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27 Jan , 2011

If you are scared to write and share your experiences of God on the websites ( ,, then what are you delivering on this Earth? Look at Siri Guru Granth Sahib – it’s
all delivery of experiences with God.

So what have you sacrificed or surrendered to your Guru if you don’t share?

Did you have this spiritual knowledge and these spiritual experiences before you came to the
websites? When you have benefitted so much from the websites, then what is your contribution in
return in the spirit of an open heart, love and giving freedom to others from the illusions they are
still in and you have broken out of?

You are saying “Guru Guru” (that Guru is everything for you), but what actually is the Guru? Guru is
love, Guru is your heart, so share the experiences (good times and the struggles) of your heart –
confess your problems, share your spiritual experiences. If you don’t, then it’s your pride (that it’s
your own knowledge and that you can choose to keep it to yourself or only give it to who you want),
or it’s your fear (that you will get slandered by some people who read it). But, either way, by not
sharing, then what is your gift and your surrender to your Guru? What did you give back to the
websites that gave you so much?

Even if you have written an article or shared an experience on the website, just remember that no
one’s articles belong to them. It is not for you to then ask for it to be taken down because you think
it is somehow yours. Please share with others. If you can’t share for whatever reason, then realise
that ego and pride still hides within you. The spiritual experiences and battles with Maya you
confess are the drops of Amrit (God force) that are raining into this world of Maya. And if you get
slandered for disclosing the Truth, then that is the payment to your Guru for the gift you got.
Don’t just think this is a website, this is from the heart of Akal Purakh.
Have you forgotten the days before the website when you were crying for God and how you fell at
the feet of the Guru He came to you as and how He held your arm and gave you the divine wisdom
to get you where you are now on your spiritual journey? So what is the payment to your Satguru?
He made writers out of you, but now you think those articles are yours to put up or take down as
you wish.

Bhagti means surrender FOREVER. Don’t forget that SatGuru you surrendered to once. Don’t forget.

If you write and get ego – you fail. If you write and fear to share – you fail.

Are you still scared of what the world will say if they read your articles of Truth? So what Guru are
you serving?

Bhagti is all a gift to you (from God-Guru), so NEVER think that you (ego) have done it.

When you remove the articles that you were blessed to write from the website then it’s your
shallowness that makes you want to hide. Truth never hides.

If you can’t disclose your love for Truth then you are not a lover of God. And if you want to be that
then please do not call me ever again.

Stay in Eternal Peace – sada sukhee raho.

Remember that “Jin prem keeo tin he prabh paaio – only those who LOVE God realise Him” (Guru
Gobind Singh Ji). God lives in your heart. Heart never asks for praise and never gets tired of
praising. Never forget who sent you to Dargah (God’s Divine Court – Realm of Truth). God on Earth
in the SatGuru sent you.

Why do you fear to share the Truth? When God is in every heart and is in every heartbeat, and your
Guru is always with you, then why are you scared?

When in the womb, you never cried, because God is with you. But when you sold your mind to ego
and then started honouring cultural values and religious rituals you forgot love. Because then you
no longer knew your heart, which can never be known in logic. Then you don’t know your Guru
anymore. So stop saying your Guru is with you if you can’t live and love Truth 24x7. Only then you
are drenched in Truth.

If we have given wrong teachings over the years, then has any Sant come to correct us? (No.) No
mother or father accepts the child who doesn’t believe in them. God and Guru is the same.

The step of Dharam (path to union) is situated on Earth, the one who put you on that step – never
talk against them or say you are wiser than them – EVER. Satguru is the highest but ALWAYS says he
is the lowest and you can see it in his humble deeds. The one who says they are high are actually
still in ego. Saying those are “my” writings is still ego.

Try to understand love and proclaim your love for God to one and all. If you can’t say that then
don’t claim that you love God.

Whoever has experienced complete surrender of “man tan tera, dhan be tera - mind and body are
yours wealth is yours” will say that the articles they write are also YOURS GURU Ji.

The Guru has shown you the way, but have you become so wise that you now are telling your Guru
the way?

Learn from the humbleness and extreme love of Bhagat Dhanna ji, that (even though his Brahmin
priest had tried to mislead him in worshipping a worthless rock, but Dhanna ji’s extreme love found
God in it anyway) he said to God, “before you put me into Dargah, put my Guru in first.”

To move up the mountain(of consciousness) from that first step of Dharam takes a lot of pushes
from your SatGuru, but have you forgotten that? If you say the write-ups are yours and you are
scared of Truth, then what is your love to the SatGuru?

If you want to slander my student Dassan Dass ji or give him even one bit of pain, then I will put you
into hell myself. The higher the person goes in spirituality, then that much humility they have to
have as well. Knowing the highest God, but scared to show it, then have you forgotten when you
were desperately doing Dandauths (lying flat at everyone’s feet)?

