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Week 13 ...

General Pathology Final Exam possible date change
Email Rola byWednesdayOctober8that10pmifyouhaveANYmajorconflicts
Student Lounge will be closed from Tuesday, September 30 until Monday, October 6 during the hours of 8AM
to 6PM due to senior portraits for the yearbook.
Initial Clinical Experience (ICE) in pediatric dentistry
Students must wear scrubs, closed toe shoes, bring safety glasses, and have their NYU ID before
arriving for attendance. Students failing to meet these requirements are subject to dismissal and
make-up rotations.
Meet in the Dental School lobby (Septodont Lecture Hall) at 8:15 a.m. to take attendance. From there
students will be assigned to either an off-site location or the Pediatric Dentistry Clinic on 9W.
Transportation will be provided to and from off-site locations.
Sign up to be a scribe!!
Transcript service is looking for scribes!!!
If interested contact

If you want to send in any announcements - just email them to by Saturday at 2pm.

Class Reminders - To Do List
General Pathology
Conference 5 Inflammation and Wound Healing
Extra Credit if you attend 6 of the 7 conferences GO TO YOUR SECTION

GDS II - Restorative Dentistry
DAU Feedback
Practical #2 Monday, October 6, 2014 (second half of the class)
Time: 1 hour and 10 mins to do both, on maxillary molars, a classic CL II composite prep and
composite restoration.
Remember In regards to oblique ridges, Dr. Glotzer kindly provided the following clarification for
this course: "On an upper molar you may do an MO, and not have to cross the oblique ridge, a DO and
not cross the ridge, or an MOD, if so indicated, and then have to cross the ridge."
**MUST bring/to do:
A full arch of intact,(restored or uncut) maxillary teeth
Be sure teeth #2,3,4,13,14,15 are uncut, or intact.
The 2 patient charts (B, F,) completed, with up to date Progress notes both dentist and
assistant MUST bring
Your Name tag and Name card.
A copy of D2 Simulation Lab Evaluation Form 4 (found in Resources) both dentist and
assistant MUST bring
Make sure to know the clinical parameters for patients under high risk caries.

CR I - Sim: Fixed & Implant Pros
Lab 21 - October 7, 2014
Prep #6: Shoulder margin
Evaluate undercuts
Fixed Prosthodontics Preclinical Manual: MCR (PFM) Retainer Preparation
Bridge preparations #6-8: shoulder margin
Fixed Prosthodontics Preclinical Manual: Interim Restorations
Lab 22 - October 9, 2014
Interim restoration: Single unit polycarbonate crown
Fixed Prosthodontics Preclinical Manual
1. Prepare #10 with shoulder margin
2. Use Polycarbonate crown form for anterior interim restoration
*to do before this lab:
Watch 3 unit posterior bridge interim restoration videos prior to next laboratory session.
October 9, 2014 3 teeth #21 prepared to a standard of excellence
October 21, 2014 3-unit bridge preparations #19-21 prepared to a standard of excellence
October 30, 2014 2 #8 preparations prepared to a standard of excellence
October 30, 2014 2 #6 preparations prepared to a standard of excellence
November 6, 2014 2 3-unit bridge preparations (#6-#8) prepared to a standard of excellence
*** For unit bridge preparation (#6-#8) NEED to fabricate vacuum-form matrix for the
maxilla teeth #5-11 and a Putty matrix for the mandibular left quadrant
November 25, 2014 2 preparations and interim restorations # 10 prepared to a standard of excellence

CR II - Sim: Removable Pros
CD EXAM October 8, 2014 (20%)
33 Multiple choice questions related to the lectures on Complete Dentures
Exam covers all lectures up until this point (7/9/14-10/1/14)
NOTE According to Dr. Moghadam, the questions will be straightforward and studying the lecture
notes and the corresponding chapters of the textbook will be sufficient for the exam.
Lab - October 8, 2014
Waxing and Contouring Maxillary denture
In this lab we will learn how to:
carve the root anatomy to simulate natural gingival contours, proper buccal and lingual
flanges and palatal surface of maxillary complete dentures.
score the master cast to establish the posterior palatal seal in maxillary complete denture.
**Dont forget to read lab manual
Lab Quiz - questions will come from lab manual

Intro to Oral Surgery
Please refer to Rolas Email and the curriculum section for details below!!!
There are many important small assignments that pertain to individualized schedules and ARE
NECESSARY TO PASS THE COURSE failure to complete these assignments will result in the need to
remediate the course.
NOTE: Students are required to complete the medical emergency module every year (in D1, D2, D3, and D4).
Dr. Levine is currently working with the vendor to reactivate our IDs so that we can take the module
as second year students.
We will be notified on NYU classes once we will be able to access the module for this year.
Location for OMS Lock Box 3W (Mounted on the wall on the right side of the OMS Faculty office 3W)
Online medical emergency module now ready for your use.
Medical Emergency Module DUE no later than January 9, 2015 at 5:00 PM.
Submit printed copy of the certificate of completion at the end of the module to Ms.
Lindarose Perosi directly (office on 3W), no later than January 9, 2015 at 5:00 PM.
Local Anesthesia Quiz (posted under Assignments) completed hard-copy DUE at the start of your
assigned local anesthesia session.
Answers can be either typed or handwritten
Email versions and late submissions will not be accepted and there are no exceptions to this
rule. Students who come to their assigned session without a completed hardcopy of the quiz
will not be permitted to participate in the session and will fail the session. These sessions
are required to pass this course and are mandatory for the promotion of clinical privileges,
including administering local anesthesia to your patients in the clinics.
**Review Student guide to the local anesthesia sessions (posted under Resources) prior to
your assigned session as you are responsible for the material it contains.

