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The book is a composition of mystical poems where I have expressed my own experiences in life

and my deep inspiration and vision in different matters. I am trying to invite the readers to have

different critical views on what I have written and this would awake their consciousness that

there is still a bridge which is still open between man and God, and this bridge is spirituality. I

have tried to write on different subjects that for a moment can bring a sudden change in our life

style and to have a different vision on the world and the way we believe and to awake love in our

heart. Even if I am not a famous poet, I think that those who like to write and read poems will

love the book.

pg. 3

Birth and Death --------------------------------- 2
Sign beyond the horizon------------------------3
Love and Beauty-------------------------------- 4
Congregation------------------------------------ 8
Intruder----------------------------------------- 13
The brilliant star--------------------------------15
The Lover---------------------------------------19
The woman-------------------------------------23
The Heart---------------------------------------25
God, the Lord or the Great Energy----------26
Vision of the Heart----------------------------31
The Knight in the Night----------------------32

pg. 4

No one knows the decision of the hour it is as the twinkling of

the eye or even quicker. It is God who begins the process of creation; then

repeats it, and then shall we be brought back to Him.

So what is time? The coming is always joyful but the departure is always a

distress. The receiver laugh but the mourner cries.

All is doing by the twinkling of the eye faster than the travel of

the light. A white star coming from the depth of the sky is quickly

surrounded by others stars of the same color.

It is guided to a particular place, how he got to this destination

only himself knows. He then changed like a comet and crossed the time.

Has it undergo the trial of fire? He penetrated the terrestrial atmosphere, the

sky was reddish, and the transformation started.

He took the form of a white bird of a rare species and passed

behind the mountain in the darkness night.

He crashed into the ocean, calm and black speedily.

He travelled on the sea like a ball bouncing here and there.

His travel end on the beach and got his real form.
Who is the woman who will bear him yet again!
pg. 5

Fire the destructor, fire the cleaner and fire the gatherer.

The fire burned the piece of paper to write the name of GOD .

It was written in white on the black piece of burn paper.

The paper contained references of verses of a Holy Book

before it burned. Where the words of God are written, the place is blessed

and keeps its signs. The wind blew away the burn paper, which scattered into

ashes. By the mystery of spirituality, this transformation is beyond the

mind. The name of God was written virtually on a piece of a burn

paper and the wind blew it away. When his name is printed in your heart,

nothing can remove it. God the gracious and the merciful wants nothing from

us. However, to be consumed by the fire of His predestined love.

pg. 6

Love and beauty what are they?

Are they words, a silent melody or calculated matrix?

They walked in pairs everywhere.

When we talked of beauty we think of Joseph the son of Jacob,

Jacob saw the beauty of truth in the face of his son with love.

When we talked of love, we think of the last prophet of God,

the people of Taif threw stones on him and insulted him but he

asked God to excuse them. When Jesus was persecuted, he asked God to

excuse the oppressor and he said that they did not know what they are

doing. A loving heart knew the beauty of his action and submission.

Love and beauty cannot be separated.

Without love, beauty will not manifest.

If Zuleikah had not seen the beauty of Joseph, she would not

have fallen in love with him. Love and beauty are like soul and body, like


and his prophets and like lover and beloved.

Love is a step or a frontier before beauty.

pg. 7
Love and beauty by their manifestation infant grace like

the wind that fecund the clouds. Love and beauty made up think of love

story. Have you ever been in love with someone who did not love

you? Day and night, he or she is in your heart, you saw her even if

she is not there and when you saw her, you do not have words

to express your love for her. She haunted your existence; she did not know

how much you loved her. You offered her a bouquet of flowers she threw it

on your face. She did not have the eyes to see the beauty of this love.

Wounded and relied on your own, who could felt this pain and

sadness? God loves us more than that but we are unaware of his love.

We love his attributes but not Him really.

