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Merchant Shipping (Registration of Indian Ships) Rules, 1960

DG Shipping Order No. 2 of 2002 Revised guidelines for registration
of ships etc.
DGS Order No. 2 of 2002
Dated: May 2, 2002
Whereas Part V of the Merchant Shipping Act, 1958, and the Merchant Shipping (Registration of
Indian Ships) Rules, 1960 as amended in 1966, 1970, 1994 and 1997, by the Central
Government provide for and prescribe the procedure for registration and provisional registration
of Indian ships,
Whereas a need is felt by the Shipping industry for detailed guidelines in this regard including
entry of mortgages easily and urgently on the register book to enable and satisfy the Banks or
financial institutions in India and abroad, lending money for acquisition of Indian ships,
Whereas the shipowners of today cannot afford to have vessels delayed after their acquisition till
registration formalities are completed, and maritime administrations elsewhere in the world
accord registration in less than a few hours, thereby enabling the shipowners to choose their flag
and thus attract all the cascading benefits arising therefrom,
Whereas our present practice has resulted sometimes in registration of Indian ships being
delayed, and the registration of a ship is only the identification of the ship and of the owner, and is
not related to survey of the vessel and the statutory/convention requirements, and the ship after
registration can still be stopped from trading or sailing, if she does not meet with the statutory
Whereas many of the Indian Shipping companies have been finding the registration formalities for
ships in India to be long-drawn-out, and therefore are tempted to acquire ships abroad through
their foreign subsidiaries and register them in countries which have liberalized procedure for
registration/ provisional registration/entry of mortgage;

1987 as applicable or tonnage certificate issued by the previous maritime administration shall be accepted for the purpose of registration.SD11018/1/97-MD dated 15 June 2001. the date of registry shall be in two parts. as required vide clause (d) of Rule 3 shall no longer be necessary. read with notification issued by Government of India vide S. 6. When the ship is acquired abroad. therefore. Whenever the permanent registration is conferred. Ministry of Shipping issued Office Memorandum No.Whereas the Government of India. The Registrar shall also issue a letter to the Bank/Financial institution stating. one date for provisional and another for permanent registration. 1960 have been delegated to him to enable him to order what ought to be exempted or dispensed with in the circumstances of the case. the same page shall be used by replacing the word 'provisional' with 'permanent' on the same page. Tonnage measured in accordance with the Merchant Shipping (Tonnage Measurement of Ships) Rules. 3. The Registrar of Ships shall send detailed message to Indian High Commission/Embassy about the provisional registration.3144 dated 17th December. On presentation of the mortgage instrument to the Registrar of the ship's port of registry. the Registrar shall proceed to record the mortgage transaction in the register book with the date and hour of acceptance and shall also endorse on the mortgage instrument the fact of recording and . in any case within three working days. if a ship is built in shipyard other than an Indian Shipyard. provisional registration of Indian ships and entry of mortgage:1. 1958 on the Central Government. that once the mortgage is entered on provisional registration. the present practice of granting provisional registry to the ship by the Indian Consular Officer shall continue. Permission of the Director General of Shipping to register a ship. the said mortgage will continue to remain in force even after the said ship has been granted permanent registration. The sighting of Carving and Marking on the ship and the endorsement of the Carving and Marking note should be done by a Surveyor of Mercantile Marine Department or of a Recognized Classification Society. the Director General of Shipping and ex-Officio Additional Secretary to the Government of India in the Ministry of Shipping is hereby pleased to issue this order comprising some revised and new guidelines for registration of Indian ships. 5. 4. For the provisional registry of ship. No. and thereafter dated 5 March 2002 requiring the Director General of Shipping to issue detailed guidelines on registration of Indian Ships.O. Mortgage shall also be entered on provisional registry of ships. the Registrar shall open a page in the Register. While the serial number of the ship will remain the same. Now. On receipt of all the documents required for registration of the ship. And whereas the powers conferred by clause(1) of Section 456 of the Merchant Shipping Act. 7. the Registrar shall ensure grant of certificate of permanent registration to the ship immediately. 2.

