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The opening of this film starts off with two opposite gender characters face to face. This already
makes it clear for us as audience that the film includes people with different genders and it may be
the main focus to the director, which is to be able to produce a gender representation within the
different t characters and their gender representations. By looking at these characters we can judge
their personalities. The male character appears to be good looking with attractive hair and body
gesture; this is also a typical stereotype of t male expectation. The female character next to him
looks feminine as she is groomed up with makeup and has medium length neat hair. This again
stereotypes typical woman who is interested in
beauty and grooming. Also during their
conversation the camera is on a over the
shoulder shot.,focusing on each gender in
depth.Then we watch the women leave in
hurry as she mentions she cant see something
happening. This unkown situation does not
make us clueless perhaps builds up to the gender sterotypes.The tone of her voice was vociferous
and intense due to the panicing and intense situation. Women are often known to be quite clingy
and ctric finders who are dramatic.This chracter in the film symbolises the features of stero typicall
women. As soon as she leaves the character in the background who werent focused on are not been
given the camera focus. The man walks up to the two new characters that we are now introduced
too. Again we see a man and a woman together.This really intensifies the different gender
represantations. The scene moves on to a mission where these two new characters are playing a role
in a environmental place (Jungle).By looking at the location we discover that there is some kind of
adventure that will take place in the scene,We see this women on a giant machiene handling the
minerals.However the man is doing the investigating job.This is different to the typicall sterotypesOf
men and women. The woman in this film is take the charge over the man and directing him through
wrongs and rights where as in the society today we see men as the incharge and woman being under
control of their authority. The woman also does not have long hair compared to the female
character we saw before however she looks quite masculine with her boy cut hair and no makeup.In
this film we see contrasts of gender and the different gender rolls represanting different statuses.In
the jungle there is a wild creature trying to attack the man.However the woman saves the guy.This
also enhances the gender roles and sterotypes being broken,as the man always saves the woman
through rough situations and is always known to be the hero.Woman is shown as a hero and the life
Later on in the film we move on too a lady and a man who are again sterotypical by their
appearance.They have a very quick converstation which has a aggressive tone to it.He tries to
underestimate her just like a typical man would do by the use of his physical strengh and the
weapon (gun),as women are known to be physically weak link. She falls on the ground looking timid
and helpless while her cleavage and her long legs explose out.This relates back to the what a typical
sterotypical woman would appear like.Before he could take any further steps,othercharacter that we
saw before suddenly arrive inorder to save her from the threat.Thy all pull out their wepons but this
one male has no weapons therefore he looks around and picks up a farming tool to protect the
lady.This seems to be a comical scene in the film. The lady then gets up moaning about her coat
being dirty.Lastly this sums up her gender type and personality aswell.Overall this film represents
different ideas of how gender can be classed and expressed in sterotypes and non sterotypicall