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Limba engleza

Clasa a X-a
Pentru rezolvarea corecta a tuturor cerintelor din Partea I si din Partea a II-a se
acorda 90 de puncte. Din oficiu se acorda 10 puncte.
impul efectiv de lucru este de !" de minute.
PARTEA I______________________________________________________50 de puncte
I. 1. Read the text below and complete the following tass. !"ite all
#ou" answe"s on the Answe" $heet.
If the very idea of a fitness routine leaves you feeling exhausted and you shiver at the
thought of jogging round the park in the winter wind; (1). This new gentle form of
oriental gymnastics is composed of meditative exercises which involve standing in a
series of postures for up to half an hour a day or com!ining simple movements with
!reathing exercises. (") it is #uickly growing in popularity as it is considered to !e a good
way of reducing stress stimulating the circulation and strengthening the !ody$s immune
system.(%). &ut although conventional medicine cannot explain it governments keen to
cut rising healthcare costs are endorsing it. In 'ermany for example (igong is availa!le
on the national healthcare system and many doctors are prescri!ing it for aches swellings
and allergies. ())
I. 1. a. #our sentences $ave been removed from t$e te%t. &elect t$e appropriate
sentence for eac$ gap in t$e te%t. 'rite (our ans)ers on t$e *ns)er &$eet. +
*. +hinese practitioners have found it difficult to persuade the western mind of the
powers of (igong.
&. then (igong might !e just the form of exercise you are looking for.
+. ,any patients who have suffered from allergies for years have found that since
starting (igong they haven$t !een ill at all or only suffer from very slight allergic
-. *lthough this type of exercise does not !uild muscles
I 1.b ,atc$ t$e )ords in bold in t$e te%t to t$eir definition given belo). 'rite (our ans)ers
on t$e *ns)er &$eet.
" points
1. not severe rough or violent; mild
2. to increase a!normally in si.e as !y
inflation distention accumulation of fluids
3. to shake or trem!le with cold fear
4. the continuous movement of !lood
through the heart and !lood vessels
5. of pertaining to or characteristic of the
/rient or 0ast; 0astern
I 1.c #or t$e follo)ing sentences- c$oose t$e ans)er .*- /- C- D0 )$ic$ fits
according to t$e te%t. 'rite (our ans)ers on t$e *ns)er &$eet. 1" points
1. Qigong is perfect for those who:
A. do not like vigoros e!ercise.
B. en"o# "ogging.
C. $re e!h$sted.
D. do not en"o# rotines.
2. Qigong
*. is $ t#pe of %od# %ilding.
&. helps the %od# fight dise$se &ore effectivel#.
+. is $ for& of $cpnctre.
-. is like $ero%ics.

3. 'o&e govern&ents $pprove Qigong %ec$se
*. the# $re keen on it.
&. it is che$p.
+. the# h$ve %een pers$ded th$t it works.
-. (t is %etter th$n convention$l &ethods.

4. (n which contr#) Qigong is $v$il$%le on the n$tion$l he$lthc$re s#ste&
*. *r$nce
&. Engl$nd
+. +er&$n#
-. ,$tvi$
5. (n Erope) Qigong h$s &$inl# %een sed
$. for serios conditions.
%. for those who c$n-t $fford priv$te tre$t&ent.
c. for e$sil# tre$ted $il&ents.
d. for those with $llergic re$ctions to drgs.
I.2 Read the text below and fill in the missing information.On your answer sheet,
write only the missing words next to the number indicating each blank space. 11
Qigong is $ for& of .1/ g#&n$stics. (t involves st$nding in $ series of .2/ for p to h$lf $n .3/ $
d$#. (t is $ w$# of redcing .4/. Qigong &e$ns tr$ining #or .5/. (t is %$sed on the .0/ th$t illness
$nd ps#chologic$l pro%le&s $re c$sed when energ# is %locked.
P*23* a II- a .!0 de puncte0
2ead t$e te%t belo). In one paragraph )rite (our o)n ending of t$e stor(. .+- 10

1ecentl#) Qigong h$s %een sed in the tre$t&ent of serios. A *rench $ir stew$rdess w$s told
th$t she h$d c$ncer) %t 2igong &$de her feel %etter. ,$ter) doctors cold find no tr$ces of