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Compiled by: Daiel Di!be"
S#pe"$i%ed by: D"& 'o( C& Cepe)e
No$embe" * 2++,
Table o- Co.e.
I& E/#ipme.%&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&0
II& Uploadi! Ope"a.i! So-.1a"e .o CR2+2 Da.alo!!e"&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&,
III& Uploadi! p"o!"am .o CR2+2 Da.alo!!e"&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&32
I4& Co)l#%io&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&35
I& E/#ipme.%
The following equipments are required:
Figure 1. CR205 Datalogger
Figure 2. Batter
Figure !. "aptop#Des$top %omputer
Figure &. '(B to R()2!2 *ridge %a*le
Figure 5. Conne%ting wires for power suppl
II& Uploadi! Ope"a.i! So-.1a"e i.o .(e Da.alo!!e"
 Conne%t R()2!2 port from the datalogger to a serial port on our %omputer.
 +anuall download the data to ensure that up to date data is %olle%ted.from the
datalogger using ,a$%om- ,C 200. !.2 or loggernet software.
 +a$e sure that all softwares are dis%onne%ted and %losed after downloading the
data from the datalogger.
 /pen De0i%e Configuration 'tilit software as seen *elow in Figure 1.
 +a$e sure that the appropriate serial port is sele%ted in the left panel- %onne%t to
datalogger * %li%$ing on %onne%t shown on the left side of Figure 1 *elow.
 +a$e sure that power is dis%onne%ted from the datalogger.
Figure 1. (%reen of De0i%e Configuration 'tilit (oftware
 There are fi0e %ontrol panels: Deploment- "ogger Control- Data +onitor- (end
/( and (ettings 2ditor as shown *elow in Figure 3.
 Deploment is used to set the ,a$*us address of the datalogger. 4t is also
used to set the RF power mode- hop sequen%e- networ$ and address.
 "ogger Control sets the %lo%$ on the datalogger. 4t is also used to send
program unto the datalogger.
 Data +onitor displas the data on the datalogger in three settings with
names Data- ,u*li% and (tatus.
 (end /( is used to download operating software unto a datalogger.
 (ettings 2ditor spe%ifies the 0ersion of the operating sstem.
Figure 3. (%reen of software after %onne%ting to datalogger
 Cli%$ on (end /( as shown in the s%reen *elow.
Figure 5. (%reen of software during uploading /( to datalogger
 Cli%$ on start *utton as shown a*o0e. The s%reen will *e displaed for ou to
sele%t the folder to upload the operating software.
 4n the resulting file open dialogue *o6- sele%t the file that has to *e sent as an
operating sstem 7tpi%all- CR266 operating files ha0e a .a&! e6tension8.
Figure 9. (%reen of software when sear%hing for /perating (stem in folder
 :fter ou ha0e %li%$ open *utton in the file open dialogue- appl power to the
 The operating sstem will now *e sent to the datalogger. This has to *e allowed to
run to %ompletion. Can%eling the operation %an lea0e the datalogger without a
0alid operating sstem to run.
Figure 10. 'ploading /perating (stem to CR205 datalogger
 /n%e the /perating (stem has *een sent to the datalogger- its program will *e
%leared and all of it as settings will *e reset to their default 0alues. 4f the
datalogger was pre0iousl set up- ou will need to %onne%t to it and edit its
settings to restore the pre0ious set)up.
Figure 11. Completion of the upload of the /perating (stem to the datalogger
 /n%e the /perating (stem 7/(8 has *een sent to the datalogger- if ou desire to
remo0e power from the datalogger- ou must wait at least 10 se%onds *efore
dis%onne%tion. This will gi0e the datalogger the time that it needs to update the
flash memor lo%ations.
III& Uploadi! P"o!"am .o .(e da.alo!!e"
 From the de0i%e %onfiguration utilit software open logger %ontrol as shown on
the s%reen *elow.
Figure 12. (%reen of (oftware when uploading program to datalogger
 Cli%$ on send program to open the dialogue *o6.
Figure 1!. (%reen of (oftware when sear%hing for program in folder
 Cli%$ on the program to *e uploaded and %li%$ open. 2nsure that the program has
*een %ompiled *efore uploading. ;ormall the program %omes a long with a
program %ompiler. The program %ompiler %ompiles the program in the right order
into the datalogger.
I4& Co)l#%io
4t is alwas re%ommended that operating sstem in dataloggers are updated to a0oid
pro*lems with downloading of data. :lso- the softwares used to download data from
dataloggers should *e updated %onsistentl. This impro0es data %olle%tion.