Our aim is only love, but we haven’t taken any hard tests of our students (like the past Gurus did)
yet. This is Maha-Kal – Extreme DarkAge, so it requires Maha-Nimratha – extreme love and humility,
to bring down the Highest Truth. But being full of extreme love and humility, (the SOFT SANT), don’t
think the Guru can’t show the DADDA (All-Powerful) side. (“Jis da sahib dadda hoi tis noo maar na
sakay koi” – One whose Master is All-Powerful, no one can destroy him. – Gurbani)

I am Maha Moorakh, Maha Moorakh, Maha Moorakh (greatest fool). A true bastard of bastards is
not scared to disclose his journey. Lesser bastards run and slander.

Stay in Eternal Peace – Sada sukhee raho.

You have been given seva of writing, just do as He wishes with so much love, and don’t waste time
comparing yourself to others as each sevadar does what is needed from them. Do you not think
that God is working through you writing articles and wanting to share with others?

We give to the students, we can also take it back. No one went to Dargah faster than Dassan Dass
ji’s sister-in-law, but once she slandered, then she has not even been able to walk straight for the
last ten years. (Guru doesn’t wish bad for anyone, but their own slandering gets multiplied and
comes back to them as bad karma. Baba ji said that it is easy to ferry across the good souls, but the
SatGuru wants to ferry his slanderers across as well. That is why as soon as the slanderer comes
back and asks for forgivness for their misdeeds, the Satguru holds no grudges and forgives instantly.)

Don’t think that God is just a toy, that this path is just a game (“Ram Khilonaa janaay” – people think
God is a toy – Kabir Ji). Don’t just say, “I am dead” you have to be dead in everything you do whilst
on Earth – live in an attitude of extreme poverty and humility.

Brahmgiani gives to all in all places. But the Manmukh (self-centred person) keeps fighting in his
own house. Don’t live for a measured, controlled God (limiting God to your own religion and own
holy book). Love an Infinite God, then you are divine warrior. If you can’t love Infinite God in all,
then you can’t be naked in Truth.

Nothing should be taken off the website as that is hiding. By doing that, what are you going to teach
others? What is your surrender? Those who think and do, don’t serve God. Those who just do and
don’t think, serve God. In love, thought is a sin. In the language of the heart only the eyes speak –
you don’t even need words.
You can’t by-pass your destiny, you have to live it and go through it.
Don’t ever think bad of your Guru or his wives, they have honour, they have Naam going up from
their feet. Don’t even slander the dog of the Guru’s house, don’t even slander 21 generations of the
Guru’s house says Gurbani. If you do, no one will keep you, not even God. God is delivered on
Earth when you are naked in Truth, meaning your inside and outside is the same.
Before we say “Mama” or “Papa” as a baby, we say “ba .. ba .. baba” – BABA (God is the ultimate
Baba)! When your (ego) dies, then you become the Baba – back to your original state before ego
set in. Only that egoless state can deliver Truth.
To put down somebody, especially your Guru, on the path you are following, is a sign of ego. Don’t
be fooled by your mind that somehow you are delivering wisdom. Ask yourself when you are
putting someone down, “who is bad when all is God?” If you slander God, the Sant can still put you
into Dargah. But, when you slander the Sant, then even God can’t put you in. (Gurbani says that
what God does a Sant can overturn, but what a Sant turn even God honours their words and doesn’t
overturn. So those people who are cursing God everday, but then one day come to the Guru
humbly, the Guru prays with extreme love to God on their behalf and God’s heart melt and he lets
those slanderers in. But, those who slander their Guru, then leave, then start praying just to God –
God doesn’t listen to a word they say.)
If some Sikh tells you that by cutting your hair you no longer have Guru’s Kirpa – Guru’s grace upon
you, then tell them that regardless of keeping hair or cutting it, it’s only deeds that go with you.
Guru Nanak’s shoes are still here and so is Guru Gobind Singh ji’s sword (even some of Guru Gobind
Singh ji’s hair in a kanga-comb are preserved in a Gurdwara in India – so even that didn’t go with
Guru is love and God is only hungry for your love. Guru is love, but those religious ones even have
read the stories of the Guru’s love and even having sung their divine words of love, they still haven’t
been able to do love unto others. Even knowing Guru is love, bhagti is very hard (for them because
they wont give up pride in order to go into love.)
Be happy in doing seva, in writing, don’t worry, be happy, enjoy writing. Look at the others around
you, they can’t even write one word in praise of God. Writing and praising and expressing that joy -
that is living. Dead are those who can’t disclose due to their pride or fear. They have forgotten that
they were lost and the articles helped them, just as their articles will help others who are lost to find
God as well.

I am Maha Moorakh, Maha Moorakh, Maha Moorakh (greatest fool). Lowest of the low (neecha ka
neech), betrayer (loon harami) and great offender (gunegar).
Baba Ji.