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by notaplane, jflm, nuckfuts, bartekdvd and the game modification community
* Support basic mode for SA-MP 0.3e
* Really smooth player flying in samp.
* Support for SA-MP 0.3d
* Final version for SA-MP 0.3c R3
* jflm did some stuff. (you gotta add stuff here bro -nf)
* Many bugs fixed.
* Slightly unsmooth but awesome enough to use new beta camera for Player Fly
* Added new menu AntTweakBar (
* Added Player Fly fast turning animations.
* Support for SA-MP 0.3c R3
* Added RakNet voice support for SA-MP.
* Added Player Fly deceleration animation.
* Added mute-player function to anti-spam.
* Added Player Fly acceleration/deceleration multipliers to INI.
* Disabled loading screen, thanks to MTA.
* Fixed Player Fly animation bugs.
* Added speed setting for Player Fly to the INI and Cheats menu.
* Added default keys for Stick - NumPad 4 7 8 9
* Added default key for disable wall collisions - NumPad 6
* Added ClickWarp. Default: Middle Mouse & Left Mouse
* Improved Fly Player.
* Fixed Fast Exit.
* Added text label rendering.
* Added left/right/up strafing to Fly Player.
* Improved Fly Player.
* Improved vehicle HP cheat.
* Improved actor HP cheat (parachute death fixed).
* Fixed single player crash.
* Fixed keys setting/sticking during menu & alt-tab.
* Removed custom screenshots.
* Improved Fly Player.
* Added Fly Player, Default: .
* Removed Sacky's scripting hook.
* Support for SA-MP 0.3c.
* Project renamed to mod_sa.
* Support for SA-MP 0.3a.
* This is the only official version of m0d_s0beit_sa for SA-MP 0.3a.
* Fixed so many things that it's retarded to list them here.
* Added menu to add upgrades (Wangs/etc) to your vehicle anywhere.
* Added SpiderWheels, drive on anything! Default: Numpad 5
* Added new Method to fly vehicles (allows 'helicoptering') Default: .
* Added toggleable infinite NOS. Default: Numpad 0
* Added switchable car lights. Default: F2 to switch modes.
* Added toggleable vehicle collisions except for your vehicle.
* Added ability to walk/drive through walls.
* Added left & right 90 degree buttons to Quick Turn. Default: [ and ]
* Added function in menu (GTA->Cheats) to avoid loosing Trailer.
* Added option in menu (GTA->Misc) to toggle windowed mode.
* Added Nitro/Brake & 180 degree quick turn ability to trains.
* Final version for SA:MP v0.2.XU1_2 & U:MP vT3
* Added our new "AirRide ESP" to m0d's player ESP which prevents ESP collisions
so you can always see everyone's name easily. No more jumble-fudge of names.
* Added "esp_players_airride" to the INI, to turn that on or off.
* Added "screenshot_clean" to the INI, takes screenshots without m0d's GUI/ESP.
* Fixed failures on custom screenshot.
* Added "Teleports -> Teleport to interior" and removed "SA:MP Misc -> Change in
* Lag-free screenshots (screenshot_enable, key_screenshot, jpg_quality, jpg_chro
minancetable, jpg_luminancetable).
* Changed the font size and ESP stuff.
* Added option to enable/disable clouds.
* Added mouse_4 and mouse_5 keybinds.
* Fixed spectator mode bug.
* Removed the hook version.
* Fixes to the windowed mode.
* Support for GTA:U-MP.
* Added option "Weapons -> Randomize the ammo values".
* Added ingame vehicle handling (Cheats -> Change vehicle handling).
* Added key_respawn.
* Added SA:MP Misc -> Change interior.
* Randomize ammo values for each weapon.
* Readded custom sendrates and init screen.
* Added car jacking prevention (should put you back to the vehicle you were in)
* Added toggleable GUI from the menu (Misc -> Toggle HUD indicators).
* Added text in dynamic teleport locations if they are set.
* Added Set(Vehicle|Player)Health hook to make invulnerability harder to detect.