1000/. The registration of creation.2 of Office Memorandum No. modification or discharge of the mortgage with the Registrar of Companies shall not be a pre-requisite to enter the mortgage in the Register. 2002. The Director General of Shipping and ex-officio Addl. the mortgage will be automatically transferred on the permanent registry. on production of the mortgage deed with discharge duly signed. 2001. The fees for entering every mortgage will be 10 paise for every Rs. . In case of additional amount being sanctioned by the same mortgagee leading to additional mortgage.O. of the Ministry of Shipping. make the entry relating to the discharge in the register book.of the value of the mortgage for the entry of mortgage on the first ship. 500/. the fee chargeable for entering the mortgage on second and subsequent vessel would be Rs. When the registered mortgage is discharged. When a joint mortgage is created in favour of two or more mortgagees and when the mortgage is released by one of the mortgagees. If the loan amount involves creation of mortgage on more than one vessel. make the entry relating to the discharge of the mortgage by one of the mortgagees in the register book by way of modification of the mortgage. is forwarded herewith for necessary action. 9. in accordance with para 1. Secretary to the Government of India. 1958 (on the Central Government) read with notification issued by Government of India vide S. after satisfying himself that the discharge on the mortgage instrument is in order and that it is properly witnessed. the Registrar shall on production of evidence relating to release of mortgage. the fee for registration will be charged only for the additional amount.2 of Office Memorandum No. 10.only. The Registrar shall also issue a letter stating that on permanent registry of the ship. 2002 issued by Government of India. The second and any subsequent mortgage on a ship will be recorded in the register of the ships only after No objection Certificate (NoC) from the first or any existing mortgagee has been obtained. Sd/- Guidelines on Registration of Indian Ship in accordance withPara 1. 11. 2002 No:SD-13/POL(5)/2001 dated 3rdMay. the Registrar shall. as amended by Office Memorandum of even number dated 5th March. SD-11018/1/97-MD dated 5th march. 2002 Subject: Guidelines on registration of Indian ships in accordance with para 1. Secretary to the Government of India. New Delhi 1. The guidelines on registration including provisional registration of Indian ships and recording of mortgage issued by the Director General of Shipping and ex-officio Addl.2 of Office Memorandum No. 8. SD-11018/1/97-MD dated 15th June.the date and hour of acceptance. exercising the powers conferred by clause (1) of Section 456 of the Merchant Shipping Act. No. SD-11018/1/97-MD dated 5th march. 2. Ministry of Shipping.

1960.5 FORMALITIES TO BE OBSERVED FOR REGISTRATION AS INDIAN SHIP : 6.5. 1970. 1960 as amended in 1994. joint owner or a company made before a Registrar. Rule 12 of Merchant Shipping (Registration of Indian Ships) Rules.3144 dated 17th December. 1960. 1960 as amended in 1966. 1960 may be read accordingly. SD-11018/1/97-MD dated 15th June. Justice of the peace or an Indian Consular Officer. 1960 has been exempted. Classification surveyor has also been authorized to certify the Carving and Marking Note in addition to surveyors. as may be applicable. may be read accordingly. tonnage measured and certificate of survey granted exclusively by a surveyor. 2002 of the Ministry of Shipping. has been modified. Government of India and in pursuance thereto has now exempted the ships from the following provisions of Merchant Shipping (Registration of Indian Ships) Rules.1 The owner of a ship wishing to have it registered at a port in India has to submit to the concerned Register: a) A declaration of ownership – in one or the other prescribe forms. . has been exempted and is no longer necessary. 2001 and as amended by Office Memorandum of even number dated 5th March. (e) Fee for registration of mortgage will be limited to Rs. (b) The requirement for the ship to be surveyed. 1960 delegating the said power to him and in addition to the instructions contained in Office Memorandum No. if a ship is built in shipyard other than an Indian Shipyard as required vide clause (d) of Rule 3 of Merchant Shipping (Registration of Indian Ships) Rules. Rule 39 (Sl. 6. 3 of Schedule 2) may be read accordingly. 500/. Rule 9 of Merchant Shipping (Registration of Indian Ships) Rules. 2 (c) The Registrar of Indian ships is required to open a page in the Register on provisional registration of an Indian ship. depending upon whether he is a sole proprietor. in accordance with Rules 5 and 9 of Merchant Shipping (Registration of Indian Ships) Rules.on second and subsequent ships where the same mortgage is registered on more than one ship. (d) The requirement to register the mortgage with the Registrar of Companies prior to registering the mortgage or entering the discharge in the Register as stipulated in Rule 28 of Merchant Shipping (Registration of Indian Ships) Rules. 1994. Entering the mortgage in the Register is permitted on provisional registry of Ship. 1997 and till date so that (a) The requirement to obtain permission of the Director General of Shipping to register a ship.

