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PRAISE LOOKS GOOD ON YOU You are the One that we adore/ O sound/ He has promised to never

Don Moen Lord cleanse our hearts with fire/ leave you/ Nor forsake you/ And
And fill us with desire for Your His Word is true
When you lift your hands up high/ courts/ For Your presence in our
And you sing a song of praise to lives We were sinners so unworthy/ Still
Me/ It brings Me great delight/ for us He chose to die/ He filled
Such a lovely sight/ And yes it is Lord You’ve made a way/ Because us with His Holy Spirit/ Now we
true/ Praise looks good on you/ of Your great love/ And our hearts can stand and testify/ That His
Morning night and noon/ Your are filled with praise/ For all that love is everlasting/ And His
praise ascends to Heaven/ Like the You have done/ There is none like mercies/ They will never end
smell of sweet perfume/ Filling You/ So faithful and so true/ And
every room/ And yes it is true/ we just want to thank You/ For all Though I may not understand/ All
Praise looks good on you You’ve brought us through the plans You have for me/ My life
is in Your hands/ And through the
You bring your sacrifices/ And you We’ve come to bless to bless to eyes of faith/ I can clearly see
offer up your praise/ You lift your bless to bless Your Name/ King of
voice with singing/ But your heart kings and Lord of lords/ We’ve 1995 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music &
seems far away/ More than a come to give You praise/ You are Scarlet Moon Music (Administered
sacrifice/ I am looking for your the One that we adore/ O Lord by Copyright Management, Inc.)
life/ Holy and acceptable/ And cleanse our hearts with fire/ And
pleasing in My sight fill us with desire for Your courts/ I OFFER MY LIFE
For Your presence in our lives Don Moen and Claire Cloninger
So offer up your lives/ Holy and
acceptable/ A willing sacrifice/ 1997 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music All that I am/ All that I have/ I
Precious in My sight/ But in all lay them down/ Before You O
that you do/ Remember all I want I LOVE TO BE IN YOUR Lord/ All my regrets/ All my
is you PRESENCE acclaim/ The joy and the pain/ I’m
Paul Baloche and Ed Kerr making them Yours
So lift your hands up high/ And
worship Him before the altar/ I love to be in Your presence/ CHORUS
Consecrate your life/ A willing With Your people singing praises/
sacrifice/ But in all that you do/ I love to stand and rejoice/ Lift Lord I offer my life to You/
Remember all He wants is you/ And my hands and raise my voice Everything I’ve been through/ Use
yes it is true/ Praise looks good on it for Your glory/ Lord I offer my
you You set my feet to dancing/ You days to You/ Lifting my praise to
fill my heart with song/ You give You/ As a pleasing sacrifice/ Lord
1990 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music me reason to rejoice/ Rejoice I offer You my life

WE’VE COME TO BLESS YOUR 1992 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music Things in the past/ Things yet
NAME unseen/ Wishes and dreams/ That
Don Moen GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME are yet/ To come true/ All of my
Don Moen and Paul Overstreet hopes/ All of my plans/ My heart
We’re here because of grace/ A and my hands/ Are lifted to You
part of Your great plan/ We have CHORUS
come to seek Your face/ Not the What can we give/ That You have
wonders of Your hand/ And yes we God is good/ All the time/ He put a not given/ And what do we have/
need Your touch/ But You’ve given song of praise/ In this heart of That is not already Yours/ All we
us so much/ That we just want to mine/ God is good/ All the time/ posses/ Are these lives we’re
thank You/ For all You’ve done for Through the darkest night/ His living/ And that’s what we give/ To
us light will shine/ God is good/ God is You Lord
good all the time
CHORUS 1994 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music
If you’re walking through the and Word Music (a div. of WORD,
We’ve come to bless Your Name/ valley/ There are shadows all Inc.) & Juniper Landing Music
King of kings and Lord of lords/ around/ Do not fear He will guide (administered by Word Music)
We’ve come to give You praise/ you/ He will keep you safe and

GOD IS GOOD (Don Moen)

