Issue 5: October 6, 2014 Suffolk University Law School SBA Executive Newsletter Facebook: Suffolk Law SBA Twitter: @SULS_sba
A Message From Tom
I hope this newsletter finds everyone doing
well as we enter the wonderful month of
October. In this week’s edition, in addition to
the usual pieces, you will find the 2014-15
SBA budgets. More information will be
provided about budgets soon.
For those of you unfamiliar with the SBA
budget process, I will briefly explain how
things work based on the current established
rules. First, the SBA receives funding from
each student at Suffolk Law. This money is
then allocated into two distinct categories,
clubs and committees. Generally speaking,
the Appropriations Committee meets during
the summer to come up with
recommendations in regard to how roughly
half of SBA funding should be allocated to
each club. On the other hand, the E-Board
and Committees meet during the summer to
determine how best to allocate SBA funding to
our various Committees. Finally, the BOG
then votes on these proposals at our first
meeting of the academic year. As a result of
A Message From Tom
SBA Happenings
Student Spotlight
Alumni Spotlight
Contact List & Preamble
the entire SBA working hard all summer,
and thanks to a compromised offered by
Section Rep Andrea Davulis, we were
able to pass the budgets that we did.
Best regards,
- Tom Davis
SBA President

Suffolk University Law School SBA Executive Newsletter Issue 5: October 6, 2014 Facebook: Suffolk Law SBA Twitter: @SULS_sba

! The BOG passed the 2014-2015 SBA budget last night. Both the SBA Executive budget and
the SBA Organizations budgets can be found on the next two pages. Next week’s newsletter
will include an explanation of many of the budgetary items.
! Thank you to section 7A representative Andrea Davulis for helping the budget to pass by
motioning for a budget compromise.
! Tech Training to teach clubs and committees how to use our new website to improve
communication is TONIGHT at 6:00pm in room 315. The meeting will be short and snacks
will be provided.
! OFFICE HOURS with Tom: Tuesday @ 12:00-1:00pm & Thursday @ 6:30 – 7:30pm
! The first Town Hall meeting of the year will take place on October 14 from 5-7pm in the first
floor function room. You will find more information on this in next week’s newsletter.
! In case you missed it last week, newly elected Section Representatives are:
Devin Woolf (1A), Tristan Peters (1B), Christopher Gavrielidis (1C), Jess Barton (4A),
Samantha Clark (2A), Brian Patacchiola (2B), Gerald Glover III (3A), Alvaro Aguirre (3B),
Sarah Santiano (3C), Saige Benavides (6B), Andrea Davulis (7A), and Jessica Long (7B).
! Remember to submit SBA logo entries by 10/25! The winner will receive a $50 Boston
Brewin gift card! See the section at the bottom of this page for more information.
! If you have anything to add to the newsletter, e-mail Jess Barton at
! Speed Networking with Real Estate Attorneys on Wednedsay from 5:30-7:30pm at the Boston
Bar Association. Please RSVP with full name and name of law school to

SBA Executive Announcements & Happenings
We need YOU
To design our new Suffolk Law SBA logo!
What: We are looking for a new Suffolk Law SBA
logo. What you design is up to you. Please submit
your entry by emailing it to marketing director Jess
Murray at
When: We will accept entries between now and
October 25th.
Prize: A $50 gift card to Boston Brewin

Suffolk University Law School SBA Executive Newsletter Issue 5: October 6, 2014 Facebook: Suffolk Law SBA Twitter: @SULS_sba
Tip of the week
Enjoy Fall!
Fall brings some unique
and fun activities to New
England. As Halloween
quickly approaches, one of
the great area attractions is
Salem. There is a lot to do
on a trip to Salem from
strolling the streets to
visiting the famous witch
museum; you can even
take the ferry from Boston
to get there! You could
also go apple picking and
make an apple crisp, enjoy
a caramel apple and cider
donut, or go to a corn
maze or haunted house.
SBA Executive Budget

1A $500.00
1B $500.00
1C $500.00
4A $500.00
1L Cup $2,500.00
2L (at large) $2,500.00
3L (at large) $3,000.00
4L/7L (at large) $1000.00
Section Total: $11,000
Reserves $10,000.00
Operations $8,000.00
Orientation $2,000.00
General Total: $20,000
Academic Affairs $4,500.00
Alumni Affairs $4,500.00
Appropriations $200.00
Diversity and Inclusion $3,500.00
External Affairs $3,300.00
Graduation $4,000.00
Marketing and Advertising $1,000.00
Student Affairs - Concerns $1,000.00
Student Affairs – Social $32,500.00
Sustainability $1,000.00
Committee Total: $55,500.00
Bar Association Liaisons (ABA,
Liaison Total: $1,500.00

