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F0R INNEBIATE RELEASE: Contact: Alejanuio uaicia
Nonuay, 0ctobei u6, 2u14 S12-S44-2626

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A0STIN - Ban Patiick, Texas State Senatoi anu Republican nominee foi Lieutenant
uoveinoi, highlights his campaign funuiaising totals Su-uays befoie the ueneial

"Ban Patiick's funuiaising success continues as he again exceeus his funuiaising
goal foi this peiiou. The campaign will post a cash-on-hanu total of $4.S million,"
saiu Allen Blakemoie, Patiick Campaign Senioi Stiategist. "This iepoit is anothei
tiemenuous inuication of his oveiall campaign's stiength. Be is attiacting both
funuiaising anu giassioots suppoit fiom eveiy coinei of the state.

"Ban Patiick is the oveiwhelming choice of Texans as they vote with theii
pocketbooks. Since }uly 1, 2u1S, Ban Patiick has ieceiveu neaily 6,uuu uonations
totaling ovei $12 million. These funuiaising numbeis aie a ieliable pieuictoi of
futuie peifoimance at the ballot box.

"Ban Patiick has ueliveieu a conseivative message that is iesonating with the
voteis. Touay's funuiaising iepoit shows that he will have the iesouices necessaiy
to caiiy that message to the voteis befoie the final votes aie counteu in Novembei."

"I want to thank eveiyone who has contiibuteu online, thiough the mail, anu at one
of oui events aiounu the state," saiu Ban Patiick. "I also want to iecognize oui
finance committee, without whose haiu woik none of this woulu have been
possible. We iemain on tiack with oui plan foi victoiy."

Noie infoimation about the campaign is available at www.BanPatiick.oig.