is entitled to be Indian ship.5. c) The instrument of sale under which the property of the ship was transferred to the applicant who requires it to be registered in his name. 6. instrument of sale by which the ship was sold. d) To give a minimum of 14 days notice to the Registrar of the name proposed for the ship.3 After the formalities enumerated above have been gone through.6 FORMALITIES CONNECTED WITH REGISTRATION OF AN INDIAN SHIP WHEN ACQUIRED ABROAD. grant the same to the owner or the Master. (for secondhand ships). builders certificate. the owner or the Master of the ship will have to apply to the Indian Consular Officer at the nearest port for the issue of a provisional certificate of Indian registry and such officer. if there are more owners than one. when and the place where the ship was built. the Registrar arranges for survey of the ship by a surveyor for the determination of her tonnage in accordance with the Merchant Shipping (Tonnage Measurement) Rules. and e) Name of the Master. Such a certificate has all the force of a certificate of registry. however. (for new ship).5. in the Registry Book. 6.4 On completion of the preliminaries to registry as described in the preceding paras. It is.2 On being satisfied that the ship. on production of satisfactory proof of ownership. valid for a period of 6 months from its date of issue or until the arrival of the ship at a port where there is a Registrar whichever first happens and on either of these events happening would cease to have . the number of shares owned by each of them. the Registrar enters the particulars of the ship such as : a) Name of the ship and the port to which she belongs. 6. When a ship is built or acquired out of India and becomes the property of a person qualified to own an Indian ship. c) Particulars respecting her origin as revealed in the declaration of ownership. 6. for the purpose of issue of a Certificate of Survey.b) A certificate signed by the builder (builder’s certificate) of the ship containing a true account of the proper denomination and of the tonnage of the ship as estimated by him and the time. The Registrar issues thereafter to the owners a certificate of registry retaining the Surveyor’s certificate. 1987 as amended from time to time. The carving and marking involves the carving of the name of the ship conspicuously on each side of her bows as well as insertion permanently on her stern the name of the intended port of registry. The Registrar before registering the vessel in the name of the applicant shall obtain prior approval of the name from the Director General of Shipping who will also allot an official number for the ship. on the strength of the evidence placed before him. and the declaration of ownership. This note is to be returned to the Registrar after carving and marking have been duly carried out on the ship in the prescribed manner and certified by a Surveyor. d) the name and description of her registered owner and. the Registrar issues a carving and marking note.5. b) Details contained in the Surveyors Certificate.

in that event. 6. burnt or broken up or ceasing for any reason to be an Indian ship. (Registration of Ships) Rules and on payment of the requisite fees prescribed thereof. remain closed.11 Application for the registry of alterations to a ship will have to be made to the Registrar within one month of the alterations. taken by the enemy.9 Anybody having possession of the certificate of registry has to make it over to the person entitled to its custody as otherwise he becomes liable for being summoned before a Magistrate and examined on the issue touching his refusal to surrender the certificate to the one entitled to it. The owner in such cases or where he has applied to the Registrar for registration but delay in the issue of certificate of registry is anticipated. as amended from time to time. 6.12) above the original certificate of registry stands cancelled and the existing entries in the registry. in whatever the way the change has come about.S. The original official number allotted to ship. who may. a ship will have to be registered as new and. 6.14 Where transfer of a port of registry is desired by all the parties having a stake in the ownership or otherwise of the ship. rules applicable for first registry will come into force. The provisional certificate so issued will have to be exchanged by the owner for a certificate of registry from the concerned Registrar.(Registration of Ships) Rules. 6. retained. 6.S. mortgage of interest whatsoever claimed by any party.7 Quite often a ship has to set sail from a port where she is built in India to a port where she has to be registered. 6.13 Where a ship is registered under circumstances envisaged in para (6.10 No change in the name already in the registry is permitted except in accordance with the procedure laid down in the M.16 In the event of an Indian Ship being either actually or constructively lost.effect.8 The Certificate of Registry has to be used only for the lawful navigation of the ship and is not to be detained by reason of any lien. is however. with the prior approval of the Director General of Shipping have no objection to such transfer subject to such formalities as has been laid down in the M. 6. 6. every owner of the ship or any share in the ship is required to give a notice thereof to the Registrar and thereupon the Registrar will make an appropriate entry in the Register Book and the entry of the ship in that . issue a temporary pass to enable the ship to ply between the ports in India.12 Where the alterations are material so as to affect the principal dimensions of a ship or the means of propulsion. 6. they shall apply to the Registrar of her port of registry.15 Whenever there is any change in the Master of an Indian ship. a memorandum of change has to be endorsed and signed on the Certificate of Registry by the Presiding Officer of a Marine Board or a Court if the change of Master is brought about as a result of the findings of the Marine Board of Inquiry or the Registrar or any other officer authorized by the Central Government or the Indian Consular Officer depending upon whether the change has occurred in India or abroad. on the strength of the authority issued by the Director General of Shipping. the Registrar may. 6.