Should we die again and again and let another woman bears us

to understand this? He is with us everywhere we are, He sees us but we are

blind. He talked to us but we are deaf.

He touched us and we cannot feel it.

Even though we knew that He is with us, we do not take care.

The darkness side haunts our mind.

He has given us something in heritage to live and we are

spending this fortune in vain that is our breath.
pg. 8

If God was a human being, He would cry till the end of the

time, we are a bad lover. It is like leaving his beloved in the depth of a well.

Who can explain this yearning, we cannot see our own beauty

but He can. He made the creation like a screen so that we can know his

love for us and the beauty of the Lord. Is it not time for us to confine to

Him! Surely, He will make us know what are still unaware to us.

He will make us see what we cannot see and heard what we

cannot. He will bring us where lovers and beloved meets together like

seawater and fresh water met but did not mingle.

pg. 9

Angels as companions, angels as destructor.

Angels present in war to support those who defend the truth.

Every angel has a particular task but the bearer of message is

the most known. There are those who drive the clouds where God wants it to

be while in other places heat became like a weapon of

destruction. Angels like the secretary of God, to report our actions.

There are those who are always there to support the throne of

God. We are always afraid of the angel of death, one day he came in

the dream of a seeker dressed in a white mantle and with two

wings, his face was brilliant with black eyes and blond hairs.

He was on a chariot like in the time of the Alexander the great,

he looked at him and then travelled through the sky like an

electric rays. The luminous angels are always there waltzing here and there

in the creation. There are those who are present in the congregation of

prayers and lovers of God sometimes disguised in the form of human being.

Angels have a quality in his originality that man should work
harder to cultivate it, that is fidelity.
Angels have one God unfortunately; the majority of human
kind has many gods.
pg. 10

Leaving the daily occupation like the flock of birds returning to

the fold. The lovers of God are there under the same roof.

More closer than their own brother.

Some called it the Assembly of God or the congregation of

lovers and others called it the Garden of Eden.

Call it by any name, where God is present grace falls like rain.

Praying with the same voice and singing the same melody, this

is the only moment where no distinction in any matter.

As if, the time has stopped and we have found the same

language to talk. The souls are unified and recognized themselves between

each other. Sometimes singing the praise of God and the praise of

Prophets and paid recognition to the lovers of God.

Deep in the heart, the love of the master awakens.

The divine force that caught the assembly cannot be

decrypting. Grasp the hands and the heart and the mind together with

compassion for the channel of light enlighten the heart with love

and grace. Like the people in the time of Moses who have crossed the

pg. 11
river of Nile to take refuge at the other end of the shore.

Love each other for God love us. If you choose to stay in Egypt then Pharaoh

will be once more your companion and master.

In a congregation, there are visible and invisible guests and our

behavior should always be good.

Sharing words of love, of wisdom and friendships and by taking

it heartily we will see the beauty of the teachings.

The blessing of this assistance cannot be estimated.

In a consume assembly, the bees always produced the best

honey with love. It is light upon light God guides whom He will.

In the congregation of God, even the absent are present.

Where the heart is delightful and singing, this silent melody of

love brought the gathering in an extreme drunkenness.

The sky agitated and the angels precipitated in different way to

be present in the congregation.

The pen rises and wrote his own destiny.

The family of light has joined together dancing with their

invisible goblet in their hands turning around.
The writing erased and this is no law, the mirror broke there is
no identity man and woman became equal.
pg. 12

Black like the color of the time.

Black like the color of the dark side.

Black like hell.

Black like the heart of the hypocrite.

Black when he spreads his veils to receive the night.

Black like the color of terror.

Black like unconscious and agony.

Black of mystery

Black when he drew up like a screen to make the invisible

becomes visible.

Black like the eggs of the frogs.

Black like the eyes of the beautiful women in the Garden of


Black like when sleeping and blindness.

Black where came the secret of beauty.

