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Yifan Zhou
Rhet 120
September 19, 2014
The Miracle of the Fool
Here is a story I heard.
There was a fool in the town. He survived in a gas poisoning when he was five years old.
His father, who was sleeping with him in the house , used up the last of his strength to push him
out of the door and his father went to the heaven. From then on, the fool would only smile silly,
whether happy or sad. It is said that he was in a serious brain injury.
The fool had a beautiful mother and a lovely sister. He kept asking mom, where was his
father and mom said: “your father died, he became the stars in the sky, and he looked at us in
Fool lay on the lawn in the yard and saw the stars every night, seeing while silly smiling.
His mother, who loved him very much, died because of kidney disease when the fool was
at the age of eleven. Before her death, she told the fool to take good care of his sister, who was
six years old at that time. The fool would only smile silly, would go to see the stars every night.
He said that there was one more star in the sky, that is his mother, and she was next to his father.
With the help of kind-hearted people, the fool ran a simple fast food stalls, he made
sandwiches, the stall was not far from sister’s school.
Fool was afraid to enter sister's room when he was at home, because his sister hated him,
younger sister was very mind that she had such a fool elder brother, but he enjoyed lying at the
door of his sister and watching her reading. He hid just like a child who did the wrong thing

when sister found him every time, and then he would smile silly, didn't know whether he was
happy or sad.
Fool got up early every morning and the first thing he would do was make breakfast for
his little sister. Only then he would go to work in the food court. His only hobby in the evening
was watching the stars in the sky.
Fool's craft was very good, sandwiches that he made were in the same way that were sold
in the restaurant. Teachers and students in the school all liked to buy breakfast in his stall, but
nobody knew that the fool had a beautiful sister in the school, because his sister was very mind
that others knew her fool brother. The fool would only smile silly, no matter sad or happy.
Fool worked very hard, but he never spent, nobody knew why he worked so hard to earn
money. Fool often hurt hand over work, one of the shoes on the feet often was missing. Sister
saw that, would say: cut a dish would be cut, shoes also would be lost, why didn't you make
yourself lost! What a fool! The fool would still smile silly when he heard that, did not know
whether he was happy or sad.
Fool always wrote some words in a small notebook after going back home before going
to bed every night. Sister was curious to see, but the fool was always not to show her, just hided
after finishing, sister did not find it after trying a few times. Finally she also did ignored what he
was writing.
Fool was seventeen, when his sister was in the junior high school. So fool's stall also
moved to the place which was not far away from the sister’s schools. he just walked around the
school every day after selling breakfast, wearing very old and dirty clothes, and one of the shoes
on the feet was always missing, but he would put on an apron when working, still only smiling

One day, his sister's name was mentioned by two female students when he was selling
breakfast on the stand, they said that she looked pale when arrival in the morning. backache for a
while after fool heard, and then suddenly he ran to the school, threw down his work ,shouted the
name of his younger sister, ran to the classroom of his younger sister through the block of janitor
and teachers. On seeing sister lying on the desk with yellowish skin, cold sweat pouring, the fool
did not smile silly this time but anxious, he chant the name of sister, bear sister to the hospital.
The teacher of school met and asked him: what did you do? Put down her quickly! Fool’s face
suppressed through red because of angry:” my sister, her brother”. Fool was
repeating these words while running all the way to the hospital near the school. Teachers and
students in the school were all very surprised, because they never heard that she had a brother…

Fool looked at younger sister outside the door of the ward, she had already woken up, and
fool had been outside the ward for three days and nights. The doctor told her:” don't worry,
your medical bills have been ready by your brother”. Sister looked up difficultly, saw the idiot
brother outside, some questions were in the eyes of her. Fool resumed normal again at this time,
smiled to sister silly, but he dared not enter.
The doctor said to the sister, he had always bought breakfast on the fool's stall since early
times. He knew the fool worked very hard, also knew the fool would never spend money, Once
he wondered why the fool earned so much money, he had realized the reason until today.
Because when the fool found him with sister, he cried: Mom...Was dead like this...Please..Save
my sister...I......Don't let sister die! Originally fool’s mother told him that when she was alive,
his sister also had a serious kidney ailment, he must took good care of sister...

