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I. Choose the word which underlined part is pronounced differently from others.
1. A. nightmare
B. are
C. care
D. share
2. A. church
B. chemist
C. child
D. check
3. A. destroyed
B. damaged
C. endangered
D. provided
4. A. extinction
B. primary
C. animal
D. classify
II. Choose the best answer for each sentence.
5. People. __________hunt whales and use them for commercial purposes.
A. mustn't
B. had better
C. needn't
D. won't
6. Our cases are heavy, __________ we took a taxi.
A. however
B. too
C. also
D. so
7. In water polo, ____ are allowed to hold the ball with both hands.
A. captains
B. players
C. attackers
D. goalies
8. You..wash the car. I just had it done yesterday.
A. mustnt
B. neednt
C. must
D. may not
9. It isnt cold outside. You _______ wear a coat.
A. mustnt
B. neednt
C. can
D. must
10. We have plenty of time for doing the work. We _______ be hurried.
A. mustn't
B. shouldn't
C. needn't
D. mightnt
11. We _______ walk all the way home. We can get a taxi,
A. must
B. should
C. neednt
D. ought to
12. The desert _______ after Simpson in 1929.
A. called
B. named
C. was called
D. was named
13. After he _______ in a factory he opened a small business.
A. has worked
B. had worked
C. would work
D. was working
14. _______ books tell stories from the authors imagination.
A. Comic
B. Biography
C. Science
D. Fiction
15. I am not deaf. You _______ shout.
A. need
B. neednt
C. must
D. mustn't
III. Choose the underlined part among A, B, C or D that needs correction.
16. Tom likes taking part sports, so he will join the fotball team of his school.
17. The more I live with him, the most I love him.
18. I think we should have our house painting because it looks too dirty.
19. The first nation park in the world, calling Yellowstone Park, was established in 1872.

IV. Read the passage and choose one correct answer for each question.
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It is often said that books are always good friends and reading is an active mental process. Unlike TV,
books make you use your brain. By reading, you think more and become smarter. Reading improves
concentration and focus. Reading books takes brain power. It requires you to focus on what you are reading
for long periods. Unlike magazines, Internet posts or e-Mails that might contain small pieces of information.
Books tell the whole story". Since you must concentrate in order to read, you will get better at concentration.
Many studies show if you do not use your memory; you lose it. Reading helps you stretch your memory
muscles. Reading requires remembering details, facts and figures and in literature, plot lines, themes and
Reading is a good way to improve your vocabulary. Do you remember that when you were at
elementary school you learned how to infer the meaning of one word by reading the context of the other
words in the sentence? While reading books, especially challenging ones, you will find yourself exposed
to many new words.
Reading is a fundamental skill builder. Every good course has a matching book to go with it. Why?
Because books help clarify difficult subjects. Books provide information that goes deeper than just
classroom discussions By reading more books you become better informed and more of an expert on the
topics you read about. This expertise translates into higher self-esteem. Since you are so well-read, people
look to you for answers. Your feelings about yourself can only get better.
Books give you knowledge of other cultures and places. The more information you have got, the
richer your knowledge is. Books can expand your horizons by letting you see what other cities and
countries have to offer before you visit them.
20. Books have great influence on ________.
B. friendship
C. brain
D. muscles
21. When you are reading a book, ________.
A. you have to read small pieces of information B. you use your brain in concentration and focus
C. you have to read during a very long time
D. you lose your memory
22. A challenging book ________.
A. helps you to improve your vocabulary
B. is only for primary pupils
C. can translate all new words
D. contains a lot of difficult vocabulary
23. Books ________.
A. are compulsory in every course
B. are not needed in most of course
C. contain less information than class discussions
D. make a sick patient feel better
24. Books cannot give you ________.
A. knowledge
B. information
C. self-esteem
D. Muscles

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