1 As per amendment to Section 42 of the M.1 Where the property in an Indian ship or share therein is transmitted to a person on the death or insolvency of the registered owner or by any lawful means other than a transfer described as would then be deemed mortgage that lies unsatisfied on that date will.18. The Registrar has also to make as soon as possible suitably endorsement on the Ship's Certificate of Registry. under the Indian Succession Act. Where the instrument of sale refers to a consideration other than money. 1960. will immediately make over the Certificate of Registry to the Registrar or within a period of 10 days after his arrival in India if the event occurs elsewhere. b) the owner of the ship has given notice of such transfer or acquisition of the ship to the Director General. has to contain a full description of the ship as is generally contained in the Surveyors ' certificate sufficiency to identify the ship by the Registrar and be in the form (Registration Form No. Every such transaction has to be reported to the Director General of Shipping. Act no prior permission from the Director General of Shipping is required for creation of any mortgage on a ship except during the period when the security of India or any part of the territory thereof is threatened by war or external aggression. Any such transfer can be effected only by an instrument in writing in the prescribed form and the instrument. as amended from time to time. a decision therein will lie on the Director General of Shipping to whom the matter may have to be referred.18 TRANSMISSION OF AN INDIAN SHIP OR INTEREST THEREIN : 6.17 TRANSFER OR ACQUISITION OF AN INDIAN SHIP OR INTEREST THEREIN : 6.S. The Master of such a ship.2 If the transaction has been concluded in India. continue to remain in force. (Registration of Ship’s) Rules. the declaration of transmission shall be accompanied by a Succession certificate. the instrument of Sale referred to above accompanied by a Declaration of Ownership and the prescribed fee thereof has to be produced by the transferee to the Registrar of the port where the ship has been registered who will make appropriate entries in the Register Book and also suitably endorse on the instrument the date and hour of the entry. a declaration of transmission has to be accompanied by proof of such claim. In the case of transmission as a result of death. The . and if the Registrar has any doubt as to whether that constitutes a good condition. it would be effected by an application made to the Registrar of the ship's port of registry accompanied by a declaration in the prescribed form identifying the ship and also a statement of the manner in which and the person to whom the property has been transmitted. S.9) prescribed in the M. if the event accrues in India. 6. as may be so drawn up. probate or letters of Administration. The owner of an Indian ship or a share therein wishing to transfer it in favour of somebody else will have to apply to do so with full particulars of the transferee.17. Similarly the Director General of Shipping's prior approval for the sale of the ship is not required provided: a) all wages and other amounts due to seamen in connection with their employment on that ship have been paid in accordance with the provisions of this Act. In the case of transmission consequent on insolvency. 1925 or a duly certified copy thereof.17. 6. 6.

New Delhi 6.1 A ship owned by Government is also registered in the same manner as other Indian ships subject to the following modifications : a) the application for registry has to be made by the Secretary of the Ministry concerned or the Head of the Department to whom the management of the ship is entrusted or any other officer nominated by the Central /State Government with the particulars.2 Where as a result of the transmission of property in a ship or share there on death or insolvency or otherwise a ship ceases to be an Indian ship. The allotment of signal letters will form subject matter of a communication by the Director General of Shipping to the Wireless Adviser. and of the former name.18. State or Central. the Registrar of Port of her registry will have to submit a report to the Central Government through the Director General of Shipping setting out the circumstances in which the ship has ceased to be an Indian ship. On receipt of such a report. if any known: iii) a statement of the nature of the title to the said ship. Central Government can make an application to the High Court for a direction for the sale of such Ship to any Indian citizen or any Indian company. c) The Registrar on receiving the application and on compliance with the necessary formalities will enter the ship in the registry book as belonging to Government. a statement to that effect.21 There is no bar to re-registration of an abandoned or wrecked ship. Central or State. 6. 6. The allotment of such signal letters are required to be noted in the Register Book and endorsed suitably on the Certificate of Registry. and iv) The name of the Master. 6.19 REGISTRY OF GOVERNMENT SHIPS 6.19.Registrar on receipt of the declaration of transmission will make appropriate entry in the register book to give effect to the change in the ownership.20 At the request of the owners of Indian ships desiring to be known at sea. who will control the series that may be so issued. signal letters are allotted by the Director General of Shipping. The instrument will have to be signed on behalf of the transferee by an officer authorised by Government. b) No declaration of ownership is necessary. Such an application may have to be made to the High Court by the Government within 60 days from the date of receipt of the report. d) The transfer of a registered Government ship has to be made by an instrument of sale in the prescribed form from which should be omitted the portion relating to the convenant. The formalities to be observed in such cases are the same as are applicable to a ship on first registry . In such cases the owner may have to specify whether he desires to retain the ship’s previous name or have a change. Ministry of Communication. as detailed below: i) name and description of the ships ii) a statement of the time and the place where the ship was built and. if these particulars are not known.

In that event.24 The following documents are admissible in evidence in respect of any proceedings that may come up in Court touching upon: (a) Any registry on its production in custody of Registrar or any other person having the lawful custody thereof. 6. in respect of an Indian ship. The Registrar can entertain request accompanied by prescribed fees for issue of a new certificate on the plea that the original certificate has been defaced or mutilated.22 A certified copy of the entries appearing in the register book will be available to any interested party on application accompanied by prescribed fees laid down in the Registration of ships rules. including the transcript of registry. (b) Executive Orders: The Director General of Shipping has assigned the work of maintaining the Central Register of Ships to the Nautical Adviser. (b) A Certificate of Registry purporting to be signed by the Registrar or any other officer authorised in this behalf by the Central Government. 6. (e) A certified copy of an entry in the Register book is admissible in evidence in any proceedings in a Court and have the same effect as the original entry in the Register book. .23 The Director General of Shipping is required to : (a) Maintain a Central Register which would contain not only the names of all ships but also entries relating to every Indian ship that stand recorded at the various ports of registry. Act 1958. (c) an endorsement on the Certificate of Registry purporting to be signed by the Registrar or any other officer authorised in this behalf by the Central Government. to the Nautical Adviser so that he should be able to maintain the Central Register. All outstanding mortgage or other encumbrances on the ship will continue to be in force and may have to be brought forward in the new registry. Registrars of each Port are required to submit to the Director General of Shipping a return showing the number of ships with their tonnage registered in the register book during the previous year. All Principal Officers have been directed to send their returns. Details of the Registry Of a ship as well as every subsequent entry relating to that ship recorded in the Register Book are required to be communicated to the Director General Of Shipping as and when the events occur. On or before the 15th January of each year. the certificate so issued will be marked "duplicate" in red ink.but subject to the condition that a ship so coming up for registration is required to be surveyed by a Surveyor and a certificate as to its seaworthiness obtained. 6.S. (d) Every declaration made in pursuance of provisions contained by Part V of M.

