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Be r ^^lerds In th'e HoiaeXr.nd s

. '-Ii v.iAn.-ij ' V-
J,.nu ry l; 1^3,-1.,
the yaciflc^ reiehlng Uv^Jigliaf Seiemier citfi., tel -nf
CJiri^tm -s aboard 'th Pro-ldant to.nt wMcli brou^t ub here troxa Kobe,
J^apaHo rbe chlliiron njgyed the Cbristmao treo and the preacnco ot
inta Glatts ^^Itb bis big bar of ,c older fo.lks ar -reclated
more the Obxlstzcas senoon tbe pracoding day by one of the ministers
aboard nblp-
Our ocean voyage Is to be resumed Jinuasry 6tb
on tbe ?reGldeiit >11&oel -Ulch Is bringing Mr. and Mrs., Heaiiud and
.baby lEoIvln frcmi Los "ngclcs:. i'e look fort. :rd to a pleasant jonr^ .
ney ltl theoe friends out OTor tbc long trail to the Mission Sta
=tl<m ul tb Iloraes at Yea Chi, There still remain several longj>
dlfflcuJt ooke of travel^-, but "the tc^e of the road will sesja
n 'i/biagy v*heE-*ne^c^^;-%o the oirc of~tkc wsy^ * to baing kept busy
I .so 'I' fs nth tho i-urch. .liig and packing: of medicines and other
' niugs noeded aioti^ tUo road and upon the jolseion field The Asso-
ated Kifcjalon Iro usurers have asked us ta rer.uoet that ell ssnd-
funds to th^j^r far us by cheeky hare o eh. chegk certified at
1:^ b.ak before naliiiig It^ Their addraae ::hlch Is now 3 Tucn
Jtng Tule Koadi, Shanghai;, will bo whanged to 169 on April 1st by
"'.in ahar.ghal Munlclpil Ooxmcll ..hicb is i .-numbering some of the
greets , .\fter March 3tha they should be . Idrossed at tho latter
aKber by those ^vrltlng from tho TI.3Ao ana other coimtrleSo At
:ie beginning: of the Ke v Te^ r, .;2 are happy to be well upon our
... y boo;, to tho I'lbetan Border la obedlerce to the Master's com-
E^and, iina^ out .rhsre TIBi.TAN TOIOEES CAIX i.
But, aro s'.s not "aheap of Eis^ paf^ture'V
As one of the prophets has said t
Tears .go^ there served Ood on our Bopf'er.
A doc tor nsmed Sbelton, 'tie said;,
.ho 3 tl dotm his life for our people .
The d..stor still lireth, tboTzgb le .d !
We hsiurd bow his friends in thJ htmeland;,
Jifeld i:s they broof^t forth their gold,
"We Vrve" raisac this Uesioitt^ to Shol'ti-n,
To Tibet ;:iust the Oospel be told ' I
Otter varic--5*s vf;ro sent to our p^^^plQ>
And a doctor vfus here-- in cur
^en soiasoue sent forth the sad edict;,
**C<ne boaae ^ Trom your labors desls:.'
"The time Is not opporircme nowj fri^:: s
3cae of your oburcnmen have sold ,
But will it be opportune later^
>hen ye. r/ho nxe llTlrLg are dead ?
I'lll you svlll slight yesus' Coamalseicj,
"Go ye l/her^fora and toaah f?Tery natlc
Xe not^nov the acceptable tine" ?
Oose { Is tho day of aalvatior." ',!
- HOTto: " L-.ra,. I.'
"1-hlii to you all His ; " " T
e, ^ His .a-d ^^^ico,
'Tb- Chi. Tir.: - Chire.^e-TiU