* Added delay before rejoining or joining a server (rejoin_delay).
* Added server password field to the favorite server list.
* Added SA:MP Misc. -> Teleport to object & pickup.
* Added text in objects and pickups (shows server ID and model ID).
* Added Patches:
Cars hover over water, NOP ShowGameText, NOP ShowTextDraw, NOP SetPlayerCamera
NOP SetPlayerCameraLookAt, NOP SetCameraBehindPlayer, NOP SetPlayerFacingAngle
NOP GivePlayerWeapon, NOP TogglePlayerSpectating, Don't notify vehicle enter/e
NOP SetVehicleParamsForPlayer.
* Fixed a malformed position exploit.
* Fixed default SA:MP player tags and it now uses default settings.
* Fixed engine toggleing, it now works with Inv enabled.
* INI: spec_data, read the note above.
* INI: use_gta_autoaim.
* Fix for menu and loading screen flickering on some video cards (flickering_pro
* Readded the custom autoaim.
* Improved ESP layout.
* Added default ESP states for INI (esp_vehicles_defaulton, esp_players_defaulto
* Fixes to Jumper vehicle teleporting.
* Added a hook version with injector.
* Fixes to the spectator mode.
* Custom player and vehicle tags (key_render_player_tags, key_render_vehicle_tag
* Chat keybinder (chat[]).
* Text shadows (render_text_shadows).
* Keep the nickname when connecting with the favorite list (use_current_name).
* GUI settings format (gui[]).
* m0d_s0beit_sa_all.log contains logs of all sessions and m0d_s0beit_sa.log cont
ains logs of the last session.
* Added "Jumper" unified to-vehicle teleporting.
* Added nearest vehicle jumping (key_vehicle_jumper / key_vehicle_occupied_jumpe
* Fixed Breakdance as airplane passenger crash.
* Fixed possible crash in "Warp instantly to vehicle" menu.
* Removed the samp hooks.
* fixed Breakdance directions, again
* updated "SA:MP v0.2.X.U1_1 Original" link location
* Fixed sneaker list bug.
* logo_intro_enable and logo_enable.
* Onfoot HP regeneration (hp_regen_onfoot).
* Support for SA:MP 0.2.X.1
* fixed Breakdance directions
* Readded the old speedometer (speedometer_old_enable).
* hud_bar_color.
New stuff:
* Few custom GUI settings (hud_draw_bar, ...).
* basic_mode setting, used to initialize with no SA-MP cheats.
* In-game "favorite" server list, used to connect to servers from the in-game me
* instagib and friendly_fire settings.
* HUD indicator settings (hud_indicator_inv, ...).
* Custom syncing settings (key_onfoot_data, ...). spec_data is enabled by defaul
the client will not send spectate data to the server.
* Added distance value to the player info list.
* ammo_random setting.
* i_have_edited_the_ini_file has been added back.
* Graphic speedometer (speedometer_enable, ...).
* SA:MP Misc. -> Log gamemode infos.
* secondary_key, merged with SA-MP cheat keys.
* Patches:
"NOP CreateExplosion"
"NOP RemoveCarComponent"
* brkdance_velocity setting.
* freeze_hp_values setting.
* RPC scripting function hooking.
Changed stuff:
* Output error messages to the chatbox if the cheat is SA-MP related.
* GTA/SA-MP changes in the menu. Patches have been splitted (sampPatch[]).
* Turn the HUD bar to red when there are players spectating.
* Removed "Reconnect" from the menu and auto-rejoin patch. Added key_rejoin.
* Server RPC scripting function patches can be toggled.
* Updated the logo and added "Misc -> Toggle logo".
* nametags_dist has been renamed to line_of_sight_dist.
* Removed blur_remove and intro_remove.
* Crash when sticking then teleporting directly to a vehicle.
* Automatically go back to the original position when turning off spectator mode
* Invulnerability and HP regen issues.
Version 3.82:
* Removed custom netcode rate functions.
* Optimized for speed, now with SSE2.
Version 3.81:
* Fix body panels on repair key.