Total Executive Budget:

Suffolk University Law School SBA Executive Newsletter Issue 5: October 6, 2014 Facebook: Suffolk Law SBA Twitter: @SULS_sba
Tip of the week
SBA Organization Budgets

National Italian American Bar Assn. $670.00
Christian Fellowship $810.00
Black Law Students Assn. $5,300.00
Queer Law Alliance $800.00
Women’s Law Association $3,520.00
Latin American Law Student Assn. $1,720.00
Native American Law Students Assn. $1,670.00
Jewish Law Student Association $1,020.00
Albanian American Law Student Assn. $525.00
Women of Color Law Students Assn. $2,000.00
Asian Pacific American Law Student Assn. $2,020.00
Suffolk Muslims Law Assn. $1,320.00
South Asian Law Student Assn. $2,200.00
Suffolk Law Armed Services Assn. $1,100.00
Hellenic Law Society $750.00
Phi Delta Phi $1,030.00
Phi Alpha Delta $1,495.00
Joint Degree Law Student Assn. $600.00
Bearing Witness $2,000.00
Law Innovation Technology Student Assn. $720.00
Student Animal Legal Defense Fund $775.00
Dicta Student Newspaper $920.00
Business Law Association $1,850.00
Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys $1,095.00
Human Rights Law Society $420.00
Child and Family Law Student Assn. $890.00
National Lawyers Guild $1,100.00
International Law Society $3,000.00
American Constitution Society $790.00
Sports and Entertainment Law Assn. $2,070.00
Suffolk University Gaming Law $500.00
Health and Biomedical Law Society $850.00
Education Law and Policy Society $800.00
Immigration Law Association $1,170.00
Suffolk Public Interest Law Group $4,470.00
Intellectual Property Law Student Assn. $1,370.00
New England First Amendment Coalition $950.00
Humanitarian Law and Red Cross Society $700.00
Suffolk Law Intramural Basketball Assn. $2,000.00
Suffolk Law Hockey Club $2,900.00
SULS Softball $2,020.00
Golf Club $670.00
Suffolk Law Ski and Snowboard Club $1,970.00
Suffolk Law Futbol Club $1,970.00
Suffolk Rugby $1,800.00

Suffolk University Law School SBA Executive Newsletter Issue 5: October 6, 2014 Facebook: Suffolk Law SBA Twitter: @SULS_sba
Student Spotlight: David Chorney
David Chorney, who is originally from Bristol, NH,
attended Muhlenberg College where he double
majored in International Relations and Russian
Studies. David, a 4L evening student, was a
Rappaport Fellowship recipient this summer and is
also an elite runner.

What did you do for work over the summer?
This summer I was a legal fellow in the Governor’s
Office of Legal Counsel. I went to law school with a
specific interest in law and public policy so I could
not have been in a better place this summer than on the Governor’s legal team. I worked
on anything from Native American Law to gun violence prevention, health care issues and
more. It was an incredibly busy summer with the budget, end of legislative session, a
number of Supreme Court cases that affected the Commonwealth, the border crisis and
migrant children, and the opiate abuse crisis and action plan. As for the Rappaport
Fellowship this summer I got to experience a lot. There were 12 of us total and we met
with a number of policy and legal leaders in the state where we had time to listen to their
backgrounds and talk about different social, legal and political issues.

As an evening student, do you work during the school year?
I do work during the school year. I am currently working full time as a law clerk at
Donoghue Barrett and Singal. Most of my work revolves around issues in corporate health
care, including health care legislation, health law changes because of the Affordable Care
Act, Medicare and Medicaid issues, regulatory questions and insurance law. It’s an
interesting and ever changing environment to work in.

You have maintained your elite running status through law school, how has this gone?
Running is something I’ve done since middle school. While I enjoy competing and have
certain goals – breaking four minutes in the mile - running has really become a great way
for me to de-stress. Whether its getting up for an early run along the Charles river, taking
a study break, or sneaking in a run before or after evening classes it allows me to reset,
relax and get ready for the next project, assignment etc. It has also become a great way to
build some strong friendships over the years. Running has certainly helped keep a healthy
structure in my life as I go through law school but there is definitely a balance between
juggling law school, work and running ambitions.

