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Bible Story: Basket Case (Moses and Miriam) • Exodus 1:22–2:10
Bottom Line: Use your imagination to figure it out.
Memory Verse: “For we are God’s andiwork! "reated in Crist #esus to do good works! wi" God
$re$ared in ad%an"e for us to do.& Ephesians 2:10, NIV
Life App: Creati%ity'using your imagination to do someting uni(ue.
Basic Truth: ) need to make te wise "oi"e.
This week, we’re discoerin!:
)n "#odus $:%%&%:$', Miriam ad te res$onsi*i+ity of wat"ing out for er *roter Moses wen e was
f+oating in te ,i+e -i%er. .e tougt on er feet and "reati%e+y figured out a way for Moses’ moter to
*e wit im in te $a+a"e.
/ur Bottom 0ine is1 (se your ima!ination to fi!ure it out) 2e wi++ dis"o%er tat God ga%e us an
imagination to so+%e $ro*+ems of any si3e.
/ur memory %erse tis mont is "phesians %:$': *+or we are ,od’s handiwork, created in -hrist
.esus to do !ood works, which ,od prepared in adance for us to do)/ God "reated ea" of us in
4is image wit "are and e5$ertise. 2e ref+e"t God’s "ara"ter wen we use our "reati%ity to a""om$+is
wat 4e $re$ared for us to do in tis wor+d.
0hat 1ou 2eed: 6a$er! Markers! an offering "ontainer
0hat 1ou 3o:
7sk te kids if anyone in te grou$ +o%es art or +ikes to draw or make $i"tures. For te o+der kids! ask
tem wo te most "reati%e $erson tey know is. 85$+ain tat God is ama3ing+y "reati%e and "reated
e%eryting in tis wor+d. 9en and out a $ie"e of $a$er to te kids and a%e tem "o+or wate%er tey
wou+d +ike to. (:ou may need to e+$ te younger grades *y gi%ing tem suggestions on wat to draw.)
Blank 4a!e
October 12, 2014 .:. Small Group Team Time
Pathways Church Childre!s "iistry # $ee%ed &lemetary
This 0eek’s Scope
0elcome Time
0hat 1ou 2eed: ;<= to ><=$ie"e $u33+e
0hat 1ou 3o:
?um$ te $u33+e on te f+oor in te midd+e of your grou$! *ut don’t +et tem see te $u33+e *o5 or te++
tem wat it’s su$$osed to *e. 9e++ tem to “figure it out.& )f tey ask you any (uestions! @ust res$ond!
“:ou a++ "an figure it out.& )f tey get rea++y stu"k! you "an gi%e tem ints a*out wat is $i"tured on te
0hat 1ou Say:
“.ometimes it’s ard to figure tings out! uA 0ike wit tis $u33+e'you didn’t know wat it was
su$$osed to +ook +ike! so wat did you do to figure it outA (Pause for responses.) [Transition] Today,
we’re !oin! to hear about a youn! lady who had a really tou!h problem and had to fi!ure it out)
And we’re talkin! a life or death situation6 Let’s !o to Lar!e ,roup and hear more)/
0hat 1ou 2eed: ,o su$$+ies needed
0hat 1ou 3o:
7sk e%eryone to $i"k a $artner! sit on te ground *a"k to *a"k! and ook teir arms at te e+*ows.
2en you say! “go!& tey need to work togeter to stand u$ witout "oming a$art or unooking arms.
)nstru"t tem to try it again on"e more! on"e tey’%e managed to stand u$. 2en tey’re sure tey
a%e it! ask tem to "ome to you and sow you! and ten you’++ $ray for *ot of tem! $air *y $air.
0hat 1ou Say:
“?ear God! tank :ou for "reating [kid’s name] and [kid’s name] and for making tem in :our image. )
know tat :ou ga%e tem great imaginations and so mu" "reati%ity. 9anks for e+$ing tem figure tis
+itt+e game out'and [Apply] help them to use the ima!ination that 1ou’e !ien them to sole
problems and do the remarkable thin!s 1ou created them to do) 7menB
“) ad fun in grou$ wit you todayB -emem*er tat no matter wat kind of "a++enges arise for you +ater
today and tis week! God "reated you to *e "reati%e! so [Impress] use your ima!ination to fi!ure it
(Pause.) 4e+$ us imagine e5"iting ways to do good tings tis week tat wi++ $oint oters to :ou.
(Pause.) .ow us ow we "an *e used to sare :our +o%e wit oters. )n #esus’ name! amen.&
Actiity 7$
4rayer Time
4roblem Ta! (application activity / great for active learners)
0hat 1ou 2eed: ,o su$$+ies
0hat 1ou 3o:
?esignate a few kids “6ro*+ems& and te oters “.o+utionsC& and $+a"e te “6ro*+ems& in te "enter of a
"ir"+e of te “.o+utions!& wit a*out si5 feet se$arating tem. Bot grou$s of kids sou+d "+ose teir eyes
and ten wis$er teir team name o%er and o%er (6ro*+emB 6ro*+emB .o+utionB .o+utionB)! wi+e wa+king
s+ow+y forward. 2en a “6ro*+em& and a “.o+ution& ear ea" oter! tey "an +ink arms and ten o$en
teir eyes. 9en! tey "an mo%e toward oter “6ro*+ems& and “.o+utions.& 9e game ends wen
e%eryone is +inked u$! eiter in $airs or grou$s or a++ togeter. (7s soon as te +ast two sing+e $eo$+e
find ea" oter.) -e%erse ro+es and $+ay again.
0hat 1ou Say:
“:ou ad to *e $retty "reati%e at first to get te so+ution and te $ro*+em togeterB But on"e you did!
you "ou+d o$en your eyes and see tat te so+utions were a++ around you. [Apply] 8nce you know you
can [Impress] use your ima!ination to fi!ure it out, thin!s seem a lot clearer) 0hen you’e
soled one problem, you hae confidence that you can sole others) For instan"e! ow "ou+d you
so+%e a $ro*+em +ike making new friends in your neig*oroodA (Being kind o oher peop!e or finding
so"eone #ho a!so !ikes $ideo ga"es or ha$ing a !e"onade sand o "ee ne# peop!e, e%.) GreatB
4ow a*out kee$ing your room "+eanA 4ow "ou+d you so+%e tat $ro*+emA (&sk "' parens for he!p(
%reae a roo")%!eaning %har( *ui!d a !aundr' %hue( in$ie "' !i!e si*!ing as a he!per( pu a#a' "' o's
righ a#a'( e%.) 2ow! you and your imaginations are rea++y on a ro++B 9is reminds me D [Make It
Personal] (Tell about a time wen you solve! a problem creatively" eiter in cil!oo! or as an
a!ult" an! ow you felt afterwar!s)) .o! if you’re an adu+t or a kid! you "an a+ways [Impress] use
your ima!ination to fi!ure it out6/
0ead your grou$ to te 0arge Grou$ area.
Actiity 7%