Chinese and =ther"
>thnic group 67** population 67**?
:hite9 .otal @@,7*7,A@+ BC"*
GypsyD.ravellerD Irish .raveller9 .otal EA,*+A 7"*
;sian or ;sian British9 Indian *,F*6,+@B 6"A
;sian or ;sian British9 0akistani *,*CF,+BA *"+
;sian or ;sian British9 Bangladeshi F@*,@6+ 7"C
;sian or ;sian British9 Chinese FAA,*@7 7"C
;sian or ;sian British9 =ther ;sian BE*,B*@ *"F
;sian or ;sian British9 .otal F,ACA,AA+ E"+
Black or Black British9 .otal *,+7F,EBF A"7
&i<ed &ultiple9 .otal *,6@7,66+ 6"7
=ther >thnic Group9 .otal @B7,ACF 7"+
.otal EA,*B6,*CB *77
/eathro2- ,ondon /eatero2 airport is a major international
airport in :est ,ondon, >ngland, 8nited 1ingdom" /eathro2 is
the 3usiest airport in the 8nited 1ingdom and also the 3ussiest
airport in >urope 3y passenger tra''ic" /eatro2 is also the third
3usiest airport in the 2orld"
Channel Islands- are an island in >nglish channel , o'' the
Grench coast o' Hormandy".hey include t2o separate 3aili2icks9
the Baili2ick o' #ersey and the Baili2ick o' Guernsey".hey have
a total population o' a3out *EB 777 and their respective capitals
are 4aint 0eter 0ort and 4aint /elier" .he tota area o' the island
is *+F km6
Channel .unnel- is undersea tunnel pod lamanskIm prJlive,
vedouc me!i anglickIm Golkenstone an Grench Calais" In
channel tunnel is KeleKniLn spojen 3et2een ,ondon and
continental >urope and je provo!ovn >urotunnel company"
the .u3e- is the ,ondon underground" Is it the oldest
underground in the 2orld ( *BEA)" .he system have ** lines
>ast >nd- the east end o' ,ondon, also kno2n simly as the east
end, is the area o' ,ondon, >ngland, east o' the Moman and
medieval 2alled City od ,ondon and north o' the Miver ,ea"
&ulticulturalism- (je kulturn ro!manitost komunit v dan%
spoleLnosti a politiky, kter% podporuj tuto ro!manitost")
Is the cultural diversity o' communities 2ithin a given society
and the policices that promote this diversity"
/ead o' states ( 'or e<ample -avid Cameron) in Great Britain
have dou3t a3out multiculturalism politic"
:ith considera3le migration a'ter the 4econd :orld :ar making
the 81 an increasingly ethnically and racially diverse state, race
relations policies have 3een developed that 3roadly re'lect the
principles o' multiculturalism, although there is no o''icial
national commitment to multiculturalism"
.his model has
'aced criticism on the grounds that it has 'ailed to su''iciently
promote social integration,
although some commentators
have Puestioned the dichotomy 3et2een diversity and integration
that this critiPue presumes"
It has 3een argued that the 81
government has since 677*, moved a2ay 'rom policy
characterised 3y multiculturalism and to2ards the assimilation
o' minority communities"
devolution- is the statutory granting o' po2ers 'rom the central
government o' sovereign state to government at a su3national
level, such as a regional local, or state level" It is a 'orm o'
decentrali!ation" -evolved territories have the po2er to make
legislation relevant to the area"
Hational Gront- leader o' Hational 'ront is Ian >d2ard, ideology-
Gacism, neo-'acism, neo-na!ism" Is a British 'arright political
party 'or 2hites only, opposed to non-2hite immigration, and
committed to a programme o' repatriation"
8nderclass- is the segment o' the population that occupies the
lo2est possi3le position in a class hierarchy, 3elo2 the core
3ody o' the 2orking class" .he general idea that class system
includes a population under the 2orking class has a long
tradition in the socian sciences