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EJVED 2012 : FORMASI (Z.e.m.

THW Ban All Forms of Virginity Tests
Background This debate happens in the countries whichstill legalize virginity test.
Those countries still do this practice under the reason of morality. For
example like Indonesia, or any other eastern countries.In indonesia, last
august, a video surfaced at an indonesian school of two students having
sex. The principal of the school proporsed having virginity test for the
school’s female students with the belief that it would stop pre-marital
sex. but at the end it was opposed by most of parents.
another case in turkey, there were two suicides by high school girls who
were forced to get virginity test. There, virginity is highly valued and is
considered a matter of family honor, that’s why they did suicide
because they were afraid they would destroy the honor of their family.
Also, some virginity tests are done by some institutions like army,
multinational companies, and etc. They make virginity test as one of
their recruitments.
In most of states virginity tests are banned because it’s a very
controversial practice. The feminists for instance, oppose the test very
hard and so does by the human rights upholder. That’s why we’re going
to propose banning all forms of virginity test for whatever purpose in
order to protect the woman’s right.
Theme Line
As the affirmative team, we are going to contextualize this debate into a
question onWhether or not banning virginity test is justifiable and
brings more good than harm. and Our stance is: yes, because banning
virginity test is uphholding human right and protecting the woman thus
it is justfiable for government to do so.
Argument 1 On how: Banning virginity test is upholding merethocracy thus inline
with feminism movement.
Certain institutions take virginity test as one of their recrutiments,
The SQ can not provide the test for the men. So this test are exclusively
for the women. When the institution finds that the woman is not virgin,
they will not accept her to take the job or to be in that institution no
matter how good her skill is. We say this is a tangible harm. Because
virginity is not determining the skill or the merithocracy of the women.

Woman who are not virgin are might found have better skills than the
virgin women. Virginity test is form of discrimination to certain gender
which is the woman. It doesn’t matter whether the men are virgin, if
they have the skill they will be accepted. We want this situation also
happen to the woman. We want a 100% of opportunity just like men
have. And With virginty test 100% opurtunity will not be achieved.
Private sphere or life choice which is about virginity of individuals has
nothing to do with the institution interest, like profit or maximum
productivity. What the company really wants is the best human
resourches, and that can only be achieved without virginity test.
So Banning virginity test is an action that is inline with feminism
movement. Because basicly the goal of feminism movement is to achive
merithocracy and gender equality right?. Where there is no gender
discrimination, or women who are not accepted just because she is not
virgin, meanwhile the men will be accepted without seeing the virginity
condition of his.
Feminism movement are already been supported by government since
long time ago. For example we used to have so little envolvements of
women in parliement. But now government already gives the exact
same chances for women to be in parliement just like men. The
existense of women presidents proves to us that government support
feminism movement. So actually government is being half stance if
they’re still allowing virginity test. Government has to take bold stance,
if they support merethocracy and feminism movement they also have to
ban virginity test.
Argument 2 On how: virginity test is degrading women’s dignity thus it is violation of
human right.
virginity test is determining whether a female is a virgin. If the test
shows that she is not a virgin, she will be degraded by society.
In SQ, people have paradigm that women’s dignity is good when they
are virgin. This is a wrong parameter and brings harm. Society will see
that the unvirgin woman has the lowest dignity and will treat her as bad
as they can. Even certain people will give physical abusement to this
women like whipping or throwing stone at her. This is an absolute
violation of human right. A women’s body should not be used as a tool
for intimidation, and nobody should have their dignity violated.

Virginity is not the parameter of indivual’s dignity. The right parameter
of dignity is behavior. Whether that people is kind or not. For example
like treat others well, caring to each other or something like that. We
see the unvirgin women actually have those things. They care to other
people and never treat others badly. We say these women needs to be
protected because they are not protected by SQ. No matter how kind
they are, if society already know that she is not a virgin because of
virginity test people will keep seeing her as women with low dignity.
every single human including women has right of self secure. Has right
to not be discriminated. Thats why we have human rights constitution.
And virginity test violates all of those rights.
That’s why it’s really justifiable for us to bad virginity test.
Extension 1 On how by banning virginity test will bring betterment and protect all
parties especially women.