In addition they should have the knowledge of legislation of Indian administration relevant to the functions they are to perform on Indian ships subject to satisfactory assessment by this Directorate. Mumbai. VI. Russia. Foreign national seafarers employed on Indian vessels. United Kingdom. IV. Such foreign national seafarers holding Certificates of Competency issued by or under the authority of maritime administrations other than India should have in their possesion a Continuous Discharge Certificate (CDC) or a Certifificate of Discharge issued to them by the national administation of the seafarer. the shipping company shall also show proof of having the necessary clearances from the Ministries of Home Affaris and External Affairs. The manning shall be in accordance with the prescribed "Safe Manning Document". The permission for employment of foreign Nationals on board Indian Flag Vessals shall be taken on a case to case basis. Georgia Latvia. shall belong to any of the following countries: Bulgaria. II. Ukraine V. who do not belong to the category of seamen certified as Officers. Italy. Romania. Estonia. Lithuania. responsibility to handle and maintain safe custody of classifed publications should be given to the next in command as per hierarchy who is of Indian National. When applying for permission. VII. This Order and exemption shall apply only for the category of seafarers who are certified as Officers and not seamen. . Croatia. Malaysia. Such foreign national ought to have obtained an endorsement from the Indian Maritime Administration under Regulation 1/10 of the STCW 1995. as provided under this notification. 5 of 2008 Sub: Permission to foreign seafarers to be employed on Indian flag vessels I.DGS Order No. III. In case of emergency / SOS /death of Master at Sea / on board ship. or they should have undergone 3 (three) days' approved course on National Maritime Law conducted by the Lal Bahadur Shastri College of Advanced Maritime Studies & Research (LBSCAMSAR). 8. Not more than two foreign national seafarers shall be engaged in a ship at a time. and the Master of the Indian Flag ship must be of Indian Nationality.

sea-going merchant ships of 100 GT and above upon keel laying with exception of the following: . and pollution prevention and to facilitate the prevention of maritim fraud". This is a unique seve digit number that is assigned to propelled. as measure aimed at enhancing "maritime safety. In December 2002. The IMO ship identification number is made of the three letters "IMO" followed by the seven-digit number assigne to all ships by IHS Fairplay (formerly known as Lloyd's Register-Fairplay) when constructed.3) The IMO ship identification number scheme was introduced in 1987 through adoption of resolution A.1886/Rev. specific criteria of passenger ships of 100 gr tonnage and upwards and all cargo ships of 300 gross tonnage and upwards were agreed. the Diplomatic Conference on Maritime Security adopted a number of measures aimed at enhancing security of ships and port facilities.Vessels solely engaged in fishing . The implementation of the scheme became mandatory for all ships as of 1 January 1996. That number would remain unchanged upon transfer of the ship to other flag(s) and would be inserted in the ship's certificates. Ships should also be marke with their ID numbers internally.600(15). through SOLAS regulation XI/3 (adopted in 1994). When made mandatory. It aimed at assigning a permanent number to each ship for identification purposes. This included a modification to SOLAS Regulation XI-1/3 to require ships' identification numbers to be permanently marked in a visible place either on the ship's hull or superstructur Passenger ships should carry the marking on a horizontal surface visible from the air.MO identification number scheme IMO SHIP IDENTIFICATION NUMBER SCHEME (Circular letter No.Ships without mechanical means of propulsion .

The IMO number is never reassigned to another vessel and is shown on the ship’s certificates. air cushion vehicles . IMO ship identification number .Ships of war and troopships .Pleasure yachts . Contact: IHS FAIRPLAY LOMBARD HOUSE 3 PRINCESS WAY REDHILL SURREY RH1 1UP United Kingdom International fax: +44 1737 379040 Telephone: +44 1737 379043 Email: data-audit@lrfairplay.Hopper barges .g. For verification of IMO numbers for individual ___________________________________________________________________ IMO UNIQUE COMPANY AND REGISTERED OWNER IDENTIFICATION NUMBER SCHEME (Circular letter No.Floating docks and structures classified in a similar manner .1 and Corr.Wooden ships This number is assigned to the total portion of the hull enclosing the machinery space and is the determining factor should additional sections be added. SAR vessels) .contact IHS Fairplay is the sole authority for identifying and assigning an IMO number. IHS Fairplay operates a service following receipt of a comple IMO number Request Form.Ships engaged on special service (e.1) .2554/Rev. lightships..

