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Inherently Safe Fiber Optic ESTOP and U-Beam Sensors For

Harsh Environments
New sensors introduced by California based MICRONOR ideal for medical, robotic and industrial automation
( MICRONOR introduces two new inherently safe, fiber optic signaling products for the
industrial autoation, robotic and edical ar!ets. "he MR#$% series &iber Optic 'ergency (top offers
'("OP &unctional (afety copliance with (I)* rating. "he MR#$+ series &iber Optic ,-.ea (ensor is a
general purpose photo interruption/slot sensor. "he products consist of a passi0e optical (ensor which connects
to a 1IN rail ount Controller Module 0ia an industry standard OM* duple2 3+.4/*+4 ultiode fiber optic
lin!. "he products can operate o0er distances up to +4%% eters ($+%% feet).
"he passi0e sensors are 5"'6 rated inherently safe '2 op is allowing direct use in any type of ha7ardous
location or e2plosi0e atosphere8 fro ines to gaseous to dust en0ironents. "he sensors are designed to be
use in a wide range of harsh en0ironent applications8 including ines, coal bins, oil rigs, petrocheical plants,
welding robots, grain ele0ators, edical and MRI as well as e2tree electroagnetic and high 0oltage
en0ironents. "he sensors and optical lin!s are copletely iune to 'MI, R&I, lightning, high 0oltage
discharges and ground loops.
"he MR#$%/MR#$+ Controller Modules are designed to be installed reote fro the sensors in a non-ha7ardous
location typical of other electronic and control e9uipent. "hese controllers pro0ide the functional electrical
interface to the custoer:s syste. "he MR#$% '("OP Controller pro0ides a con0entional '("OP functional
interface including 1P1" relay contacts and digital signal outputs for input to a P)C or other syste controller.
"he MR#$+ ,-.ea Controller interface offers a fre9uency-to-0oltage output (for speed onitoring
applications) plus digital signal outputs in support of typical applications as a gear tooth speed sensor, edge
detector or pro2iity sensor.
&or &unctional (afety applications, both controllers default to the eergency state when; (*) the optical path is
bloc!ed, (+) in case of a bro!en fiber, (#) in case of a fiber being disconnected, or (<) loss of power to the
controller lin!.
In sall 9uantities, the unit price for a coplete MR#$% or MR#$+ sensor/controller set is =>3% or =$$%,
respecti0ely, with typical lead tie of stoc! to + wee!s. 1iscounts are a0ailable for O'M applications. (pecial
engineered 0ersions are a0ailable for MRI applications, radiation and 0acuu en0ironents.
5bout Micronor
(ince *>3$, Micronor (http;// has been a leading global supplier of autoation and otion
control products for industrial applications as well as ilitary, aerospace, edical and other harsh/ha7ardous
en0ironents. Products include fiber optic sensors, encoders, resol0ers, ca tiers, prograable liit
switches, otori7ed potentioeters, pulse generators, handheld pendants and custo engineered feedbac! and
control units. Micronor aintains regional sales, ser0ice, engineering and anufacturing facilities in both
California ,(5 and (wit7erland.
&or the original 0ersion on IndustrialPR 0isit; http;//*#>>$
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