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OUR FATHER (echo)/ Make room make way

Don Moen (echo)/ For our King of grace Heal me and I’ll be healed/ Save
(echo) me and I will be saved/ You’ve
Hear our prayer/ We are Your filled me with songs of praise/
children/ And we’ve gathered here Who is this King of glory/ Lord of Forever I will sing of Your grace
today/ We’ve gathered here to power/ His Name is Jesus our
pray/ Hear our cry/ We need Your risen King/ Who is this King so If anyone is thirsty let him come
mercy/ And we need Your grace mighty/ Lord of strength/ His on in/ When you drink the living
today/ Hear us as we pray Name is Jesus our risen King water/ You will never thirst again

CHORUS King of glory Lord of power 2000 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music &
Juniper Landing Music (c/o ROM
Our Father/ Who art in Heaven/ 2000 Integrity’s Praise! Music & Administration)
Hallowed be Thy Name/ Our We Mobile Music (administered by
Father/ Hear us from Heaven/ Integrity’s Praise! Music) TWO HANDS ONE HEART
Forgive our sins we pray Don Moen and Claire Cloninger
Hear our song/ As it rises to Lamont Hiebert What can I give/ What can I
Heaven/ May Your glory fill the bring/ That would be pleasing to
earth/ As the waters cover the If we call to Him/ He will answer my King/ I’ll give my heart not just
sea/ See our hearts/ And remove us/ If we run to Him/ He will run a part/ I’m lifting up my
anything/ That is standing in the to us/ If we lift our hands/ He will everything/ Well it’s all I have to
way/ Of coming to You today lift us up/ Come now praise His offer/ And it’s all I have to give
Name/ All you saints of God
Though we are few/ We’re CHORUS
surrounded by many/ Who have CHORUS
crossed that river before/ And Two hands one heart/ One life to
this is the song/ We’ll be singing O sing for joy/ To God our offer You/ Two hands one heart/
forever/ Holy is the Lord/ Holy is strength/ O sing for joy/ To God That’s what I give to You
the Lord our strength/ Our strength
Use me today I know You can/
Holy is the Lord/ Holy is the Lord/ Draw near to Him/ He is here with Lord I surrender to Your plan/ You
Holy is the Lord/ Holy is the Lord us/ Give Him your love/ He’s in love made this heart/ You made these
with us/ He will heal our hearts/ hands/ Take me and use me as I
2000 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music He will cleanse our hands/ If we am/ Well it’s all I have to offer/
rend our hearts/ He will heal our And it’s all I have to give
Tommy Walker Little becomes a lot/ When it’s in
1996 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music Your hands/ Take me and make me
CHORUS 1 more like You/ Well it may not
RIVER OF LOVE seem like much/ But with the
Lift up your heads (echo)/ O you Don Moen and Claire Cloninger Master’s touch/ I know that I’ll be
gates (echo)/ Swing open wide more like You
(echo)/ You ancient doors (echo)/ Thirsty for more of You/ More of
Let the King of kings (echo)/ Take Your Spirit and truth/ Wash me 2000 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music &
His rightful place (echo)/ Make from all my sin/ Fill me with Your Juniper Landing Music (c/o ROM
room make way (echo)/ For our Spirit again Administration)
King of grace (echo)
CHORUS 2 Lynn DeShazo
You’re the River of Love/ Flowing
Lift up your hands (echo)/ Open up with grace and mercy/ Flooding my Who holds the Heavens in His
your hearts (echo)/ His vict’ry soul/ Filling my heart with peace/ hands/ Who made the stars by the
over sin (echo)/ And death is ours O River of Love/ Like streams in word of His power/ Who put the
(echo)/ Let the King of kings the desert/ Giver of life/ Giving spirit in man/ And causes all the
(echo)/ Take His rightful place Your life and love/ To set me free earth to cry out glory

I WILL SING (Don Moen)