MSC 80 also adopted amendments to the International Management Code for the Safe Operation of Ships and fo Pollution Prevention (ISM Code) (resolution MSC. The scheme may assign Numbers to compani and/or registered owners of ships not required to have IMO ship identification numbers. the Number remains unchanged for a company and/or registered owner. Once assigned.2554.600(15)) and procedures for the implementation thereof (Circular letter No. Additionally. referred to as “Number”) to eac company and/or registered owner managing ships of 100 gross tonnage and above not engaged on international voyages.3). as a measure to enhance maritime safety. allocated at the time of issuance of the documents detailed in paragraph 6 the Annex to resolution MSC. without charge by IHS FAIRPLAY.196(80)) introducing references to the company and registered owner identification number.The IMO Unique Company and Registered Owner Identification Number Scheme was introduced through the adoption by the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC).160(78).195(80)) and to the International Code for the Security of Ships and of Port Facilities (International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code) (resolution MSC. and to facilitate t prevention of maritime fraud. adopted the proposed new SOLAS regulation XI-1/3-1on the company and registered owner identification number and amendments to SOLAS regulation XI-1/5 on the continuous synopsis record (resolution MSC. The Number consists of seven digits assigned by IHS FAIRPLAY. of resolutio MSC. Administrations are invited to participate in the scheme to the extent they desire by assign an IMO unique company and registered owner identification number (hereinafter. as a matter of general policy.194(80)). Its purpose is to assign a permanent number for identification purposes to each company and/or registered owner managing ships of 100 gross tonnage and above engaged on international voyages. at its seventy-eighth session (12 to 21 May 2004). The IMO Unique Company and Registered Owner Identification Number Scheme is managed. at its eightieth session (11 to 20 May 2005). The Number is a IHS Fairplay number. then. in parallel with the IMO Ship Identification Number Scheme (resolution A. dated 24 June 2004. which should be deemed to h been accepted on 1 July 2008 and should enter into force on 1 January 2009. IHS FAIRPLAY assigns the Number of the larger compan .160(78) were initially circulated by means of Circular letter No. The procedures for the implementation of resolution MSC. followed by the seven digits. The Committee. When companies and/o registered owners merge. The label begins with the letters "IMO" followed by either "Company" or "Registered Owner".160(78) or registration of a ship not required to have these documents.1886/Rev. security and environmental protection.

Redhill Surrey RH1 1UP UNITED KINGDOM Telephone : (+44) 1737 379000 Fax : (+44) 1737 379001 Web : www. The website has a free user registration system to enhance both the security of the site and information.lrfairplay. authorized data providers should request the assignment of new Numbers or provide corrective informa on existing which allows registered users to look up Numbers. .paper request forms .a free website (www. on an individual basis. while the Number of the smaller entity is frozen and not r IHS FAIRPLAY Lloyd’s Register – Fairplay (LRF) Lombard House 3 Princess Way. When the companies or registered owners cannot be identified through the “Search” Email : owners-data-feedback@lrfairplay. and . The methods for obtaining Numbers on existing registered owners and companies. for assigning a Number to registered owners or companies that have not previously been assigned a Number and for communicating correc company details on existing records. IMO unique Company and Registered Owner identification number . by using th available “Search” The Numbers are also available on the free public we .a free web service for Administrations to facilitate the provision of individual company and registered owner dat from IHS FAIRPLAY to flag Administrations in an electronic format for ship registration purposes. are as follows: .and/or registered owner to the new amalgamated entity.

the receiving DGRO shall forward the same to concerned DGRO by speed post within 3 working days. First Appeal allowed within 30 days of the DGRO order. 14. 7. DGRO & FAA to submit monthly report to DGS on Grievances received and resolved.1. MMDs. DGS decision shall be final & binding.O. DGRO to formally record. register the grievance and acknowledge receipt by speed/registered post within 3 working days. Shipping Masters. 13. FAA to dispose off appeal in 30 working days and in no case more than 60 days.O. 3. DGRO to dispose off the grievance within 30 working days of receipt. 8. Officer(s) appointed by P. If DGRO receives the grievance in jurisdiction of another DGRO. Designated Grievance Redressal Officers (DGRO) – Surveyor incharge of MMDs. 4. of jurisdictional MMD 9. . MSL Branch Circular 2 of 2008 No: MSl10(3)/2008 August 28. Second Appellate Authority (SAA) –Designated Officer in DGS 12. Grievance unresolved. 1958 amended. 2. 11. Submission of Grievance to Designated Grievance Redressal Officer in writing with copies of grievance and replies to/from RPS provider / Ship Owner. 6. 10. Seafarer to represent his grievance/complaint to RPS provider/Ship Owner including committee set by such ship owner with any Union (if any). under intimation to seafarer. 5. 2008 Modified procedures for Registration of Vessels under the Merchant Shipping Act. Second appeal may be filed within 30 days of decision of FAA. First Appellate Authority (FAA) – Concerned P.