Black the fountain of every color.
Black like the color of the ink of the authentic letters found in
the book of destiny.
Black when you cradle us with your entire splendor.
pg. 13

At the beginning, the ink was enchanted by the rhythm of this

silent melody played by the silent flute.

The letters stand up and danced in the form of words.

When the melody was ended there were sufficient words to

write a book. God has written with His grace the Mother of the Book.

The letters have stand with love to spread their wisdom through

the words in our heart. Wait to be awaked like the earth, which opens out for

the gushing of springs. The pen would not be existed without the existence of

the ink. The words would not be existed without the existence of the

letters. No letters means no words, no pages and no books.

The pen is like the master and the ink the grace and the letters

and the words are his wisdom. The pages are the veils and the book the heart.

What men write is under the command of the mind.

The writing of the lovers of God is under the command of the heart.

The ink has taken different colors to manifest in the creation

and it has taken the forms of letters.

The letters have taken the forms of words

pg. 14
to hide in the pages of books.

Every authors write with love or by passion to express their

feeling differently. Everyone left different knowledge even when the books

are no more. However there are knowledge, which are not found in any

books but are known only by the heirs of God.

Man is like letters and their actions the words and they form

part in the story of the world.

The world will be by the different account that they have

written together with their thinking.

There is a kind of man they also are like letters but their words

are not only their action but their real writings are their

contemplation on God. They live like strangers on a foreign land.

pg. 15

Human nature is a very complex creature to understand.

Sometimes we hide many matters in us that may be crop up in

a sudden like a spark and even surprise us.

In the depth of our soul, hide an intruder who wakes up at a

certain time of our life. It can take the form of a blessing or a disaster.

Depending on our hidden thinking, which we have sowed a

long time ago. He does not wake up by our perseverance in life but he comes

out at a precise moment. No one can escape this!

Famous persons were honored or dishonored, even lost their

titles and reputation, or even got kill by this intruder.

The late Princess of Wales, Lady Diana wanted to be the

princess of the world not that of the monarchy or slave of the

throne. When the intruder woke up in her, she became a different

woman and was loved by the world.

We have seen it with Mother Theresa who became the mother

of the poor. The last Prophet of God was of his nature and quality to speak

only the truth this was his hidden intention.

pg. 16
Effectively our hidden intention is the intruder it is like the

apparition of the moon after the brilliant star.

A famous lover of God, Mansur al Hallaj explains it in one of his

poem. A mystery hidden for a long time was revealed one day in the

darkness world it is us who has hide it like a treasure deep in

the earth. When the intruder waked up, different changes are observed

in a person. Our hidden intention can act sometimes like a destructive

weapon or like a door opens to a new world.

Good intentions awaken faith and nostalgic love for God.

Fortify our love for God may be next time it will be better.

Our intention is our companion let it be a good one.

Rose flowers do not blossom in a sudden it takes his times.

pg. 17

Always there these restless brilliant stars, hiding behind the

veils of the creation. Those who have seen it become obsess by his beauty.

The brilliant stars manifest sometimes before us even in the

hours of daylight. If the eye of the heart is not opened, how we will see it?

Man has gone to the market of life to buy veils to dress their

soul. Those whose eyes are not shut are lucky to see its beauty.

They are like the workers of the mine opposing the dark side of

the earth. They find their way by a little lamp on the helmets on the head.

The miners are honored by the craftsmen who sculpted the

precious stones to give them their value.

One day the Master of the craftsmen decided to hide one of

the most precious star in a seed and sent it on the earth.

It fell on the land of an honored farmer; the seed grew into a

big tree and obtained fruits in abundance.

One day a traveler passing by picked up one of the fruit, which

has fell down near the bank on the river.

However, his awareness started to reproach him on the act he

pg. 18
had done. He decided to seek for the property owner of the tree.