We see there are so many people really take serious the resul of
virginity test. It’s even considered as a life changing test. In turkey or
african countries for examples, they take virginity test annually for the
women there who haven’t married. If they failed the test, their family
gonna pay huge amount of money as a fine to the society. not to
mention also the women can not get married and the relationship of
them with their family will be ruined. Even the society treatment for
those women will be really bad.
we don’t want this thing to keep happining. Because this only protect
certain party. Which is the society who has believe that virginity is
important. But if we characterize the society, not all of them have the
same perception. There are also society or women who actually believe
that virginity is not important, and sex is privelage.
So SQ only protect the first type society.
Government as a legitimate actor has to take the best policy that will
uphold every society interest, a policy that will not harm anybody.
And banning the virginity test is only best action that government can

If we ban virginity test, it means there will be no more a life changing
situation for the women, the good relationship between the women
and their family, partners, friends, and neighborhood will be
maintained. Even the family don’t need to pay any fines anymore. The
women and the family can have fappy life. A happy life without pressure
is important because it determines their quality of life.
If certain society still want to keep their value about protecting virginity,
they still can do it. They can tell their daughters that they have to keep
their virginity, because it’s what their religion believes and God’s
watching. They can Do campaign to media and etc. But if the women are
not children anymore, it means they have right to keep believing that
value or not. It’s their right as a free individual.
We’re not gonna violate the women who already did sacrifations to
keep their virginity by banning virginity test. Because it’s already a
satisfaction for them that they can practicing their belief. They will be
still “pure” in eyes of theirself and God. Even the unvirgin women or
anyone else will not force them to be not virgin.
This is inline with feminism movement because feminism movement
wants to protect all type of women. The conservative and the modern
So our proposal is the best proposal. Because no one will be violated.
Every interests are upholded and no one gets harm.

Extention 2 On how banning virginity testwill bring betterment to the institutions
and also for the women.

We see in the SQ there are certain institutions that require virginity test.
So they will not accept unvirgin women. This policy of theirs is actually
harming themself. Because they will not get the best human resourches.
We all believe that no institutions that doesn’t want best human
resourches. The unvirgin women with extraordinary skill will not be
accepted by them. This is irrationallity of the institution.
first example about company, they have interest in profit. What they
need is not virgin women. But human resourches that has capabilty.
That can become their assets which help them getting profit.

Second example about school, basicly school is to teach students and
prepare them to have good skills in the future. Thats why directorate
give you money when you want to go in competition in order help you
achieving. Unvirgin women also has the exact chances of achieving just
like other virgin women and men. Not to mention also they have right to
have education just like other people. so we don’t see colleration
between virginity and education. Schools need achievements and has
obligation to give education to all of their students. And we say even the
unvirgin women can also bring achievements and has right of education.

Third example about Military, they want a human resourches that is
smart, healthy and strong. So they can defend the country. We say
unvirgin women is as strong as the virgin women. Even they canbe
better than men. We believe Power has nothing to do with virginty.

So all of those institution basicly doesn’t have enough justification to
require virginity test. Opposition has to prove to you not only why
virginity test is really important for the institutions but also what
betterments virginity can bring to the institution. Because honestly we
don’t see it.
Our proposal is going to protect the virgin and unvirgin women. No one
will have better chances, But equal chances even with the men. So they
can compete to each other fairly. When they compete fairly, that’s
when the institution will have the best human resourches, the best
assets for their own interest. Companies will have bigger profits, schools
will have more achievements and well known, and Military will have
stronger armies and more capable to defend the country.
We managed to show to you how betterment to all of institutions will
only be achieved by implementing our proposal.