and considering the reservations expressed by the shipping industry with regard to certain prevailing guidelines / practices. 1960. provisional registration. due to the delay in processing the registration and other proceedings thereof. and mortgage entry UNDERSTANDING the difficulties that ship owners face. After applying for registration / name-approval of his vessel with a Registrar in the prescribed format. 1958 and the Merchant Shipping (Registration of Indian Ships) Rules. current practices of survey and certification related thereto.1958 amended. if duly authorized by a Registrar of Ships. shall put up the vessel for survey as required vide Section 27(1) of the M. "2. 1960 as amended in 1966. . The attending Surveyor may issue a Certificate of Survey and a Provisional Certificate of Registry irrespective of the location of the vessel. either by the Mercantile Marine Department (MMD) or the Indian Register of Shipping (IRS). The procedures below shall henceforth be applicable to all vessels regardless of age. NOTING THAT Part V of the Merchant Shipping Act. (Registration of Indian Ships) Rules. the Directorate General of Shipping (DGS) has identified areas to be addressed for expanding maritime sector and encouraging the growth of "quality" Indian tonnage REALISING the need of Shipping industry for detailed and modified guidelines on registration of vessels and regarding procedures on matters including technical clearance. WITH A VIEW to codify the existing guidelines on registration of ships and REVIEWING therefore the procedures. IN ADHERENCE TO the fundamental tenet of Merchant Shipping Act 1958 as amended. 1970. iii. The survey as referred to in para.1" above.SUb: Modified procedures for Registration of Vessels under the Merchant Shipping Act. survey prior registration. 2. Official number and Call Sign combined with the application for allotment of MMSI number will be made by the owner through the Registrar to DGS by fax and approval by DGS would be made by return fax within 24 hours ii. by the Central Government provide for and prescribe the procedure for registration and provisional registration of Indian Ships. Procedures Pertaining to Issues of Certificate of Survey and Tonnage Certificate for Technical Clearance / Survey Prior to Registration: i. the prospective ship-owner. Application for allotment of name.S.S. shall be carried out for the purpose of verifying the particulars to be included in the Certificate of Survey as mentioned in Section 27(2) of the M.S. 1994 and 1997. Act and Rule 5 of the M. 1. which extends from acquisition till registration formalities are completed. Act and not principally for assessing the compliance of the applicable statutory rules.

4" above. Issuance of the Certificate of Survey as stated in para. 1960. the vessel was not classed for a period of at least 2 continuous preceding years with any of the members of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS). "2. v. the permanent Tonnage Certificate will be issued to the vessel by the Registrar Procedures in regard to Surveys for issuance of Statutory Certificates: Thereafter. "2. may however be accepted provisionally by the registrar. which were not classed with any members of IACS. In such cases. On receipt of these approved tonnage figures.1 or 3. Vessels. and shall be carried out by the IRS. an inspection equivalent to an Annual Survey as applicable for IRS requirements. the tonnage figures mentioned in the Tonnage Certificate (1969) in possession of the vessel at the time of registration. unless she has in her possession. 3.S. During this period of six months and not beyond.iv. Dry docking requirements pertaining to such Special Surveys shall adhere to extant IMO regulations. will issue the relevant interim certificates as per rules. On the basis of these figures. the tonnage figures mentioned in the Tonnage Certificate (1969) in possession of the vessel at the time of registration may be accepted by the registrar.2 the attending surveyor. A report of the same would be transmitted expeditiously to the Registrar. only for the purposes of issuing the Certificate of Survey. . the vessel was classed for a period of at least 2 continuous preceding years or built / maintained under IACS Class if less than two years old with any one or more of the members of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) including the IRS. the registrar may issue the Certificate of Survey and a fresh permanent Tonnage Certificate If at the time of applying for the registration. if duly authorized. vi. are forwarded to the registrar. shall be subjected to an inspection equivalent to a Special Survey as applicable for IRS requirements. the owner shall ensure that the tonnage is re-measured by the IRS and the figures as approved by the IRS. shall be carried out by the IRS. On successful completion of above mentioned surveys under sub paras 3. who shall then issue the full-term / short-term certificates in consideration of the recommendations made by the concerned Surveyor. Act and Rule 11 of the Merchant Shipping (Registration of Indian Ships) Rules. the administration and IRS shall deal with subsequent inspection / survey of vessels for issuance of statutory certificates as follows: In case the vessel was classed with any of the members of the IACS for a period of at least 2 continuous preceding years or if less as mentioned in para. does not entitle the vessel to ply. a provisional Certificate of Registry valid for six months and a provisional Tonnage Certificate shall be issued to the vessel by the registrar.2" above and / or the Certificate of Registry as stated in Section 34 of M. the required statutory certificates and valid documents If at the time of applying for the registration.