* Changes to the HUD.
* Removed the old keyhook code.
Version 3.8:
* Full support for SA:MP 0.2.X
* Patches:
"SA-MP 0.2.X: Remote client crash"
"SA-MP 0.2.X: Remote client crash...fix"
* Added new file patch: surface mod by Kosty@n, disabled by default.
Version 3.72:
* Custom chat "scrolling".
* Updated the TroyRulz007 logo and added the logo (both made by Nuc
* Minor changes.
Version 3.71:
* Handle vehicle spectating.
* Added more debug info in the exception filter.
* Settings: nametags_show, nametags_dist, nametags_see_through_walls, markers_sh
* Custom sendrates: onfoot_idle_sendrate, onfoot_normal_sendrate, incar_idle_sen
incar_normal_sendrate, headsync_sendrate.
* Added a player list that shows only whose are spectating (Miscellaneous -> Sne
akers list).
* Inverted the custom chat order.
* Car repair kit (key_repair_car, disabled by default)
* Patch: "SA-MP 0.2.2R3: Prevent Carjacking"
Version 3.7:
* Players menu reorganized:
"Players -> Warp to player"
"Players -> Warp instantly to player's vehicle" (new)
"Players -> Spectate player" (new)
"Players -> Remove player" (fixed)
"Players -> Restore player" (new)
* Menu: "Vehicles -> Warp instantly to vehicle"
* Miscellaneous: "Change virtual world", "Dance", "Use CJ running style".
* Breakdance mod ("p" key to toggle it, key_brkd_toggle).
* Fast exit from a vehicle ("n" key by default, key_fast_exit).
* GTA Auto-aim with mouse control patch made by Nuckfuts. (Added as internal, "z
" key to toggle).
* Added vehicles to the mini-map, hold the "x" key to show them (key_map_show_ve
* Custom init screen from coords in the .ini file (samp_init_screen_cam_pos, sam
* Custom GUI has been removed. It caused some crashes.
* Fixed possible crash in the mini-map.
Version 3.6:
* Player list warp from the menu.
* Cheats -> Fake kill.
* Custom rendering: chatbox, and killwindow.
* Fixed player names in the mini-map.
* Misc:
"-> Change game state"
"-> Reconnect", press the unfreeze key after reconnecting to recover the camer
(Also go to Area 69 where the jetpack is in Single Player and shit brix).
"-> Remove player"
"-> Player info list"
* Vehicle engine toggleling ("end" key)
* Patches:
"SA:MP 0.2.2R3: Debug mode"
"SA:MP 0.2.2R3: No head movement delay"
"SA-MP 0.2.2R3: NOP Local player handling"
"SA-MP 0.2.2R3: NOP Remote player processing"
"SA-MP 0.2.2R3: NOP IsFriendlyFire and Instagib"
"SA-MP 0.2.2R3: NOP ProcessCollision hook"
"SA-MP 0.2.2R3: NOP ResetPlayerWeapons"
"SA-MP 0.2.2R3: NOP GetOptimumInCarSendRate"
"SA-MP 0.2.2R3: NOP GetOptimumOnFootSendRate"
"SA-MP 0.2.2R3: NOP SendStatsUpdate"
"SA-MP 0.2.2R3: NOP CheckWeapons"
"SA-MP 0.2.2R3: NOP On foot worldbounds"
"SA-MP 0.2.2R3: NOP In car worldbounds"
* Added custom data files (Transfender Overhaul V2 by Offroader23).
Version 3.57d:
* Category "Show only occupied vehicles" in Cheats -> Vehicles.
* Readded the debug window in Miscellaneous.
* Readded the map.
* TroyRulz007 logo by Pilot.
* Patches:
"GTA: Free paint and spray"
"GTA: Infinite run"
"GTA: Autoaim"
"SA-MP: Save snapshots as JPG"
Version 3.57c:
* Right click teleport from gtasa's map menu; patch "No map warp processing".