When he met him, the traveler told that he wanted to pay

back his action, which is one of the prayers of the last Prophet,

O my Lord allow me to acquit all that you have written on my

account . To pay back his action he has to marry his daughter who is

veiled harmoniously of the creation, she is supposed to be

blind, deaf and dump. After the marriage, he discovered that he has married

the most beautiful woman he has ever seen and who was not blind, deaf

and dump. When their love was consumed, the light of the brilliant star

coming from the fruit was now in a golden tabernacle, which

will be born again.

pg. 19

Leaving the society with their rituals and the melody of

religions. Abstain from the carnival of the world and not to mingle with

their festivities. Not to pray at the same cult of them.

We spend our time to pretend that we are like them for how

long. How many times we will spend our time to see and hear what

we do not want. We continue to think when our thinking is transient.

Our eyes cannot go beyond the horizon but out of this,

something is attracting us by his waves and we are unaware.

Our heart has a regret when it takes us we lose control of

ourselves and become restless.

Why crying when within sometimes we will lose this state very

Fast, while we are blind and deaf.

Have we decided to live like this or is it our destiny?

Are we becoming mad?

Who can explain the state of a mad man?

Most of our times we find ourselves in ambiguity and feel

afraid to lose our way like losing a needle in the ocean.

pg. 20
We want to go but the waiting is too long.

You who put us in this circle do not let us to continue to turn

around again and again the point.

Embrace us one and for all.

It has become difficult to support Your absence.

Did with prayers we will attain you?

Did with meditation we will attain you? Will we be always two

in the mirror as there will be always a reflection of an image?

Liberate us from this childish game.

Deliver us from this game of absence and presence!

We will be proud to be killed by the sword of the king.

How long we will be absence in your presence.

Why all these anonymity. O Master of the Sky and the Earth, Spirit of man

we are thirst of this union we were always waiting for.

To see you will not be enough.

We cannot continue to support the heat of this fire that is

burning inside. This nostalgic and sadness heart,

burning by the fire of your

love we are unable to continue to contain you.
pg. 21
For how long we will continue to see the sun rises in

the east and sleep in the west.

For how long we will come again to write the same things.

Grant us your grace and love

for our way to be easier.

pg. 22

Deep in the heart of the lover sometimes, an emotional and a

silent voice bring him in a drunkenness state.

The heart of the lover agitates and sends out a cry of distress

like an appeal of help.

He wants to escape as Joseph imprisoned in the well.

No one can hear his call; by himself, he is unable to escape

when he is still the prisoner of his desires.

A devout who is devoted to his Lord should not lose hope that

one day he will be delivered of the well.

The path is dangerous and thorny, what can we do it is by

experience that we will know one day the truth.

Prisoner of himself he is fighting with his shield of submission

and the sword of prayers. This perpetual fight last for a long time ago.

What is going on in his heart only the lover can explain this

unexpected envy.

This upset situation left behind scar, which did not heal very

easily. Like the volcano when it opened the earth.

pg. 23
Life has no meaning for him and his life becomes so different

that he lives like a stranger with his neighborhood.

If the beloved does not consolidate the love of the lover, the

lover will lose his senses.

The weight of an atom load heavier in the balance of time.

Nothing was able to support the ardor of God only man has

accepted this task. If the devout revolts against his own destiny by hopeless

reaction. He will be as an elephant in a room made of mirrors and forget

in what state he is. As Zuleikah who forget who she was, she fell in love with

Joseph. It is very difficult to explain this kind of situation.

When the beauty is revealed outside, everyone want to

acquire it. Desire plays always a part in our life, which is very difficult to

understand. If desire was not present at the beginning of the creation, how

his lovers would know the beloved.

There are times when we could not understand who we are

and what do we want.

There are times when we feel lost and this moment is more

than emotion, it is love.

If the beloved does not come to safe us, we could have been
pg. 24
lost a long time ago.

The divine grace is inexplicable.

The beloved comes night and day to meet his lover and he

wants to bring him together but when the lover is not ready for

the travel the assimilation last only for a few moments.