CD 17822 / CS 17824 / DVD 20121 / VHS 17823
Don Moen and Claire Cloninger LIKE EAGLES
CHORUS Kevin Dukes and Marsha Skidmore
Glory to the Lord/ Worship Him/ O my soul/ Do you not know/ Have
The God of our salvation/ Glory to And here we are/ Lifting our hands you not heard/ It’s been told/
the Lord/ Honor Him/ He reigns to You/ Here we are/ Giving You From the beginning/ The Lord your
He rules the nations/ He is thanks for all You do/ As we praise God/ Is on your side/ O my soul/
righteous and worthy/ To be and worship Your holy Name/ You Don’t be afraid/ Hope in the Lord/
worshiped and adored/ Lift your are here dwelling within our praise By His righteousness and power/
voices and give/ Glory to the Lord He will strengthen/He will guide
For every answered prayer/ For
Who holds the righteous by the always being there/ For love that CHORUS
hand/ Who is the way in this hears us when we call/ For arms
marvelous hour/ Who stirs the that lift us when we fall/ You have And I will soar on wings like
heart of a man/ And causes all His always been right beside us/ eagles/ Held by the hand of God/ I
saints to cry out glory Leading us all along the way/ And will run and not grow tired/ When
we’ve made it through/ Because of on His Name I call/ For the Lord is
2000 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music You never weary/ His ways are beyond
my thoughts/ I will trust in Him
AS WE WORSHIP YOU For days we cannot see/ For all with all my heart
Tommy Walker that’s yet to be/ The trials we may
have to face/ When we’ll be leaning And I will rest upon His promise/
As we worship You/ Let all the on Your grace/ It will be Your Patiently I’ll wait
world come and see/ How the strength that saves us/ Your love
mercy we’ve received from You can that makes us strong/ And through 2000 Crooked Letter Music &
set them free/ As we worship You/ it all we’ll sing this song Integrity’s Praise! Music
Let all this joy that fills our
hearts/ Bring a hunger and a hope/ 2000 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music & WE WAIT
To those who’ve strayed so far Juniper Landing Music (c/o ROM Wes Tuttle
CHORUS We wait/ We’re not in a hurry/ O
HAVE YOUR WAY we need You Lord/ We wait/ All
As we bow in adoration/ And stand Don Moen and Claire Cloninger our cares and worries/ We lay
in reverent awe/ Show Your aside for You/ O how we long to
majesty and glory/ Let Your Have Your way/ Have Your way/ see Your face/ O how we long for
anointing fall/ As we declare Your Holy Spirit fill our hearts/ And Your embrace
name Lord Jesus/ As the only have Your way
name Who saves/ May the power We wait/ We’re not afraid to
of Your salvation/ Fill each heart As we wait (we wait on You)/ As we tarry/ We yearn for You Lord/ We
we pray pray (we pray to You)/ Speak Your wait/ For Your mighty wind to
Word into our hearts/ And have carry us/ Into Your presence
As we worship You/ Let all the Your way Lord/ And as we fill this house
nations hear our song/ The song of with praise/ Let Your holy fire fill
Jesus/ And His blood that proved Have Your way (echo)/ Have Your this place
His love for all/ As we worship way (echo)/ Holy Spirit fill our
You/ May all the lost and broken hearts/ And have Your way As we wait/ We wait/ We wait/
come/ May they hear Your still We wait
small voice/ Call out their names As we wait (we wait on You Lord)/
each one And as we pray (we pray to You)/ And as we fill this house with
Speak Your Word into our hearts/ praise/ Let Your holy fire fill this
2000 Integrity’s Praise! Music & And have Your way place
We Mobile Music (administered by
Integrity’s Praise! Music) 2000 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music & As we wait/ As we wait/ As we
Juniper Landing Music (c/o ROM wait/ We wait/ As we wait/ We
HERE WE ARE (Moen and Administration) wait/ As we wait/ We wait/ As we
Cloninger) wait

I WILL SING (Don Moen)

CD 17822 / CS 17824 / DVD 20121 / VHS 17823
as You are/ Help me to see Your
2000 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music lovingkindness/ Help me to see You
as You are/ As You really really are
Don Moen 2000 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music

Lord You seem so far away/ A LORD WE’VE COME TO WORSHIP

million miles or more it feels Don Moen and Tommy Coomes
today/ And though I haven’t lost
my faith/ I must confess right Lord we’ve come to worship/ And
now/ That it’s hard for me to we have come to pray/ Lord we’ve
pray/ But I don’t know what to come to listen/ And hear what You
say/ And I don’t know where to would say/ Lord our hearts are
start/ But as You give the grace/ longing/ To meet with You today/
With all that’s in my heart For we have come to seek You/
And we have come to say
I will sing I will praise/ Even in my
darkest hour/ Through the sorrow Worthy You are worthy/ King of
and the pain/ I will sing I will kings Lord of lords/ You are
praise/ Lift my hands to honor worthy/ All blessing and power/ All
You/ Because Your Word is true/ I riches and wisdom/ All glory and
will sing honor and praise/ To the Lamb

Lord it’s hard for me to see/ All Lord we need forgiveness/ We’ve
the thoughts and plans You have wandered far away/ Look down in
for me/ But I will put my trust in tender mercy/ Forgive our sins we
You/ Knowing that You died to set pray/ O Lord we need revival/ All
me free/ But I don’t know what to across this land/ Come move among
say/ And I don’t know where to Your people/ With Your mighty
start/ But as You give the grace/ hand
With all that’s in my heart
To the Lamb that was slain/ To
2000 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music redeem us back to God again/ To
the Lamb/ Who will reign/ Forever
LORD YOU ARE GOOD and ever amen
Steve Merkel
2000 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music
Where would I be/ If You had not
been by my side/ How could I rise
to meet/ The morning of the day/
Your tender mercy/ Always calling
from behind/ At times I could not
see You/ Even though You were
close by


Lord You are good/ You are good/

And Your mercy forever endures/
Lord You are good/ You are good/
And Your mercy forever endures

Help me to see Your

lovingkindness/ Help me to see You

I WILL SING (Don Moen)

CD 17822 / CS 17824 / DVD 20121 / VHS 17823