. to the DG through the concerned technical branch of the Directorate General of Shipping.3"above. would be sent to the Registrar with a special report. The IRS shall then. if the case so merits. Readily solvable deficiencies pertaining to servicing of equipment / appliances. Only in rare and unavoidable cases a distinction shall be made between deficiencies that are "readily solvable" and those that are "not readily solvable". for further necessary action by the registrar.4" above. supply-items. which is due beyond the said period of one year. based on the recommendations of the IRS. he shall take all steps to have the deficiencies rectified without any delay. Wherever it is justifiable that such major / extensive repairs / modification require dry-docking of the vessel. with a copy to the owner. and the Director-General through the concerned technical branch of Directorate General of Shipping. which are over and above the previous Flag and IACS Class requirements. The IRS shall subsequently and only after reinspection. The Director-General may thereafter consider the grant of the remaining five months of exemption / waiver. or for lesser periods. unless such changes / repairs entail imperative dry-docking of the vessel. confirm to the Registrar that such deficiencies have been rectified to their satisfaction and within the stipulated period. subject to the Director-General permitting such deferment till the said first dry-docking. As soon as the ship-owner receives the report from the IRS. for acceptance of Director General. after re-inspection or other means of verification. or otherwise. these shall be completed at the first dry-docking of the vessel. "3. the Registrar may grant a temporary waiver / exemption valid for a period not more than 30 days and approach the concerned technical branch of the Directorate for ex-post-facto approval and with recommendations for approval of the remnant period. a written application stating the reason(s) shall be submitted to the concerned Registrar well in advance for "one-time" waiver / exemption that is applicable not more than a period of six months. In exceptionally pressing and deserving circumstances and merely in order to enable the plying of a vessel uninterrupted or at short-notice. who shall then take up the issue with his recommendations. if any noted under MS Act. "3. shall be brought to the notice of the concerned Registrar. since entry into the Indian flag. confirm to the Registrar that such deficiencies have been rectified to their satisfaction. Such deficiencies shall be rectified by the ship owner at the earliest and in any case within a period of one year from the date of receipt of the report from the IRS as stated in sub-para.4" above. Deficiencies not readily solvable and posing practical difficulties in rectification on account of their requiring major / extensive repairs / modification. which shall be included in the report submitted by IRS as stated at in sub-para "3. items requiring minor repairs must be rectified by the ship owner at the earliest and in any case within a period of three months from the date of receipt of the report from the IRS as stated in sub-para. in case the ship owner / manager is able to justify his inability to have the deficiencies rectified before proceeding to a foreign port. Under rare and unforeseen circumstances.Deficiencies.

1974 as amended. The age of the vessel is to be computed from her date of delivery from the shipyard as may be established by the ship owner.g. to the concerned technical branch of the Directorate and the Registrar. is shown rectified to the IRS within the stipulated period. 1960. of SOLAS. permanent or temporary 4.e. The Official Registration No. The name of the vessel. "3. It shall be the responsibility of the ship-owner as mentioned in "3. .All drawings / plans / manuals (except such drawings / plans / manuals which are mandatory requirements as prescribed under the statutes to be approved by the administration. The IRS shall then forward a report of verification of such rectification. the MMDs may not subject a vessel to inspection under Flag State Implementation and suitably intervene if required.7" above. carving and marking etc The ship owner.S. A provisional certificate of registry shall continue to remain valid till the date of its expiry.6" or "3. with documentary evidence.5" above. any COC. Unless there are specific material complaints of un-seaworthiness from identifiable and reliable sources. Act. and registered net tonnage shall continue to be affixed on bridge as mentioned in Rule 10 of the Merchant Shipping (Registration of Indian Ships) Rules. However. after the IRS has submitted such report as stated in sub-para "3. regardless of the location of the vessel. i. "3. her port of registry and other markings need only be painted as per specifications at the time of change of flag in line with global maritime practices. the IMO Number (Ship Identification Number) has to be permanently marked as per Regulation 3(4) of Chapter XI-1: Special measures to enhance maritime safety. shall in his own interest make every endeavour to have his vessel registered on provisional or permanent basis at the very outset.4" above. as amended. exemption or extension granted as stated in sub-paras. At the time of delivery the attending Surveyor may provisionally endorse the Plans / manuals which were approved by the previous flag or IACS Class. those pertaining to passenger ships) shall be got approved by the ship owner / manager from the IRS. expeditiously. Issues pertaining to provisional registration. e. and in any case within a period of the one year of procurement / delivery of the vessel.5". to ensure that. provided that a period of one year has elapsed from the date from which the vessel was in possession of any Certificate of Registry under the M.