The doctor told the sister that she needed kidney transplant, his idiot brother had already
paid enough money for the cost of kidney transplant, but the right kidney hadn't already been
The doctor told sister that when fool knew sister needed kidney transplant, he cried and
said to him:”Use...Mine..I am her..Elder brother”. But the inspection result was fool's kidney
was not appropriate, fool was very depressed when he knew the result. Since then, he had always
said:”I am..Her brother”. The doctor understood the meaning of fool: “I am her brother, why
can't I change my kidney to the little sister”.
Fool still watched sister outside the ward, smiled silly. Sister was already in tears at this
time, looked at her silly brother outside the door who once let her felt shame, said to him with
the weak voice, why did you stand outside the door? why didn't you come in? The fool stayed for
a while and murmured: I...May I come in? Sister nodded with a smile with tears in eyes. Fool
came to younger sister's bed while carrying his hands, sister asked him why did he carry hands,
and determined to see his hand. Fool outstretched, his hand was bandaged, and the shoes were
only left one. That was because his hand was blown on the way to send sister to hospital, one of
the shoes was also lost in running. Sister also said the same as before: how so stupid ,ah, hand
was hurt again, the shoes would be lost! Just her eyes were full of tenderness and heartache when
she said to him this moment...
This was the first time that he went into her room in the case of permission after he
became a fool…
Time went by, sister's disease was increasingly serious, she always was in a coma from
time to time...

Under the unremitting efforts of enthusiastic doctors, the right kidney finally was found,
surgery was very successful, sister was finally rescued from the hand of death, but she didn't see
that familiar face with silly smile when she woke up...The doctor told her that her brother
worked in the far places for paying medical treatment for her, brother would take her home when
she made a full recovery, and told her to recover peacefully.
Sister would receive a letter with handwriting squiggly every few days, that's her stupid
brother wrote to her, the content was very simple, and was the same:”I'm fine, you take good
care of yourself”...
On the day of discharge, the fool did not come to pick up his sister, sister only received a
lovely fluffy bear from the doctor, and a little blood was unexpectedly on the feet of the fuzzy
The doctor told her, because the costs stupid delivered were only enough to pay for
kidney transplant, hospitalization expenses were also very much for such a long time, in order to
pay for hospitalization, the fool found another job except for selling breakfast every day, he did
all the jobs even if shovel shit as long as he can earn money.
The doctor told fool the good news that the kidney source was found when fool came to
hospital to see his sister, he was still smiling silly, incredibly politely bowed to the doctor, and
then told the doctor that:” I am..Going to..Buy a gift for sister …Wait..Sister..Wake up…Send
Fool dragged his tired body, went to the shop, and bought a white fluffy bear
happily..May be he was so tired that spirit was in a trance, he was bumped to fly by a speeding
car when crossing the road on the way back to the hospital, he had already been in a coma when
he was sent to the hospital. But the plastic bags dressing fluffy bear were still held in his hands,

blood dropped down onto the fluffy bear feet through the hands...Said to the doctor, when he left,
“the bear...Give..Sister”, then went away, smiled silly, also didn't know whether he was sad or
The doctor told sister, the letter was written by his imitation of fool's handwriting, he said
he knew that fool didn't want to let you know he was gone when you were in no fit, the doctor
said he wanted to help fool to complete his wish, so he wrote those letters...
Sister took the white fluffy bear dully, didn't make any noise for a long time, she went
back to home silently.
The house was very simple, but was very clean and neat, especially younger sister's
room, it was more tidy than when she was at home. Only the surface of the furniture was covered
with a thin layer of dust, a potted flower was on the desk, flower was very bright, a very
beautiful card was lying beside the flower pot, and such crooked words were below: “Welcome
sister home!”A fool had already been in preparation for sister’s coming back home when he
knew sister would recover soon.
Just at this moment, she could no longer hear that silly laughter!
Sister came to fool's room, she found the little book that she always wanted to see in
fool's relics.
There were the tastes of sandwiches on the notebook, fool's crooked writings were left
“Sister likes to sleep late, be gentle when get up early, don't wake her
Sister doesn't like to eat a sandwich in the morning, like to eat instant noodles, to get up
early to do a good job to go for her

Sister doesn't like me to get into her room, doesn't like me to be too close to her, can't
enter her room without her permission.
Sister doesn't like others to know that I am her brother, can't let her classmates know that
I am her brother absolutely.
Sister is in poor health, but can't let her know that she has the same disease with mother
I will try to save money for sister...
Sister's disease can be cured finally.”
Sister burst out while holding the notebook of fool.
Since then, younger sister liked to lie on the lawn in the yard to see the stars every night,
like the fool did before. Just the stars in the sky were one more, that was her fool brother, next to
their mother and father, they were all seeing her in heaven...