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Beagle Elementary School • 600 South Street, Grand Ledge, Michigan 48837 • www.glps.k12.mi.

Phone (517) 925-5480 • Fax (517) 925-5523


Mon. Oct. 13 Beagle PTO - A&W Fundraiser
Fri. Oct. 17 No School For Students
Wed. Oct. 22 Two-Hour School Delay
Fri. Nov. 7 Picture Re-Take Day
Wed. Nov. 12 Two-Hour School Delay
Thurs. Nov. 13 PTO Meeting @ 6:30 pm
Tues. Nov. 18 K-6 Conferences (5 – 8 pm)
Thurs. Nov. 20 K-6 Conferences (5 – 8 pm)
Fri. Nov. 21 K-6 Conferences (12 – 3 pm)
Fri. Nov. 21 ! Day for Students – Dismissed at 11:55
Nov. 26-28 Thanksgiving Break – No Students
Thurs. Dec. 11 PTO Meeting @ 6:30 pm
Dec. 22 – Jan 2 Holiday Recess
Mon. Jan. 5, 2015 Classes Resume
Mon. Jan. 19 No Students – MLK Day
Wed. Feb. 4 Two-Hour School Delay
Mon. Feb. 16 No Students – Winter Recess
Tue. Mar. 10 K-6 Conferences (5 – 8 pm)
Thurs. Mar. 12 K-6 Conferences (5 – 8 pm)
Thurs. Mar. 12 ! Day for Students Dismissed at 11:55
Fri. Mar. 13 K-6 Conferences (8 – 11 am)
Fri. Mar. 13 No Students
Fri. Apr. 3 No Students
Apr 6-10 Spring Recess


First off, a huge THANK YOU to all of the wonderful
staff, parents and students who volunteered their time on
Saturday, September 27 to help re-paint and spruce up our
playground. Your help was invaluable in contributing to
our positive, peaceful atmosphere at Beagle. Thank you
for helping to ensure that Beagle Rocks!
The PTO Fun Run was this week and we are eagerly
anticipating the amount of funds raised. If you still have
loved ones or friends who did not make a pledge but
would like to, you have until Wednesday, October 8 to
turn your pledge money in.

As always, if you have any questions or would like to
discuss any concerns, please contact me.


We understand that the parking lot can be a little
hectic in the morning. Parents, please be mindful
of the flow of traffic when dropping off students
in the morning. If you are dropping off, pull all
the way forward. We try to get four cars in front
of the crosswalk and four behind so that we can
have eight carloads dropped off at a time. When
those students are clear of cars, the TA's will flag
you all forward and the next eight cars will pull
up. Please be patient and DO NOT pull out of
line and go around. This is for the safety of our
students. And while we realize that it is
sometimes frustrating, please be aware that
students are around and use appropriate language.
In addition, please be mindful of other persons
that are pulling through the lot looking for a
parking spot. Thank you in advance for your

Lost and Found: We have
already acquired a lot of
lost and found items and we
have only been in school
for four weeks! Because
there were so many lost and found items at the
end of last school year, we have decided to
completely empty out our lost and found area
twice during the school year. Any items still
remaining after the November and March
conferences will be donated to Ken’s closet.
Look for reminders in upcoming newsletters.
Thank You.
Mrs. Dawn Kennaugh, Principal
October 3, 2014
10/06 ~ Breaded Chicken Patty or Hot Ham & Cheese Bagel
10/07 ~ Chicken Nuggets w/Roll or Turkey & Cheese Sub
10/08 ~ Cheese Pizza or Yogurt, String Cheese, Roll & Crackers
10/09 ~ French Toast Sticks & Scrambled Eggs or Hot Dog
10/10 ~ Mini Corn Dogs or Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Beagle Elementary School • 600 South Street, Grand Ledge, Michigan 48837 •
Phone (517) 925-5480 • Fax (517) 925-5523

October is National Bullying Prevention Month.
However, at Beagle Elementary, bully prevention does not
start on October 1 and end on October 31.
Bullying: Basic Facts
Bullying occurs when another student or a group of
students REPEATEDLY harms a student,
psychologically and/or physically.
Bullies are typically physically, psychologically, or
socially stronger than the children they bully. There is an
imbalance of power.
Bullying may present itself in different forms, including,
but not limited to, physical assaults or aggressions, verbal
and/or physical threats, intentional exclusion from a
group, spreading rumors, menacing gestures or faces, or
REPEATED name calling.
Prevention is the best strategy to address the problem of
bullying. Beagle Elementary does their part by imposing
strict policies against bullying and implementing
classroom prevention lessons.
Getting involved in your child’s life both inside and
outside of school is important. As a result, you will see
how your child interacts with other children and will be
able to take steps if you see any potentially troublesome
behaviors that are taking place. Talking with you child
about how to engage in non-violent interactions will
prepare your child for such situations in school and


Grand Ledge High School Pom Pon is holding it’s annual
pom clinic for grades K-6 on Saturday, November 8,
2014 in Auxiliary gym at the high school. It will be held
from 9:00a-12:00. Girls will perform for parents at
12:00. Flyers were sent home today. You can call
Reinette Coates at (517) 927-4851 or information is also
available on our website

Grand Ledge High School Theater Department will
be performing Grease at the High School
Auditorium from November 13 – 16. Tickets went
on sale, Wednesday, October 1, and can be
purchased at
Substitute teachers and aides are needed. Persons
interested in either of these positions, should
register with Professional Educational Services
Group, LLC by visiting or
calling 866-782- 7277.
**Substitute teachers are required to have 90 credits
towards a degree.

Jaydon Carnes, Julia Chapman, Zayne Cooper,
Brody Devereaux, Olivia Hejnal, Peyton Johnston,
Ashton Krycinski, Haley Kunc, Joe Long, Sofia Rivera,
Mackenzie Smith, Emerson Stoddard.
Keegan Dougherty, Miatta Upson, Katelyn Roberts,
Hunter Keller, Ethan Lantz, Kyleh Jones, Elijah
Hutchinson, Abbey Fulkerson, Tessa McClung.
Jayden Bechtol, Natalie Carlson, Emma Dean, Wyatt
Doty, Will Hunter, Carter Kingsley, Sienna Lake, Talon
Ritchey, Ashlyn Williams.
McKenzy Cobb, Rowan Curran, Gerardo Lozano,
Ella McCormic, Josie Parish, Katelynn Pierre, Jordan
Roth, Sam Sanchez, Devin Storey, Eden Viramontes.
Grace Buffin, J.T. Campbell, Emma Conklin, Ben
Deibel, Mitch Graszler, Zoe Langenfeld, Ethan
McCartney, Hannah Mund, Mason Patrick, Maddy
Slaybaugh, Allison Smith, Aiden VanderMoere.
Chloe Baumer, Reese Carlson, Jacob Dawson,
Connor Gullett, Isaac Hartwick, T.J. Jones, Mark King,
Paige Lawson, Alyssa Meissner, Kaden Nowak, Max
Schaefer, Luke Vandervest.
~ Counselor’s Corner ~
Sandy Husted