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Ingrid Albernis Crdenas

1) Find a picture of Harrods.
2) Find a screenshot of Google Maps showing Harrods and a google
street iew of it.
!) "hat#s the nearest tu$e station%
The nearest tube station is Knightsbridge.
&) '(agine )our hotel is near *icadill) +ircus. "hat route do )ou
hae to follow to get there%
,) "hat#s the official we$site%
-) "hat are the opening ti(es%
Opening Hours
Fro( Monda) !.th /une until Saturda) 10th
Octo$er 2.1&, the store opening hours will be:
onda! to "aturda!: #$:$$a% - &:$$p%
"unda!: ##:'$a%( - ):$$p%
1) +an )ou shop online% *es.
0) 2ou li3e sports. "hat tourist attraction is near%
"tan+ord Bridge.
4)2ou li3e nature. "hat tourist attraction is near%
,atural Histor! useu%
1.) 5here#s a (e(orial inside Harrods. "ho are
the protagonists% "h)%

Harrods histor!
10!& The Harrods legend begins in the -ast -nd o+ .ondon with the
opening b! Charles Henr! Harrod o+ a wholesale gro/er! with a spe/ial
interest in tea.
10&4 Harrods %o0es into a single roo% in .ondon1s Knightsbridge.
104& The #2&$s were a boo% ti%e +or Harrods, now a publi/ /o%pan!,
heralding the introdu/tion o+ 0arious new depart%ents and initiati0es,
in/luding Harrods Ban3 and the world4s +irst es/alator 5with brand! at
the top to re0i0e ner0ous /usto%ers6.
14.1 anaging dire/tor 7i/hard Burbidge1s 0ision o+ the world4s %ost
lu8urious depart%ent store starts to ta3e shape, with the /onstru/tion
o+ the Bro%pton 7oad building o+ toda!. Howe0er, e0en with &#
depart%ents, the store o//upies 9ust the ground and +irst +loors o+ the
building. The +our store!s abo0e are ho%e to la0ishl! appointed %ansion
14&4 Harrods /elebrates its /entenar!. In #$$ !ears it has grown into a
su//ess+ul :;$% business.
14,4 The store is a/<uired b! the House o+ =raser >roup. Ha0ing
su++ered a /hange in +ortunes during the #&?$s, the sale o+ Harrods
%ar3s the beginning o+ a period o+ %odernisation.
14-1 odernisation at Harrods gathers pa/e with the opening o+ @a!
In, a swinging %ega-bouti<ue, to attra/t a !ounger /lientele.140.s The
=a!ed +a%il!1s a/<uisition %a3es Harrods a +a%il!-owned +ir% on/e again,
heralding a :'$$% re+urbish%ent plan to restore it to its +or%er glor!.
2..0 Harrods opens an ##,$$$-s<uare-+oot store in .ondon Heathrow4s
Ter%inal ?. It is the world4s +irst airport +ashion depart%ent store.
2.1. Harrods is sold to the Aatari ro!al +a%il! +or :#.?bn.
2.11 Harrods a/hie0es a world re/ord as the onl! stand-alone
depart%ent store in the world to hit :#bn in sales in a !ear.
2.1! Harrods is the +irst BK depart%ent store to laun/h @eChat

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