Attend class!
Students who choose not to attend class may do an online assignment to earn points
If the on-line assignment is not completed before access expires, access to the assignment is lost.

History & Physical Examination
**This week class will be in Nagle

Perio & Root Scaling
Look out for this in your schedules - attend your session!

Assessment Skills
Course Syllabus is posted on NYU Classes.
Make sure you are writing your course reflections and posting images

Outreach Opportunities

View NEW Outreach opportunities here:
Lab Availability

View LIVE lab availability here:

Curriculum Updates/Reminders

DOD No challenges accepted!

CR II - Sim: Removable Pros
**NOTE: students are not allowed to come to the lab during other groups lab time.
There are limited seats available for the students who are taking a make-up session
(arranged by contacting me ahead of time) and extra students coming to the lab will
overcrowd the lab and take up time of the faculty assigned to the students of that session.
Intro to OMFS
Read the course syllabus!!
Read Rolas e-mail, details below!!
Sessions are mandatory and have strict guidelines for completion look in your personal schedules as
these vary person to person
DO NOT COME LATE (even 5 minutes) OR UNPREPARED you will NOT be able to participate
and you will fail the session.
If you feel you need more time before your session you may come in to practice with Dr.
Levine Please sign up on this google doc. Space is limited.
The following is from the course director Dr. Levine:
Students who do not receive credit for the local anesthesia training sessions will fail the
course and be required to attend remediation.
If you do not pass the session you will also NOT be able to administer local anesthesia
in clinic. Please remember that this training is mandatory to pass this course and is a
requirement for the promotion of clinical privileges at the college.
Students are expected to prepare for and actively participate in their assigned guided local
anesthesia simulation-based training sessions, which are held over six days (over two
consecutive weeks) from 7:30AM-8:30 AM in October (sessions are: 10/14, 10/15, 10/16,
10/21, 10/22, 10/23). All sessions will take place in the Oral Surgery Clinic on the second
floor of the dental school (Clinic 2S).
Students must attend only their assigned sessions. Switches are not permitted without
permission of the Course Director (Dr. Levine). If you have a conflict with your assigned
session, you must see Dr. Levine before the first session (10/14/14) to make alternate
Sessions begin promptly at 7:30 AM. Students are expected to arrive on time, in clinic attire
(as per the student dress code in the student handbook) with a clean white NYUCD lab coat
and visible nametag, and attend the entire session. Students who arrive late will not be
permitted to attend and will not receive credit for the session. Students who leave early will
also not receive credit.
Students must bring with them a hard copy (printed version) of their completed quizzes
to the session. The answers to the quiz may be typed or handwritten. The quiz is posted on
NYU Classes under Assignments and is due at the beginning of the session. Emailed
versions and late submissions will not be accepted.
During the session, students will be expected to: 1) demonstrate safe handling of the local
anesthesia armamentarium, 2) identify anatomical landmarks for the delivery of infiltrations
on the maxilla and mandible, and inferior alveolar nerve and long buccal blocks, all on
anatomical manikins, and 3) demonstrate proper injection technique (infiltrations, inferior
alveolar nerve and long buccal nerve blocks) on manikins.Students are not required to inject
each other. If two students want to inject each other, both students must agree to administer
and receive injections.
Keep in mind, this will NOT be taught in the session so you must come PREPARED and
ready to give injections.
To prepare for the guided local anesthesia simulation-based training sessions, students
must review the online student guide for local anesthesia (under Resources on NYU
Classes), and chapters 11, 12, 13, and 14 in the Handbook of Local Anesthesia by
Malamed (6th Edition) as on VitalSource. Please watch the first two videos below:
Local Infiltration =
IAN, Long Buccal =
The following three videos are optional but can give you more information.
Also, please remember to complete the medical emergency modules. This must be done every
year. You have until When you are finished, do not email Dr. Levine your certificate, it needs
to go to Ms. Perosi. Below is the info ration you need from the syllabus:
Medical Emergency Online Module
There are two sets of online exercises for this course:
The first exercise is a medical emergency module and is due no later than
January 9, 2015 at 5:00 PM. The medical emergency online module is a
separate online exercise.
Students can access the course at:
Username = Net ID
Password = changeme
Students are required to submit a printed copy of the certificate of
completion at the end of the module. If a student does not answer a question
or skip steps, a certificate cannot be issued at the end of the module.
Students must submit a printed copy of the completion certificate to Ms.
Lindarose Perosi, no later than January 9, 2015 at 5:00 PM.
Ms. Perosi has an office on 3W (the door is labeled Oral Surgery Faculty).
Students must submit the printed certificate to Ms. Perosi directly by the
January 9, 2015, 5:00 PM deadline.
If you are having difficulty with On-line Medical Emergency Module
(e.g., accessing the module, printing certificates, taking exit exam),
please reset your password.
You must complete the entire module to get a certificate; skipping
through the module too quickly will result in errors. If you do not
wait for the video to finish on a page the course cannot be
completed (i.e., wait for next button in bottom left hand corner
of the screen to flash indicating that you can proceed to the next
The vendor manages the online Medical Emergency Module. If you
still cannot gain access to the site or print certificates, you must
contact tech support for assistance.
The email address for tech support is
The contact information is located on the front page of the module

Get Challenge Forms here:

Shout Outs!

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Amitoj Chandhoke for being awesome and looking out for his GPD members!
Jenna Nessa for being a rockstar

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Tips from Upper Classmen

Dont overthink the CR II exam questions...they really are very straightforward
Make sure you learn how to use the vacuum machine from either a faculty or an upper classmen. They take some
getting used to.

Do you have tips from upperclassmen PLEASE share them with us all!!