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unit 1

Name: _________________________________________ Score: ____________ / 30 points
PHOTOCOPIABLE Pearson Central Europe Sp. z o.o. 2011 New Matura Success Intermediate
1 Complete the missing words. The first letter of each
word is given. (7 points)
Jamie is wearing baggy jeans which are very
loose and
r________ at the knees the holes
are quite big. Theyre held up with aleather
b________. Hes also got on ared T-shirt which
is made of
c________ and hes carrying
asweatshirt with a
h________ at the top. On his
feet hes wearing black
b________ which are
t________ now, theyre not old-fashioned.
He isnt wearing any jewellery but he has got
p________ in his left eyebrow.
2 Complete the sentences with the verbs in the box.
There are two extra verbs that you do not need.
(7 points)
calm bump feel fool go hang
make put take try
Ilike this dress, Iwant to try it on and see
if it looks good.
1 Adults dont like it when teenagers ________
out on the streets with their friends.
2 Mark is quite lonely, he wants to ________
new friends.
3 Theyre behaving very badly, you shouldnt
________ up with their behaviour!
4 Pete is always angry for no reason, he should
________ down.
5 On Friday nights Ioften ________ dancing
with my friends. Its fun!
6 When I________ bored Iphone my friends.
7 People dont ________ me seriously, they think
Im joking all the time. It annoys me!
3 Complete the missing words. The lines show you how
many letters to use. (2 points)
4 Choose the correct answers. (6 points)
Kathy and Mandy _____ aflat at university this
year. Kathy
_____ much money and she cant go
out very often so she
_____ every evening. She
says food
_____ more and more expensive all
the time. She is paying for her studies
_____ so
she has to be careful with money. Mandy
careful with money. In fact, she usually
more money than she has!
ashare c shares
b is sharing d are sharing
1 aisnt having c dont have
b doesnt have d doesnt having
2 ausually studies c is usually studying
b studies usually d is studying usually
3 aget c is getting
b gets d are getting
4 amyself c herself
b yourself d himself
5 aisnt always c doesnt always
b always isnt d is always not
6 aspends c are spending
b spend d is spending
5 Complete the sentences and questions with the
correct forms of the verbs in brackets. Use the
Present Simple or Present Continuous. (8 points)
My friend Pete goes (go) to adance group
once aweek. He s preparing (prepare)
foracompetition at the moment.
1 Youre at university now, arent you?
_____________ (you/belong) to any interesting
2 This week we _____________ (study) alot
because we have exams next week.
3 Iusually _____________ (have) guitar classes
onFridays, but this month I_____________
(go) to class on Thursdays because my
teacher isbusy on Fridays.
4 _____________ (the price of computers/go
down) or are they the same price as before?
5 Kim _____________ (give) apresentation to
the class at the moment although generally
she_____________ (not/speak) much in class
because shes very shy.
6 How often _____________ (Jamie/play)
football with his classmates?
Im starting un iv e r s it y this week, so Im
_ r _ _ h _ r. Iwant to
_ o_ _ some clubs
sothat Ican meet other students and have fun.
Im already a
_ _ m _ e _ of the debating
_ o_ i_ _ y and the film club and Im looking
forasports club now.
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