The lover is afraid that his wings burn like the angel Gabriel

when he has accompanied the last Prophet during his

ascension to God.

This nostalgic love invades his heart each moment.

pg. 25

Man does not think of death but they are afraid to die.

Even if they did not take care.

It is an action that we did every day.

We have taken and adopted many things in this world, which

are not for us that we have become like a prisoner.

How to leave these moments of pleasure and passionate and

Bewitchment. The worst of this we think that this is our final destination.

Death is a change of state, easy to say but difficult to digest.

This is no end but just beginning, the finale ending is not for

today. Man does not want to submit himself but want to impose his

own ideology. Whether they use their conviction coming from their

intelligence or they change the law of the sacred Books to

satisfy their ego. All these selfish desires have brought man to the lowest

kingdom. So how can man will let himself guided if he does not use his

personal intelligence and follow the law of the Lord which is

beyond their comprehension.

All these seem almost impossible nevertheless, it is the

pg. 26
absolute path. We all have to pass by this way, whether today or in the next

world. It is very difficult to let ourselves to be guided, difficult to turn

off this fire burning since the creation.

Blind we are that we can only see the darkness of the tunnel.

To see and believe, and believe without see are two different

things. Like darkness and light but no one can be condemned.

The event of Uhud where the army of the Last Prophet was

engaged in war was an example of submission and

disobedience. There were those who were faithful to the Prophet and those

who took their ego as their master and lost their life by the

sword of infidelity. The faithful has given death to their desires.

God gives us the choice it is up to us to decide whether we will

go again in the next world to continue what we have begun.

This personal initiative belongs to us.

Let us begin by empty ourselves first.

pg. 27

Day and night a woman dressing with human skin dancing and

whirling before my eyes.

Taking me in a world of illusion where predators and the prey

become friends. My dreams become realities and proud of myself.

I turn out to be my own master.

In the night she takes my hands and bring me in the forbid

Garden of Eden and eating the forbid sweeten fruit man has

always looking for. Only those who has taste it know this pleasure.

She is with me when I am alone; she is there even if I do not

want her. I give her form and shape, I am her designer.

She feeds on my pleasures.

When I look in the mirror, she takes my form and reveals my

depth pleasure. If she leaves me, I will die, I live by her heat and if I leave

her, she will lose her way far away.

We are condemned to live together.

I die a thousand times but she never dies but change and

evolves differently. She can become a dangerous companion if you let her

pg. 28
carry you away blindly.

She is like a child and admires only herself and thinks that all

what she does are good.

Even with my carefulness, she has brought me sometimes in

unusual and unpleasant situation.

Who is to blame if it is not me.

Her love flows in my hearts and in the blood of my veins.

She has mixed with my flesh and I have been trapped.

We are two different personalities in the same body.

Two blinds lovers travelling in the same vehicles.

I am the only one who can see her, who can hear her.

When we were in conversation sometimes what he is hidden is

revealed. We should be very careful only man has the knowledge of

discernment. Every action has his own taste and savor.

She was there at the first time and will continue to be here.

Let us be a good companion and a good servant to humanity.

Who is she if it is not my ego?

pg. 29

The heart this word that twisted in the mouth of lovers and

poets. You are my heart.

Your name is written in my heart.

You are my heart, you are my soul.

They have heart but they do not understand.

These are common sayings of lovers.

Is the heart the organ that pumps blood day and night in our

body? The heart emits invisible rays to express our feeling by using

the heat of the blood as an indicator.

The heart seems sometimes to react before the brain.

We cannot see the mysterious energy that commands the

heart. The heart is like a mirror reflecting our emotion and thinking.

The brain is the real heart and the mind the invisible

ambassador. The brain sent information by using the mind and with the

information we express our feeling like for someone we love.

The brain the recorder and coordinates information.

When the brain is unstable, the body is ill.
When the brain is enchanting with love the body is happy.
pg. 30

God the Creator.