* Patches:
"SA-MP: Custom carmods.dat (data/carmods.two)"
"SA-MP: Custom weapon.dat (data/weapon.two)"
"SA-MP: Custom ar_stats.dat (data/ar_stats.two)"
"SA-MP: Custom gta.dat (data/gta.two)"
"SA-MP: Custom melee.dat (data/melee.two)"
"SA-MP: Custom object.dat (data/object.two)"
"SA-MP: Custom ped.dat (data/ped.two)"
"SA-MP: Custom default.dat (data/default.two)"
* Readded some options that used to be in Miscellaneous.
* Readded a stable SCM hook and "key_anti_freeze".
Version 3.57b:
* Spoof weapon readded.
* Custom ammo, ammo in clip, and money value settings (ammo, ammo_clip, money_va
* Hardware or software vertex rendering ini setting.
* Patches:
"SA-MP: No connecting delay"
"SA-MP: Prevent lagged car jacking"
"SA-MP: Custom vehicle.txd (models/generic/vehicle.two)"
"SA-MP: Custom shopping.dat (data/shopping.two)"
"SA-MP: NOP TogglePlayerControllable"
* Allow car spawning if the vehicle is occupied.
Version 3.57a:
* Some more patches:
"Auto-rejoin on kick"
"Custom data files (handling, timecyc)" by nuckfuts.
"Enable vehicle name rendering"
"Disable anti-pause"
"Enable speed blur"
Version 3.57:
* The sa-mp DLL can now be edited/accessed from s0beit's patcher.
* Some sa-mp patches added.
Version 3.56:
* Speedometer (not)
* Auto-aim readded
* Patch "Scale down the HUD"
* Added a cracked samp DLL (NorpcsArjoin). This cracked client will giveafuck ab
out almost every
server scripting functions (no RPC server-side scripting registry), and auto-r
ejoin on kick.
* SCM hook and key_antifreeze removed. Use the cracked samp.
Version 3.55b:
* Patch "Toggle radar"
* Patch "Toggle gtasa's HUD"
* GUI Options "menu_rows" and "menu_width"
* FPS Counter
Version 3.55a:
* Custom GUI options from the ini file.
* Readded the cracked samp_a.dll in case you get an internal error.
Version 3.55:
New stuff:
* Patch "Prevent SetPlayerPos" by alibaba.
* Patch "Air Superiority" by nuckfuts.
* Patch "Colored HP Bar".
* Patch "Colored Money HUD".
* 'b' key will unfreeze you. ini:"key_anti_freeze = b" (SCM Hook).
Changed stuff:
* Removed all samp.dll-accessing related stuff.
* Changed some of texts/menus colors. WUT.
* samp_is_chatting (Chat support).
Version 3.54 (REALfreaky's Edit)
New stuff:
* Support for tires
* Support for trailers
* Added mini-map support for single player (and MTA).
* Added a new category for the Vehicles menu: Trailers
Changed stuff:
* Reduced the default hp_minimum to 0.0. This should
prevent you from getting banned by the new v0.2
anti vehicle HP cheat scripts.
* Fixed the SA-MP v0.2 crash, but some features will
be disabled until the new addresses are found.
* Fixed spelling error: Break -> Brake
* Fixed several vehicles being in the wrong category.
Version 3.53:
New stuff:
* Added a patch that disables the internal "extra actor
invincibility" patch
* Air break / vehicle freeze bug fixed
Version 3.52:
New stuff:
* F7/F9 now cycles through SA:MP rendering, m0d_s0beit rendering,
and disabled.
Changed stuff:
* Panic key now disables the HUD text.
* Panic key now remembers map state
Version 3.51:
New stuff:
* Fake death by run over / fall
* HUD indicator for freeze nearby vehicles
Changed stuff:
* Don't render chat text and kill messages while in the menu
* Continuously load weapon models to fix single player crash
Version 3.5:
New stuff:
* Weather and time can be configured from the menu.
* Freeze nearby cars (oem_2 (one of the keys near return))
Vehicle teleporter will teleport occupied vehicles
if this is enabled.
