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BA (Hons.

Level 6
Module Code: Module Title: Learning Outcomes:
BRIEF TITLE: Boutique Barcelona Hotel – Part B
Apply te identity !or a ne" #outique otel in te centre o! Barcelona$ to a range o! relevant
products !or #ot inside te otel and promotions tat "ill #e seen outside te otel%
Te otel "ill ta&e in!luence !rom its Barcelona location$ #ut "ill aim to avoid clic'(s and too
o#vious )panis lin&s%
Barcelona is a city !ull o! #eauti!ul arcitecture and istory and is a city !or e*ploring% Many people
don(t tin& o! Barcelona as aving a #eac$ due to it #eing a ma+or city$ #ut it does and tis is a
selling point o! te city as it means visitors can rela* on te #eac in addition to e*ploring te ustle
and #ustle o! te city%
Te many "or&s o! iconic arcitect ,audi are &ey tourist attractions and landmar&s suc as te
)agrada -amilia are o!ten seen on Barcelona postcards and oter souvenirs% .sing suc
landmar&s "itin te design could o"ever ceapen te loo& o! te otel as tey are o!ten seen as
A #outique otel is a small$ stylis otel o!ten !ound in a /!asiona#le( and o!ten ur#an location%
Consider printing and !inising metods as tese could add to te ig0end nature o! te otel%
Any digital moc&0ups "ill need to #e produced to a ig standard$ as tese "ill #e &ey to
communicating te #rie! on #oards and port!olio%
#an!a"or$ Re%ire&en"s:
Te #randing must #e #ased on a relevant concept related to Barcelona$ #ut avoiding clic'(s%
Branding must #e applied to a range o! relevant products$ !ollo"ing te rules created in te #rand
guidelines !rom part A o! te #rie!%
Produce design #oards to so" te development and resolution o! te #rie!%
Targe" A!ience:
Adults "it a ig disposa#le income%
Adults "anting to treat temselves to a city #rea&%
Tone of 'oice:
-ollo"ing te #rand guidelines apply te identity to:
2nterior and e*terior signage
3oor angers
4elcome #rocure !or room
5oom )ervice Menu
Complimentary products 6)ampoo$ conditioner$ so"er gel$ care pac&%7
Promotional Material -
4e#site 6Proposed7
Corporate products –
Business Cards
Reading List:
Wally Ollins On Brand. Ollins, Wally
Wally Ollins: The Brand Handbook
Turning Pages: editorial design !or print media% 8lanten$ 5o#ert 69:;:
Te production Manual< A grapic design and#oo&% ,avin Am#rose=Paul Harris
T+is *rief s+o(! *e rea! in con,nc"ion -i"+ "+e &o!(e *rief. P(ease refer "o
&o!(e +an!*ook for &o!(e *rief. s*&ission !ea!(ine. gra!e! o"co&es
an! fr"+er rea!ing.