God the sender of Sacred Books.

God the most Gracious and the most Merciful.

God the supplier of providence.

God where is He?

Is He far away in the sky?

Is He everywhere or in He is the church, the temple or the

Mosque. Can we situate Him?

God has many attributes and He is called by many names.

He is even calling the Great Self or the Great Energy.

Is He a punisher?

On the other hand, are we been punished by our own actions?

Should we continue to blame him for our failure?

Did He writes our destiny or do we write our own destiny?

Did He interferes in the current life?

Or are we formed part of the play?

Should we die to meet Him?

pg. 31
Does He hide behind the veils of creation?

Can we remove the veils to see Him?

Or do we have to pay a charge to see Him?

It is said that God is closer to us than our jugular vein.

If it is so, hence God dwells in us.

We are surrounded by Him.

How to find the truth?

Do we have a way?

Do we have a choice?

pg. 32

There is the religion of God and the religion of manmade.

Religion the assembly of prayers of same faith.

Religion the voice of freedom.

Religion the voice of discernment, from darkness into light.

The real religion is the religion of truth.

Whatever is your religion be a good devout and look where

you are walking. Religion has his own rules given by God not by man

ideology. Religion is not a one-man show.

Religion is not only a social and spiritual gathering.

However, we should also have a look on the creation of God

and try to establish a balance between our environment and

us. In religion, we lose our identity; there is no race, no color and

no social barrier. We are all the same one voice and one God.

We are the creatures of God, born from the same God.

Religion will continue to shine when there will be love and

peace in our heart.

Religion does not need external ornaments to show his beauty.

pg. 33
Religion and politics will never work together until man will

continue to impose their philosophy.

In religion, we act for the sake of God.

In politic, we act for the sake of our ideology.

Religion does not need sacred land to secure his value.

Religion is not based on speculations and power like the one

eye project. Religion should not be a barrier between men.

Is it not the time to find out our way?

pg. 34

Travelling in the world beyond, he met the last Prophet.

He was sitting at the door of the City of Light.

His body was shining like a brilliant star.

On the other, his image was reflecting into an invisible celestial

being. Only the eyes who have contemplated this scene can

understand it. In this timeless zone, only the souls have access.

It was there second meeting.

The first time his face was invisible, it depends on the

availability of the eye of the heart.

The book of light opened and knowledge gushing out.

Light took form like the pyramid of Egypt and changing colors.

Every light hides a secret world in itself.

When they open their doors endless teaching, come out.

Nevertheless, it takes time.

Returning from his travel the face of the noble man was

imprinted in his heart.

In his travel, he has received a book as a gift.

pg. 35
If the world will be aware of it, he will be considered mad.

Reveal knowledge and concrete knowledge are different.

However, for everything there is a charge to pay.

pg. 36

In the darkness night when souls are called to take a break.

When plants are modifying the life cycle.

When the nature is recycling our wastes.

The knight is sitting on his virtual carpet in prayer.

He is in the company of the unseen guest of his Lord.

Like the world is sitting in the company of the stars and

planets. Pointing in one direction, the mind lost his power of guidance.

The Spirit took over the reign.

The stars and light whirling on the black screen.

The planets took part in the play.

Fumes like clouds turn around the knight.

He is been transferred to another dimension.

Travelling in himself. Endless time and endless space.

The soul is travelling to his Lord. From kingdom to kingdom.

As the knight has married the creation, he has to come back.

However, one day he will have to choose between his passions

and his desires and his Lord.

pg. 37

Mohamed Fouad

Writer and Author and Researcher in the Science of Abjad

Sometimes Poet

living in Mauritius and Mystic Poem is my second book.

The book is a composition of mystical inspiration poems. Ordinary I

used to write poems for my friends just for fun.

I was a student with the Writers Bureau of Manchester in

Great Britain and they help me to awake and bring forward, which was

sleeping in me for a long time.