CD 13112 / CS 13114 / DVD 40041 / VHS 13113
BE MAGNIFIED want to praise/ The wonders of
Lynn DeShazo Let Your glory fall/ We are thirsty Your mighty love/ My comfort my
Lord/ Hear us as we call/ Fill us shelter/ Tower of refuge and
I have made You too small in my now/ Let Your glory fall/ Let Your strength/ Let every breath/ All
eyes/ O Lord forgive me/ And I glory fall/ Let Your glory fall that I am/ Never cease to worship
have believed in a lie/ That You You
were unable to help me/ But now O Every tongue and tribe/ Gathered
Lord/ I see my wrong/ Heal my round Your Throne/ With one voice 1993 Darlene Zschech/ Hillsongs
heart and show Yourself strong/ we cry/ Holy Lord/ Every tongue Publishing (administered in
And in my eyes and with my song/ and tribe/ Every tongue and tribe/ theU.S. and Canada by Integrity’s
O Lord be magnified/ O Lord be Every tongue and tribe Hosanna! Music)
Glory to the Lamb/ Lamb upon the HALLELUJAH TO THE LAMB
CHORUS Throne/ All the saints proclaim/ Don Moen and Debbye Graafsma
Jesus reigns/ Jesus reigns/ Jesus
Be magnified O Lord/ You are reigns/ Jesus reigns/ Glory to the Lord I stand in the midst of a
highly exalted/ And there is Lamb/ Glory to the Lamb/ Glory to multitude/ Of those from every
nothing You can’t do/ O Lord my the Lamb tribe and tongue/ We are your
eyes are on You/ Be magnified/ O people redeemed by Your blood/
Lord be magnified 1997 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music Rescued from death by Your love/
There are no words/ Good enough
I have leaned on the wisdom of GOD IS THE STRENGTH OF MY to thank You/ There are no words
men/ O Lord forgive me/ And I HEART to express my praise/ But I will
have responded to them/ Instead Eugene Greco lift up my voice/ And sing from my
of Your light and Your mercy/ But heart/ With all of my strength
now O Lord/ I see my wrong/ Heal Whom have I in Heaven but You/
my heart and show Yourself There is nothing on earth/ I desire CHORUS
strong/ And in my eyes and with beside You/ My heart and my
my song/ O Lord be magnified/ O strength/ Many times they fail/ Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah/ To
Lord be magnified But there is one truth/ That the Lamb/ Hallelujah hallelujah/
always will prevail By the blood of Christ we stand/
1992 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music Every tongue every tribe/ Every
God is the strength of my heart/ people every land/ Giving glory
GOD WILL MAKE A WAY God is the strength of my heart/ giving honor/ Giving praise unto
Don Moen God is the strength of my heart/ the Lamb of God
And my portion forever
God will make a way/ Where there LADIES
seems to be no way/ He works in Forever
ways we cannot see/ He will make a Lord we stand by grace in Your
way for me/ He will be my guide/ 1989 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music presence/ Cleansed by the blood
Hold me closely to His side/ With of the Lamb/ We are Your children
love and strength/ For each new SHOUT TO THE LORD called by Your Name/ Humbly we
day/ He will make a way/ He will Darlene Zschech bow and we pray
make a way
Shout to the Lord all the earth let MEN
By a roadway in the wilderness/ us sing/ Power and majesty praise
He’ll lead me/ And rivers in the to the King/ Mountains bow down Release Your power/ To work in us
desert will I see/ Heaven and and the seas will roar/ At the and through us/ Till we are
earth will fade/ But His Word will sound of Your Name/ I sing for joy changed/ To be more like You
still remain/ He will do something at the work of Your hands/
new today Forever I’ll love You forever I’ll ALL
stand/ Nothing compares to the
1990 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music promise I have in You Then all the nations will see/ The
glory revealed/ And worship You
LET YOUR GLORY FALL My Jesus my Savior/ Lord there is
Don Moen none like You/ All of my days I

GOD IS GOOD (Don Moen)

CD 13112 / CS 13114 / DVD 40041 / VHS 13113
Every knee shall bow/ Every
tongue confess/ That You are Lord
of all

Jesus Christ Lamb of God

1997 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music

John Chisum and George Searcy

Our heart/ Our desire/ Is to see

the nations worship/ Our cry/ Our
prayer/ Is to sing Your praise/ To
the ends of the earth/ That with
one mighty voice/ Every tribe and
tongue rejoices/ Our heart/ Our
desire/ Is to see/ The nations
worship You

Heavenly Father/ Your mercy

showers/ Down upon all people/
Every race upon this earth/ May
Your Spirit/ Pierce the darkness/
Break the chains/ Of death upon
us/ Let us rise/ In honest worship/
To declare Your/ Matchless worth

1993 Integrity’s Hosanna!

Music/Integrity’s Praise! Music

GOD IS GOOD (Don Moen)

CD 13112 / CS 13114 / DVD 40041 / VHS 13113