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David Lorea Morton Farrington Explains The Importance of Keeping Kids Active
“Statistics say it all,” said David Lorea Morton Farrington in regards to the rising epdidemic of
children's obesity. In fact, stattistics say that one ot of every five children in the !. S. is over"eight
or obese, and rates contine to rise yearly. #ven thogh children sffer from less "eight$related
problems than adlts, over"eight children are li%ely to become diabetic at an early age. &long "ith
"atching their diets and inclding vegetables and frits daily, e'cercise is imperative,” said David
Lorea Morton Farrington. (esearch sho"s that acivity also %eeps children from developing stress and
lo" self$esteem.
David Lorea Morton Farrington goes into the top reasons "hy children become over"eight. )he
most common cases are genetics, bad eating habits, lac% of physical activity, or a combination of
these factors. )here are cases "here being over"eight is cased by a hormonal inbalance. “*e al"ays
do a physical e'am along "ith blood "or% to rle ot the possibility of a medical condition,” said
&s a respected pediatrician, David Lorea Farrington sees the epidemic of childhood obesity as a
"arning sign. +e believes that the lac% of involvement in childhood sports and activities is casing a
srge in over "eight children as "ell as diabetes. It's de to this trend that David Lorea Morton
Farrington spea%s ot to parents at local commntiy meetings, rging them to get their %ids active.
#ver since he "as a little boy, David Lorea Morton Farrington has had a passion for playing sports.
+e prsed a career in baseball ntil he gradated "ith a degree from Michigan State. David Lorea
Morton Farrington started his baseball ,orney in little leage at - years old. &ccording to David
Lorea Morton Farrington, “sports not only gives yo self$confidence, it can eliminate the onset of
many medical conditions as "e get older.”
#ven thogh David Lorea Morton Farrington "as nable to ta%e his career in baseball all the "ay to
the pros, he remained physically active throghot his life. +e still stays involved in baseball throgh
coaching a little leage team. +e has three boys that he encorages to participate in a variety of
different sports. +e feels that the best "ay to get %ids moving and off the coch is to get them
interested in an activity. It can be anything from golfing to %arate, according to David Lorea Morton
Farrington. .hildren "ho are more active eat less ,n% foods and brn more calories, pls they get
fresh air.
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