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Set off from Hull to Manchester

at 7am. Load up the car with

rucksacks full of clothes and
supplies belonging to both Ben
and Myself. The car also had
a 4x12 guitar cab, guitar amp and
two guitars (main guitar and
a backup...just incase). Ben had
a 4x10 bass cab and an amp and
his four string bass.
Arrive at Manchester at around
10am and head to our singers
house in Swinton, Salford. After
a short rest here we headed
to collect our drummer from
his house on the outskirts of
Wigan. From there we ventured
to Bolton for a last minute
rehearsal before we set off.
This rehearsal space was a small
back room on an industrial
estate, however its all we could
fnd at short notice.
I spent the whole time thinking
that this was a mile away from
our usual rehearsal room in the
centre of Manchester, which
incidentally we shared with the
world renowned band Elbow!
Bens never played Bass before!
After this practice we headed back to our drummers house to
get some rest, at least most of us did. Our singer went home to
pack, being unprepared as ever.
Around 10am that night we loaded into the van which wed hired
from our friend Dave Buck who runs the Bare Necessities van
hire service for touring bands. This was when we met the driver
for the tour, Niall Moran from Leeds. Although wed never met,
we instantly bonded as he was a fan of ours and was into similar
music to ourselves.
We began the drive from Manchester to Folkstone.
Tours on lads-Mike Deardens tattoo was on show again.
We made it in plenty of time to catch the train for the
Chanel Tunnel at 3am.
As is usually the case when I travel, I fell asleep when we were
waiting for the train. I woke up in our home away from home,
a motorway service station somewhere on the border of
Belgium, and was met by the sun beaming through the window
and the usual confusion . So what time is it in this country?

Tours on lads!
Mike Deardens tattoo
was on show again...


This was a moment that to
me showed that the DIY
spirit is still alive and well in
the hardcore music scene. A
complete stranger (at the time)
met a band whod never been to
the country before and offered
his home to them.
First proper day of tour!
We set off driving again after
our break around 8am. Our
frst destination was a town
near Brussels. It was a friends
house where Truth Inside where
staying after their fight the
night before.
We bonded with the lads from
Florida straight away, after
the formalities of introducing
ourselves and asking how the
fights were, it was all laughs
and jokes. I remember thinking;
this is going to be a good tour!
(This is as the band we had
toured with the previous year,
WolfXDown from Germany,
despite being a good band
simply didnt make good friends.
We were too different to
properly form a friendship).
Time to pile into the van!
Now 9 guys, it was a tight
Our frst stop was
Hengelo We arrived early,
around 5pm. Luckily the staff
at the venue were already
there so we could load the
backline in and relax for a
few hours. We took this
opportunity to go explore
the city and get some
much-needed food.
Brussels -Hengelo
This is when I encountered my
frst language barrier. I found a
takeaway and decided I wanted
some chips, however the man
in the shop had different ideas.
I asked, the man had no idea.
After some pointing and getting
agitated, I eventually gave up and
found a Subway
Theres not much to say from
the gig itself aside from our
bassist being terrifed! He was
flling in as our usual bassist had
left barely a month before hand,
So Ben was flling in. The thing
about Ben is hed never played an
instrument before and bought a
bass rig specifcally for this.
He learned the songs by sitting
with me every evening for
several weeks before hand and
letting me give him a crash course
on how to play. Im kind of jealous
of him. How many people can say
the frst gig they ever played is
in another country?!
I think that evening; the lack of
sleep must have been catching
up on me, as I was irritable and
grouchy, much to the dismay
of my band mates. We spent
the night in a room above the
venue however sleep wasnt the
easiest thing as there was a club
night running downstairs playing
Dub Step and Dance music
all night. I had a particularly
non-rock and roll moment
when two girls from the club
downstairs came upstairs and
continually asked us to Come
party with us! That is the last
thing on my mind after such a
long journey, I need to recharge
and focus on the week ahead.

Come party
with us!
Ive been looking forward to
this date since the tour was
announced! This is the third
time Ive been to Berlin and
I love it every time, its my
favourite city in the world. I
dont know what it is about the
place that I like so much, but its
just endearing.
The drive was uninteresting as
we were all still catching up on
sleep, however this was a good
opportunity to get to know
our new American mates in
Truth Inside better. The general
questions about life and work
were asked and it turned out
we were more similar than we
realized! For instance, much like
myself, Benjamin Black is the
youngest member of the band
and is studying for his degree.
When we arrived in Berlin,
as usual our frst port of call
was to fnd the venue. I was
shocked to realise that it was
in pretty much the same area
as the hostel I stayed at when I
frst visited the city with school.
When you turn left up here,
youll see some multi coloured
pipes going across the road next
to a train track I said to Niall.
Nobody believed me, saying Im
just guessing and cant possibly
remember that much detail fve
years on. But would you believe
it, I was right!
Brandenburg Gate
Berlin Wall
Our frst port of call in the
city was the Brandenberg gate,
another place Ive wanted to
return to. The gate looked
a lot different at this time
of year, as when I was last
here it was December and
the entire area was lit up for
Christmas. When we were
here we encountered a group
of young men doing a street
dance performance. Truthfully
this kind of thing isnt usually
my cup of tea, but we were all
blown away by the athleticism
shown by them!
We pulled up to the venue in
shock. This place was huge!
It looks to me like it used to
be a factory or offce block.
However things had changed
as it was now a squat inhabited
by a number of the local
punks who had decorated it
as is to be expected. We were
greeted at the gate by one of
the inhabitants who couldnt
speak any English. Due to this
barrier and the mans quite
nasty looking dog, we decided
to use our available time to go
adventure and see the sights!
something we encountered
by chance when I visited
previously- Adolf Hitlers
bunker. This is directly across
the road from the holocaust
memorial and is now home to
a carpark. The only remnants
of the bunker, is a chalk outline
painted onto the foor showing
where the room stood. Within
this chalk outline are the initials
A.H and E.B (Standing for Adolf
Hitler and Eva Braun).
Our next stop was the
holocaust memorial not far
from here, a sculpture of sorts
featuring a number of different
sized concrete blocks, its things
like this that act as a stark
reminder of Germanys past and
how the memories are yet to
be forgotten by the locals.
After the show the promoter
gave us an address and said this
is where were staying that night,
unusual to stay with somebody
who didnt attend but wed like
a shower! When we arrived at
the address a young woman
named Jessica who explained
that she couldnt attend the gig
as she was working greeted us.
She explained that she was a
model who had a shoot that
eveningwe believed her!
Once inside her fat Jessica
began explaining to us the
concept of Gay Wednesdays
which is a thing between her
and her friends ...We asked no
further and got some sleep.
We decided this was enough
sight seeing for one day and
headed towards the Berlin wall
and back towards the venue.
We stopped along the way for
a snack from a street vendor-
no language barrier this time
in such a tourist orientated
area! We all bought some chips
and were shocked to fnd that
they serve them sprinkled with
curry power, odd yet strangely
The show itself that night was
fairly unremarkable, although
this was Truth Insides frst
experience of how late gigs
start on the mainland, being that
the frst support band didnt
play until midnight.
Every time Ive visited the
holocaust memorial Ive been
amazed at how eery the place
seems. Wherever you turn in
Berlin theres a reminder of
what happened...

Tour Continues...