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October 1, 2014

4.13pm 5.51pm

Chairperson Calderon
Vice Chairperson Muoz
Councilors Balagot, Carbonell (late, 4.17pm), de Layola, Reynoso, and Sarmiento
Year Level Representative Fuentes

1. SC Store Remittance
2. Committee/Batch Updates
3. USC Updates
4. Proud to be AIT
5. OMs (CRSRS)

1. Agenda Approval Approved

2. SC Store Remittance

3. Committee/Batch Updates
Finance (c/o Councilor de Layola)
- postponed due to unavailability of Danj
- request: request for an acknowledgment receipt as substitute for an official receipt, if it
cannot be provided

Secretariat (c/o Councilor Balagot)
- Salimbay: they might request for an office/tambayan; Salimbay money turnover
- Councilor de Layola to possibly audit their expenses
- craft incident report for hold-up incident

Mass Media (c/o Councilor Reynoso)
- merch, donation, and store pubmats to be released

Education and Research (c/o Councilor Sarmiento)
- AIT House History: needs more information

Ways and Means (c/o Councilor Carbonell)
- 45 shirts on hand
- block screening: set 3 months before; 440 seats at P220 each

Secretariat (c/o Councilor Balagot)
- SIS issue: confirmed that the document was not from the OIS; release a memo

Basic Student Services (c/o Councilor Balagot)
- water dispenser letter still at the Deans office
- supplies already refilled
- dippers and pails already procured
- mass media for labels

Students Rights and Welfare (c/o Vice Chair Muoz)
- batches 11 and 13 still no consultation
- tambayan: implement maximum size of tambayan (4x4)
- draft the guidelines for tambayan use and college org recognition

Graduation Committee (c/o Batch Rep Fuentes)
- Oct 6., Monday EIC presentation: Van and Paulo
- Zone 5 for the second exhibit
- studio B backed out
- grad comm exhibit next week

Sports and Fitness (c/o Councilor de Layola)
- pub release for judo, taek already done

Year IV
- IPR tomorrow at 10-12pm

4. USC Updates
- USC thanks AITSC for Pride Week attendance

5. Proud to be AIT
- October 27-31
- two weeks before: release teaser
- days prior release another teaser (video)
- Oct 27: Humans of AIT
- Oct 28: launch humans of AIT and Proud to be AIT video
- AIT Food Fair for the whole week
- Wednesday: flash mob
- Thursday: quiz bee
- Friday: solidarity night (AIT bonfire)
- cost estimate: no cost for the council

6. OMs
- AIT SC Room clean-up already done
- Election Code: consider the graduate program
- from Film: RTR for Kana: The Dreamweaver, third week of October

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