* Reintroduced disallow bad weapons. :p
* s0beit_hack_a3v5.raw sprite texture. Make sure you
copy this to your GTA directory.
* "Reimplementation" of SA:MP chat text, kill msg, and
"name tag" rendering. (some help from s0beit and jac0b)
(d3dtext_chat, d3dtext_kill, d3dtext_tag)
* Quick turn around (backspace key)
* Teleport history. Press P to go back to the location you
were at prior to teleporting.
* Game speed
* More static teleports (cereal)
* Break (key_break_mod, break_mult)
* Vehicle hop (oem_3 (one of the keys near return))
Changed stuff:
* The map now displays the players' name and color, etc.
* Nitro deceleration will only reduce speed if needed
* Reduced the default hp_minimum to 1000.0.
* Better way to detect chatting (wax)
* The inchat_disable setting has been removed
* Disabled money cheat, weapon cheat, and unlock vehicles
by default in cereal's ini
* Air breaking works differently when the parachute is selected
* Fixed nitro acceleration bug (RaFFeR)
* Fix freeing of invalid memory pointer in ini_free()
* Reduced size of font renderer texture size (512^2 -> 256^2)
* Air break on foot forces your character to stand up
Version 3.4:
New stuff:
* HP cheats configurable from the menu
* Bike fall-off no damage patch
* Vehicle teleport error messages
* Menu entries to restore HP and Armor
* Money cheat configurable from the menu
* Added some of the teleport locations from cereal's ini
file to the default ini file.
* "i_have_edited_the_ini_file" must be set to true in the
ini file, otherwise the game will not start.
* Panic key (disables most cheats)
* Two new menu keys to increase and decrease values (numpad +/-)
* Previous log file is moved to s0beit_hack_old.log on start up
* Vehicle HP bar
* Give HP/Armor
* Change gravity
* Hex viewer no longer crashes in single player mode
* GTA cheat patches are now persistent
* Fixed "perfect handling" memory address
* Fixed force_hour menu toggle
Version 3.3b:
* "anti admin freezing" patch disabled by default
Version 3.3a:
* Fixed ini parsing for patch[] entries (playa')
* Included a copy of cereal's ini file
Version 3.3:
New stuff:
* Anti bike fall off (CrazyT)
* Put the minimum height checks back in :p
* GTA cheats can be toggled from the .ini
* Reintroduced a hotkey for fly mode (F10)
* Simple memory patcher (see .ini: patch[])
* foo[] now assigns to the first free array index
* HUD text rendering can now be toggled from the menu
* Moved GTA cheats, "Allow weapons inside", and "Walk under water"
to the "Patches" menu.
* Removed the ini reload hotkey
* Moved some memory patches to the .ini file
* d3dtext_enabled option replaced by d3dtext_hud
* Removed a whole bunch of useless GTA cheats (you can add them
back through the ini file)
* Fixed some default .ini entries
* Fixed some .ini parsing bugs
* Other minor bug fixes
Version 3.2:
New stuff:
* Re-enabled the checkpoint warp keys. They are disabled by default, though
* Warp vehicles to your location
* The default setting for some menu items can now be set in the .ini file
* Vehicles are now visible when teleported into another "interior"
* Fake kill (use in combination with "fake weapon kill")
* Freeze weather/time can be toggle from the menu
* ScrTogglePlayerControllable is disabled (prevents admins from freezing you)
* Improved the hex viewer
* Invulnerability now unsets the "freeze" flag
* Minor menu improvements
* All weapon models are loaded on startup to prevent some weapon crashes
* Disallow weapons feature removed
* Removed all minimum height checks + related .ini entries
* "Anti-cheat revenge" renamed to "Fake weapon kill"
* Removed force weather hotkey (can be configured through the menu)
* Window mode disabled by default
* Etc...
* Fixed speed vector when sticking to actors (REALfreaky)
* Sped up hex viewer rendering slightly
* (Hopefully) Fixed "teleport to player" coordinates (REALfreaky, me)
* Force weather can actually be disabled now (yay!)