Suffolk University Law School SBA Executive Newsletter Issue 5: October 6, 2014 Facebook: Suffolk Law SBA Twitter: @SULS_sba
Student Spotlight: David Chorney
What do you enjoy doing outside of law school?
Outside of running, work and law school I like to go home to New Hampshire to hike and
ski in the White Mountains. My favorites include anything that goes along the Presidential
Range or the Franconia Ridge. I also love to ski and recently – after visiting my brother in
Jackson Hole – have been getting into backcountry skiing. Both hiking and skiing are great
ways to get away from everything and just enjoy the mountains.

Are you focusing on a particular area of law?
I’m not really focusing in one particular area of law. However I am strategizing a lot of my
career plan around public interest careers whether it is health care policy or working on
Capital Hill, Beacon Hill or in an executive agency. Another important lesson from my
time in the Governor’s Office is that there are a lot of “non-traditional” jobs out there for
lawyers, especially if you are interested in policy and one of the many
social/socioeconomic issues facing the Commonwealth and nation.

Do you have any plans for after law school?
My current career plan after college is to either work on Capital Hill for a member of the
Massachusetts delegation or to work of a think tank, consulting group or at an agency like
CMS working on health care access and cost issues. The ACA has certainly changed the
current health care landscape and I think policy leaders will be ironing out the issues over
the next couple decades. Currently, CMS is leading a lot of innovative programs to
experiment with different cost cutting measures.

Are you on any journals or other school organizations?
I am the co-Lead Articles Editor on the Journal for Health and Biomedical law. My note on
access to mental health care services was published this summer.

Suffolk University Law School SBA Executive Newsletter Issue 5: October 6, 2014 Facebook: Suffolk Law SBA Twitter: @SULS_sba
Alumni Spotlight
Michael T. Caljouw --- Class of 1991
Michael T. Caljouw, who graduated cum laude, is the Vice
President for Government and Regulatory Affairs at Blue Cross
Blue Shield of Massachusetts. This interview was conducted by
Eunice Aikins-Afful, Co-Director of Alumni Affairs.

Where did you attend undergraduate?
Williams College where I graduated in 1988 with a Bachelors’
Degree in History.

What journals/activities/concentrations did you participate in at
Suffolk Law?
I was an Editor of the Suffolk Law Review and authored two
published law review articles.

What do you consider the best part of your job?
I work at the intersection of law and public policy in the Massachusetts health care sector. In this
role, I get the opportunity to directly affect change in a critical aspect of everyday life. Particularly
since Massachusetts is such a leader in health care nationally, our collaborative policy work is
exciting and truly makes a difference.

What type of attorney did you want to be upon entering Suffolk Law?
I knew I wanted to work in public policy from an early stage of law school. My career included
stints at big Boston law firms, including trying complex civil litigation cases, but my path led to the
current landscape.

What was your favorite class (and professor) while at Suffolk?
Administrative Law with Professor Cella. The late Al Cella was a giant in the field and I still use
the concepts that I learned from him today.

What is your greatest professional achievement?
Working collaboratively with policymakers on making Massachusetts health care reform work
well in the face of an increasingly fractured national climate.

One piece of advice?
While your path may not be linear, emerging lawyers should keep working towards the goal of
why they went to law school. There are too many examples of attorneys who are unsatisfied in
their profession because they “settled” for a field which ultimately does not interest them. Do not
lose sight of these long-term goals (by volunteering, networking and staying current with practice
areas) even when, short-term, you are lawyering in another field.

Suffolk University Law School SBA Executive Newsletter Issue 5: October 6, 2014 Facebook: Suffolk Law SBA Twitter: @SULS_sba

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Monica Bellevue Vice President
Neil Lindquist Chief of Staff
Callie grossman Chief of Operations
Kelley Sweetser Treasurer

“We the Students of Suffolk University Law School, in order to support and
encourage academic excellence and professional development; to preserve the
right of students to acquire a quality legal education in a just and reasonable
environment; to provide a means of communication between students and the
Law School; and to maintain a connection with alumni, do herby establish this
Constitution for the Student Bar Association of Suffolk University Law School.”
SBA Constitution Preamble
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