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Version 1.1
Aim and Obe!"i#es
• To give detailed concepts of the hardware features of Intel 8051 (MCS 51 Famil!
and introduction to "# $it microcontroller $ased on %&M core'
• To provide essential (nowledge on various operating modes of I)* ports
Timers)Counters+ ,%&T+ associated control registers and the various tpes of
interrupts+ various interfacing techni-ues'
Learnin$ O%"!omes
• %$ilit to choose and appl 8 $it and "# $it controller for an em$edded solution'
• %$ilit to interface microcontrollers through e.ternal circuit interface to a variet of
sensors and actuators'
• *nce a learner goes through this course he will $e e-uipped to migrate to an
processor or controller in the industr with minimum transition time'
C/, in computing sstems (0aptop+ 1es(top+ Server and 2idden Sstems!' C/, Choice
3 /erformance Metrics' Introduction to Microprocessors and Microcontrollers (4!
MCS&'1 in"rod%!"ion(
Intel MCS551 famil features 3 8051 5organi6ation and architecture (7!
Pro$rammin$ )i"* +0'1(
8051 instruction set+ addressing modes+ conditional instructions+ I)* /rogramming+ (1#!
%rithmetic logic instructions+ single $it instructions+ interrupt handling+ programming
counters+ timers and Stac('
E#o,%"ion o- CP. ar!*i"e!"%re
/rogram e.ecution time 3 Instruction e.ecution time 3 Cloc( speed' Improving
program e.ecution time through instruction level parallelism CISC)&ISC)80I9
MCS'1 and e/"erna, In"er-a!es (
,ser interface 3 (e$oard + 0C1+ 0:1 (8!
&eal world interface 5 %1C+ 1%C+ S:;S*&S
Communication interface .

ARM 0ro!essor !ore based mi!ro!on"ro,,ers
;eed for &ISC /rocessor5%&M processor fundamentals+ Thum$ instructions+ e.ceptions
%&M core $ased controller' (10!
Te/" 1oo2s(
1! Mohammad %li Ma6idi+ <anice =illispie Ma6idi >The 8051 Microcontroller and
:m$edded Sstems (,sing assem$l and C!? /earson education) /rentice 2all of
India /vt' 0td'+ #00@'
Re-eren!e boo2s(
1! Ta$a( 1aniel+ 2int6 Aenneth B'+ >MicrocontrollersC %rchitecture implementation and
/rogramming?+ Tata Mc=raw 2ill+ #00@
#! %ndrew ;'Sloss+ 1ominic Smes+ Chris 9right+ %&M 1eveloperDs =uide'
"! 1ata sheets of %&M Controllers %TM:0E#7+ 0/C#107
4! 1ouglas 8' 2all+ Microprocessors and interfacingC programming and hardware+ Tata
Mc=raw 2ill+ #editon+ #00@'
Mode o- e#a,%a"ion( C%T5 I F II+ Technical Gui6+ %ssignments) Mini proBects+ Term :nd
Lab E/0erimen"s(
Pro$rammin$ +0'1 Mi!ro !on"ro,,er %sin$ ASM and C3 and im0,emen"a"ion in -,as* +0'1
1' /rogramming with %rithmetic logic instructions
#' /rogram using constructs(Sorting an arra!
"' /rogramming Interrupt
4' 1ela generation using Timer
5' /ulse 9idth Modulation'
7' Implementation of standard ,%&T communication'(using hper terminal!
@' Interfacing 0:1s
8' Interfacing 0C1 1ispla'
E' Interfacing with Aepad
10' Interfacing with stepper motor'
Pro$rammin$ ARM Mi!ro !on"ro,,er %sin$ ASM and C %sin$ sim%,a"or.
11'/rogramming with %rithmetic logic instructions
1#'Special instruction set in %&M'
1"'=/I* programming in %&M microcontroller'
14'Interrupts in %&M processor'