* Lots of other minor fixes...
Version 3.1:
New stuff:
* Walk / drive / fly under water (s0beit)
* Give jetpack (s0beit)
* Menu to warp to any vehicle or player.
* Disallow weapons (prevents crashing from molotov cocktails, etc)
* Added Brass Knuckles to .ini file, and the weapon menu
* Added 8 Ball Auto as a static teleport location
* Unlock vehicles cheat. Automatically unlocks vehicle doors,
and allows entry to "locked" vehicles (such as the Hunters on
Novocaine's LS Gang War).
* "Allow weapons inside" is now disabled by default.
* (In game memory hex viewer)
* Fixes to the D3D rendering stuff, should be both
faster (not that it was ever slow), and cause fewer
* Fixed coords for "Pay 'n' Spray near Wang Cars in Doherty"
* "Stick" now ignores players who are in the same car as you
* Fixed actor/vehicle dead/destroyed detection
* Fixed spelling error: Heat Seaking -> Heat Seeking RPG ...
* Changed the default menu key to F11 (cereal)
(SA:MP was using F9, oops.)
* Moved the weapon menu to the main menu
* Made the font bold. Made the cheat message text dark red.
Should be easier to read now.
* Moved the menu down a bit, and made it slightly transparent.
* Pressing left in the main menu exits the menu
* You can now tweak the "anti-cheat revenge"
Version 3.0 (supah beta):
New stuff:
* .ini format changed slightly, you will need to update
your .ini file, or replace it with the default one
* In-game menu (F9,up,down,left,right,return)
Can be used to toggle cheats, warp to static coords,
configure the weapon cheat, etc.
* The return key can be used as a hotkey
* Static teleports - only configurable in the .ini
* Ability to use the old keyhook (see the .ini file)
* Warp to the nearest empty car (in-game menu)
* Anti-Cheat Revenge - when people kill you, the kill will register
as a miningun kill: they'll either get banned by the AdminSweep or
DAntiCheat script, or simply look like a cheater. (REALfreaky, etc)
* God mode is disabled by default
* New .ini settings:
Changed stuff:
* Removed fly mode key (now accessible through the in-game menu)
* Removed perfect handling (accessible through the in-game menu)
* Increased the number of teleports to 10
* Removed the alt-tabbing poo-code
* Removed .ini settings:
Bugs / fixes:
* Minor keyhook bugfix
* Removed default settings for weapons (DeN00b)
Version 2:
* Fixed exit crash bug
* Ignore dead actors
Version 1 Test 3 / Version 2 Test 1:
* HP no longer continiously set to 100.0. The invulnerability
cheat is still there, though. This should prevent you from
get banned by the anti HP cheat script. (Untested; don't know which
servers have the script running)
* The protection mode thingy now enables the perfect handling cheat.
* Fly mode activates flying boats in addition to flying cars.
* Stick mode now works when on foot.
* Fixed invulnerability flags (REALfreaky)
* Additional HP h4x0ring when on foot (s0beit)
(You will no longer be decapitated by helicopter rotor blades)
* Semi-working aimbot code, but it's pretty useless atm because:
1. You can't really hit anything in SA:MP, even if your ping is 1 ms.
2. There's no movement prediction
3. The aim is slightly off, and you have to correct it manually
* New key handling code. Keystrokes will no longer be missed
when your FPS is low. Might have bugs.
* Alt-tabbing out of the game won't halt the game.
* You can use weapons inside stores, casinos, etc...
* Teleporting now also uses the interior ID... which means that you
can warp cars into stores, etc. (They won't be visible, however)
* Removed intro removal code (sa:mp removes the intro for us)
* Safe haven HP cheat - just an idea I had to defeat the
anti HP cheat... it's disabled by default, and has not been
tested much.
* Fixed a long standing bug in the d3d text renderer (Thanks to caytchen)
* Window mode disabled by default
* Min height values set to -1000.0 (ie. disabled) in the .ini file
since they are useless in SA:MP.
* Renamed ped_* to actor_*
* Minor fixes